Lance , Honey On Vacation Ch. 02

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Chapter II: Making a New Friend

Sitting on the veranda of our room I was enjoying the hot sun on my naked body. I was quickly forgetting the cold weather we had left behind. As I took another sip of my drink and another pull on my spliff I looked out over the sandy beach at the breaking waves. The beach seen was sure enhanced by the attractive women in string bikinis and less.

The drink, spliff and sights on the beach were making me feel horny. I had on a red and black thong that hid my manhood, but if anyone looked they would be able to see my pole start to make a tent of the material.

Just then Honey emerged from our room carrying a drink. She was wearing a white bikini g string with white high heeled sandals. The white of the material contrasted, in a sexy way, with her tanned body. Looking at that beautiful body was causing my erection to rapidly increase. She looked fantastic in her high heeled white sandals. The erect nipples on her twin triple d breasts seemed to be inviting me to suck on them.

With a smile Honey asked, “Is it my swim suit or the girls on the beach that is putting life into that big tool of yours?”

“Both,” I honestly replied.

When she had reached my chair she leaned over me, pressing her big tits against my shoulder, and asked, “How about a drag off your spliff?”

“Sure,” I replied; handing it to her.

After she had taken the spliff I let my hand fall to her breast and began to fondle it. While she held the smoke from the spliff deep in her lungs I brought my hands into action. As I thumbed her nipples she started to bounce her big melons in my hands.

“Do you like my equipment?” Honey asked as she exhaled the smoke.

“Who wouldn’t,” I replied.

“Give the nipples a little kiss,” she ordered.

Just before I could comply with her orders an attractive Jamaican woman rounded the corner of our room. I turned my head to look at her, but I still held onto Honey’s breasts, as if I was offering them for sale.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you. Don’t stop enjoying yourselves. I’m only passing through,” the young Jamaican woman blurted out.

“Could I interest you in a drink?” I gallantly asked.

“May be later,” she replied with a smiled. “I don’t think you could pour a drink with your hands so full,” She continued.

With a laugh I pulled my hands off Honey’s breasts; showing her that my hands were now free. Stopping to chat; I was able to get a good look at her. As I was taking in her charms, she was giving us the once over. She was tall, but not as tall as Honey; with black hair in an afro and a chocolate complexion. She had an oval face, with brown eyes, and a red moist mouth.

She wore a shocking pink halter top that tied just under her breasts. The breasts, that strained at the thin material, seemed to be almost as large as Honey’s. I could distinctly see the large nipples out lined by the shiny pink top. The tiny halter top barely covered her nipples; causing them to try and pop from there restraints.

My eyes then traveled down; past her flat belly; to her crotch. Around her waist she wore a short shocking pink mini skirt that matched her halter top. As my eyes continued moving down her body I could see she had long, firm, well muscled legs; with pink high heeled sandals on her feet; completing the outfit.

“Now that my hands are free; I could pour you a drink,” I said.

“I wish I could, but I have to help to get my part of the fashion show ready,” she replied.

“Are you a model?” Honey asked with `interest.

“O no,” she replied. “I’m only a designer. I’m in a clothing design course at college, and the hotel gives us practical experience by letting us put on a fashion show of our creations. There are three other designers showing there creations in the show.

“When is the show?” Honey asked.

“Tomorrow,” she replied.

“Back home I like to design clothing,” Honey commented.

“Is there a special style of clothing you like to create?” she asked.

“I like to design sexy clothes that show off my body. Lance likes to watch me modeling them,” Honey stated.

“Well when I come back for that drink, maybe we can try on some of our creations and put on a mini fashion show for your boy friend,” she laughed.

“That sounds great,” Honey commented. “My name is Honey and this is my boy friend Lance. What is your name?”

“Everyone calls me Cinnamon,” she replied.

Cinnamon then bent forward and plucked two flowers from a bunch near her. As she bent over; her parted legs allowed Honey and I a good view of her ass and pussy. Straightening up; she bent toward us, placing one flower in the waist band of my breach cloth and the other flower in Honey’s bikini g string.

With a pointed look at my crotch and Honey’s breasts; she cooed, “I’m looking forward to our next meeting.”

With that she walked away giving her hips a very seductive sway. By now my erection had turned my breach cloth into a tent.

“Shit!” I groaned. “Fantasizing about that woman has given me a real hard on.”

“Well,” Honey giggled. “We are going to have to do something about that.”

Honey than pulled the flower from her crotch and stood in front of me, with one leg on either side of my legs. I could see the slit of her vulva through the tight thin material of her bikini. “Rub my pussy through the bikini!” Honey ordered.

Quickly I moved my fingers to her bikini covered crotch and started stroking her cleft. Sliding my fingers along her valley I was able to force the bikini material into her clearly out lined slit.

“Keep rubbing until my bikini gets soaking wet!” Honey demanded.

As I slowly stroked her crotch I could see the material along her slit becoming wet. Forcing my fingers deeper into her hole I could feel them becoming slick with her love juices.

“You are starting to flow like a river! I exclaimed.

With a groan Honey hooked her thumbs into the string at her waist and quickly pulled her bikini g string down. Gazing at her clean shaven pussy I could see the cunt cream glistening on the lips of her labia. The blonde heart at the apex of her triangle was becoming darker as it became wet.

“Now that the bikini is out of the way I want you to stroke the real thing,” Honey instructed. “Put your fingers deep inside me.” Inserting two fingers into her moist pussy I continued to caress the inner walls of her vagina. I could see the lips of her labia swelling and becoming pink, as they became engorged with blood. Her opening pussy reminded me of a bud bursting into bloom. I then slid the two fingers to the love bud at the top of her pink slit. When my fingers began to rub her pink quivering clit; I could see and feel the vibrations running through her body.

“O yes that feels so good,” she gasped. “I want to see your hard on.”

Moving her hands to my breach cloth she pulled it away. Immediately my throbbing thirty three centimeter cock sprang to attention. I was so excited that I could see every vein along the shaft clearly out lined. The purplish knob was shiny with my lubricant.

Honey moved forward until her damp pink slit contacted my shaft head. I watched mesmerized; while she grabbed my shaft and began to rub the head along the pink lips of her vagina. Bending her legs Honey inserted the slick helmut inside her quim. Working the knob inside her cleft she brought it in contact with her love bud.

Suddenly, with a quick downward thrust of her hips she impaled herself on my shaft. In one quick motion she had buried my entire length, up to the balls, in her hot wet pussy.

“O yes! That feels so good,” I moaned. “Having that hot wet hole wrapped around my manhood is fantastic! I cried.

Moving our drinks away from us Honey laughed, “We don’t want to spill anything.”

“The only thing I want to spill is my seed,” I replied.

Sitting on my lap Honey placed her hands on each of my shoulders. This gave her the stability to start sliding her slippery slit up and down my blood engorged pole.

“Grab my ass and give me some help!” she commanded.

Moving my hands to her ass cheeks I took a firm hold by burying my fingers in her butt crease. Working my fingers around the puckered bung hole caused Honey to let out a little squeal of delight.

“Stick your fingers up my ass hole!” she exclaimed. I love having a big cock buried in my cunt; while you finger fuck my butt hole,” Honey cooed.

With my fingers deep in her ass crease; I forced her pussy into my pelvis. With the two fingers sliding in and out of her tight ass hole; I could feel my cock buried in her sucking slit. I knew Honey liked that because she started to bounce faster on my throbbing tool.

Honey’s big tits were now rubbing against my chest; creating a tingling feeling in my belly and crotch. Her swaying melons slapped me in the face every time she bounced up and down on my shaft. Her tight slippery pussy, sliding on my shaft, was bringing me close to my climax.

“Start rubbing my clitoris!” Honey demanded.

I brought one of my hands from her ass to her drooling cunt. Placing my thumb and fore finger on her love bud I began to massage it. My rubbing fingers were achieving the desired response from Honey.

“O yes! I’m almost there!” she squealed.

I could feel my own orgasm building to a fever pitch; as my excitement fed on Honey’s building sexual frenzy. Honey was now slamming her pelvis into my crotch so hard it hurt. Leaning forward; crushing her big tits against my chest; she clamped her mouth onto my neck. Her sucking mouth made me think of a vampire. Honey’s moans and gasps were stifled by my neck.

Honey was being consumed by a mind shattering orgasm. Letting myself go I could feel the sperm move through my shaft and shoot out the tip. My cock spit its seed into her spasm racked pussy. Again and again my hot thick cream shot against the walls of her womb. Honey continued bucking on my hips like a wild bronco. After a few more minutes of this frenzied activity our passions subsided and we were able to catch our breath.

“That was a fantastic way to start our vacation,” Honey murmured.

“We better get cleaned up and be ready for our guest,” I reminded her.

“Good Idea,” she replied.

When we had cleaned up we returned to the veranda and our abandoned drinks. Just then Cinnamon arrived.” I’ll take you up on that drink offer now,” Cinnamon reminded me; with a twinkle in her eyes.

Getting up to mix some drinks for Cinnamon and us I noticed she was carrying a small suitcase. What kind of a surprise did she have in store for us?

“What is in the bag?” I asked; pouring the drinks?

“I brought some of my creations; for Honey and I to try on,” Cinnamon replied.

“I don’t know if your outfits will fit me,” Honey stated. “I think I might be a little bigger than you in the tit and hip area,” Honey noted.

“Well I’ll model my outfits and you can model yours,” Cinnamon remarked.

“Sounds great!” Honey exclaimed. “Lets get started.”

With that they both disappeared into the room. I was left to mix the drinks. When I had finished mixing the three rum punches I brought them into the room.

I could see that Honey and her new friend Cinnamon where trying on clothes. Seeing the two girls together I Noticed the striking contrast between them. Honey was about 170 centimeters tall, with long blond hair, blue eyes and a light brown tan. Cinnamon was about 165 centimeters tall; black hair in an afro; brown eyes; with a chocolate brown complexion. Honey was a more buxom woman than Cinnamon. Honey was 99 66 99 with triple d cup tits. Cinnamon was slimmer; with c cup breasts and a 90 60 90 figure.

The sexy outfits they had on were putting life back into my manhood. Cinnamon had on a black lace top with spaghetti straps. It hung half way to her belly button. Beneath the lace I could see her firm brown breasts and hard red nipples. Covering her crotch she wore a skin tight, red see through silk g string. The black triangle of her pussy hair was clearly visible through the silk.

Honey wore a red silk see through halter top that barely contained her ample breasts. Her large nipples and areolas were clearly visible through the top. Covering her quim was a black lace g string. The g string was so tight that it was forced into her cleft.

“You girls look good enough to eat!” I exclaimed.

“Do you think so?” Honey asked. “I agree. Cinnamon does look good enough too eat. However, I think she could use one of your famous pussy trims. A trim would look better when you are wearing a g string,” Honey commented. “Check out the job Lance did on me.”

With that Honey slipped her thumbs into the string at her waist; pulling her black lace g string off. Bending over to remove the g string from her ankles; Cinnamon and I had a great view of her ass and pussy. Her pink slit looked damp and inviting. Glancing at Cinnamon; I could see that she was also gazing intently at Honey’s ass and pussy.

Honey then flopped backwards onto the bed. Pulling her legs up and tucking her feet under her she spread her thighs wide giving us both an unobstructed view of her crotch.

“Come over and have a good look at Lance’s handy work,” Honey invited. “What do you think, Cinnamon?” Honey asked? “How do you like the way he shaved my pussy bald? Do you like the little blond heart he left at the top of my slit?”

“It looks pretty,” Cinnamon replied.

“Go ahead. Touch it,” Honey encouraged.

With Honey’s encouragement; Cinnamon bent over and let her fingers trace the blond heart at the top of Honey’s slit. Letting her fingers glide down the lips of Honey’s cunt; Cinnamon told Honey how sexy it looked.

“Can you make my pussy look sexy like that?” Cinnamon asked.

“Sure,” I replied. “Let’s get started!” I exclaimed to the girls.

With that Honey jumped off the bed and went to the bathroom for water, razor and a towel. I watched as Cinnamon slowly slid her red silk g string down her smooth, firm brown legs. I could not drag my eyes from the magnificent sight. Bending over to remove the g string from around her ankles I got a perfect view of her brown ass and pink pussy. I thought to myself; it doesn’t matter what colour the girls skin is, the pussy is always pink on the inside. Standing there staring at her; Cinnamon turned her head slightly and gave me a sexy shy little smile. When she knew she had my attention, she took her red nailed finger and slipped it into her pussy. After working her fingers around the pink folds of her wet valley; she brought them out. Bringing the fingers to her mouth she licked them. I could feel my cock throbbing in my shorts.

At that moment Honey reappeared from the bathroom and asked, with a smile, “Do you like the view?”

“What guy wouldn’t,” I replied.

With a smile Honey laid the towel on the bed and placed the water and razor on the floor.

“Put that brown ass on the towel; spread those legs and let the barber get to work!” Honey commanded.

I’m ready for anything!” Cinnamon exclaimed.

When Cinnamon had settled herself on the towel and spread her legs I got into position between her thighs. Moistening the curly black crotch hair; I then began to lather her pubis with shaving cream.

“Be careful down there,” Cinnamon begged.

“He has never cut me,” Honey reassured. While I lathered Cinnamon’s crotch hair I could feel my cock getting hard. Since my hands where all wet I asked Honey if she could pull my shorts off and relieve the pressure on my manhood.

“Sure I can,” Honey replied. “I always love looking at your big tool.

“I hope you like doing more than just looking at it,” I joked.

Cinnamon piped up, “I hope you don’t do anything more than just look at it while he is shaving my pussy.”

“I will be careful,” I promised. “I would not like to harm your beautiful beaver.”

Just before I began to shave Cinnamon’s snatch; Honey unbuttoned and pulled my shorts off. While she removed the shorts her fingers grazed along my shaft. This caused my manhood to twitch and grow bigger.

“You do have a huge hard on!” Honey exclaimed.

Unable to resist a better view of my manhood; Cinnamon propped herself up on one elbow and exclaimed, “Shit! Is that a baseball bat?”

“Yes it is,” Honey replied. “You’ll soon be able to feel how Lance can swing that bat and hit a home run in your ball park.”

“Settle down girls!” I commanded. I’m involved in a delicate job.”

Applying the razor to Cinnamon’s crotch hair; I was totally engrossed in my work. Quickly I slid the razor over her skin; removing the springy black hair. Unable to resist; I let my fingers slide into her slit. Cinnamon gave a little gasp and flinched.

“I like that,” Cinnamon cooed, “but not when your shaving me. It makes me nervous.”

“I’ll try to resist until I’m done. Then I’ll put more than just my finger in there,” I stated.

“Is that a promise?” Cinnamon asked.

While all this chatter was going on Honey stripped off her top leaving her clad only in her black lace g string. Laying on the bed next to Cinnamon; Honey began to stroke Cinnamon’s beautiful brown breasts through the lace of her top.

“Do you mind if I stroke your breast?” Honey asked.

“No problem, but you must let me fondle those huge tits of yours in return,” Cinnamon replied. “I’ve never seen tits as big as yours,” Cinnamon complemented.

Honey then helped Cinnamon out of her top; revealing her firm red tipped globes. Sliding her fingers along the sides of Cinnamon’s cones; the red nipples grew big and hard.

“I love these big red nipples and brown areolas; on your perfect c cup tits,” Honey praised. “You must have put red lipstick on these nipples to get them so red.”

By now I had finished shaving and was sculpting a black heart at the top of Cinnamon’s slit. The heart was my trade mark. I always left a heart at the top of the slit; of Every pussy I shaved.

Honey had bent over Cinnamon’s left tit and was circling it with her pink tongue. Drawing the red tip into her mouth she began to suck. With the fore finger and thumb of her free hand; Honey pinched the vermillion bud on the top of the other breast causing it to quiver.

“O yes! That feels so good!” Cinnamon moaned. “I can feel little shocks running down my belly to my pussy.”

“Well I’ve finished my barbering job. If you ladies can drag your selves apart for a minute you can check out my work I grinned triumphantly.

Letting the nipple pop from her mouth; Honey lifted her head for a better look. At the same time Honey brought her hand from Cinnamon’s breast to her crotch and gently stroked the shaved skin.

“O yes! It looks great and the skin is so soft and smooth,” Honey complimented. Guiding Cinnamon’s hand to the now bald beaver; Honey encouraged Cinnamon to feel the skin. As Cinnamon’s hands explored her shaved slit she discovered the hair heart at the apex of her cleft.

“My pussy feels as smooth as silk. I can’t see the heart very well though,” Cinnamon complained.

“I’ll take the towel, water and razor back and get you a mirror!” Honey said excitedly.

While Honey went for the mirror my eyes moved up and down Cinnamon’s beautiful body. My gaze finally came to rest on her pretty pussy. While I watched; Cinnamon moved a red nailed finger to her slit and began to rub her clitoris.

“Could you help me out?” Cinnamon pleaded.

“My pleasure,” I whispered.

Moving my fingers to her hole; I began to stroke her lips. I could feel her labia becoming moist with her juices. Working two fingers inside her slit; I began caressing her fleshy folds.

“That feels nice and I don’t have to worry about you cutting me,” Cinnamon moaned.

“How about letting me have a little taste of your honey?” I asked.

“Anything you want,” she replied.

Upon receiving her permission I bent my head to her sugar bowl. Touching her neither lips with mine; I inhaled her musky love scent. The erotic perfume of an aroused woman always excited me. I could not resist tasting her love nectar. Flicking out my tongue; I began to slide it up and down her cunt lips.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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