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They had known each other for some time and always enjoyed flirting with each other. He was uninvolved, but she had a boyfriend, so neither had let it go further than flirting. This time, however, things would likely be different. He was coming to her house specifically to give her a massage. It wasn’t that he was going to be massaging her, because he had done that before. This was to be a full body massage, with him using oil. It would be pushing things and that was exactly her intention. Her supposed boyfriend had been neglecting her, especially when it came to sex. She was, after all, a nympho, and needed her fair share of special touches. She decided that she wouldn’t go looking for anything tonight, but wouldn’t be quick to turn anything down either.

First she had to decide what to wear. She didn’t want to reveal too much, but didn’t want to play hard to get anymore either. He would be here any time now, so she couldn’t take long. She had make-up on from class and decided to leave her hair down. She decided on a pair of boxers that he had liked her in, pulling a sweatshirt on to complete the outfit. She was mildly excited at the idea of his noticing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and while that worried her a little, she liked it too. It promised to be a good night. She got out the massage oil she had promised him, put it by her bed, and went to the living room to watch TV.

He was a little late, as he often was, but he smelled good enough to be forgiven. They said their hellos and she quickly shut the tv off. She didn’t want him to get distracted. She put on some soft music and then went into her bedroom. He followed, as she had hoped. She picked up the oil, turning to him. “Here’s the oil you wanted,” she said. “Would you like to do it here or on the couch?”

She blushed, realizing what she had said. He laughed, smiling at her. “Actually, I just came to give you a massage. We’ll have to see about ‘doing it’ later.” He laughed again. “In the meantime, I think your bed will be more comfortable.”

She smiled back at him, laying down on top of her covers. She felt him straddle her, like he was somehow caressing her with his legs. His hands lifted her hair and began gently caressing her neck. He gradually massaged a little harder, moving down towards her shoulders. She was beginning to relax and enjoy herself, when she heard his voice. “You know, this would be a lot,” he paused for a moment, then continued, “simpler,” he said, “if you weren’t wearing this bulky sweatshirt.”

She smiled to herself. While he was right, he almost assuredly had an underlying purpose for bringing it up. She also thought she knew what it was. Not saying anything to him, she reached behind her and pulled the sweatshirt over her head and under her chest, just in case. He must have been surprised, because it took him a minute to start the massage again. She decided she better wake him up. “Aren’t you going to use the oil?” she asked, as innocently as possible.


He was surprised, actually, at how forward she was being. Here he was, straddling a half naked woman that he found absolutely gorgeous, yet she was the one making all the moves. He shook his head, smiling. He reached over to grab the oil, putting a little in his hand. He rubbed his hands together, then caressed her shoulders, spreading the warm oil on her back. He slid his hands up her neck, beneath her hair, and started his massage again. He loved her look and wished wholeheartedly that he could only have the chance to make her his; not for one night, but for as long as they could make things last. His hands were caressing her lovingly, acting out the thoughts he had. He came back to the present, focusing again on the massage.

As her neck and shoulders relaxed, he moved to her upper back, down, down, then back up, trying to make this last. He wanted her to feel as good as he possibly could by doing this. Besides, he loved her figure: her muscular build, even though she didn’t work out; her petite frame; her lovely back; the small of her stomach; but most of all, her legs, thick with muscle, tan, and smooth. He loved giving her massages, just so he could be close to her. As he reached her upper back for the third time, he let his hands slide more to her sides. He started with her lats, working down, then in to her spine, and back up and out. This time, as he massaged down her sides, he pushed his fingers all the way to her breasts. When she didn’t say anything, he slid his hands under a little further, caressed her breasts for a moment, then slid his hands down her sides to her lower back again.

Now as he massaged her lower back, he tried to figure out what to do next. All of her back and neck were lightly oiled, and he longed to be lying with her in his arms, but if he didn’t think of something, it would all be over. As if it were a clue, his hands brushed against her boxers. He slowly pushed his thumbs under the waistband, easing her boxers down far enough to caress Uşak Escort just the top of her ass. He had wanted to feel her ass for a long time and this only made him want her more. He was thinking of pulling the boxers down as she squirmed a little. He pulled his hands out of her boxers, but he wasn’t done yet. He had a good idea of how to keep things going.


She wasn’t quite sure where this was headed, or even where she wanted it to go. What she did know was that she was truly enjoying herself for the first time in quite a while. This whole experience was very arousing for her. She had especially liked it when he had touched her breasts, and while she found him attractive, she wondered if it would be more than sex for him. Even if it was, could they make something of it? She felt his hands on her calf and forgot about everything but how good his hands felt on her body.

She felt him rub oil onto her calf, then onto her foot, something that she hadn’t expected. It tickled a little, but he seemed to know what he was doing; it sure felt good. As his hands moved back to her calf, she began to get aroused with the fact that he was doing all this just for her. His strong, gentle caress didn’t hurt either. She really liked the way he touched her, like his hands were making love to every inch of her body. She felt him move to her other foot, then to the calf. She was getting warm now, her insides becoming slightly wet.

She felt his hands pull away and was about to protest that he hadn’t finished when she heard him rubbing more oil in his hands. Slowly his hands slid around her thigh, just above the knee, caressing her, but being deliberate and firm. As he worked the back of her thigh he sent waves of pleasure tingling up through her leg to her mound. The sensation of his fingers on her skin was really beginning to get to her. She began to wish she were naked so that he could see her getting moist. She definitely wanted him to touch her.

She felt his hands work their magic up to the line of her boxers, having to bite her lip beneath the cover of her hair, hoping that he would go further. To her dismay, he stopped. Yet it aroused her that much more. She felt him reach for the oil, then heard him rubbing his hands again. She waited impatiently for him to continue. When he finally touched her other leg, she was disappointed that he was going on with the massage. Couldn’t he see she wanted him? He repeated the process from the first leg, including the part where he stopped at the bottom of her boxers. By that time she was practically panting from the heat inside her, having to grip the sheets and hold the pillow close to keep from moving. She only hoped he would continue.

She felt his hands return to her thigh, slick again with the massage oil. He started at the bottom again, working the muscles with the lotion. His hands were more sensuous in their massage now, if that were possible. Soon he was sliding them inside the leg of her boxers. She couldn’t believe he was actually still massaging her. Yet when his hands moved all the way up her inner thigh, his fingers brushed her wet vagina repeatedly. He must know, she thought to herself. But he moved on, his hands kneading the muscles in her buttocks. Yet even as he was massaging her ass, his fingers dipped towards her anus and again towards her softness, and she couldn’t tell if he was being sexual for the purpose of arousing her, or if he was simply trying to give her a sensual massage.

She was more aroused then she could remember ever having been. She couldn’t help a soft moan of disappointment when his hands left her again. She sighed aloud when they returned to her other thigh, once again moistened with oil. The waves of pleasure drifted through her once more. As his fingers slid close to her vagina she tried to subtly wiggle towards him, yet she couldn’t get him to go inside her. By the time he started caressing her buttocks again, she was beginning to sweat. He stopped, his hands lingering for a moment. It took her a little while before she realized his hands had left her completely.


He stopped and waited, since she was breathing heavily. He couldn’t remember being this excited and fully clothed at the same time. He stayed on top of her, straddling her, waiting for her to move. When her breathing slowed a little and she still hadn’t moved, he said, “Why don’t you cover up and roll over, and I’ll rub down the front of your neck, arms, and legs?”

Her response surprised him again. She simply rolled over, not bothering to cover her chest, exposing herself to him. As he looked into her eyes, he saw they were clouded with lust. He put more oil on his hands, slowly reaching out. He started at her neck, rubbing most of the oil out onto her shoulders and arms. He worked his way down her chest, carefully avoiding her breasts. He curved down to her stomach, gently caressing her. As much as he wanted to feel her teats in his hands, he forced himself Uşak Escort Bayan to move down to her thighs, where he could tease her even more.

Rubbing more lotion onto his hands, he started on her lower legs once more. Caressing her, more lustfully now, he quickly worked his way to her thighs. Once above the knee, all pretense of a massage stopped. He was simply rubbing her thighs, trying as hard as he could to turn her on. As his hands moved under her boxers, he could see he was succeeding. She was slowly grinding her hips towards his hands. He eased his fingers around her thigh, teasing her, pushing his fingertips daringly close to her center. The closer he got, the more she lunged. He switched to her other thigh, this time going so high his fingers were running through her pubic hair. The fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear was extremely arousing to him, he had to admit, but it was time to find out which way things were going to go. He slowly eased his hands down her thigh, loving the feel of her oiled skin, then withdrew his hands from her completely, sitting up, waiting to see what she did next.

He didn’t think that she would ever cease to amaze him. When her eyes opened, her mouth parted in a soft pant, she looked at him with a longing like none he had ever seen. She finally said, “You forgot these”, reaching down to grab his hands, she pulled them to her teats. Placing them firmly on her chest, she let him go, as if she was waiting to see what he would do. He didn’t wait long. He wasn’t the only one who could be surprised. He pulled his hands away.

Of course, he didn’t plan on them being gone long. He just needed to get a little more oil. The look on her face was well worth it though, like he had actually wounded her. She smiled and closed her eyes when he started caressing her again. God, she felt good in his hands. He was losing himself in her, knew it, and didn’t care. It even took him a moment to realize that she had slid a hand between her legs and was fingering herself. He wouldn’t have noticed except she was trying to push her boxers down, probably to allow herself more freedom. In any case, he had no problem helping her removing them, and together they had her completely naked in seconds. A little more oil and he pushed his hand under hers, not pushing her away, but taking over for her.


She felt his hand slide under hers, putting up no fight. She wanted to see how well he could massage the most sensitive part of her body. She found it rather interesting that he did not push her hand away, deciding to help him for a little while. She liked the feeling of having both their hands rubbing her clitoris and vagina. It was romantic as well as stimulating. However, it didn’t take long before she discovered he didn’t need her help to please her. He was toying with her clit as his fingers ran through her canal, a terrifically wonderful and sensual feeling. He was making her want him like she hadn’t wanted one man in a very long time.

She really couldn’t take it any more; she wanted company and she was going to get it. She took his pants button in her hands, undoing it as quickly as she could, then unzipped his pants. She grabbed his member through his underwear, seeing him gasp, and feeling a slight pause in the hands on her crotch. She smiled, those same hands bringing her an awful lot of pleasure. She could feel him coursing through her like a man’s short hard erection and she humped against his hand as she continued.

She tugged at his underwear, his hard-on bouncing as she did so. After she finally got his jeans and underwear down far enough to feel all of his member, it was now her turn to use the oil. As he brought her closer to orgasm, she began stroking him, loving the feel of his meat in her hands. With him stroking her as she was rubbing him, it was almost as if they were making love. What a feeling. They worked together, their bodies moving quickly now. They moved like old lovers who were together for the last time. She felt herself building, his hand moving in and out of her body, playing with her clit. She was so wet she was dripping, her juices running down the crack of her ass. He was practically humping her hand, while the movements of his hands on her vagina were becoming ferocious. She cried out as the first waves of her orgasm hit her. It grew, the pleasure with it, and when she finally felt it subside, she heard herself moaning.

It wasn’t enough. She wanted more. She wanted to feel him inside her, to feel him pulse when he came, to feel his warm cum spray against her walls. She yanked at his shirt, trying to pull it off, tearing it as she did so. She wanted him as naked as she was, as naked as she felt now, laying in front of him, with her cum covering her pussy and his hands, while he was still fully clothed. She watched as he slowed long enough to pull off his pants, then he was on top of her. She grabbed at him, feeling his hands on her hips. She Escort Uşak felt his member pressing the lips of her vagina open. She tried to thrust onto him, but he pulled away. She rubbed her oily hands on his chest, feeling the muscles there, enjoying his body. As she felt him pushing against her again, she spread her legs further, to make it easier for him. She could feel him begin to enter and lunged at him, trying to capture the organ she thought would please her most. He avoided her with skill, kissing her breasts. She felt his mouth on her, his tongue tantalizing her nipples, his lips gently caressing her skin. She moaned, whispering, “Please, don’t tease me any more.” He moved up her body, his chest brushing against hers, teasing her nipples. She felt him kissing the nape of her neck, making little circles with his tongue as he did so. His erection pulsed against her wetness. “What did you say?”, came his voice, low and heavy. “Please”, she said, rubbing her crotch against him, “I want to feel you in me.” Even as she said it he was nibbling on her ear, continuing her torment. Then, as she thought she was going to have to ask again, she was opened by the head of his penis. He slowly ground in and out, working further into her. She was being penetrated in the best way possible, by a man that might be the best man for her to fall for.

She wasn’t anywhere near dry, which let her wet him rather easily. She could feel him filling her. She could feel his firmness pushing her open further, reaching deep into her. She wrapped herself around him, physically and emotionally. She truly made love.


He was completely engrossed in her. He had never been like this with anyone before. As he felt her warm wetness cover his cock, he gasped with sheer pleasure. When he was all the way in her, he had to stop. She felt so good around him, he wanted just to lay there inside her and hold her. He felt her pull him in even tighter; when she released him he began to move inside her.

He started slowly, pulling almost all the way out, then easing himself back in. He heard her moan, and smiled. He withdrew again, this time shifting his hips slightly. Inside her his member twisted and turned to the side, creating more pressure on her walls. He loved the feeling. By her moaning grunts, she must have liked it too. He pumped his hips hard, moving quickly until the pleasure grew too great, pausing for a moment, then continuing. Shortly her moans were quite loud, almost to the point of crying out. He was rock hard, almost ready to orgasm when she paused.


She hadn’t thought he could go much longer the way things were going and though she knew the idea of orgasming together was overrated, she wanted them to at least be close. She also didn’t want things to end yet, so she stopped him before he went over the edge by pushing him up. He paused, the look in his eyes like he might have done something wrong. She smiled, telling him that she wanted to move around. She was surprised when he pulled out of her and smiled.

When he made no move to enter her again, she wondered if she had offended him. She was going to say something when he kissed her breast. His lips hit first, with their tickling warmth. Then his tongue with its rousing wetness. It went around her nipple, then flicked it back and forth, the action bringing her more and more pleasure. She felt the softest caress her nipples had ever had. When she looked she saw he was caressing her with his lips. She closed her eyes to relax and enjoy for a while.

Suddenly the warmth on her teat was gone. Before she could open her eyes though, he was kissing her. He tasted slightly different, probably from a little bit of her milk. His body covered hers for a minute, she felt the sweat on his chest. He moved off of her then, pulling her to the side. She rolled willingly, bringing her knees up under her to raise her off the bed. She felt him kneel behind her, his hand sliding between her legs. He caressed her, not that she needed it, she was wet enough that even her thighs were covered in her juice. At that point two of his fingers spread her lips apart and she felt his head sliding into her.


He felt so good, so warm, inside her. As he opened her, he slid his hands around her waist. He held her tightly as he entered her, pushing inside her slowly. As he began stroking her insides, he moved his hands down and around to the front of her thighs, rubbing her legs, as his cock moved in and out of her body. He could feel the muscles inside her form around him, alternately tightening and loosening, bringing him a pleasure like no other. He moved one of his hands to toy with her clit, while the other he let glide up to her breasts. As he made love to her, he was now fingering her as well. Even he could barely stand the pleasure.

He realized that he was moaning, but he didn’t care. She was pounding against him now, her force added to his, while his sack smacked against his fingers on her clit. He felt his orgasm churning in his scrotum and let her know that he was close. Her only response was to pound against him that much harder. Then he felt himself orgasming, the cum working its way up and out in spurts, until he was shooting off inside her.

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