Lai Ch. 09: Nan

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The remote-control dial was left at the minimum setting during the ride over to the karaoke club that Nan had selected in the Jordan district. She was quite self-absorbed with maintaining her sexual high, asking me to caress her inner thighs with my left hand, even as I drove. For her part, she rolled her nipples through her thin translucent dress, eyes closed. I was more accustomed to being attended to and, combined with the wanton exhibition to my left, I was becoming a bit frustrated with my own relative lack of carnal pleasure.

Nan anticipated this, assuring me, “Don’t worry, Louis. I am not trying to ignore you. I wouldn’t do that, I like you too much. I guarantee that you will have your fill later, trust me.”

I was thinking that she could use her hands on me instead of herself right now, but I chose to remain silent.

We arrived at the club and valets opened our doors. I walked over to Nan’s side to help her out of the deep bucket seats of my Ferrari and to leer at her body as she emerged. I was not disappointed. The sight of her smooth toned legs and her feet graced by the sexy open-toed stilettos hardened my semi-erect cock. I pulled her to a standing position and was rewarded by an embrace, her right hand on my chest and left on my ass. “Ready to for some real fun?” she whispered in my ear.

I turned to her as if to reply and she simply winked at me. We entered the club and were met by an attractive hostess in a red mid-length cheongsam who appeared to be in her forties. “Hello, Nan,” she said with a big smile. Nan and the hostess exchanged pecks on the cheek.

“Hi, An.” Nan then introduced us. “An, this is my good friend Louis. Louis, An. An has been the hostess-in-charge here for a long time. She will take care of us, won’t you, An?”

“Nan, for you, anything,” An laughed. “Premium package, right?”

“Yes. Is Pauline here tonight?” Nan asked.

“Well, she just called in yesterday that she could work. She came in much earlier and may be busy now, but I will see what I can do for you.”

An gave Nan some keys. “Thank you, An. See you later.”

Nan guided us to an elevator, which opened almost immediately. “An was a good friend to me when I needed it a long time ago. It’s important to have good friends, don’t you think, Louis?” Nan said, staring ahead at the elevator door.

“Uh, yes, I agree,” I responded, unsure of the intent of the question. Nan remained silent and we exited on the eighth floor. At the end of the hall, Nan opened a non-descript door. The room on the other side of the door was decorated like an old-fashioned private study and unexpectedly large. The walls and flooring were dark wood. The dim illumination was supplied by a few lamps and recessed lighting. Across from the entrance door was a glass double-door that opened to a small balcony overlooking the Kowloon skyline. Against another wall on the far side was a large monitor that must have been at least 72 inches; there were a number of electronic devices arranged on the floor underneath it. Adjacent to this collection, closer to the entrance door was a well-stocked bar, complete with a few barstools and a counter. Against the opposite wall and directly facing the monitor was a dark brown leather couch that was about eight feet long. Next to the couch was a king size bed with maroon satin sheets, already turned down.

Nan grabbed my hand and, after we passed the bed, we plopped down on the middle of the couch. “By the way, that door we passed, on the other side of the bed, opens into a lavatory and also a small bedroom. But we won’t be needing that other bedroom, since there will only be three of us tonight.”

As I watched Nan get off the couch and sashay over to the panel of electronics, I determined that, in this club, “premium package” referred to a private hostess for the room. Nan fiddled around with the video and audio set-up, alternately bending over and reaching up multiple times. I couldn’t help but admire her enticing and essentially nude backside, her exposed tight round ass when she bent over and her long slender limbs and toned back when she reached high. Finally, she swayed over to me, carrying two microphones and a remote-control for the karaoke system. She gave me one microphone and kept one for herself. “Louis, could you turn up the vibrator remote a bit? I sing some of these love songs better when I am more aroused.”

I wasn’t convinced that arousal had anything to do with it and certainly the karaoke auto-tuning helped, but Nan is an amazingly talented singer. She effortlessly knocked off some Canto-pop melody that spanned at least two octaves. It wasn’t a surprise to me. I recalled that at the Miss Hong Kong pageant, she had come in first in the talent portion. However, listening to her in a private setting was more of a treat.

“Bravo!” I exclaimed, applauding. She curtsied slightly, pressed something on her karaoke remote, and sang a fast-paced piece. I was entranced by her voice and I literally forgot about her half-naked body.

“Your Urfa Escort turn, Louis. Try this one,” she said after finishing the second song. She pressed the remote to change to another tune.

I got off the couch and she sat down. I am not much of a singer, but I have done enough karaoke in my time to not embarrass myself. Nan seemed to enjoy watching me, moving to the beat while seated and clapping happily after I finished. “That was great!”

“Thank you,” I said. “Please, I would rather listen to you, though. You are terrific.”

“Let’s try a duet,” she said. She changed to a different song. We had fun facing each other and dramatically belting out Canto-pop lyrics about our mutual love for each other, laughing loudly together at the end. She gave me a quick chaste kiss on the lips after our laughs died down, winking as she pulled back.

Nan started yet another tune for herself, while I sat on the couch. Halfway through, there was a loud knock. Nan abruptly stopped singing and walked over to the door. She opened it and giggled loudly, “Pauline! So good to see you!” My view of the newcomer was blocked by Nan, who was hugging and being hugged tightly.

After the embrace, Nan held hands with the woman and led her to me. “Pauline, this is my date Louis. We are on a first date. Louis, this is Pauline. She is an old friend of mine from way back and will be our hostess. I had mentioned to her days ago that we might be here tonight.”

“Nice to meet you, Louis,” Pauline purred seductively. She gave me a little peck on my right cheek. “Let me pour you two a drink? I know Nan likes Cosmos. What would you like, Louis?”

“Just a regular martini would be fine, Pauline. Thank you.” Like I had indicated, the singing had taken my mind off sex. With Pauline’s entrance, my cock stirred back to life. She looked like an innocent virgin bride. Her hair was piled in a curly bun with loose side tendrils, which framed her beautiful face, with big eyes and high cheekbones and swollen lips. Her make-up emphasized innocence, with very long lashes and abundant pink blush and glossy pink lipstick. In addition to a simple pearl choker and small diamond stud earrings, she completed her bridal jewelry with a huge diamond ring on her left fourth finger.

As I had indicated, she looked like an innocent virgin bride. An innocent virgin bride completely primed for a lusty deflowering, that is. She had on a white bridal lingerie combination. Her top was a babydoll hemmed at the crotch, designed with lace cups held up by thin shoulder straps, a sheer skirt, and a satin ribbon back-tie. Around her hips was a 4-strap lace garter belt. The straps were attached to white semi-sheer lace-top stockings. She wore a pair of G-string knickers that I noticed were placed over the garter straps, which I have always found to be a clear indication that the panties would be removed early on at some point. Finally, she wore white open-toed mules, designed with clear vamps, 1-inch platforms, and about 5-inch thin heels.

As she teetered to the bar, I assessed her figure. She was an inch or so shorter than Nan, even in her platform heels, and much thinner. I guessed that her boobs were enhanced, as they seemed larger than even Barb’s and Pauline’s frame was much skinnier. Fake boobs, skinny body, not that I was complaining, though. If I got the opportunity, she would be quite enjoyable to ravage. Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely sure if I would get to, as Nan had not only been entrusted with our activities for the weekend, as I had requested, but also seemed to still be dictating the terms of sexual play, which I had not anticipated.

Pauline walked back with three glasses and gave one each to Nan and me. Nan took Pauline by the waist with her left arm. Pauline turned to Nan and the two shared a long kiss on the lips. Then the two faced me. “We make quite a pair, don’t we, Louis. White and black, nice and naughty. Who do you fancy?” Nan giggled and winked.

I thought, both of you together and in bed. I began to get the distinct feeling that, if I spoke and acted correctly, I would get just that. So I just smiled and replied, “Any man would be lucky to be with either of you beautiful women.”

After we finished our drinks and placed the glasses on a small table at the end of the sofa, Pauline returned to the bar. She came back with a bottle of Hennessey cognac, which she left on the table, and she had me sit down next to her in the middle of the couch. “Nan, why don’t you sing a long piece for us?” Then Pauline turned to me and whispered in my right ear, “Nan is a fantastic singer, don’t you agree? Oh, and you should relax a little, let me help you loosen up.”

As Nan sang another song, Pauline slowly pulled off my suit coat and unbuttoned my shirt. To the strains of a tender melody with inane lyrics about immortal love, Pauline caressed my bare chest with her hands and her lips. As the song concluded, she pulled off my shirt, as well.

Nan looked at us and laughed, “Pauline doesn’t waste time, Urfa Escort Bayan does she, Louis?” She then walked over and exchanged places with Pauline, handing her the microphone. “Your turn, Pauline.”

As Pauline was choosing another song, Nan whispered in my ear, “Pauline’s talents at entertaining do not include singing. But I think I can get you to enjoy the next few minutes anyway.” Nan unbuckled my pants and opened my fly just as Pauline began to tremulously warble a tune off-key. Then Nan got off the couch and removed my socks and shoes. She pulled my pants off from that position and then sat back on the couch next to me. I was completely nude. For the last minute of the song, she gently fondled my fully erect penis and my scrotum with her left hand and tickled my inner thighs with her right fingers.

“Another one!” Nan yelled, while we clapped. Pauline smiled and fiddled with the remote to search for another song. Nan found my coat pocket in the meantime and just as Pauline began a new tune, Nan found the vibrator remote and shut it off. “We won’t be needing this anymore.”

We listened to Pauline butcher another song for about a minute, before Nan turned to me and whispered in my ear, “Would you like to undress me now?” She turned her back to me, hinting for me to undo the halter around her neck and the strap that secured the dress against her breasts. She then wiggled her arms out from the long sleeves.

When the straps were all untied and her arms were free, she turned to me and winked. I could see that her tits were now completely exposed, two tempting handfuls of gravity-defying mounds, topped by enticing nipples the length of a fingernail. I stared at them for a bit before Nan re-focused me and said, “The dress slides off more easily from the bottom. Oh, and after you take out the vibrator for me, you are welcome to taste me down there.”

I wasted no time getting off the couch and onto my knees. I reached between her legs and pulled out the vibrator, noting in passing how thickly coated with viscous liquid it was. I tugged the dress to her feet. Before I pulled it past her ankles, I made sure that Nan noticed me fondling the arch and heel of her right foot. I looked up at her expectantly and she nodded approvingly. Then I pulled the dress past her feet. I then pushed it and my clothes way over to the side.

I left her sexy slides on her feet and slowly sucked on her right big toe, while resuming a two-handed rub on her right foot. I noted that her eyes were closed and she was lazily sliding a finger along her moist slit. After a little while, I heard her moan over to Pauline, “Another one, please, Pauline. Maybe two more.” I sucked on each toe for about a minute before moving on to an adjacent one. By the time I moved over to her left big toe and began a foot-rub on her left foot, I could see that Nan was now lazily rubbing her clitoris and leaking slightly. She continued a soft moan, as I proceeded through each of her left toes. When I finished, I looked up.

Pauline had already stopped singing and had apparently poured a full glass of cognac for Nan and me. She handed me one and one to Nan. We gulped it down, both aware that the buzz from the liquor would intensify our sexual buzz. Pauline sat down on Nan’s right side and bent over to lick Nan’s right inner thigh. Nan splayed her thighs wide, in response. I slowly massaged and kissed Nan’s delicate ankles for a couple minutes. Then I took up about five minutes to attend to her left leg, caressing and licking and kissing it all the way to the edge of her pussy. Nan, still fingering her clit, was grossly leaking by now and I could taste her juice.

At this point, my head was up against Pauline’s, as we lapped each of Nan’s inner thighs. I heard Pauline clear her throat to attract my attention. When I looked up, she twisted over so that the back of her head lay on Nan’s thigh and then pulled my head over to give me a deep wet kiss on my mouth, albeit at an awkward angle. When she broke the seal after a minute, she motioned with her head to get me to begin licking Nan’s bald pussy.

As soon as my tongue touched her slit, Nan stopped rubbing her clit. She laid down on the sofa, with her right foot on the sofa and her left dangling off. I ravenously ate her shaven sex, pushing my tongue between her pussy lips and loudly slurping around those puffy folds. Pauline, for her part, locked onto Nan’s other lips, as the two grabbed each other urgently around their necks, Pauline mostly lying on top of Nan.

Eventually, I decided to concentrate on Nan’s clit. I pushed hard on it with my tongue, eliciting a small twitch from her legs. I stayed on it and simulated writing the Roman alphabet, which effectively moved the clit in random directions. I wasn’t actually sure that Nan would have preferred this versus a constant circular motion, but, nevertheless, she responded by spasmodically opening and closing her thighs. I felt juice squirting out of her pussy. Then I placed a couple fingers deep into Escort Urfa her vagina and stroked what I thought might be her G-spot.

Suddenly, Nan stiffened her body and writhed around crazily on the sofa. I changed tactics at this point, rapidly pumping my fingers inside, instead of stroking, and sucking hard on her clit, instead of pushing. She began to make muffled sounds inside Pauline’s mouth and so Pauline broke the deep kiss. A ear-piercing high-pitched scream cut through the room, followed by a loud series of “AAAAAAH! OH FUCK, OH FUCK! AAAAAAH! OH FUCK, OH FUCK” that repeated over and over. I continued to pump and suck until Nan’s thrashings subsided and her wailings transformed to a quiet moan. Then she lay still, eyes closed with a hint of a smile.

Pauline had sat up after she unlocked from Nan. She was studying Nan’s supine body when she turned towards me and asked, “It’s getting a little hot in here, don’t you think? Could you remove my dress and knickers?” She stood up.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I went over to Pauline and pressed her body against mine using my left arm while untying her babydoll from the back with my right hand. After separating a little from her, I pushed off the shoulder straps until the wispy piece floated to the floor. Then I pushed her knickers down towards her knees, letting Pauline wiggle her legs to drop the underwear to the floor. I stepped back further to better ogle Pauline. She was a erotic vision, such a pretty and innocent-looking thing only clothed in beguiling white garters, stockings, and fuck-me shoes, with a slender body highlighted by out-of-proportion size G breasts that drooped slightly owing to its weight.

Pauline stood still, allowing me to admire her form. As I did, I stroked my erection slowly, pre-cum oozing from the tip. Nan got off the sofa and walked over to the bed.

“Getting frustrated, Louis? Why don’t you get on the bed with me? You deserve it. You really know how to eat pussy. Pauline will join us, won’t you?”

Pauline took my hand and escorted me the short distance to the bed. She whispered, “Lie down and relax, Louis. Nan and I will do all the work now.”

I plopped myself supine in the middle of the mattress. Nan crawled over me onto my left and Pauline situated herself to my right, after she had taken out a small bottle from a drawer underneath the bed. Then they wrapped their legs and arms around me while constantly moving, wrestling to establish a tight hold on my body with every change in position. They both pushed their lips onto my face, competing for my mouth. The moans that emanated from these small battles were driving me to the edge. And with their smooth skin rubbing all over my body, coupled with the light scent of perfume, I was on the verge of heaven.

After a while, Pauline let go of me and heavily coated her breasts with viscous oil from the bottle she had beside her. Then I felt her re-grasp me while rotating herself so that her boobs were touching my stiff cock. In what could only be considered a planned coordinated attack, Nan then disengaged from me and positioned herself kneeling at the top of my head, while Pauline tried to flip me on top of her. When I did, Pauline grabbed my dick, placed it between her gigantic tits, and pushed her left tit medially to entrap my manhood between her twins. Simultaneously, Nan shoved my upper chest to get me to lord over Pauline in a kneeling position.

When I was comfortably straddling Pauline with my dick between her slippery tits, Nan shoved her chest forward, inviting me to play with her own tits. I slowly titty-fucked Pauline, while fondling Nan’s right breast and sucking on her left nipple. While I continued to do my thing, each woman used a free hand to rub herself down there. We were all moaning. I from the erotic sensations from playing with four breasts and the women from their respective self-stimulations to their nether regions.

After at least fifteen minutes, Nan’s voice broke the wall of moaning. “Tell me when you are close to cumming,” she mumbled. I have terrific stamina and wasn’t close, so I continued to assault their mammaries.

After another five minutes, though, Nan must have decided that it was time for a change. “Fuck me, Louis. Your cock will feel so good deep inside me. Let it go,” she whispered provocatively. Then she kept on repeating an invitation in a seductive tone, “Cum in me, I am all yours, cum in me, I am all yours.”

I could feel an orgasm building with her dirty talk. “I’m close,” I groaned.

Nan turned around suddenly and raised her round firm butt high in the air. “Put it in my ass, Louis,” she ordered loudly.

I quickly launched myself to Nan and roughly plunged my well-lubricated erection into her anus, the ease of entry belying the tightness of the hot vise surrounding my manhood. She groaned as it went in. Extremely aroused seeing my cock buried into such a narrow orifice and already at the edge, I paced my thrusts very slowly, in order to prolong the experience. Even so, each thrust was forceful and she whimpered pitifully with each push. I re-established control over my impending orgasm and felt relieved that I would be able to enjoy butt-fucking her for longer. “My god, Nan, it feels so warm in your tight hole,” I groaned.

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