Kitchen Counter

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Kitchen CounterWe are both in the kitchen. It’s an early morning, we both just woke up. We are not even dressed yet. You’re on your panties and a tank top and I’m on my boxers and an undershirt. As you are bent over the sink. I come behind you and I hold you really close and I start nibbling on your neck. With my tongue I trace the contours of your neck and shoulder. With one hand I grasp your ass tightly. With the other I grasp your breast firmly. As you start to moan I flip you around and I start kissing you. We start kissing passionately. With every kiss we gasp to catch some air. A grab your ass with both hands, my lips never leaving yours. I then lift you and I set you on the counter. Still kissing you I open your legs and I start touching you through your panties with my thumb. I can feel your panties beginning to soak because you’re getting really wet. I stop and I start taking your top off. You’re perky tits ready for me to devour them. türbanlı ankara escort I grab them both and I start sucking on one of your nipples. I flick it with my tongue and circle it. I grab it with my teeth and I pull on it slightly. Just enough for you to feel both a bit of pain but mostly pleasure. I turn my attention to the other one doing the same thing. Then I move lower down. Kissing my way to the bottom of your torso. I start removing your panties which are now soaking from your juices. I then kiss your thighs going from the outside in and when I get to your pussy I kiss around it, teasing you, you can feel my breath just barely brush your sensitive clit. Then I move past it to your other thigh. Kissing and licking all around. Then I finally set my attention to your wet and hot pussy that is begging for me to give it affection. I start kissing it. Just barely going into your türbanlı ankara escort bayan beautiful folds. Then when I get to the bottom part of it, in one swift move I put my tongue inside and In an upward movement I lick it from bottom to the top. When I get to your clit I put my lips around it completely and I suck on it. I pull it and tug it gently. I flick my tongue over and over. Each time making you arch your back in ecstasy. With my hands I open your lips and I go in deeper and deeper with my tongue. As I am doing this I look up at you and I can see your face is filled with pleasure. I then sneak in a finger and I start fingering you as I’m playing with your clit. Then I sneak in two fingers and you start to moan more and more. I take a break to take a breath. While I do this I rub your clit with my thumb and I finger your faster and faster. You are now laying on the kitchen counter türbanlı escort ankara completely. All of a sudden I stop. I grab you from your waist and I pull you to the edge of the counter. I then pull out my erect penis and I rub it up against your clit and your pussy. This teases you and you beg me to please go inside you already. And so I do. I slowly penetrate you. You can feel me fill you up perfectly. You can feel my skin peel back inside you. You can feel me touch the most sensitive areas inside you. Then I start thrusting. Slow at first but then increasingly faster. Your eyes are closed and you’re moaning deeply. I grunt as I go deeper and deeper. I start grabbing your tits and I pull on your nipples with my hands intensifying the pleasure. As you get closer and closer to cumming you begin to grab the edge of the counter hard. Holding on trying to not convulse out of control from the huge orgasm that is about to invade you’re entire body. As you start to cum you begin to arch your back and I start going as deep as I can go making your orgasm even more powerful. I too start to cum and you feel my juices fill you up completely. When I stop and pull out, my semen starts to flow out of your pussy which is pulsating from the climax. I pick you up and I kiss you deeply and for a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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