Kat’s Poker Game; The Six Others

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Authors Note:

This story involves a wife’s infidelity. Without any repercussions. If you do not like these types of stories … please move on to something you do like. However if such stories are something you can or do appreciate – realizing they are mere fiction and fantasy – please enjoy.


“I think we should move this party into the guestroom.” Tom’s words echoed in Kat’s ears, confirming what she already knew; that Chris would not be the only friend fucking her tonight.

But when had this been decided? How had it been decided? And what made it okay? Her acceptance? Tom’s? She lay slumped against the table asking herself these questions, her ass hovering precariously in the air atop her quivering legs.

Those questions were pushed aside unanswered as she was lifted off the table and into someone’s arms. Opening her eyes she saw that it was Ben confidently carrying her across the room, toward the guestroom. There the others were already waiting, each in various stages of undress, exposed cocks pulsing in readiness.

They’d pulled the blanket off the queen size bed. She was laid atop the sheets, her head resting on a pillow. Multiple hands converged on her at once. Someone pulled her skirt off and stuffed a pillow under her ass, raising her hips off the bed. Hands caressed her thighs, scratching delicate lines in her flesh, massaging her trembling muscles. Another set of fingers danced across her belly, her abs quivering under their touch. Each of her breasts was fondled by a different man, their distinct assaults making each mound ache accordingly.

She lay there reveling in the sensations, electricity crackling along her nerves. Her legs had fallen partially open, her knees bent slightly, and now they scissored open a little further. Between them her pussy glistened wetly, a drop of Chris’ cum drying within her slit. Above her quivering belly her chest rose and fell with her shallow breaths, her full breasts shuddering under the hands fondling them. Her arms were tossed above her head, her fingers lightly scratching at the pillow case. Her head lulled to one side, her bottom lip trembling, her eyes closed.

“Help her spread her legs wider,” someone said.

The hands caressing her thighs gently pulled, splaying her wide and bending her knees more.

She let them, planting her feet afterward. Opening her eyes she glanced around the room. On her left Bill knelt upon the bed, one hand filled with her tit, his other holding his hard cock. Joe was on her right, hands similarly engaged. Climbing onto the bed between her legs was Ken, his own rigid cock in hand. The others stood nearby, Chris the only one not sporting a firm member.

Instinctively she reached for the pair of cocks nearest her. Bill and Joe happily released their own holds, allowing her to wrap her fingers around the poles. She tugged on them, her fingers squeezing hungrily. Joe’s newly freed hand gripped her hair and turned her to face his crotch as he leaned forward. Together they guided the tip of his cock to her lips which gradually parted as he slid himself past them and into her mouth.

“Mmm,” she moaned around the shaft, tugging on its base.

Ken moved up between her legs. He placed the tip of his cock at her waiting opening. Pressing forward he penetrated her easily, his crotch soon mashing against hers.

“Mmm!” she moaned again, her back arching off the bed slightly, her hips rolling to grind herself against him.

Ken pulled back, extracting a few inches before sliding forward again and filling her once more.

Again she moaned, her body trembling upon the bed.

“Fuck that’s beautiful,” Tom sighed off to one side.

The other audience members agreed. Their words reminded her again of their presence . . . and the show she was giving. Reminded her that they were watching her . . . watching her being fucked and handled by these men. Watching . . . and waiting their turn.

Sweltering gusts blew through Kat, fanning her flames. She squeezed and tugged vigorously on the pair of cocks she held, sucking hard on Joe’s. Her hips rolled. Her back arched higher, feeding herself to the man in her pussy.

Ken withdrew again. Pushed forward. Withdrew. Penetrated. Again and again he rocked himself at her, his cock sliding in and out with a steadily building rhythm.

Joe’s hips did much the same, humping back and forth at her face, his cock fucking her mouth.

“Mmm. Mmm!” Lying there, being fucked by the two men, Kat felt her fires grow into a raging inferno. Another orgasm stirred to life within her loins, the flames driving it toward its release. Her body trembled, her muscles quivering with sharp jolts racing along her nerves. Her grip tightened on the cocks she held and she jerked at Bill’s while sucking Joe’s.

The two men’s hands grew heavier on her tits, mauling the pliant mounds with the hunger she was inciting. Outside of the foursome the others cheered quietly, reminding her that they were still watching görükle escort . . . and that their lust was building as well.

“Oh yea,” Ken grunted, the force of his thrusts continuing to grow.

“Oh Baby. Suck it,” Joe urged.

“Fuck yea. Fuck yea,” Ken groaned. His thrusting cock filled her again and again, stuffing her pussy.

Kat’s orgasm was drawn forward, led to the verge of release. She whimpered needily around Joe’s cock. With her attentions being pulled in three directions her hips couldn’t maintain a smooth rhythm with Ken’s robust fucking. Instead they humped and jerked atop the pillow spastically, cramming herself at him.

“Yes. Suck it, woman. Suck my cock.”

“Mmm,” she didn’t know if Joe would cum in her mouth, making her swallow, or pull out to spray her with his warm semen . . . and she didn’t care. She only knew she wanted him to cum . . . him and his two friends. She wanted to feel their cocks unloading for her . . . in her . . . on her.

Then she wanted the others to have their turn.

Where these thoughts . . . these feelings . . . these dirty feelings were coming from she had no idea. She only knew they were there . . . in her mind . . . in her body. Rising from somewhere deep inside her they were pushing her . . . driving her through the night’s events . . . and they were all her lustful body cared about.

So she laid there, being fucked by the men . . . being used for their pleasure . . . and reveling in the pleasures they were giving her. Her tits were assaulted, the men’s fingers squeezing and kneading hungrily. Her pussy was drilled, Ken’s rigid cock pounding into her again and again. Joe’s cock slid along her lips, stroking the sensitive nerve-endings. With each demanding thrust of their cocks her lust was stoked higher and higher.

“Damn she’s hot,” Bill growled.

“Yes,” Joe groaned in agreement.

“Fuck yea,” Ken chimed in.

“Mmm!” She moaned around Joe’s shaft, her hips humping at Ken.

For the next few minutes Kat laid there, being fucked by two cocks while jerking off a third, her body roaring with lust. Her looming orgasm teetered on the brink of release, its pending explosion making her muscles twitch. Her pussy clenched around Ken’s driving cock, her hips lurching upon the pillow, spastically fucking him back. Her lips remained locked tightly around Joe’s pistoning shaft.

“Fuck yea. Fuck yea,” Ken snarled as he rammed himself into her.

“God damn,” Bill sputtered, his own hips starting to jerk in the air.

“Mmm. Mmm.” Kat whimpered needily as her orgasm’s precarious grasp upon the ledge rapidly weakened. Her spasming muscles caused her body to shift and jerk upon the bed.

“Suck it. Oh yes, suck my cock.”

“Damn. Damn.”

Kat felt all three of their cocks growing more rigid, telling her of their own nearing climaxes. The idea of the three men all preparing to cum for her added fuel to her orgasm’s impending explosion and she mewed in anticipation. The heat from her raging fires created a thin sheen of sweat which coated her body, making her flesh glisten. Her arching back pushed her chest into the hands molesting her tits. Her hopping and twisting hips jerked her pussy along the cock repeatedly stuffing her.

“Mmm. Mmm!” She moaned around Joe’s member.

“Oh fuck yea!” Ken growled as his hips lost all sense of rhythm. Instead they jerked and humped between her splayed legs, jack-hammering his cock into her pussy, thrusting him deep inside her.

“Damn,” Bill gasped, his body tensing as he knelt beside her. His hand tightened upon her tit, the pliant mound being reshaped by his clenching fingers.

Joe actually released his hold on her other tit. Filling this hand with the wisps of her hair he leaned forward and placed his other hand against the wall. This gave him the support he needed to increase the speed with which he fucked her mouth.

Kat simply laid there being used by the men . . . while her own broiling lust had her using them as well. In response she tugged on Bill’s cock, rapidly jerking him off. She sucked on Joe’s . . . shoved her hips at Ken.

Then the three men climaxed. One after another.

“Oh yes!” Bill moaned first as his cock twitched within her grasp, sending a string of warm semen spraying across her upper chest.

“Suck it!” Joe snarled a second later and his cock jerked within her mouth, shooting his load down her throat.

Working to swallow his seed Kat felt the multiple sensations throw her orgasm off the ledge. It rocketed through her, making her body’s every fiber tense. Her hips slammed into Ken and jerked spastically, her pussy clenching vice-like around his pistoning cock.

“Hell yea!” He roared. Driving himself into her with a final, powerful thrust he crammed every millimeter of himself inside her and unleashed his seed.

Kat’s orgasm was formidable . . . powerful . . . overwhelming. It crashed through her with tsunami-like vengeance. Skyrockets bursa sınırsız escort filled her mind with wonderful, expansive colors. Her nerves screamed with electricity. Her muscles spasmed. Her arching torso twitched and twisted, cramming her one tit up into the hand mauling it. Her hips jerked and humped. Through it she struggled to swallow Joe’s cum, whimpering when she could.

“Fuck yea. Fuck yea,” Ken groaned as he came deep inside her pussy.

“God yes,” Joe gasped.

“Oh damn,” Bill muttered, his semen splattering across her flesh.

The others were saying things too, but she couldn’t make out their words. Still, she knew they were watching . . . watching and admiring the sight of her being used this way . . . the sight of her enjoying it. The vision of her cumming while their friends used her for their pleasure.

So enraptured was she that she lay writhing upon the bed, whimpering and mewing, her body twisting and trembling, long after the men finished cumming. And they did nothing to interrupt her ecstasy. They kept their cocks in place and held onto her, watching her ride out the explosions and praising her beauty while her body milked their cocks.

Eventually her orgasm began to subside. Her muscles relaxed. Her body settled back onto the bed. The brilliant skyrockets faded from her mind. In those moments she felt the cocks softening in her grasps. She rolled her tongue over Joe’s while tugging on Bill’s a few last times.

Then the men extracted themselves from her and climbed off the bed.

Kat lay on the bed, her eyes opening to gaze up at the group of smiling men. For a brief moment she wondered who, or what, was next. Then Ben and Frank climbed onto the bed and she knew.

Grabbing her waist, Ben rolled her over and lifted her up onto her knees. Kat instinctively pulled herself up onto all fours while spreading her legs apart. One of his hands came to rest on her waist, warm and heavy, as he knelt behind her and guided his cock to her open pussy. Before her Frank also knelt, guiding his own rigid cock toward her mouth. The two shafts entered her as one. Her used pussy allowed Ben to slide his entire length deep inside her . . . filling her with a single smooth stroke. Frank’s cock filled her mouth, stopping when her lips met the fingers he had wrapped around its base. Both men held themselves like this for a moment; one grinding his crotch against her ass, the other groaning with pleasure as she sucked on him.

Then Ben pulled back, extracting a few inches of his manhood before sliding the full length back inside her and grinding his crotch against her ass cheeks.

A second later Frank mimicked this action. As he slid forward for a second time he released his hold on his base. His fingers weren’t there to stop him this time and his cockhead slid down her throat as her nose was buried in his crotch.

“Oh God yes,” he groaned.

Kat had to focus to accommodate him, her muscles clenching around him briefly before he pulled back.

Behind her Ben also withdrew a portion of his member. Then both men slid themselves into her again. Once more Frank’s hand grasped the base of his cock so that her lips met them and stopped him from penetrating her throat again.

Again the men pulled back, then thrust forward. Their cocks slid into her . . . filling her. Again and again they pushed and pulled their cocks at her, their fucking actions slightly disjointed at first, but gradually working into a smoother rhythm.

“Damn that’s good,” Ben moaned behind her. Both his hands now held her waist as his cock pistoned in and out of her pussy.

“Yes it is,” Frank agreed, doing much the same to her mouth. His grasp on his cock’s base made her lips bounce off his fingers with each forward thrust.

In and out their members pistoned, sliding inside her one second, then pulling back the next. In and out they worked . . . fucking her. In and out. In . . . and . . . out.

“So good,” Ben groaned.

“God she can suck a cock.”

“Mmm. Mmm,” Kat whimpered.

The two men found a unified rhythm, rocking their body’s at her as one. Together they fed her their cocks, the rigid shafts sliding along her two sets of lips. Stuffing her one second . . . then retreated. Filling her again and again . . . and again. Back and forth they moved, fucking her as she knelt there freely . . . willingly . . . desperately. She took them . . . took their cocks and reveled in the sensations they created . . . the ecstasy they generated. Between them her body rocked with their motions, flexing with the back and forth of their assault. Beneath her, her breasts swayed, her erect nipples being caressed by the flowing air. A fresh sheen of sweat made her flesh glisten anew.

“Mmm!” She whimpered again and again.

“God she’s beautiful,” she heard Tom sigh.

Her eyes were closed, her mind wanting to focus on the sensation of the penetrating cocks. But on hearing her husband bursa otele gelen escort she glanced over to where he stood next to the bed . . . watching her. He lustful gaze professed his delight in the vision before him, the sight of her being used so willingly.

The actions of the two men fucking her gradually intensified, their lust urging them to fuck her harder . . . faster. Back and forth they rocked . . . their cocks penetrating . . . retreating . . . penetrating. In and out their rigid shafts pumped . . . stuffing her . . . filling her again and again. Over and over their members pistoned into her . . . into her dripping pussy and hungry mouth.

The concerted sensations careening through her forced her eyes to close again. Waves of pleasure cascaded along her nerves and through her mind. Mewing, she suckled on Frank’s cock.

Soon Ben’s crotch was smacking against her ass with each forward thrust, his rigid cock driving deep inside her harder . . . Harder . . . HARDER. His fingers tensed on her waist, pressing into her flesh as he started to jerk her body back onto his shaft in unison with his thrusts.

Frank cuffed the back of her head, holding her steady as the intensity of his actions also increased. He grunted and groaned as he bounced her lips off his fingers.

“Fuck yea. Fuck yea,” Ben moaned, his crotch slamming into her ass.

“Oh God yes. Suck my cock, Baby. Suck it, Baby. Suck it.”

“Mmm. Mmm! Mmm!” To her amazement Kat recognized the stirrings of yet another orgasm within her burning loins. This would be what? Her fourth? Never had she experienced so many in one night. Never. She wouldn’t have even imagined it possible. Yet here she was, feeling it hesitantly wend its way out of the shadows and toward the ledge.

“Oh, Fuck yea,” Ben groaned again, his thrusts continuing to increase in force.

Kneeling between them she was jerked back onto his cock again and again, her body being used to fuck him as much as he was fucking her. His crotch slapped her ass cheeks over and over, make them shudder with each impact.

In front of her Frank still held her head steady as his hips rocked back and forth, feeding her mouth the majority of his cock. With the increased force of the two men she was having difficulty sucking on him and so she simply relaxed and allowed him to fuck her this way.

For the next several minutes they continued their use of her . . . their hard cocks steadily fucking her . . . sliding in and out . . . in and out . . . IN . . . AND . . . OUT.

And Kat knelt there reveling in it all. The feel of their rigid members stuffing her over and over. The feel of their hands manipulating her body for their pleasure. The sensation of the others watching . . . the idea of her husband being thrilled by the image before him. It all brought her newest orgasm to the edge where it lingered . . . timid and unclear. If she could have thought about it she would have realized that her body was probably holding it at bay, unsure of its own ability to support the effort. But she couldn’t think . . . with all the sensations roiling through her she could only kneel there and whimper needily.

“Suck it. Suck it, Baby.”

“So damn beautiful,” Tom sighed again.

Ben’s rhythmic thrusts soon devolved into awkward, forceful jack-hammerings. His cock grew stiffer . . . more rigid as it jammed and slammed into her again and again. He grunted with each full insertion, his crotch smacking into her ass and making her glistening flesh quiver with the impact. Then, with one final guttural roar he crammed himself as deep inside her as possible and ground his crotch against her flesh. His cock jumped as it unleashed a third load of semen deep inside her sex.

“Mmm!” Kat whimpered. The sensation made her muscles tremble as her own orgasm teetered on the edge of release. She rolled her hips, grinding herself back at him.

Within seconds Frank’s orgasm was triggered as well. His entire body tensed before her, his rocking hips freezing with her lips pressed tightly against his fingers as he shot off in the mouth.

Working to swallow his seed drew her mind’s focus . . . which allowed her own orgasm to escape.

It came roaring off the ledge to crash through her like a raging locomotive. Hundreds . . . thousands of tiny explosions twisted her nerves, made her muscles spasm as she crammed her ass back against Ben’s crotch. She whimpered and mewed as her entire body tried to simultaneously collapse into a ball and snap upright.

The men held her up . . . kept her on all fours while they finished unloading inside her.

And as they finished her orgasm began to subside. In those seconds, as the last ecstasy-laced waves rolled through her, she reflexively suckled on Frank’s cock, drawing the final drops of cum form him. When the men’s softening members slipped from her they helped her settle onto the bed.

The exertions of the night made her sigh as she rolled onto her side into a kind of fetal position. She lay there, exhausted . . . worn out. Her pussy was sore, her jaw ached. She wanted to close her eyes and drift off to sleep.

But a new set of hands rolled her onto her back.

Opening her eyes she looked up into Tom’s lustful gaze. He was gently pushing her legs apart so he could climb between them.

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