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Subject: Kathy and Samantha part 1 [The story(s) of friends Kathy and Samantha (Sam), part one in which Kathy and Sam slept on the couch in just panties and t-shirts] Samantha woke up. Kathy was laying along on the couch and Sam was along side her, her head on Kathy’s shoulder, her legs along side Kathy’s, her right arm behind Kathy’s head, her left laying across Kathy’s waist. Sam slowly sat up, trying not to disturb Kathy. Leaning back on the couch she pushed her legs down and pulled Kathy’s onto her lap. Kathy then woke up, raising her arms up and yawning. “Hey,” she said. Sam turned to Kathy, leaning with her left arm on the edge of the couch, she held herself over Kathy. “Hey,” Sam said. After a moment Kathy’s gaze went from Sam’s eyes down into Sam’s t-shirt. Sam followed Kathy’s gaze to her t-shirt which was open and hanging low, the cleavage of her small breasts prominent. Sam’s face turned a bit red in embarrassment and she started to lean back on the couch, lifting her left arm to pull her t-shirt collar up. “Hey, wait…” Kathy said again and brought her right hand to Sam’s. “I was just looking…”. Sam watched as Kathy pulled her hand down to her stomach. Sam stared at her hand held there by Kathy. Kathy’s hand was warm and moist, her stomach was soft. “But, it’s…” Sam whispered. “Just your breasts,” Kathy whispered back. Sam looked up at Kathy. Kathy was staring at her. Kathy smiled. Sam smiled back. “Just my breasts?” Sam said. “Yes,” Kathy replied. “Just your breasts. We both have them, you know. And it’s not like I haven’t seen them before.” “But…” Sam stammered. “But what?” Kathy said. “Lean back over me,” she added. Samantha slowly leaned forward. Kathy stared into the opening of Sam’s t-shirt as it came into view. “Yes,” Kathy said. “Breasts. Your breasts.” “Yeah?” Sam asked, kind of in a sigh. She had both her arms on either side of Kathy who was leaning back on the arm of the couch. She pushed her legs back, lowered her pantie clad hips just below Kathy’s to lay upon her friend. She held her face right above Kathy’s chin. Kathy continued to gaze into Sam’s t-shirt. “Yeah,” she said back. Sam whispered, “Next you’ll be wanting to touch them.” “I’m just looking at them in the dark,” Kathy laughed. “They’d have to come out for that!” bursa escort bayan “But you can see them?” Sam asked. “Well… Yeah!” Kathy said. “They’re milky white little mounds, with…” Sam tilted her forehead down onto Kathy’s chin and tried to look into her own t-shirt. “Hey! You’re blocking my view!” Kathy said. “With what?” Sam said. “I can’t quite see ’em…” “Sammy!” Kathy said. “You’re gonna have to…” Sam brought her right hand up to her t-shirt collar and stretched it down. “I can’t quite see…” She stretched it harder, tilted her head in more. “Oh!” Sam said. “I see… Little white mounds with…” “With pointy red nipples!” Kathy laughed, throwing back her head, her chin in Sam’s hair. Her body shook up and down. Sam leaned up a bit. Kathy continued to laugh and she stared at Sam hovering above her with her t-shirt pulled out and staring into it. After a moment Sam, still holding her t-shirt out, looked up at Kathy with her mouth open and a look of surprise on her face. Kathy grinned back with a great big smile. “You see?” “Yeah!” Sam said, and she looked back into her shirt. “They’re…” Sam sat up, her behind sliding past Kathy’s legs. She leaned back on the couch and swung her legs over Kathy’s. Still she held her shirt out and was looking in. “You’ve never seen ’em before?” Kathy mocked. “I have, you know.” “But…” Sam looked away from herself and at Kathy. “They’re so red and…” She widened her eyes and hung her jaw down before swallowing and adding, “so…” She looked back into her shirt. “Pointy?” Kathy said. Sam slowly nodded her head. Kathy laughed some more, placing a hand on Sam’s shoulder. “Yup,” she said. “They get pointy. You mean to tell me you’ve never noticed that before?” “Not like this,” Sam said, still staring into her shirt. “I mean…” Sam turned to Kathy. “What did you do to them?” “Me?” Kathy laughed. “Don’t blame me! I was just looking!” Sam turned back to herself. She pushed the shirt closed. She looked to Kathy for a second and then back to herself. She held her shirt higher. Her nipples prominently poking out from underneath the thin cloth. “Oh my…” she began. “They’ve never been so…” Kathy slid her hand down from Sam’s shoulder and rubbed gently up and down Sam’s arm. Sam twisted herself toward Kathy görükle escort and leaned closer. She stretched her shirt tight with her hands. “They’re like… So big!” “Yeah!” Kathy said. “I can see! And you’re showing them to me!” “It’s just…” Sam stammered. “It’s just…” “That’s what I said,” Kathy uttered. “They’re just breasts.” “Yeah, but…” Sam said, pulling the shirt even tighter. She leaned back and slid over against Kathy. “Bet you’ve never seen them this big!” Sam was smiling up at Kathy. “Um, no,” Kathy said. “They’re like, huge!” “Really,” Sam said, turning her chest toward Kathy. “Just look at them!” “Well,” Kathy said. “I can’t see them…” Samantha looked up at Kathy questioningly. And then raised her eyes. “Oh. My…” “Yeah,” Kathy said. “Your…” Sam stretched her t-shirt down so the tops of her breasts were exposed. “Don’t! You’ll rip it!” Kathy said. “No I won’t,” Sam said and she pulled the shirt down some more and exposed a red and pointing nipple. “That’s one,” Kathy said. Sam pulled her t-shirt over and exposed the other. “That’s another!” Kathy laughed. “But let’s see ’em out in the open.” She leaned up and grabbed the bottom of Sam’s t-shirt. Sam pushed Kathy’s hands away and Kathy lay back on the couch. “You wanna see ’em?” Sam asked, grinning at Kathy. “Well… yeah,” Kathy said. “Isn’t it…” Sam sat up, turned toward Kathy and lifted her t-shirt up to her breasts. “I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours,” she teased. Kathy didn’t say anything but smiled. “Well?” Sam said. Kathy nodded. Sam pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside. She leaned over so her breasts hung close to Kathy’s face. “I can see ’em now!” Kathy said. “Your nipples are in my face!” “You were looking at ’em before,” Sam said. “Well, here they are.” And she wiggled her breasts in Kathy’s face. “Sammy!” Kathy said, turning away as Sam’s nipples touched her chin. Sam fell on the couch beside Kathy, her legs pushed out to the floor. She turned away from Kathy with her hands on her breasts, saying “Sorry,” under her breath. “I’m…” “It’s okay,” Kathy quickly said, turning to Sam. “I didn’t mind!” And she leaned herself onto Sam. “Really!” “No?” Sam meekly asked, still looking away. “No,” Kathy said. She sat up. “Your… they’re bursa escort bayan so… cute.” Sam turned to look at Kathy. Her hands still covering her breasts. “Your breasts…” Kathy went on. “Are really cute…” She leaned over Sam, her legs against Sam’s. “I can’t believe I’m saying this… but your nipples are, like, really, really cute.” “Really?” Sam said, looking up at Kathy. Kathy nodded. Samantha slowly slid her hands from her breasts. Kathy’s eyes went down, and Sam’s did too. Samantha’s nipples still pointed up and were quite red. Sam giggled at them. “Cute?” Sam said. “Yeah,” Kathy replied. “Soft and very, very cute.” “Soft?” Sam asked, still looking at them, her hands flat on her abdomen just below them. Kathy laughed. “Well, they did touch my chin!” she said. “And, yeah, they were soft!” Sam slid her hands to the bottoms of her breasts. “Soft?” she whispered. “Um… Yeah…” Kathy said. “You can feel them if you want. I won’t mind.” “You won’t mind!” Sam exclaimed with a loud laugh that shook her breasts, but she kept her hands still just touching below them and just looking down at them. After a silent moment Kathy said softly, “I won’t mind.” Sam looked to her to meet a smiling and questioning face. After a few seconds Sam widened her eyes and then softly smiled back and said, “I won’t mind.” Kathy looked to Sam’s chest and slowly brought her left hand up. She opened her thumb and fingers and slowly lowered her hand to Sam’s right breast. Sam watched as Kathy gently pressed in the base of it. Just a little squeeze, followed by another then another. “Yes, nice and soft,” Kathy said. Sam let out a little, “Mmmm.” Kathy then held the base of the breast and wiggled it back and forth slightly. Sam pressed her palms tightly to the bottoms of her ribs and tilted her head forward, giggling a bit. “It’s like jello,” Kathy said, giggling herself. Sam lifted a hand up and bit a knuckle. “No, wait!” Kathy said, holding Sam’s breast with more of her hand. “It’s like a Sno-Ball but with a cherry on top!” And she then slid her palm over and slowly messaged the milky white globe in circles. Sam let out a load, short moan and shook. She dropped her hand to Kathy’s to pull it away, bringing it to her mouth and gave it a slight kiss. She then turned over on top of Kathy, sliding her chest down over Kathy’s, stopping to snuggle her face into Kathy’s neck. She touched Kathy’s shoulders and hugged her with her arms. “Let’s rest awhile,” Kathy said, rubbing her hands up and down Sam’s back. “Okay,” Sam whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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