Kim & Dave, part 2

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Kim & Dave, part 2PrologueAfter I posted part 1 of this story, I realized that I hadn’t told you, my readers, much about Kim and me. I originally wrote the story just for Kim, and she and I already knew each other well, having corresponded by E-mail for over a year, so we knew a lot about our needs and passions, our sexual likes and dislikes, so I didn’t need to explain any details to her. But for you, dear readers, more explanation is needed.I am a 69 year old male, 5’11”, 175 pounds, gray hair, with an average size penis. I have been married twice, and my current wife and I have not had sex in a couple of years (not my choice, but hers). I am very horny and still have a strong sex drive, but my sexual history is pretty vanilla. I have fantasized about a lot of sex acts, but have not had the opportunity to experience many of them.Kim, on the other hand, although only 29, has had much more experience, having done many of the sex acts I have only dreamed of doing. Kim is a gorgeous 5’5″ redhead with shoulder-length, curly, almost kinky, red hair. She has big green eyes, a winning smile, pale white skin with a few freckles, and a 36D-24-36 figure, just a total sex-bomb. Her breasts are obviously her best feature, but her ass is taut and nicely-rounded, flaring nicely from her little waist. Her nipples are very sensitive and she has had orgasms just from having her tits sucked. Despite her youth, Kim has had many more sexual escapades than I have, she started giving blow jobs at 14, first fucked at 15, has fucked with other women, done group sex, fucked and sucked before an audience, has taken cocks in all her holes and loves everything about sex. She is in a sexless marriage with a rich older guy in his mid-50’s, but she gets a lot of sex outside her marriage. She loves to be nude and show off her body, loves public sex, and loves BBC. If you want to know more about neither of us, send me a private message and ask whatever.Anyway, this is part 2 of the first time we got together in person, two and a half days of total sexual immersion with this fabulous woman.______________________________________________________________________________ They got back to Dave’s SUV and Dave helped Kim climb up into the front seat, and again unbuttoned her blouse as Dave went around and got in the driver’s side. As he climbed in, he noticed that Kim’s big tits were again exposed, and he reached over and tweaked a nipple into erection. Dave told Kim they were going to head for their hotel now, about 15 minutes away. “Good, that will give me enough time to give some guys a thrill, and me, too,” said Kim as Dave started the engine. As they left the parking lot, Kim rolled down her window and leaned back in the seat, with her seat belt crossed between her large breasts, and thrust up slightly above the level of the window’s bottom. fethiye escort She told Dave to watch out for cops, and as they drove, she drew a lot of stares from men, and even some wpmen, ogling her big, bare tits. Kim said, “I love to do this when I’m in a strange town, I can be sure no one I know will see me, and I love to show off my body.” Dave was enjoying the show as he drove. A number of guys tried to keep up with him so they could watch longer, but in traffic, it was hard to keep up so they could get a good view. Dave told Kim they were about to the hotel, and she again buttoned up her blouse and tucked it into her skirt. Dave pulled into the hotel drive and a valet came out to park the car and a bellhop to get their bags. Dave helped get Kim’s bag and laptop out of the back of the SUV, and he gave the bellhop their room number, as he had checked in before he picked Kim up at the airport. All eyes seemed to follow Kim as they walked across the lobby, her tits bouncing along beneath her sheer, nylon blouse, her hard nipples pushing the fabric out from her breasts. She was enjoying the attention as they walked to the elevators, and Dave pressed the UP button. It was only a few seconds before the elevator arrived, and Dave contented himself by staring at Kim’s gorgeous body, as his cock began to get hard. They got in the elevator and went up to their floor.They walked down the hallway to their room, and Dave used the key card to let them in. The bellhop had left the luggage in the room, and Kim looked around. A king-size bed, wet bar, large Jacuzzi, bathroom, and floor-to-ceiling windows with sliding glass doors leading to a small balcony with a table and a couple of chairs. The room looked out to the other wing of the hotel, the building was in a U-shape and their room could be seen from a number of rooms from across the courtyard, where there was an outdoor pool and a hot tub, and they could see into a number of rooms in the other wing of the hotel. Dave said, “I left the d****s open on purpose, for you, in case anyone might want to watch.” Kim walked over to Dave and put her arms around him and reached up to kiss him deeply, pressing her tongue into his mouth and again feeling his erection growing against her tummy. Kim said, “You know me too well, Dave, I think we’ll leave the d****s open.” Kim broke the embrace and walked over to the dresser and began to take off her jewelry. Dave walked up behind her and reached around and began to unbutton her blouse, then pulled it off of her shoulders and arms and laid it on the dresser. He then unbuttoned her skirt and got down on his knees and pulled it down, baring her shapely ass to his eyes, and he held her skirt while Kim stepped out of it, and Dave placed it on the dresser as he began to lick her hips, moving over to her middle and trailing his tongue escort fethiye from her tailbone following down the crack in her ass, then bending his head down so he could also reach his tongue up towards her dripping cunt. Kim, said, “Oh fuck, Dave, that feels so damn good, stand up now and kiss me, baby I’m yours for the next two days. I want to take a shower so I can be all clean for you so you can mess me up again.” Dave stood up as Kim turned around and they again took each other in their arms and kissed deeply. Dave said he was going to order dinner from Room Service, and wanted to know what Kim wanted to eat. They walked over and sat on the bed and looked at the menu and decided what they wanted to eat. Dave could hardly keep his hands off Kim, she just radiated sex appeal from every pore of her body.After they decided, Dave called in their order and a bottle of wine and Kim announced that she was going to take her shower and told Dave she wanted him naked when she was done. With that, she got up and walked to the bathroom, as Dave watched her swaying hips and swinging breasts with every step she took. Kim closed the door and Dave could hear the water being turned on as he began to take off his clothes, then put on one of the fluffy white, terry-cloth robes that the hotel provided. Dave walked over to the windows and looked across to the rooms in the other wing, but saw no activity in any of the rooms he could see. He looked at the sun as it was low in the sky, coming to the end of a perfect day, at least it had been for Dave, he was going to spend the next two days with the most beautiful, horny, sexy, imaginative, experimental woman he had ever known, and he couldn’t stop his growing erection from poking through the opening in his robe Soon Dave heard a knock on the door, and he walked over to let in the waiter with their dinner. There stood a young boy, very handsome, with a cart loaded with their food. Dave held the door open as he wheeled the cart into the room over toward the small, round table in the room, and began to place the food on the table. Dave heard the shower turn off as he watched the waiter set two place settings for their dinner. As he finished, the bathroom door opened and Kim stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head, but otherwise nude. She walked over to the bed and began to put on her robe as the waiter turned to leave, with an obviously growing erection in his pants. He presented Dave with the credit slip to sign, and, as he did, Kim said in a low, sexy voice, “Don’t worry about the tip, baby, I’ll take care of that.” As the waiter began to push his cart toward the door, Kim walked over and intercepted him, backing him away from his cart, and kneeling in front of him. She looked up at him and asked him how old he was. He told her he was 19 and fethiye escort bayan a Sophomore in college. With that, Kim reached up and unzipped the zipper on his pants, reached in and pulled his hard cock out of his underwear and began to stroke it. She said, “Dave, we can’t let this poor boy out of the room in this condition, especially since I caused it. I wouldn’t want him to be embarrassed walking down the hall in this condition. Do you mind if I take care of him and make it up to him?” Dave said, “No, I think you need to make it right, enjoy yourself, and make him enjoy it, too.” With that, Kim put the waiter’s cock in her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth over the length of it, as it grew even more in her mouth, and she reached for his balls with one hand and with the other she pushed the robe off her shoulders so her tits were visible as she rubbed them against his thighs. The waiter began to rock his hips against Kim’s face, and she knew it wouldn’t take long for him to cum. She reached down with one hand and began to finger her pussy and rub her clit, while she squeezed his balls tenderly. Within seconds, he began to grunt and she knew he was about to cum, and she pulled his cock out of her mouth and pointed it at her big tits as he began to shoot his load directly onto her tits and nipples. after he shot four or five times, she put his cock back in her mouth and sucked him lustily until he finished his orgasm. She sucked every drop out of him, then stood up as her robe fell away, and she cupped a breast and held it up to him and asked him if he wanted to clean up his mess. He didn’t reply, merely bent over and began to hungrily suck Kim’s big tit, licking his semen off her soft tit and nipple, then moving over to do the same to the other tit as Kim proffered it.Once that was done, the waiter told them thank you, that that was the best tip he had eve gotten. He stuffed his now-soft cock back in his pants, and Kim, still nude, led him to the door and held it open for him as he pushed his cart out into the hallway. Kim stopped him and gave him a kiss and said she’d watch to make sure he got to the elevator okay, and she stepped out in the hallway and watched him walk to the elevator. As he entered, he turned to see her standing there nude, holding the door ajar so she could get back in, and she waved good-bye to him. As the elevator doors closed on him, another couple emerged from their room and they spotted Kim’s naked torso as she re-entered the room.Kim said to Dave, “Thanks, baby, that was fun, and believe me, the rest of the time I have is only for you. I’ve already had sex with a woman and sucked off a young stud, and now all I want is more of you. Damn, he had a nice big cock, didn’t he? That was one hell of an appetizer, now let’s eat, take off the damn robe so I can see what I’m going to have for dessert tonight.” Dave took off his robe, he still had an erection from watching Kim’s performance, and they went over to the table and sat down to eat.TO BE CONTINUEDI would appreciate your ratings and comments.

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