Knocked By Mom At The Prom

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Keisha was not having a good day.You could totally argue she wasn’t having a good year. You could even argue she wasn’t having a good life. A little bit melodramatic, sure, but her whole life had been leading up to this point:She was but a week away from her prom and she had no one to go with.And it wasn’t like she had just waited for a boy to ask her. Oh no, she knew the futility of that! So instead, she had gone and asked herself. She had of course asked the hot ones first, but those she didn’t intimidate by initializing the talking were already spoken for the prom. It was a wash, but it was a quick wash so she’d been able to brush it off as she then went down the list of those she wouldn’t mind going with anyway.And when that had turned up nothing, she went down the list of those she would mind going out with but would, under desperation, go with anyway. For some god-forsaken reason, even that list had turned up squat.Feeling more than a mite desperate, she’d even asked the ugliest of lesbians!But, as was the case with the boys, all the ones that were going had a date anyway.She thought about outright whoring herself out for a date, promising actual sex in exchange to have someone come with her but at that point, she just had to ask: What was the point?So yes her whole life had been leading up to this, the day when she had to admit to herself…that she might not be pretty.At eighteen years and five foot six inches, she wasn’t exactly breaking the average curve in height in either direction. At B-sized breasts, she obviously wasn’t flat but it was a near thing. Her hips were about the same size as her shoulders, her ass wasn’t very big, her thighs and legs were all sticks and her hair was a bird’s nest! Her face was plain, even with all the makeup she put on! Her eyelashes were short, her nose wasn’t large enough to frame her face but neither was it small enough to be cute, her lips were pencil thin and her eyes were a bit small.She was average in almost all regards, and below average in the ones that she was not. About the only thing she stood out in a good way was her skin color and eye color: She was onyx black. Like, she was the blackest girl at school. And given her skin didn’t have any blemishes, Keisha was actually rather proud of it. And then there were her eyes: They were yellow.She liked to say “golden” but it was rare enough as it was. And it was just about the only thing that allowed her to look at herself in the mirror.For years, she had tried to ignore the fact. To wear pretty things that accentuated things she didn’t really have, put on makeup that worked with the few assets she did have, and then try to make up for everything else with denial.And here, and now, she could do nothing except admit it hadn’t worked.She just wasn’t pretty. The prom would happen and she would miss it and life would go on. Except it would go on with the truth chasing her all the way.She just wasn’t pretty and, sigh, she just didn’t know what to do anymore.“Keisha, honey, what’s going on?” her mother asked from outside her bedroom, knocking before she entered.Keisha turned to look at her mother with envious and accusing eyes.Why couldn’t she be like her mom? Why hadn’t she inherited everything from her?At six feet and an inch, the thirty-six-year-old Rena was a stunner. Like, Hollywood actress stunner. Supermodel stunner, even.Her hair was done in an afro that simply stood perfectly round of its own accord. Her hips were wide enough to knock doors off their hinges, her ass so huge that she could clap them if she twerked, her thighs so meaty that she could crush melons if she wanted to, and her tits so bountiful that they were the size of Keisha’s head! Each!Her skin was the right shade of black to go perfectly with red lipstick, unlike Keisha who HAD to use purple if she wanted to look anything approaching good, Ağrı Escort her eyes were almost like that of a Disney character, and her lashes were like a lush forest of reeds. Her lips were pillows that were just short of looking bee stung, with a short perky nose that was the cutest thing anyone had ever seen on a woman.Her face had sleek lines that all lead to either her mouth or her eyes, making her glow when she smiled. Her stomach was perfectly flat to go along with these assets as if life weren’t unfair enough, and she combined it all with the poise of authority: Keisha’s mother walked regally as if she owned the world.It made her positively striking. She only had one single flaw, and it was one that wasn’t noticeable: She had a donger. Like a man, except she also had all the bits of a woman too. A hermaphrodite they were called. A futanari in more fetishistic circles.And she managed to do all that despite being a single mother! How fair was that?“Mom, why couldn’t you have given me your body?” Keisha whined.Rena just quirked her eyebrow and walked over to her bed, sitting down on one of its corners. Keisha noticed with another wave of jealousy that even this took a great portion of her bed.“Now, I know there is no way my Keisha just propositioned me,” the black older woman tsked, “So what’s this about?”“Ma, do you always have to make shit awkward?!” Keisha whined.“Well, to answer your question, I did give you my body for all of nine months,” Rena proudly said.“…I meant why didn’t I inherit your body and you know it,” Keisha replied, pointing a finger at her.“Baby that’s rude,” Rena replied, knocking her hand down, “And what’s wrong with your body? I happen to think you look absolutely scrumptious!”“Well,” Keisha said as she tried to not die from parental embarrassment, “It doesn’t look like yours.”“Of course not honey,” Rena replied, “You took after your daddy. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.”“Ma,” Keisha replied with long-standing suffering, “If my father looked anything like…this, then I have no idea why you had me at all!”“Well honey,” Rena said with a salacious smile, “I have a thing for weakness, you see.”“What?” Keisha said, not believing she was having this conversation.“He was so pathetic, so out of his depth~” Rena went on as she recalled a great time, “That I simply had to go out with him! It was to the prom I believe.”Given her age and her mother’s age, the dates worked out, “Really?” Keisha said despite herself.“Oh yes, he was so surprised that I would give him the time of day,” Rena said, “And then when we were there, he was clumsy! So at a loss as to what to do with a woman! He looked so bad I simply had to take him then and there!”“You had me in a prom? No, wait, I don’t want to hear anymore!” Keisha screamed.“Oh you are a grown girl,” Rena said with a roll of her eyes, “You can listen to this.”“…so then why isn’t dad with you?” Keisha grudgingly asked after she had settled down.“Insecurities mostly,” Rena replied with a sigh, “He made himself scarce before he found out I was pregnant. He didn’t know how he ‘bagged’ me and his poor self-esteem did the rest. I haven’t dated since, well, that is the sort of thing I am attracted to.”A long moment between daughter and mother passed as Keisha digested that.“I suppose my problems aren’t big compared to that,” Keisha sighed, her mother once again winning something over her.“Oh all problems are a little bit silly when you get down to it honey,” Rena chuckled, “Your father never got over the fact that I had a bigger cock than he did for example.”“Mooom!” Keisha groaned again. She didn’t need to know that!“But alright honey, what’s your problem?” Rena asked her daughter.“…I am not pretty,” Keisha“What?” Rena roared, “Nonsense! You are a dark lake with two raging suns! I can’t help but look at you and be struck speechless!”“Yeah Ağrı Escort Bayan okay mom,” Keisha chuckled awkwardly, “But I can’t fight it any longer: I am just not pretty.”“You stupid girl, who told you that?” Rena demanded.“No one did!” Keisha said, “No one had to! Did you know that, of all the boys and, hell, even girls in school not a single one would come to the prom with me!”Another silence followed as Rena digested that bit of information.“What-” Rena began, “-Bunch of stupid blind bitches and assholes your school has.”“I…thanks, mom,” Keisha replied, feeling a little bit better.“No honey,” Rena shook herself with outrage, “If the young people in your school don’t treat you like the woman you are? Well, I guess it’ll be up to me to take you to the prom and show them?”“…what?” Keisha asked, feeling like she heard wrong.“No daughter of mine is going to be stuck at home during a prom without it being her own choice!” Rena declared, “So yes, you are going to the prom, and I am taking you.”“That…YOU CAN’T DO THAT!” Keisha screamed, the simple thought of going with her mother as her date gave her so much anxiety that it made her feel as though she was going to die!“Why, do the rules not allow it?” Rena asked, tilting her head.This stopped Keisha short.“Well, no, some girls are bringing college boys,” the girl admitted, “But you are a grown-ass woman!”“So you are saying the chaperones won’t let me in?” Rena asked, a knowing smile on her face.“…there aren’t going to be any chaperones,” Keisha admitted through her teeth.“Ah, that’s the school board for you,” Rena replied with a chuckle, “A complete waste of time.”“ I am not going to the prom,” Keisha reasserted herself, changing tactics.“Oh and why not?” Rena inquired.“Because I don’t have a dress!” Keisha shouted.“Oh, I’ll just have to get you one then,” Rena shrugged as if it weren’t a problem. Knowing her, she probably did have Keisha’s measurements memorized.“We don’t have a way to get there!” Keisha tried, going for the most common excuse she had received.“Honey,” Rena said slowly, “You do remember that I have a car, right?”That made the girl clamp up in embarrassment.“Oh honey,” the older black woman said as she ran her hand through Keisha’s hair, “It’ll be alright, you’ll see. Why, if you keep having these doubts and problems why, you might just get lucky at the end of the night~”Keisha could only stare at her mother.Who winked back at her.“I am not going and that’s final,” Keisha replied with all strength and filial disgust she could muster.—“I can’t believe I’m going,” Keisha muttered to herself as she got off the passenger’s side of her mother’s car. To be fair, it was a nice car, being a dark blue sedan of some brand the teenager could scarcely bring herself to remember. What she knew about it was that it was incredibly expensive; Single mother Keisha’s mom might be, but that had never been a problem for her.Like in most things, Rena wildly succeeded even at managing her own business.“But you look so cute in that~” Rena opined as she held the door open for her daughter. The flush Keisha gave, for once, wasn’t a complete embarrassment. She, or rather, her mother had outdone themselves this time.A long purple dress that matched the vivid purple gloss of her lipstick flowed down Keisha’s almost non-existent curves, dark eyeshadow making her eyes look bigger than they were. She had mascara on, but not applied to the point that it looked clearly fake. Underneath her mother’s expert fingers, the desert of her eyelids flourished organically. She wore high heels that made her calves look somewhat good and, what she thought was actually a rather inspired choice, she had white leather gloves that went up into her forearms.For once in her life, Keisha felt that she really was…pretty. Like, for real pretty.Of course, she Escort Ağrı still looked like a homeless girl next to her mother.Wearing a long red ensemble, her mother’s assets were almost put out on display, managing to hit that nebulous line between extravagance and prostitution. Opting to go without a bra, her head-sized breasts were still perky and held up against gravity as if they were lighter than air. Her nipples, if you looked closely, were indented against the fabric of her dress, giving the viewer a good idea of what went down inside of it. Her flat stomach looked sleek as her huge ass and hips forced the dress to stretch around them, drawing the eye everywhere and thus making it impossible to decide which part of her looked best.About the only thing that “ruined” it, because that was highly arguable, was the fact that she wore a black vest along with a bowtie that was worn like a neckband. It added a bit of masculinity to her appearance that, nonetheless, still emphasized her feminine charm if only through contrast.“I still don’t see why you decided to wear that,” Keisha muttered to herself as she stepped into the parking lot of the venue of the prom, a small local stadium.“Well honey, I am my daughter’s date,” Rena said with a pep in her voice, “Might as well look the part.”As they walked towards the open field of the cement construction, Keisha couldn’t help but ponder how she got here again. Because, if she was honest, she was resigned to her social life to suffer an impending and bloody death.And yet, here she was.“Besides, me coming here looking like your arm-squeeze wasn’t the point of this,” her mom went on, her high heels clicking alongside Keisha’s as they walked, “It’s to show how desirable you are.”Right, that. Keisha didn’t know if mothers were supposed to know their daughters better than they knew themselves, but the arguments along that line had eventually worn her resistance down until she couldn’t bring herself to say “no” to her mother. And not saying “no” to her mother was practically the same as saying “yes.”Still, she couldn’t say she wasn’t happy about the time that she spent with her mother preparing for this. It allowed them to get close.On the other hand…it made them get close.Keisha’s mother was taking being her date very seriously and it was just fucking weird!Her opening the car door for her hadn’t been the first of it, Rena had been treating Keisha gentlemanly all week long, with this day being the worst of it! Physical contact that had never felt strange before had suddenly taken an edge with her own mother that she had never expected, with light brushes that made her ebony skin develop dimples being commonplace if not strategically planned!Even her perfume seemed to have been selected such that it made Keisha want to lean into her mother if only to take a whiff. Utter madness is what it was.But her own Electra complexes with her own mother were sadly the least of her worries that evening, as eyes started to turn to them.Keisha recognized faces as she went, people pausing what they were doing to stare at them, some mouths going agape. For all she was the prettiest she had ever been, Keisha was actually thankful that she was invisible as her mother drew all eyes.Guys stopped talking to their dates to glue their eyes on Rena, the girls in question angrily turning to see what they were looking at only for their eyes to do the same.“Fuck me, is that an actress?” Keisha heard someone ask as they rounded upon the cement Stands of the stadium, the open field filled with people who also turned to look at them.Her anonymity would not last forever though as, after thoroughly examining Rena, all eyes turned to look at who this sex pot came with.And then realized it was Keisha.“Fuck me, is that Keisha? How did she bag such a hot piece of ass?” people started to wonder and for one brief moment, Keisha enjoyed envy and admiration…before the truth came out.“No wait…that’s her mom! That’s Rena, Keisha’s hot-ass mom!” someone gasped and everyone paused.Before a low hum that quickly revealed itself to be laughter reached the teenager.

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