Kyle, Josh and the Straight Guy Ch. 01

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I couldn’t believe I was really doing this. Here I was, a straight guy on his way to let a gay guy make me suck his dick, and probably worse.

I guess I’d better back up a step first. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of sexual dominance and submission. Not the real heavy whips and chains and pissing and leather stuff. That’s fine for those who are into it, but it’s not for me. But I had a dominant girlfriend once who liked to do things like stuff my dirty underwear in my mouth, leave me tied to the bed for hours at a time, or make my pull down my pants where someone might see me. I eventually had to break up with her because of her drinking, but the sex was great. One time while she was spanking me with a ping-pong paddle she threatened to bring in a gay guy and make me suck him off. She wasn’t serious, but ever since then the idea has stuck with me. I masturbate thinking about it. Some would say that wanting to suck dick means I’m gay, or at least bi, and if anyone wants to call me that it’s fine with me, but I think of myself as straight. I like sex with women. I would never go into a gay bar, meet a guy and go back home with him to make love. But I do like being submissive, and for a straight guy, sucking a cock is the ultimate degradation. I was intrigued by the thought of being forced to do it. I started exploring gay d/s on the internet. It took a while, but I eventually met a guy in a chat room who seemed to be just what I was looking for. We exchanged a long series of emails and in time swapped pictures and contact information. His name was Kyle and he was a year younger than me. He was not bad looking and in good shape, a little bigger than me, but not a muscle-bound hulk or anything. He lived less than an hour away.

Eventually we decided it was time to go ahead and meet. We established a number of ground rules ahead of time. There would be no kissing, serious pain, or water sports. I would do whatever he wanted, but we had a safe word which he swore to respect, and another signal (four grunts) in case I was unable to speak, which was likely. The most sensitive subject was fucking. I had never had anything bigger than a finger up my ass, and I wasn’t at all turned on by the thought of being fucked, but Kyle insisted that it wouldn’t be much fun for him if he couldn’t fuck me, so I agreed.

Driving to his place I was more frightened than I had ever been in my life, and I was Beylikdüzü escort held up at gunpoint once. I tried not to think about the horrible things that can happen to people who hook up on the internet. I felt I knew him pretty well from his emails, but things are never as they appear on the internet. I thought, “What if he sent me somebody else’s picture and he turns out to be some fat ugly old queen?” I was even more afraid about my first encounter with a man. I wondered what it would feel like having a dick in my mouth. I wondered what cum tastes like. I had never even tasted my own. I was half hoping he would forget about fucking me, or I could talk him out of it, but deep down I knew that wasn’t going to happen. At one point I pulled off the freeway to turn around and go back. I sat in the car in a parking lot for about ten minutes before I decided to go ahead with it and live out my fantasy.

I pulled up to his place. It was a nice low-rise apartment building in a fashionable neighborhood. “How could anything bad happen here?” I thought. I stood for a moment outside his door, taking deep breaths. I rang the bell. He opened the door and greeted me with a warm smile. He was the same guy as in the picture, and if anything looked better in person. I stepped in and he shook my hand.

“This is my roommate Josh,” he said, gesturing to another guy. “He’ll be joining us.” The door had scarcely closed behind me and I was already in for much more than I bargained for. Nobody ever said anything about there being two of them. I looked at Josh. He was a good-looking guy, a little small but very fit. (Do all gay guys live at the gym?) “Josh knows the safe word,” Kyle added. I interpreted this as a subtle way of saying that I didn’t have to go along with the three-way if I didn’t want to. I could always say the safe word. That made me feel a little more comfortable. I didn’t say anything, so I guess that meant I was OK with it. I felt like a passenger on a white-water rafting trip. I was being carried along by a force way outside my control.

“OK then, let’s get started,” Kyle said, pushing me a little roughly toward the center of the room. He took out a camcorder, set it on a table and pointed it at me. “Take off your clothes.”

Nervously, I got undressed. “Put your hands behind your head.” He didn’t speak in a snarling, mean way, but matter-of-factly, like a boss telling a secretary Beylikdüzü escort to bring in a file. They walked around me, looking me over, then started feeling me up. Kyle fondled my balls, while Josh gently tugged at my armpit hair. “Bend over,” he said. I spread my legs and put my hands on my knees as they looked at my asshole. One of them, I’m not sure which, licked his finger and gently rubbed it against my hole. It felt awfully good. I was rock hard at this point. Josh reached down and stroked my cock.

“Get down on your knees,” Kyle ordered. I obeyed. He stood in front of me and rubbed his crotch in my face, then turned around and did the same with his ass. He took a piece of cloth out of his pocket and tied it over my eyes. “You don’t get to see us naked,” he explained. I heard them undress. The sound of two zippers going down almost simultaneously was strangely erotic.

Then it began for real. I felt a warm body close to my face and heard Kyle say, “Sniff my ass.”

“How disgusting,” I thought. I took a deep breath through my nose. It smelled clean but musky.

“Lick it,” he ordered. I was appalled. It had never occurred to me that this would be part of the deal. In hindsight, I should have expected it. I knew that gay guys were more into ass licking than straight people, but I honestly never gave it a thought. I had never done that with a girl, or had it done to me. I had a porn video that included a scene of a woman licking a guy’s hole, but I always skipped over that part. I thought it was gross. But I did it. I tongued his ass for several minutes, then he pulled away.

I heard them moving around. I felt one of them grab my hair and shove his cock in my mouth. What a bizarre feeling it was. He started slowly pumping my mouth. Meanwhile, the other guy was rubbing some kind of cream on my asshole. Very slowly he began to ease his dick into my ass. It hurt like hell as first but I managed to force myself to relax my sphincter. They gradually picked up the pace and began pounding me from both ends, as if trying to meet in the middle. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Just as I was starting to get accustomed to the feeling, Kyle said, “Switch.” His voice came from behind, so I guess he had been the one fucking me in the ass. They both pulled out of me at the same time. I heard them walk around me, then felt the cock that had been in my ass shoved into my Escort Beylikdüzü mouth. I could smell and taste my ass juices and also something slightly greasy, presumable the lube. Meanwhile, I felt Josh’s dick slide into my ass. They resumed their double pounding. Suddenly I felt something warm in my mouth. It sounds odd now, but at first I didn’t know what it was. I was momentarily puzzled, and then realized that of course he had cum. I never felt a spurt, just that warmness. I swallowed it down as he pulled his dick out of my mouth. Josh kept fucking my ass and a few minutes later I felt him grab my waist tightly and plunge deep into me. He let out a groan and I knew he had cum too. He collapsed on top of me, breathing heavily. Then he eased his dick out of me. That was a relief.

With all that had gone on, I had somehow forgotten about pleasing myself. I started stroking my throbbing dick, but felt one of them kick my hand away. Cum was beginning to ooze out of my ass, and I felt one of them wipe it up with his hand. Then I felt him smear it all over my face. It smelled awful.

I heard them rustling around for a bit, then Kyle said, “OK, you can take off your blindfold now.” They were sitting in chairs, fully dressed. “Put on your clothes.” I got dressed. For some reason, getting dressed silently while they stared at me was the most humiliating part of the whole experience.

When I was dressed, Kyle said, “You can go now. There’s something for you on the kitchen counter.” On the counter was a five dollar bill. I picked it up. That made it official. I was a whore, and a damn cheap one at that. I left. In the car on the way home I tried to figure out how I felt about it. All I knew was I was horny as hell. I couldn’t stop myself from jerking off in the car, at one point nearly causing an accident. I shot more cum more explosively than I ever had before. It went everywhere: on the upholstery, on the window, even one glob on the headliner. I tried to clean it up as I drove, again endangering the lives of other motorists.

When I got home I went immediately to the bathroom to shower, brush my teeth and gargle three times. As I got undressed, something fell out of my shirt pocket. It was a memory card from the camcorder.

Later, when I got on my computer, there was an email from Kyle. It was very kind, almost apologetic. He assured me they hadn’t kept a copy of the video, and wanted to know if I was OK with everything. He said he hoped it hadn’t been too extreme for me. I wrote back telling him it had been way too extreme for me, but that it was the most exhilarating experience of my life, and I would really like to do it again some time.

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