Kim discovers a new facination

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Kim discovers a new facinationTo begin this story we will start with alittle bit of kims history. Kim grew up in a small town with a lone mother and three big sissters. In school the other k**s found him alittle nerdy. He was a shy boy who rather sank his mind into comicbooks and nature hikes as opposed to sports cars and girls like his male peers. He had a few friends, all of them female but as he grew older annd moved thru his teens he had never really kissed a girl, even tho he thougt it might be nice. But his female friends saw him more as a brother and with his slender build and bright blond hair he was more often than not misidentified as another girl wich made advances towards other girls hard for him. But kim didnt mind as long as he had his friends, the great outdoors and at the end of the day his comfy bed to come home to at night.That was then he thougt. By the time kim was about to turn eighteen him and his mother where forced to leave their little town behind. Times had changed and his hard working mother had to move them to a city far away from his home. As time passed by he felt lonley and the one thing he knew would clear his mind was a long swim at the nearby (poolfacility)<(brainfreeze egnlish not my first languedge, and i spell like hell)He had been going there for a few weeks at times when there wherent alot of people there. He had bad memories from gym class where the other boys taunted him for looking like a girl and giving him a hard time in the dressingroom, there was more than one occation he had sat there nude and crying long after all the k**s had gone home unable to leave untill the janitor came in and gave him a pair of loan shorts and a hoodie so he wouldnt have to go all the way home undressed.He didnt think today would be any diffrent as he went out of the pool and dried his hair he decided to go into the sauna and relax for awhile. Hanging his shorts outside on the drying rack he took his toweel under his arm and walked into the steamy room. It was pretty long to accomodate "rush our needs" so he couldnt see all the way to the end of it. But there had been no one else there before at that time so he started to walk all the way down to where if anyone came in he could cover himself as he was affraid of the embarresmennt of showing his late blooming body to anyone. As he came close to the end he saw an outline of someone but he kept on walking closer untill he was right infront of a man he had never met. He started to get nervous but didnt want to look stupid and turn around.Hello there im mike! nice and steamy in here isnt it? kim hesitated, his eyes wanted to look up and wander but he couldnt take them off of what mike had in between his legs. Are you okay boy? kim striaghtend himself up like he had just woke up from a bad dream now focusingn on mikes face. Yes im sorry i dindnt think there where anyone in here at this our. Mike laughed abit and said yeah i come here for the solitude aswell, but you look excited your not scared are you? Kims heart was pounding and again found his eyes locked on mikes jewels.. Scared? nono im okay. But in that instant he realized his own privates where on high salute he started to blush and began taking a step back but before he really moved Mike said its okay it happens to me alot thats why i come at these ours. What doe...-kim realized what he ment before finishing his sentence. I can se your eyes you know and your dick is quite a tell aswell he said jokingly. Come sit here maybie its just the steam and it will go away as quickly as it came, now smiling. kim felt like butterflies in his tummy he had never thougth of men in the way he felt intruiged by mikes big limp dick. Im sorry kim said i have never..never.. What?! had a boner? Mike replyed, come sit where just relaxing. Kim not knowing where this new friendship would end took his towel and sat down next to mike trying to look past his own boner down towards the floor. You have quite a cute little dick too mike said in a friendly tone. Kim looked over to mikes lap.. its so.. its so what? wait first i wanna know what was your name? oh im kim. Well my name is micheal but my friends call me mike and what i have between my legs.. well it as gottenn a few nicknnames thruout the years but thats what you get for having a big dick haha. Kim tried to hold back his giggles looking at mikes face then he went back down again and stared in awe and feelin abit of his own precum leeking down from his little one.. Well you could stare all night for all i care but looking at you it seems like u might want to touch it? Kim just sat there in silcence thinking bout how embarresed he had felt beeing nude after gymclass a feeling now changed to mixed exitement.. what about all those girls i tried to kiss bu never getting more than a friendly hug and now and then? He took his left hand from his crossed arms over and took a soft grip around it just under the base of mikes head. MMm you have wonderfully soft hands mike said in a smooth voice.. Kim couldnt belive he was sitting nude with his own 10cm dick glistening with precum holding this real cock in his hands for the first time and mike wasnt even hard yet he thougt.Mmm kim boys like you are hard to come by where have you been all my life.. kim didnt say anything. You could stroke it abit too if you would like to kim. Kim as in a trance started to jerk Mikes massive dick feeling his tummy tingle even moore fore each stroke. Mmm you like to play with dicks dont you kim? I dont know he replyed.. Well look kim ur dick is soaking wet and you seem to bee enjoying yourself. Well i have never felt like this before. Its okay Kim i know its hard to realize your gay but a good looker like you will have horny men like me begging to be your boyfriend.. Haha kim laughed you think i look good? I think your the sexiest thing i have seen in a while, dont get me wrong what your holding in your hands has given me loads of both pussy and dicklovinng boys over the years but i sense something special in you. But im not gay.. i think. kim replied. Well then why dont you try and pullback my foreskin and have a taste of a real man.. kim giggled what do you mean? just stroke it like your doing now and pull out your tounge and taste my precum.. i dont know kim hesitated.. just drag your a finger over there and stick it in your mouth honey.. kim was smiling inside he called me honey.. Okay i guess i can try that too.. ooh be carefulnow u dont want my dick to swallow your finger! haahaa verry funny kim replied as he took his right hand forward and smeared it in he felt something over his own dick. whoa! Thats just my hand my baby your little thing almost dissapears in my hand, it feels good doesent it? Yes kim said now getting slowly jerked he took a taste of Mike.. Salty huh? yes kim said.. not so bad why dont you try to put it in your mouth for me, just the tip and i will hold on to you my sweet princess.. without taking note to the word princess kim leand over Mikes lap and put his virgin lips around the sticky tip... MMMmmm baby that feels good, keep it there for me will you? mhm kim mumbled with his mouth stuffed sucking it harder as mike squeesed kims little one.. Bump! kim got startled what was that? It was just the old lady who was swimming before now leaving, where alone dont worry nothings gonna happen to you, this can be our secret if your not comfortable telling your friends that your gay. Well i dont really have any friends. What? why not kim you seem nice. No its just me and my mom recently moved to town from farawayinthestickshill so its mostly me and her.. Well you have a friend now kim and i dont think im gonna let you move away with your mother anytime soon.. haha what would you do about it Mike? Kim you are not the first young man i have met and not the first one who was just finding out he is a a cock lover.. Bah calling me a cock lover im just.. yeah your just sucking dick and it makes u feel good doesent it. kim slightly embarresed now went back to sucking mikes cock unsure of what he really ment..Down on the other end of the sauna the door opens, Hello! Mike you here today? Hello! Kent yeah im just about to leave. Kim tried to get himself of mike but his firm hand on his privates held him in place and the other wouldnt let him get off of his dick.. mhhhgrgl! What was that? nothing kent i just had somethin in my throat are you steaming today? No i gotta get back to the wife and fix her damnd car again! Sound like a blast! mike replyed. Haahaa fuck you mike i hope your dick shrinks ill see you next week! Bye!Mike let Kims mouth get of his dick.. he was breathing heavely, why did you do that for! Its cool he cant see all the way down here and i know kent he can keep a secret. How can sivas rus escort u be so sure? Kim settle down u came in my hand and i didnt want to disturb your pleasure.. kim so full of excitement didnt realize he had squirted out a little load during that stressfull moment but began feeling relaxed .. wow.. ehe eeh Mike i didnt realize, its okay Kim i must ask, do you ever play with yourself? Kim tought for a moment.. You do wank sometimes my boy dont you? Kim as a late bloomer and with few male friends had just recently discovered masturbating at the late age of s*******n about a week after moving in to the city and seeing porn for the first time..Well i havent been doing it for too long? what do you mean? well i didnt do it untill a few months ago.. Mike burst out in laughter haha you didnt wank untill you where almost eighteen man iv got an unspoiled little blonde ripe for training.. Training? Well baby theres more to your lusts than just sucking on my dick and getting a handjobb from your man. My man? Yes my little princess you might run from me but sooner or later your gonna have to realize that your more of a girlyboy you know? kim, no? well what i mean is.. im gonna teach you everything you need to know about yourself that you have just begun discovering and you dont have to be afraid just do what you did today and let me guide your natural instincts. Natural insticts? Baby u came in here and for the first time you saw a man with a dick that you craved. craved wait what? Yes craved your little sissy dick got hard and sprakly before i even said hello. well yes.. and my hand is perfect match on it isnt it? well it feels good yes. okay then! he let go of his dick and gave kim a sticky bellyrubb and kissed him lightly on his lips. No what did you stop for? Its closing time princess we need to get to the showers. Mike went up and started walking down to the door. Come one kim we gotta go to the shower. Kim feeling abit spaced out over the whole situation got up and got his towel and followed Mike out of the sauna.Where are you going kim? in to the shower? No we will share a booth my young flower. We have to be quick tho do you have to go home to mom? No kim replyed, she is working late sho she wont notice untill tomorow, and evenn then she goes straight to bed. Okay i will soap your back and you can soap mine.. ill start Mike said, face the shower, good girl.. Girl?your my girl kim or should i say kimberly? Wha! Mike grabbed hold kims penis and again he was lost in lust. thats right now i have to clean your clitty and oh i feel some hairs back here.. hairs? Its no problem kim you can shave it off, i didnt see anny pubes on you in the sauna? Yeah after i saw those pornvids i thougt maybie it would look better to be smooth, yes thats right kimberly but you have missed your bum.. hihi my bum? yes i like it smooth and your gonna love it too its also not pleasant to get hairs on my tounge.. kim shivvered… oh what was that? ohh i just.. feel good? no its better than,.. oooh yes i know how to control your clit it feels right thats what you wanted to say, Yes! yes thats right.. Mmm well you can shampoo yourself then ill need you too suck abit of the precum of before you soap in your favorite toy!haha! I dont know about this girl stuff but you might be right about somethings! Im right about you kimberly.. Stop calling me that haha! okay kim clean my dick as you are ready then we will get out of here! Kim obsessed with his man did a thuru cleaning, oh you have shaved balls too? yes baby so you dont get hairs in your mouth while licking them later.. kim blushed and went on soaping his back altho he had trouble reaching all the way up.. ill go downn on my knees for you my kimberly.. there mm thats a good girl rub my back aahmm! As they whent into the lockers they got seppareted for a moment kim had some time to melt what had happened to her him or? kim was confused yet excited a new friend and not just a friend a lover too.. it was just not what he had pictured himself but he remembered something about god working in mysterious ways then hopped in his blue sweatpants and hoodie and as he was lacing his boots he felt a warm hand caressing his ass.. mmm what a nice bum you have my girl.. hah! okay keep calling me girl but it has to be our secret atleast for now.. thats no problem kimberly i will hook you up with some basic things and let you look yourself in the mirror and you can tell me your not really a sissy. What if i am a sissy? kim thougt. Because i know your a girlyboy and i know u want to wear panties.. Panties?! Come lets go to my car its parked right outside u can keep your hoodie on if your afraid someone might see us you little whimp he said with a smile..In the car Mike put on some barry white, for you my loveley and smiled over at kim. He wasnt used to beeing wooed like this and just like in the sauna an uncontrolable lift happened in his pants.. after mike shifting gear and heading on the highway kim daydreamed about the old town and the naturewalks to try and stop his dicky from getting hard and messing up his underwear and just as he thougt it was going down he felt Mikes big hand layed down on his knee and stroking up his leg.. Kim looked over at mike and he looked back and smiled as his hand reached the top of his tent he then smiled back and scooched his pants down abit.. Mmmm good girl!, you are verry intuitive. Kim smiled and said i like your hands alot…Well i like having my hands on my girl.. your gonna have to pull up your shirt again soon tho cuz where getting close and youve got my hand all wet again missy. oops sorry daddy! Haha you can call me daddy any time you like.. Whoops kim thougt, i never really had a dad but now he accidentally called this man that.. oh i mean My man that. ehm…. Mike responeded its okay baby girl i like the sound of that now let me rub off your juice so i can park the car…He lived abit outside of town it wasent a big big house but big enugh for kim to feel abit missplaced. Sit tight and ill get the door for you.. kim waited as Mike went around the car opened the door and took his hand and led him out the car. come hold my hand its upp this way.. you go in first he told kim. Why? just go baby remember im your friend just take of your shoes and go sit in the sofa ill be right in.. Kim got down to unlase his shoes and again Mike felt him up and this time kim felt even more satisfaction than the last time he squeezed his bum. i can get used to that kim said as he stood up, oh youll get used to more than that my love then he grabbed his kimberly and they kissed passionatly. I love to be in your arms Mike And i love to squeeze you tight my love.. now, before we do anything im gonna have to ask that you go uppstairs to the shower and i will come help with that little fuzz u had left back there.. oh the hairs? yes the hairs other than that your fine blonde body fuzz is bairly visible so you wont have to shave your legs yet. Ill have to shave my legs? well only if you want kimberly but i do want that ass to be smooth today, then you will be perfect for a presennt i got for you.. A present already? heh its nothing big dont get too excited now go upp and undress and ill be right up..As kim went in to the shower room she saw a nice hottub and thougt wow he must have a good job or something everythinng in Mikes house was everythinng his mothers wasnt he felt like he had entered a better world where things where clean neat and abit luxyrious. Im coming baby! kim forgot to undress but he was able to jump out of his clothes exept his boxers.. Your not ready baby? no i thougt u could take them off for me.. Look at her my needy little princess, ofcourse ill help you with those oh and i see they have gotten sticky too.. woops im sorry, no need to be sorry i will just take all these clothes and throw it inn the washer they will be dry by tommorrow.. Okay kimberly its time for me to shave that backside for you how do you feel about that? huh i dont know okay i guess, okay? u should be thankfull someone is helping out with your grooming not many men will stand for that but since your such a cutie i will help you out the first time.. well okey thanks then?.. you can thank me later my young flower now bend over in that tub.. nice and if u could pout your bum upp in the air for me and just let your head drop low.. thats it woaw.. what is it kim said?No its just seeing you like this makes your favorite toy start to tingle. kim giggled.. okay let me start off with some shaving oil.. ooh ah oohh.. mmm feels good doesnt it girl? yes Mike yes thats why you need to be smooth there it gets better.. okay now we add some shaving cream to my darling.. mmmhm.. you are sivas rus escort bayan enjoyinng yourself already, good girl! yes daddy! MM you said it again hehhe.. ops.. no need to ops its not like im your father im just your man.. now hold still.. ooh.. ooh.. yes i dont want to cut you baby, feels good getting smooth right? yes daddy.. Mike smiled as he shaved kims as like he had shaven virginboy ass many times before.. mmm let me feel it.. kim ooh and whooed as Mike massaged her crack all the way down to the balls.. mm you could get used to this couldnt you kimberly?um yeah? Mhm well i think my work is done here your smooth as a baby just stay like you are and ill be right back.. why do i have to stand like this? he started thinking of herself in female terms looking up her belly she could see her clit not even hard was slowly dripping.. There im back Now kimberly im gonna shower you off.. just checking so the water isnt too cold.. how bout that! ahhh! she screamed haha its just alittle cold i guess..Mike! wtf! now now i think its alright.. there.. kim began to move, nono just stay in that possition as long as you can my love i have some more things too.. clean.. she felt him caressing her as cheecks oiling it in then moving around and around her boypussy. mmhmmh.. your verry sensitive darling, thats good i wil have to clean you out abit but first i need to make sure it wont hur you okay? okay kim replyed.. ooh! thats just a finger darling im going slow okay.. mmmh! oh u like a finger do you? hehe.. im starting to have troubble standing like this kimberly said, okay lean on the side of the tub now im gonna insert a little thing in your bum thats gonna flush water up inside you and it will cleans it from anny nasty stuff u know.. Mike wasnt to happy doing this but he knew kimberly would be able to do this herself the next time… there we go that was proabobly the last bit, eww p*o! kim whined..oh you pussy! now you take a shower and here use this showercream.. Strawberry and springflowers kim read of the lable. Call on me when your ready..Feeling like a clean girl and smelling of mikes flowerstrawberry showercream was meant to she started drying herself of and yelled.. Daddy im ready! She could here him coming up the stairs she sat down on the side of the tub and saw Mike coming in with clothes for him..oh no you could shave my bum because it would feel nice and it did but these clothes?These panties will look great on you darling.. i also have some with holes so your clitt can be free for mee to see he said with a fat grin on his face. but the pinkreddish ones on with these white stockings and this little top that doesent hide your cute belly.. your skin is perfect my flower but i think you will like alittle pink coloring on your cheecks and some lipstick and some otherstuff you wil find in that drawer there u know the black for the eyes etc, you do your best with that and i will make us some dinner… After an half an hour of trying his best to be kimberly she thougt the job had to be good enugh, makeup nails done hairdone with alitle flower to hold it on the side of his blond hair that sparkled and he looked in awe in the mirror as he found himself feeling verry femenine and confident without a hint of regret of going into the sauna today.. How the heck could he be so right kim wondered…Kimberly walked down the stairs to a smiling Mike.. Well well who do we have here? My name is kimberly i am.. i am your princess and and.. hehe Its alright i know you cant figure it all out just on one night. See this as a beggining of a fariytale its part make belife but also real at the same time. Boys can be cute too and your little dick hides perfectly in those panties, turn around.. no no here by the mirror so you can see it too.. Mike takes kimberly by the hand and spinns her around pretty he thinks.. oh its so girly kim says look i have a cute but! Aww you have realized your hot ass and will elope from me now!noo! haha no no Mike iv never felt gay in my life.. i cant think of anyone but you teaching me more about well what i dont know about heh. Well you are ready for it, dinners ready in 10 come with me to the livingroom.. kimberly walks in first and sees a couch and a one seat couch with a pillow infront of it.. you see the pillow? yes mike. Well its time you are allowed some fun before dinner.. he sists down and points her to her place. kneel? yes on your knees before me cutie. now, can u open my belt and zip up my pants? Yes daddy. hehe yes thats the spirit! kimberly zipps upp and diggs out the great limp dick and giggles.. Yes it makes you happy doesent it? Yes Mike.. good kimberly you can lift up your clit so you dont mess your panties instantly.. okay.. mm now you know what to do.. you have rougly five minutes to play.MmmMmm your doing great kimberly but your verry new to this so i wont push you to hard, not before dinner annyway hehe.. kim starts too pull off but mike stopps her no no its okay you are a competent person you do not need to speak all the time just say mhm if u understand i know you can do that much okay? mhgmhmhm… hehe.. well you have seen some pornos you said? mhh mm well you havent seen me at full size yet girl but i dont want to frighten you but could you work it allittle deeper? mhmhm.. Kimberly powers on and inch by inch she starts to go down untill he coughs oh woh that was allitle hard when it got down. Kimberly remember what i said now its your first time chocking on a dick so its okay next time just catch your breath and keep at it okay? mmhmm. MM kimberly i wish this moment would last forever.. mmh.. As kimberly keeps on sucking his dick she slowly starts to realize its huge atleast for her mouth and throat.. yees its starting to reach max size now darling hows that for a suprise? mggretmm.. haha great yes your such a doll keep going soon you will see how big it will get when im ready to fuck you.. as cum dripples from her lips her eyes tearing up and her clit making a mess on her pillow she gets a sense of fear and panic..mmh ah No! he screams.. no what? No im i cant do this its not right.. kimberly aww did i push you to hard? she starts to sobb alittle bit and says he wants to go home.. oh kimberly i will drive you home in an hour if your not feeling better we can forget this ever happened. No i wanna go now.. please kimberley i understand your confused scared maybie all that crap in the bible you learn out there in the sticks scares you from beeing happy but im not gonna hurt you some things might hurt alittle but in the end it will all be worth it my dear. still sobbing on her kneeling pillow Mike invites her up to his lap. Come sit here my dearest. come. she holds on to him and cries abit as he strokes her blond hair and gently kiss her neck. your a lovley flower and they are easy to break i know i must be gentle, have i hurt you yet suggarlump?No kimberly silently whispers, are you afraid of it hurting your bum? alittle.. kimberly i will work upp slowly and there are toys, small ones at first some vibrate your gonna like alittle ass massage and im not throbbing my 21 cm dick striahgt up inside you by force at once that could be dangerous but i wont hurt you i want this friendship to last and it wont last if i send you to the emergency room now will it? no i guess not.. did u get scared when you choked? Its just so big but now when you explan to me i guess its nothing to be afraid of.. there you go sweet cheeks thats right! Can you repeat that i kimberly have nothing to be afraid of not my big dick not your new clothes style not your mmm… new smell, you smell great baby your perfect. Kimberly smiles and gives Mike a kiss and she starts to stroke his hair and a hand goes down on her clitty again.. mmm mike. Then he stopps. Okay maybie you should go dry some of that mascara off and then come to the dinner table.. kimberly gets off and a a smack on the butt and is on her way to the ladys room…Dinner was first served whit some white wine.. Is it alright kimberly? I i dont really drink.. ooh you should go slow then, but alittle bit isnt all that bad i asure you.. they eat some steak and oven fried potatoes with redwine sauce and at dinner red wine is served and little kimberly starts to get alittle tipsy..Okay kimberly thats enugh for you my love.. noo i want more! haha you winehag! you have to be ladylike and not drink to much mike says as if he didnt mean for kim to get alittle softened up…Okay my darling, i have a room with a massage chair uppstairs, come he takes her by the hand and leads her in to a room where kimberly can lie down and relax without having to pout on all four.. he starts by rubbing her back and gently feeling her up. Here rus sivas escort clitty lies in a little fold in the table where it collects her drip and also lets Mike stroke it, legs are spread slighty and now Mike begins to unveil her smooth bottom and starts kissing it and with his hands rubbing her ass and at times tickling her clitty making sure she keeps on dripping.. mm your still sensetive enugh honey? i i… you what kimberly? i think im in love with you ooh oh.. she moans as he manipulates her boypussy soon Mike can put his tounge up her cleansed ass sliglty stroking himself as he goes about his mission to elevate her craving. mmm… feel that? thats the tip of my dick sliding along your buttcheeks feels good doesent it? mmmh she moans. And did u miss my hand? he cups his fingers to only feel her tip she moans as her clit and ass is getting a gentle treatmeant from a man that opened up her life for a type of pleasure she had never even thougt about untill she saw it hanging in the sauna waiting for her to discover it.. Now baby im gonna start with a small butt plugg here i think your gonna like it just alittle bit bigger than my four fingers… Four fingers kimberly asks? yes remember when you where all whoo over one tiny finger my darling? mm more she moans. yes you will be able to take it all soon baby.. Smack! oh! yes alittle spanking isnt to bad is it? no daddy.. Good girl, your gonna keep on beeing a good girl for me kimberly? Yes daddy! Smack! aah! mmm those cheecks are getting nice and red.. mmm.. okay the plug has been inflated quite a bit baby lets see if we can gentlty pull it out and stick it in.. and it repeats to hear moans for a while much to Mikes amusement good he thinks. Now let me feel that clit.. oh my god its so wet! yes im so wet Mike this is soo goood.. Mmm baby were moving on to the next level.. her as gapes as the small plugg that gott bigger opened her up he pours some lube rigth down the gaping hole and gets out a bigger toy… now this is the last step.. i could probably get my tip in now but i like filling you with toys my princess.. The last toy is just alittle smaller than the with of his dick, it vibrates and is kept in place by elevating the back of the table and att the same time lowering her head down to suck..mmm how are you kimberly? Im fine i felt tiered before but im waking up abit im loving this massage.. good i loved givinng it to you baby… I hope we are done with our scares tonight because now i want you to open that pretty mouth for me and let me gently fuck your throat again.. Yes pleas let me have my big Mike toy again she giggles.. hehe ooh now be quiet and try to push yourself baby.. he lifts her head up and sticks it in.. yea rinse the top of all that precum soon real cum will be filling your tight pussy.. as Mike proceeds down kims throat, kimberly barley clearing half of his cock he leans over to hold on to her clit and he feels his dick sliding in even more.. MM you really put in an extra effort once im holding on to your clit dont you.. mhhmm Good girl! My horny little girlyboy you are such a freak i should invite some friends over sometime haha.. Kimberly didnt hear those last words. she feels her ass tingeling and vibrating her clit leaking and her mouth working she finnaly feels at home for the first time since moving to the city.. ohh i can go on for hours in your mout baby!! i should go to the sauna more often haha! Mike starts to feel close so he pulls out.. Almost 14 cm baby thats 3 or 4 more than by the couch! your improving so fast im verry proud of you! Thank you daddy, yes now daddy is gonna lower the table back down.. and where gonna lock in your arms and legs so you dont fall off… what lock what? relax kim, if its to much i will slow down i know your proabobly tired by now but i can proabobly go for a few hours more now that im finally gonna take your virginity and make you my girl. mmhm ill be able to play with yor clit all along so you will feel just fine relax and let me be your man alright? Teach me daddy! Im going to sweet heart now im just gonna pull out this toy.. ooh look your legs are shaking.. did you like it? i will have some toys for you to take home when you leave so you can play when daddys att work.. oh id like the last one.. haha that ones big.. but sure i can spare it i guess..clinch your ass together again.. oh look lube dripping out.. its like a wet girls pussy… mmm i knew from the moment you walked in with that hardon you didnt just wanna suck it right? i dont know what i want daddy.. no but i know what i want hehe.. whhat did you say Mike? relax baby remember i dont want this to be our last time.. the height is right now i can just go right in baby .. its comming.. iih.. slowly.. iih iihh .. mmm. a.aaaa.. yeah thats the first bit u can handle more right? your a strong girl, now make daddy proud! aaaiii ooo MMM yes to much? no no… mm goood good.. halfwaypoint baby.. oh stop stop!.. okay.. what is it.. it feels like it cant go any futher.. okay baby ill start going back abit.. then aiiiii in a bit… ooh ooh oh can you handle it baby? yes.. good soon im fully innside.. aaa oo… mmm okay gonna try and stick this tube upp to where we are and shoot in some more lube for you my love.. lube is love remember that.. mm lube is love.. Mikes laughing inside its abit rough but he hanst given up on his lite gay princess.. okay now daddys coming inside his favorite place again baby are you readay.. noo.. haha, get ready! ooh… aahh.. aaah aah yes yes .. aaaah so close now baby ur gonna feel my big smooth balls soon.. nono i cant, Yes yo can! no i cant. yes you can.. no no furhter.. its okay we dont need any furhter.. aah oh… yes hows that feel beeing filled by the cock that mesmerized you in the sauna today? Great! mmm good girl.. u made it! kimberlyblushes with mikes hand on her clit her legs shivvers.. thats my girl relax you made it you could be in pornos now if you would like.. no! Why not? Mike pulls out abit.. i dont know aaahh.. and thrusts back in.. because im daddys girl and daddys girl only.. mm say it again..Im Daddys girl and daddys girl only! Now thats what i wanted to hear! smack! aah! that was a smack of love darling get used to it.. oh i love it.. I know k** your little clit has made quite a mess in its holding place.. mm im sorry daddy, its okay princess thats what daddy wanted to see.. Anal loving cock hungry panty boy driping with desire at my hands.. okay baby daddy loves you, i love you to daddy.. now daddy is gonna make love to you.. make love? Im gonna start fucking now baby gently gently… she moans and pleads for more as Mike slowly goes from a slight in and out movement to going halfway out aahh ahh.. its okay to scream darling but now be strong as i pull it out rub it around our pusssy and push it back in.. the aoos and aahs gradually gets replaced by mmms and aaahs over the course of an hour… mmm your my strong girl now daddy is gonnna leave his seed inside you baby.. mmm fill me with your lovejuice! kimberly demands please daddy im tiered, finish… mmm baby u really pushed urself today and for that your getting a huuugeaaahh.. aah ooohh kimberly ooh.. Aaah daddy ooh are you? yes kimberly yeeees oohh.. wow.. oh… let me slip deep inside one last time and be inside you untill your favorite toy goes soft inside you… Mike gets up on the table and lies on top of kim the once so shy boy who moved to town soon to find himself in the arms of a 40 somethin year old mans smittened by his charm and unable to controll himself when faced with his great unknowndesire. His teen dick still shivering his mind still wanting more then slowly the sperm of his man starts to trickle out the litte boys ass as his man kisses his neck and nibble his ears..Whispering.. Remember in the living room? huh what? kimberly, in the living room when you got scared.. hmm o yea.. arent you glad you dared explore? im tiered daddy.. thats okay honey we will go to bed soon.. Daddys glad you walked into that sauna.. mee too she says in a soft exausted voice… remember how you instantly had your clit in the air.. how it glistned for me.. hihi yeea.. mm thats my girl.. are you still sure you want to keep it a secret? mhp ehm yea? ooh okay relax aslong as you are with me i wont tell.. but u might want to stay away from places where there could be dicks hanging around! hihihi dont worry daddy! Ido worry you are weak for cock im afraid i says with a big grin. But its our secret unless… unless what kimberly? well while i was getting my bum massaged by that thing and i sucked you i thougt.. hehe what did you think kimberly? Well.. dont be mad now, but what if that was another cock? Oh my iv created a monster haha! dont be rude mike! so you want two dicks now huh? but where will it end? I think i need to keep you on a leash for awhile my little flower.. Lets get ready for bed.[Fiction first real try, k**s dont do d**gs make love! i hope my writing doestn make your eyes bleed because of lack off ´´ and too many , or to few . and such! thank you pls comment]

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