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KirkSo, the other night I go to the bar with some friends. Just me and the girls, laughing, drinking and dancing. I’m sitting at the bar to have a beer, when I see this good looking black guy making his rounds. I recognize the logo on his shirt as a place a friend of mine used to work at. I ask him to come by me as I ask him if he knew my friend. He said yes and we chatted about her for a few minutes. The music grew louder to please the crowd, which made it hard for us to hear each other. I introduced myself as Lori, he said his name was Kirk. We are trying to hear each other, when I pull him closer to me. I spread my legs so he’s very close to me. His chest is touching my chest. I grabbed Kirk’s waist and pulled him a bit closer. My nipples grew to attention, when he said that my cleavage was giving him a stiff one. I gave him a naughty grin as I felt for his hard on.I felt his tight jeans as he grew more hard. The girl next to me was shocked on how quick we were to make our moves. Kirk leaned into me, whispered in my ear, that we are going to give this lady something to look at. I looked at him as he grabbed the back of my hair and kissed me. Not one of those little pecks, but open mouth and tongues going crazy kind of kisses. I know with that kiss, he made me very wet. I could feel my juices building as he touched my leg and touched my breast.When we released from the kiss, I told him that should shut her up and that I was getting very wet. Kirk took my hand and led me out to the side of the building. Kirk, pulled me to the building and began to kiss me some more. Deep passionate kisses as he lifted my shirt and touched my ever growing nipples. I traced his hard cock, through his jeans, until I could feel his head protruding from his waist band. I was able to undo his button for a bit more access to his head. Kirk had worked his hand down my pants to feel my hot wetness. He fingered me til he was able to get some of my cum for him to taste.I told Kirk, that I’d love to fuck and suck him tonight. I think at first he was surprised to hear that, but with him looking in my eyes, he knew I meant business. He bahis siteleri got his pants buttoned up again before we walked back in by our friends. My friend Sami, that rode to the bar with me, said she would catch a ride with her sister and for me to go have fun. I told her with a “wink” that I will be having a bunch of fun tonight. Sami and her sister left before us. I had one more beer as Kirk told his friends he would see them later. We walked to my car, got in and kissed some more. As I drove back to my house, Kirk was saying how he could barely wait to put himself inside of me. I asked if he was pleased with his tasting from before. He replied with a yes and that he wants to lick my pussy til I fill his mouth with my cum.When we got back to my house and inside, I asked him if he’d like to have a beer or something other to drink. He wanted a beer, so I went to our other refrigerator in the garage. Kirk followed me commenting on my ass on how good it looked for him to fuck. When I got to the ‘fridge, I bent over to find a beer on the bottom shelf. Kirk had pulled himself up to my ass, pulled my jeans down and opened his fly to stick his cock in my wet slit. I moaned as his head slid in and captured my g-spot. He pumped me from behind until he filled me with his hot liquid.Once back inside the house, Kirk pulled me close again and kissed me some more. I was building more excitement as he touched and pulled on my nipples. I began to unbutton my top, with Kirk trying to reach my breasts and free them from my bra. Once free, Kirk grabbed them and began to suck on each one. Hard sucks, then soft nibbles til each nipple was hard enough to cut glass. I told Kirk to follow me to my room. Once down the steps, Kirk began to undress me further, as I did the same to him. When I pulled his pants down, his hard cock bounced at attention. I kissed him down his chest, til I had his cock head in my lips. I teased him with my tongue. Flicking his head, swirling my tongue around his rim, slowly licking his shaft of my cum (from before), licking and sucking his sac as he grew harder than before. Kirk told me that he couldn’t canlı bahis siteleri stand the urgency of him wanting to lick my pussy. I continued licking and sucking on him, until he pulled from my mouth.I stood up and backed myself to my bed. Kirk leaned me backward as he spread my legs for a full view of my glistening pussy. He touched me gently as his breathing got heavier. His hard tongue touched my nub and made me quiver. Kirk spread my pussy lips further apart as he licked me up and down; making sure to suck on my hole as he fucked me with his tongue. I begged for him to finger me as he licked me. Kirk slid his middle finger deep in me as I moaned. Slowly he thrust his finger in and out, gradually getting faster as my breathing got faster. I begged for him to give me another finger as I was ready to cum.Another finger went in and pumped me until I was moaning louder. Kirk pulled his fingers from me, and began to suck me til I filled his mouth with my hot thick cum. Kirk licked my hole like a little k** licking his sucker, before he lifted to insert his throbbing cock to my pussy hole. He slid in with no problem. Kirk lifted my legs and spread them wider as he fucked me, til I came again and he did the same. We laid in my bed talking after we got cleaned up a bit. I curled myself into arms as he rubbed my tits with his other hand. I couldn’t resist touching his limp cock. I played until I couldn’t resist to suck on him again. I love sucking a mans cock to make him hard for another round of fucking. As I sucked on him, he had me turn around and mount his face. It didn’t take me long before I filled him with my cum. Kirk lapped at my pussy as he fingered and touched my ass. He asked if I had a problem of him touching me there. I lifted and so no. The more I sucked him, the faster his finger was pushing and pulling from my hole.I lifted from him, bent over to my dresser drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. Kirk, gooed up his dick and gooed my ass til his finger slid in and out with ease. Kirk squatted over me as he began to fit his big head in my tight opening. He was so hard, that it hurt canlı bahis at first, but then loosened up. My ass was hungry to be fucked again, as I grasped his cock. Kirk rode my ass and held my tits, until he became to fill me again. I rolled over as he pulled from me. Kirk knew that I was on the verge of cumming when he got off, so he lifted my knees and fingered and sucked me til I came.We both got up to take a shower to cool off. I wasn’t changing the sheets, knowing that we would fuck some more. Which we did at least two more times, before dozing off. I woke to the feel of Kirk’s hard cock up against my ass, from us in the spoon position. I smiled and said good morning as Kirk was finding his way to feel my wet pussy. I lifted my leg for him to enter me from behind. He slid in and out of me, holding my breasts and kissing my neck. I moaned from the excitement and wanted to be on top of him. I rolled over so my breasts are in his view. Kirk pulled me down so he could suck on my nipples, as he pounded himself in me. I was about ready to cum once more, when Kirk rolled me over and went down for more licking and teasing me to cum some more in his mouth. I came again and again as he licked me. He pulled up to his knees and rolled me over to fuck my ass again. Not before lubing us both up. Kirk felt harder than the night before, but “OH” did he feel oh so good. His hard head making it’s way inside my tightness. It didn’t take long for either of us to cum some more.We both collapsed into the bed once more, falling asleep again. I woke first and went for the shower. I washed my hair and body, when Kirk cam into the bathroom. He opened the door to watch me finish. I stepped out of my one-man stall as he entered. When Kirk had finished and came into my room to dress, he saw me laying on my bed touching myself. I told him I had been waiting to suck on him one more time. Kirk wasn’t sure about that, considering that we had fucked ourselves raw, but couldn’t really resist my lips wrapped around his shaft one more time.I sucked him til he was ready to cum. I lifted and turned around facing my bed and bending over. Kirk slid his cock deep into my pussy and pounded me til we both came our final time. We got ourselves cleaned up again, before I took him back to his car. We kissed good bye, until the following weekend when we had our next fuck fest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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