Keeping it in the family

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Keeping it in the familyI got married when I was 26 to my c***dhood best friend since 3rd grade Lisa we dated all 4 years of high school she went to college 450 miles from where I went and we lost touch after 2 years in college. At 25 I seen her shopping with her mom and we chatted she just moved back in with her parents. We went out 4x and on our faith date about week after we met again she told me she had someone in her life that ment the most to her I thought she was telling me that we wouldn’t be together no that night she asked me inside I sat in living room and few minutes later she walked in and said this is my world holding a 9 month old beautiful little baby girl. She said the father wants nothing to do with her or me. So I moved 300 miles back home so my parent’s could help. We dated 7 months before I asked to marry her and now one year old Dawn. 5 month’s later little sweet Dawn was flower girl in our wedding 2 days before Dawn turned 2 . instead of going on honeymoon 2 days after wedding on Dawn second birthday I was in court and made it official adopting Dawn as my very on daughter. Then the next day we left on 8 day cruise for honeymoon accept we took Dawn with us well 16 years later and one more c***d a son who was 8 Dawn was then 17 and half my wife best friend lover my everything was killed in a car wreck on her way home from work. About 8 month’s after she been buried I had been in deep stage of depression. My parent’s and mother in law been big help but I just couldn’t completely pull myself together. One evening Dawn 18 now senior in high school was in shower and I came upstairs and seen bathroom door was opened not thinking about it walked in to pee and seen my daughter in shower behind glass doors and I kaçak iddaa froze. I couldn’t believe it but she looked exactly as her mom did and I realized what I was doing slipped out just as she turned water off. Over next two weeks I couldn’t get her naked image of her body out of my head. I actually caught myself 4x4x jerking off dreaming of her. She came to me and asked if next week I was still taking her to tour two colleges on spring break said yes I was excited as she was on Sunday afternoon we dropped my 9 year old off with my parent’s and drove from Atlanta to Memphis Tennessee that afternoon got a hotel room two beds where we stayed the night then Monday morning left driving another 245 miles to the University of Kansas. We were touring it on Tuesday morning. So went got a hotel room about 15 miles from campus. We went to diner then back to the room and I fell asleep watching tv . a few hours later I woke up to my Dawn saying it’s storming bad daddy outside and power off can I sleep in bed with you just so I feel safer . Not thinking anything of it I said yes she got in bed and said please hold me daddy. So she on her side me on my side put my arm around her and few minutes later she was asleep and I dozed off only to wake up getting a little on hot side and realized she had slid right up next to me and her tight sweet little ass was up tight to my crotch as I try sliding away from her I realized I had a rAging hard on harder than my dick been in very long time. Every time I tried moving away she slide right up to me rubbing on my cock after about 20 minutes I finally woke her and said I have to go to bathroom and be right back which power was off couldn’t see hand in front of face I actually got up and very quietly sat kaçak bahis on the other bed. While sitting there I did everything I could make my dick go down when Dawn said you ok daddy I stood up said yes right here fixing lay back down. I played on my back she rolled over facing me snuggle up close went to sleep and maybe 30 minutes later I did too. A few hours later I woke up to a very good feeling of hand holding and massaging my cock that’s when I said what are you doing and Dawn put her hand to my mouth and said lay still be quiet and relax. She said when she was 15 mom told her she hoped one day she have a man with a cock like mine much bigger than most men and I really knew how to use it in fact last couple years she brag to me so much about it that while you sleeping I just wanted to see it so got my cell out turned on light and daddy I’ve had sex with 3 guys now with biggest cock I’ve seen Maybe 6 inches but yours is over 11 inches and fat too. I just couldn’t stop rubbing it and I know that you miss mom so please just be quiet and let me this one time take care of you please. I didn’t say anything as she kept rubbing it in the dark. Then I felt her kiss head of it licked it up down and took it into her mouth and began to suck and slobber on it for good 20 minutes. She then stopped and said I hope you enjoyed that I said Oh yes but daddy going to go to bathroom and finish off she said no I’m not done and that’s when I realized she was straddling me took head of my cock putting it to the lips of her pussy and said I not lie but I have been dreamin of the day daddy takes me and makes love to me or just fucked me rinse I seen you pounding the he’ll out of mom when I was 14 in fact many nights I leave door opened to my room illegal bahis as you two were fucking listening to mom moaning yelling screaming many times me rubbing myself dreaming that it was you daddy and me. I said this is wrong we have to stop. She said no it’s right and with that lowered herself up and down on my hard dick until her very tight pussy was taking all 11 inches of me inside her she rode me up down grinding and humping on it till she started to shake uncontrollably and started yelling daddy I’m cumming cumming oh my god I’m cumming so hard. Until she fell into my chest and said. Please hold me I did for few minutes and then softly gently rolled us over laying her down on her back me on top and started to pump in out of her when all of a sudden power came back on and I could see her under me completely nude she was humping me back her perfect 34 b tits bouncing around as I continued to fuck her and I said I’m close she grabbed hold of me said please don’t stop I want to feel your cum fill up me. Com in me daddy please cum. In me I’m on birth control so please with that I ruptured inside her it felt like 5 gallons. . I then fell over on my back laying there she said I got great idea I said really what’s that lets say we went on the tour but instead of going let stay here and you start teaching me how to be your secret little fuck slut and we can fuck and suck all day. That was 11 month’s ago and since then she and I have had some kind of sexual engagement every day accept for 2 days and those 2 days are another story because mother in law came to stay with us for two days and she coming again next week for entire week. Dawn says it’s because grandma wants to fuck me what she don’t know is me grandma been fucking few times every year since before dawn’s mother and I got back together. I have to say mother great lay daughter\my wife was great lay but granddaughter\Dawn is even better. Nothing like keeping it in family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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