Knight in Shining Armour

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Today I will be lazy, so much to do but I don’t really care, this is going to be a day of decadence and self absorption, they come few and far between. All feelings of guilt about this long gone I plan the day ahead. You are at work today, I expect no visitors so my time is my own .

Its midday so I make some lunch, something naughty it’s the theme of the day. I put on my favourite CD something exotic, then grab a towel, some rose scented bath oil and head for the bath, its steaming hot now and I take off my clothes in front of the mirror. Looking at my self I’m not sure whether to admire what I see or feel mildly disappointed at my own imperfections. Curves full, round, scars reminding me of things Id rather forget.

The coldness of the surrounding air makes my nipples hard, I run my palms over them and enjoy the brief sensation that brings. I step into the bath. Ease my self into the hot water, a layer of oil covering my body making it silken smooth, and shiny under the dimmed light.

I lie back and relax listening to the sweet sounds of harps in the background, oh to disappear from the world like this for a time its so soothing. I drift in and out of light sleep, as I do this I think of you. As I always seem to do.

I think of the times you have touched me, caressed me so well, I imagine your body, your beautiful lithe body. The feel of your skin against mine, it never ceases to excite me and move me. Occasionally I wonder if I deserve you, my doubts of my own worth still present, though getting less for every day I know you.

I’ve never dealt with such kindness, selflessness before, It both warms my heart and scares me. Is it all too good to be true, will I wake up and it all be gone . Putting these thoughts düzce escort aside for another day, I continue to think of the love we have made, the tender kisses, seductive embraces and I begin to feel aroused.

Warmth builds in my groin, a distant pulse beating between my legs. A shiver runs down my spine in response to these sensations and slowly I begin to touch my body as my mind holds on to an image of you in all your beauty.

I run my fingers over my now hard nipples, slowly circling them with my finger tips, the oil allowing them to run smoothly, I feel them harden further. Taking each between my thumb and index finger I roll each nipple gently, occasionally pulling softly. Every sensation in my body now heightened I arch and sigh in pleasure.

Continuing this for a few minutes I am becoming more and more aroused, as I think of how you touch me. I know I will never tire of the way you feel in my arms, and I wish you were here with me now.

I continue to roll my left nipple between my fingers and slowly slide my right hand between my legs, parting them slightly as I do.

Using the tips of my fingers I glide my hand back and forward, over my clit, I’m so sensitive I feel every small stroke, my breathe drawing in each time I do so. Changing pace after a few minutes of this I allow my two fingers to enter me after each downward stroke, going deep inside then coming back over my clit. This feels so nice, but its nothing compared to the way I feel when you touch me in this way.

Rubbing and stroking, continuing to let my fingers slide in and out of me, my breathing becomes very shallow and I feel the tension building fast between my legs.

A little frustrated that I cannot get edirne escort enough sensation thru the water, I decide to hop out of the bath and continue on the bed. I lie on my stomach having put a towel under me, the cold air on my body making me shudder a little and my nipples stand hard.

Feverishly I begin to rub my self again, my butt raised slightly off the bed, my fingers part my lips, exposing myself a little further so I can roll my fingers around in small circles, my mind now hazy as the pleasure becomes intense and I moan softly.

In my haze I am strangely aware of a presence in the room, almost too distracted to notice I continue. Rubbing, rolling occasionally allowing two fingers to slide inside, god I so wish you were here with me now.

The side of the bed drops slightly with the weight of a body and I now know, that you have been here all the time and watching me, give myself pleasure. I look around to you and you smile ever so slightly. I go to turn and great you, but you shake your head and kneel behind me lifting my butt higher off the bed, lowering your face down to my wetness.

Kneeling in this position I feel your fingers enter me, stroking in and out, your thumb lightly running over my clit. Oh you so know how to please me, I rock slowly back and forward to you. You then crouch further and begin to lick me, rolling your tongue back and forward over me, sliding it inside occasionally and I shudder .

I feel you run your hardness around me in circles teasing me, allowing the tip of you to enter only slightly and I beg for you to enter me. I want you so badly inside me now.

Very slowly you guide your full length inside of me, so that we can feel each and every sensation elazığ escort as you do, I so love it when you do this, and I tighten myself around you. Gently and fluently you begin to make love to me, sliding so freely with my wetness you glide in deep and I feel you harden further with every stroke. Your hands gently stroking my back as you move .

Pressure inside both of us rising now I urge you to lie down behind me on your side, lifting my leg in the air and arching my self to you, you curl in behind me, your hands cupping my breasts,fondling my nipples, I feel your sweet kisses on the back of my neck, as you enter me from behind. I so love to have you wrapped around me like this, I feel so safe and secure your body enfolding me this way.

I shiver uncontrollably as I feel the full length of you slide in and out of me as your hand reaches around and caresses between my legs. My head resting under your cheek I feel your rapid breath on my face, the softness of your skin touching mine and I feel so happy.

Building speed now the feel of you inside me, stroking and penetrating deeply is driving us both wild and we moan softly together. I whisper to you between rapid breaths,” cum with me honey, fill me .” These words heighten your arousal even further and your fingers roll frantically over my clit as I feel your heat build so much within me I, closing my eyes,I writhe with you in sheer pleasure.

The pleasure we feel builds to an indescribable peak and I contract repeatedly around you. At the same time I feel the warmth of your juices flow within me over and over . After many blissful seconds of this, we fall exhausted to the bed, your knees curled up behind mine, your face nuzzled into the back of my neck, arms securely around my waist.

Taking your hand I kiss it gently, place it on my heart and hold it there.

After moments I turn to face you, wrap my knee around your waist, and say ” I always know you will come to my rescue,” and we kiss longingly again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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