Kevin’s Ups and Downs Pt. 07

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Sleep started to tatter, as I felt hands grasping my morning wood, and a body squatting over me, my cock head nudging against the warm, wet opening. Mmmmm, what a great way to wake up, Monique wants another ride.

Monique’s voice cooed, “Do it, Lissie, do it!”

I felt the heat envelop my cock, and my eyes opened, HOLY FUCK! My Mom was sliding down my cock, and Monique was right beside her, grinning delightedly as she saw the expression cross my face. With a low moan, my Mom thrust down hard as she let out a loud grunt, and buried my morning hardness into her pussy, furnace hot, slick with her juices, her inner tunnel molded tightly around my cock. She let out a gasp of pleasure, mixing with my grunt as I was wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat.

I babbled “Mom…Mom, what, what?”

Her eyes shone with sexual heat, she grinned and said, “I’m taking a ride on your cock baby. If Monique can do it, so can I.”

I grunted, “But it’s…ohhh that feels so good…mmmm…it’s incest.”

“So what? We aren’t going to have a baby, why shouldn’t I get to do something I’ve wanted to ever since I saw you developing into a healthy, well-built young man,” my Mom replied. “I’ll tell you something else, yesterday, I felt your eyes all over my body, and my peripheral vision caught you gazing at my hips, my legs, my chest. Did you like the fact that I wasn’t wearing panties? Did you like the way my tits got stiff and so hard when the air conditioning came back on? Did the sight of my ass cheeks give you a good, stiff hard-on? You liked what you saw, didn’t you?”

I nodded, she smiled and continued, “You no doubt had visions in your head, great views that you would masturbate to, come on, you can tell your Mom, tell me that you did.”

I said softly, “Yes, oh yes, I’d never seen so much of your awesome body, and you would be my fantasy bed partner last night if things hadn’t happened the way they did.”

“Take a look Kev, take a good long look at my body now.”

I did, and I could feel my cock reach full extension, buried deep. Mom paused and raised her body up, putting her hands behind her head and thrusting her upper body forward.

I saw my Mom’s face, her soft smile, her clear blue eyes stormy with lust, her breasts like ripe fruit, umm, perky and so round, topped with stiff, very hard, cherry red nipples, the sleek skin of her belly, a trim waist and a curvy flare of the hips, her neatly trimmed nest of blonde pubic hair pressed against mine, my cock nestled deep between the seam, swallowed up by her heated tunnel, my mouth was dry.

My Mom purred, “Now baby, do you want to keep me just as a fantasy to Çorum Escort stroke off to, or do you want the real thing?”

I gasped, “Please, oh please Mom, fuck me!”

My Mom grinned, pulled up, and thrust down again, accompanied by our mingled cries of pleasure. Oh god, it was so good.

Monique giggled, “Really Kev, you talk too much sometimes! I’ll give your mouth something better to do!”

I watched as she swung her leg over my face, and her pussy was hovering over my mouth. She reached down, parting her folds for me, I could smell the spicy, erotic scent, her pussy was almost dripping with juices.

“Lick me Kev, lick my pussy, lick me while your Mom fucks your cock,” Monique growled huskily.

I reached up, grasped her hips, and pulled her hips down, my tongue eager to get between the rich brown spread of her pussy lips and inner folds. My tongue swept over her lips, wriggling into her, and a blast of her hot, musky taste hit my tongue.

“Oh yes baby, yes, you lick so well,” Monique cooed.

Monique and my Mom were facing each other as they rode me, and my Mom grunted, “Kiss me Moni baby, mmmmm, I’m fucking my son, god I feel so fucking hot!”

I could sense Monique leaning forward slightly, and I could imagine the tongue-filled swirls of passion they were enjoying. Having Monique’s pussy tight against my mouth, her spicy nectar, and concentrating on pleasuring her was distracting me somewhat from the need to erupt.

Hey, this was cool, I wanted to enjoy the feel of my Mom’s tight walls around my cock as long as possible. This was even better than I had fantasized, stroking my prick while imagining Monique sitting on my mouth wasn’t even close to having it happening in real life, her tight, dark folds settled firmly over my mouth, Monique’s muffled growls of pleasure, the spicy, musky flow of juices for my tasting pleasure, and the squirming and rubbing of her on my tongue, as she used my tongue to swab at all her sizzling hot spots.

Monique cooed, “Mmmm, Kev’s so good with his tongue, his licking skills are really coming along!”

My Mom gasped, “Oh yeah, and his cock is such a pussy pleaser! Yeah, feels so good!”

“Let’s make you cum baby, so Kev can feel the clutch of your tight pussy milking at him!”

A few moments later, Mom grunted, “Yes, oh yes Moni baby, stroke me there, oh god, yes!”

I could feel my Mom’s movements picking up, Monique was enjoying what she was doing to my Mom just as much, as a gush of her juices flooded out, giving me another mouthful of her spicy taste. My cock was taking serious notice of what was happening, and I could feel the Çorum Escort Bayan cum building.

“Yes, fuck, fuck, cumming I’m cumming all over my son’s cock, yes, yes, FFFUUUUCCCKKKK!”

Monique grunted, “So fucking hot, hot, fuck, oh yes, lick me Kev, mmmmmm, make me cum too, ohhhh, yes, yes YEEESSSS!”

I felt Mom’s pussy clamp down tightly on my cock, her hot juices gushing, surrounding my cock with hot, wet pleasure, just as Monique growled, and gushed her cum all over my face, my cock responded immediately, and I felt my cock erupt, my Mom’s inner folds wrapped tightly around me, milking at me, I was grunting, thrusting, pumping my hips up and spilling every drop into her, the tight milking pull sucking hungrily, wanting every bit of my load.

Monique lifted off my face and lay down next to me. My Mom smiled, and lifted herself off my cock, in one fluid movement, she was squatting over Monique’s face, lowering herself down. Monique let her settle over her outstretched tongue, then pulled her tightly against her mouth.

Mom sighed with pleasure, as Monique eagerly took in the mingled juices of our fucking, licking and sucking eagerly, to get every drop. Monique kept going until Mom’s juices were running freely again, and my Mom cried out in pleasure as Monique’s talented tongue brought Mom to another orgasm, her body shaking and jerking atop Monique.

I was watching, the way they took the position, and each knew what the other wanted, made me wonder if they had done a three-way before. I wondered if my Dad had been a lucky one, being worked over by my Mom and Monique, until he exploded his load into one for them, then they’d settle their just fucked cores over the mouth of the other one, and let them suck the load right out of them.

My mom slid off Monique, and I was surrounded by two sprawled out, very satisfied ladies.

“Mmmmm, Kev, you’re such a man now, tell us, tell us about Dee, what have you done with her? Anything, other than some kissing?” Monique purred.

I told them about yesterday, how I had rescued her from her stranded car, and what had transpired in the back seat. I also told them that I had come so close to losing my virginity to Dee. I also told them about how Dee and I had enjoyed another round of oral pleasure in her bedroom.

I did NOT tell them about Dee’s Mom watching us, contacting me via IM, and telling me she wanted to get what Dee had gotten, and give me the best blowjob she could. I thought that might be a little too much so I kept that to myself.

“Well, we will give you lessons on how to prolong sex, at your age, as you no doubt know, Escort Çorum orgasm can be pretty fast. Tonight, we will teach you how to hold back, how to move with your lover to prolong your pleasure, and especially Dee’s pleasure. A woman will always remember the first time, and we want Dee to remember her first time as the time that set her on a happy, and healthy sex life, something she can hold on to and cherish.”

I could hear Monique’s voice had a hitch, and I could see a tear in her eye. I had never met her loser of an ex-husband, but at that moment, I would have cheerfully knocked his teeth down his fucking throat, for being such a useless lazy piece of shit who couldn’t even satisfy his wife.

My Mom joined in, “So Kev, no stroking off today, tonight, we want your cock ready to go, your balls full, so we can show you how to hold back when you’re more than ready to go.”

With that, we got up, and soon, we were seated at the breakfast table, as Mom and Monique cooked up a Saturday brunch, and we all dug in, hungrily. It felt a bit surreal, after the wild night of sizzling passion, to be in such a normal setting, having a night to remember, and another night to remember coming up. I knew that Dee was attending her cousin’s wedding upstate, so it would be Monday before I saw her again, probably.

After brunch, Mom and Monique decided to go and watch the new romantic comedy movie down at the multi-plex. Monique asked me if I’d like to go, and they giggled when I made a face and told them I’d rather walk on hot coals.

I went online and puttered about for a little while. I was almost ready to sign off when a chat box window opened up.

Dee’s Mom appeared, she was webcamming me again, and she said, “Kev, my sweet daughter is upstate, attending her cousin’s wedding, how would you like to come over? I’m all hot and naked, I have a wet, juicy, very hot, and horny cunt that needs more than my fingers, she wants your tongue, I want to get the sweet, hot pussy licking that you gave Dee! I went to my salon this morning, and I’m waxed all nice and smooth, Dee and I now have matching Brazilians, come and taste my smoothness. And, now that Dee has sucked your nice, stiff cock, I can suck that nice, stiff cock, I’ll give you a blow job that will make your toes tingle!”

She stood up, she was totally naked and gave me a first-class view of the nice little coin slot of her pussy, totally devoid of pubic hair, her lips were nice and tight, my cock rose quickly, and I was aching to get my tongue deep inside her.

No way could I resist, and she purred, “When you get here, just come in the front door, my bedroom’s at the top of the stairs, I’ll be on my bed, just as naked as I am right now, laying back with my legs spread. I want you to get naked, show me your hard, stiff cock, then do you know where I would like your tongue buried? I want it buried in my hot, wet cunt, come and get me Kev!”

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