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My wife and I had met an older couple through her work and as we got to know them better we all struck up a pretty good friendship and started to see them more and more. We all seemed to have quite a bit in common and we went to their home on many occasions or they came to ours and we always had a good time. Sometimes we would play cards after dinner, or sometimes just sit and talk. They were really a lot of fun to be with. As time went on our friendship grew and the four of us became closer. Their names were Ken and Annie, and at the time I would guess that they were somewhere in their mid-sixties while we were still in our late thirties.

One Saturday I had gone over to their house to give Ken a hand in moving some heavy furniture and after we were finished he and I sat down in the living room to enjoy a beer before I headed home. Annie had gone somewhere that morning and Ken and I were the only ones in the house at the time. I remember that we talked for a while and somehow our conversation got on the subject of x-rated videos. We talked about some of the videos that we had seen and particularly liked, then, very casually, he told me that he and Annie had a nice collection of videos that they had gathered over the years. I was a little surprised but didn’t show it. For some reason I just never thought that they were the type of people who were into sex videos. My wife and I had occasionally wondered aloud to each other what their sex life might be like. On many occasions Annie had hinted to my wife that she and Ken were quite active sexually. Even though the four of us had become very close friends I realized that Ken and I never really talked intimately about sex before, at least not on a personal level, and I had a feeling that this was where the conversation was going.

I had the feeling that Ken had something on his mind but was going slowly because he wasn’t sure what my reaction would be. As our conversation continued it got more and more personal until we started talking about some of our sexual fantasies. Finally Ken asked if I would like another beer. As he stood up he hesitated a moment as he said, “You may not know this but Annie is a very sexual woman with very strong sexual desires and needs, if fact I guess we both are. We’ve really had what we both consider a very good sex life over the years. We have tried to experience a lot of different things. Some of them were even what you might call a little kinky!” He said with a smile. Then he paused for a moment and got a very serious look on his face as he said, “To be truthful with you a fantasy that I have had for years is to watch another man fuck Annie!”

When he returned to the room he handed me my beer and sat back down in his chair and said, “Did my fantasy shock you?”

“No,” I said, “Gail and I are very sexual too and as long as we are talking about fantasies, let me tell you about one that I have had for a long time,” I hesitated, “it’s to fuck Annie!” Then I added. “She is a very sexy lady!”

Ken smiled and was quiet for a moment then he said, “I was really hoping that would be your response, maybe we should try to arrange something. But what about your wife Gail, how would she react to that idea?”

“Gail already knows about it! We discussed it soon after we met you two. Gail said that if it ever happened she only has one condition.”

“What is it?” Ken asked.

“That she must be there too.” I answered quietly.

Ken looked a pleased as he nodded his head. I don’t think he thought it would go this easily. “What would Annie say to the idea of me fucking her?” I asked him.

“Well, actually she started hinting at the idea quite a while ago. Lately her hints and suggestions started getting more and more obvious until one day we just had a long talk about it. I don’t have a problem with the idea, and like I said the idea is one that really turns me on!”

“Have you and Annie ever done anything like this before?” I asked.

“No, but like I said, once we started talking about we both agreed that it is something we really want to do. Come into the den, I want to show you something.” He said as he stood up.

I followed him into the den where he opened a bottom drawer of a cabinet and took out a videocassette and put it into the VCR and started to play it. The tape started out showing their bedroom with the camera focusing primarily on their bed. As we watched the video, the camera focused on the door to the bathroom, which was just beyond the bed. The door opened and Annie, wearing white high heel shoes, white stockings that were held up by a red garter belt, no panties, and a white bra walked over to the bed and very seductively lay down. The camera zoomed in for a close-up shot of her body, moving from her face, to her tits, and finally down to her pussy. As the camera pulled back a little Annie began to fondle her breast with one hand and her pussy with the other. Annie is a very attractive woman for her age and has a body that looks Bostancı Escort better than a lot of younger women I had seen. I immediately started to get a little hard as I watched the video.

“Annie said it was alright with her to show you this video if I felt there was a very good possibility that we could get something going between us.” Ken said.

We both watched the video as Annie played with herself very seductively. Although it was a little hard to tell, it looked to as if she came a couple of times as she fingered herself. Then she spread her legs and Ken came into view on the screen. He was naked and he moved toward the bed and positioned himself to eat Annie’s pussy. After a short time and at least one more orgasm on Annie’s part, he moved up and stood next to the bed as Annie sat up and started to suck on his cock. It was easy to see that Annie was very good at sucking a cock and before long Ken eased her back on the bed and they started to fuck. By this time I had a full-blown hard on in my pants as I watched the video. Ken didn’t seem to be the slightest bit embarrassed as we watched the video of him fucking his wife.

“I wish Gail was here, she would love this video!” I said.

“Really?” Ken answered.

“Yeah, we are a very sexual couple…and we’ve made a lot of videos like this too!” I said. Then I added, “Gail loves all kinds of sex videos, she gets very turned-on by them, especially our own.”

“I’d love to see them.” Ken replied. I could see that the thought had really turned him on.

“Oh, I think you will.” I said with a smile.

Ken moved a little in his chair, I figured we were both suffering from the same problem of trying to give our hard-ons some room in our pants. Since Ken was being so open and honest about his and Annie’s sex life I thought it would be a good time to press him a little farther so I said, “What are the kinkiest things you and Annie have done?”

Ken thought for a moment and I could see his hesitation, “Well,” he said, “let’s see.” He was still hesitating so I thought I would help him along by sharing a couple of our secrets. “I think some of the kinkiest things Gail and I have had fun with was something called Golden Showers…have you ever heard of it?” I asked very casually.

Ken’s eyes got very big and he excitedly said, “Sure, we do it often and we really enjoy it! Annie likes to do it in the shower.” He paused and looked at me and said, “We never imagined that you and Gail would be into that too…so few people are!”

I nodded enthusiastically. “We like it a lot. We have some very erotic golden shower videos that we have collected over the years. When we give each other a golden shower we get very turned-on and it makes us both cum very hard! In the summer, when we have the chance, we like to take the boat out to a couple of very secluded coves we know of where we drop anchor and swim and sunbathe nude…we always give each other as many golden showers as we can. It makes for a full day of terrific, and obviously very wet, sex!”

“That sounds wonderful.” He said as he got up from his chair. “Here, let me show you one of our favorite videos.” With that, he took another video from the drawer and put it in the VCR. As he sat back in his chair he said, “This video makes Annie very horny and very wet!” It started in the middle of the video and it immediately showed a large room with about ten people all engaged in various sex acts. In addition, there were two women kneeling and one man standing in the middle of the people. The women were fondling and lightly jacking-off the man’s cock when all of a sudden the man started to let loose his piss on the women’s tits which they rubbed into each other’s chests. Then one of the women lay back and spread her legs wide apart and let a stream go that landed on the back of a man who was on top of the woman he was fucking. The camera zoomed in for a close-up shot of the piss coming out of the woman’s pussy and Ken sighed deeply as he said, “That is such a turn-on!” I enthusiastically agreed. The video contained a lot of fucking, sucking, and golden shower action and the more we watched, the hornier we were both getting.

I don’t know exactly how long we watched the video before we heard the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. Ken got up and turned the VCR off and said, “That must be Annie coming back from shopping.” We went into the living room and Ken looked out the window and said, “Well this is a surprise, look who’s with her!” I looked and I could see Gail and Annie walking up the walkway to the house together.

After coming in the house the girls explained that they met at the market and Annie suggested that since I was already at their house, Gail should come over and we all could have lunch together. I looked over at Ken and I caught him glancing at Gail’s tits and I smiled to myself. As Annie went into the kitchen I looked discretely at her ass as she walked away, knowing that before Ümraniye Escort long I probably would be fucking her. As Annie was preparing lunch Ken was in the kitchen helping her and I could see that several times they were talking quietly between them. I suggested to Gail that she and I should take a walk out in the garden until lunch was ready. She gave me a strange look at my suggestion but followed me out into the back garden anyway. When we were alone she asked, “What’s going on?”

I told her what Ken and I had talked about earlier, and about the videos. When I was finished she was quiet for a moment then said, “I thought something like this was going to happen because the last few times Annie and I have been alone almost all she talks about is sex.” Gail chuckled softly. “She even tried to find out what kind of lover you were, at that point I knew something was up.”

“What do you think, should we see if they really want to have some fun?” I asked.

“Well,” she paused for a long moment as she thought things over. Then with a faint smile she shrugged her shoulders and said, “It could be fun!” As we turned towards the house she said quietly, “I sure would like to see some of those videos.”

“I’ll check with Ken…I think that could be easily arranged.” I replied with a smile.

Gail giggled softly as we went up the steps to the back door.

The lunch was good but there was an unmistakable level of friendly tension in the air. Everyone was trying to be too relaxed and too casual and the conversation was very light. I also noticed that Annie couldn’t make direct eye contact with me when she spoke. I couldn’t tell if this was a good sign or not. I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to Ken since the girls had gotten home. And I was curious to find out what Annie’s reaction was to my admitting to her husband that I was interested in fucking her. In addition, I wanted to find out what her reaction was if Ken had a chance to tell her of the remark I made about “Gail only allowing it if she were there too!” It wasn’t hard to see by the way Ken was acting that he was probably just as curious to find out what Gail’s reaction was after our walk in the garden.

When lunch was over Gail helped Annie clear the table while Ken and I went into the den.

“Well, how did she take it?” I asked him when we were in the den.

Ken chuckled then said, “She’s so excited she can hardly wait until we can get together. Did you see the way her hands were trembling at lunch? She is definitely ready. How about Gail?”

“She’s ready too.” I answered.

“When should we try to get together?”

“How about now?” I smiled.

Ken hesitated as he looked at me as if he was trying to let my remark sink-in, then he said to me. “Now? Well, how do we get started?”

“Just put that golden shower video that we were watching back in the VCR, if my hunch is right, I think the rest will take care of itself.”

Ken rewound the video and began to replay it as we both sat back in out chairs and watched the action on the screen. We didn’t have long before Gail and Annie came into the room and the second that they saw what we were watching they both gasped.

“This is the great video I was telling you about Gail,” I said casually. “Come sit over her with me and watch it.

Ken motioned to Annie to come over and sit down next to him.

Both women giggled nervously and sat down, it was obvious they had a pretty good idea that something was going to happen. About a half-an-hour had passed as the four of us watched the video and the sexual tension in the room was building moment by moment. This was definitely a very graphic and intense video. On the screen a woman was sitting on the floor of what looked like a white tile bathroom, as the camera zoomed in for a close-up of her shaved pussy she spread her legs apart and began to pee. When the stream got to full-force she used her fingers to part her pussy-lips giving us a great view of her piss as it exited her body. I could feel the tension mounting in Gail’s body and I knew she was getting very turned-on; I didn’t glance over at Annie but I knew she was doing the same. Earlier I had placed my hand on Gail’s thigh and as the video played I slowly moved it up. I was as far up her thigh as I could get with my pinkie finger resting against her pussy. I could feel the heat coming through the material of her jeans.

On the screen a man was fucking a brunette woman who had a very large amount of pubic hair all around her cunt and far up her belly. When he finally came he pulled his cock out of her cunt and shot a very large amount of cum into the hair around her clitoris. When he was finished cuming he moved to his knees and began to pee on her cunt, as if he was trying to wash his cum off of her. Then another man joined him and started to pee on the brunette’s cunt too. Another began to pee on her tits while still another was pissing on her face.

I looked over Kartal Escort and Annie was rubbing Ken’s pants over his cock and they were kissing and I knew it was time to make a move to get things started. I pulled Gail over onto my lap and gave her a deep French kiss and started to rub her crotch. Then I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra up above her tits and bent forward enough to suck on her nipples. I loosened her belt and unbuttoned her pants and ran my hand under the elastic of her panties and down her belly into the small tuft of pubic hair, which was soaking wet with her pre-fuck juices. I maneuvered her around so that we had changed places and I stood up in front of the chair facing her. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out and Gail immediately started to suck on it as I took the rest of my clothes off and let them drop to the floor. Helping Gail up to her feet I helped undressed her and when we were both completely nude she dropped to her knees and resumed sucking my cock.

I looked over at Ken and Annie and they had gotten undressed too and they were sitting next to each other watching us. Annie had one hand around Ken’s cock and was slowly moving it up and down, her other was in her crotch and I could see that she was gently rubbing her clit. I stepped back gently pulling my cock from Gail’s mouth and I helped her to her feet. Then, with my arm around her waist, we walked over to Ken and Annie and I bent forward and began to fondle Annie’s tits which made her moan softly. Taking her by the arms I stood her up and pulled her close to me. Reaching around behind her I put my hands on her ass and pulled her naked body against mine. My hard cock was sticking into her belly and I was amazed at how firm her tits and body felt. After a few moments Annie dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock. Looking over I saw Gail sucking Ken’s cock as he still sat in the chair, his eyes were locked on his wife as she sucked my hard penis, but it was easy to see that Gail was having a definite effect on him. On the TV was a close-up shot of a woman sucking on the side of a very large penis as it was pissing a strong, golden stream straight up in the air.

I moved around and laid Annie down on her back on the carpet in front of the TV and spread her legs apart so that I had good access to her cunt and moving up on top of her I placed my hard cock at the entrance of her very wet vagina. Her hungry eyes looked deeply into mine as I slowly pushed my cock inside her pussy. The smell of her perfumed skin filled my nostrils and I was surprised at how tight her vagina felt to my dick. I began fucking her slowly at first, and as we fucked, Ken and Gail came and sat on the floor on both sides of us.

Ken had an incredibly large hard-on that was undoubtedly brought on by the sight of his wife getting fucked by another man. Meantime, Gail was fondling Annie’s tits and getting very turned-on. As I fucked her, Annie came about three times, after the first of her orgasms she put her hands out to the sides of her and fondled her husband’s cock and Gail’s pussy. I pulled out of her and Ken moved over and took my place and fucked his wife as Gail and I sat on the floor watching them. Annie came once more and then Ken pulled his cock from her hole as he got to his knees. Looking at Gail and I he said, “Are you guys ready for some showers?”

“I’m more than ready!” I said.

I had been holding back since before lunch and once I had stopped fucking the need to pee was very immediate.

“Lets go into the bathroom, it’s Annie’s favorite place for a shower.” He said as he helped her up off the floor. We followed them through their bedroom and into their large master bathroom. Once there, Annie opened one of the bathroom cupboards and took out a large pink dildoe that was at least 9″ long. Smiling at us, she stepped into the oversized shower stall that, at the rear portion, had a white ceramic tile ledge built into it that served as a sort of bench. She sat on the bench and carefully lay back with her legs spread and pulled up against her chest. It was easy to see, even in this light, the wetness of her cunt. She looked at Gail and holding the dildoe out toward her said, “Would you put this in me please?” Gail took the lifelike penis and moving close to her slowly inserted it all the way into Annie’s wet cunt.

“Fuck me with it and don’t stop until I cum!” She whispered. And Gail slowly began to fuck her with an even in and out motion which had an immediate effect on Annie. Ken and I stood there watching the erotic scene with our cocks sticking straight out in front of us. As Annie’s pleasure built, Ken began massaging his scrotum and cock as her body pushed against the dildoe working in her vagina. Then he stepped forward and stood next to Annie and holding his cock, let loose a golden stream as he pissed on her cunt. His pee was drenching Annie’s pubic hair and belly as well as Gail’s hands as she continued to dildoe-fuck Annie. Annie began to moan loudly as her body tensed from the pleasure that was engulfing her. Then he moved his golden stream up her body to her tits. Annie was watching everything that was happening to her and was so turned-on that she came violently just as Ken’s piss ended.

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