Last Night in Barcelona

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Last Night in Barcelona”Let’s go.”It may have been hard to hear me over the blaring music, but she nodded immediately. We fled the dance floor and hurried out of the club. I held her hand as we made our way down the winding streets of Bari Gotic. She was a sight to see. She wore a simple low cut black top that allowed plenty of her breast to show. On her feet were the red flats we had purchased earlier in the day. “Here” she said handing me the keys to the apartment. Fumbling, the right key finally found its way. We made our way up the stairs and inside. She rushed into the bathroom to urinate. I took out the bag of items we purchased that afternoon and smiled. The door opened and she came out.”Strip.”Right away she took off her top and unclasped her bra. Her massive breasts fell out. Her nipples were already pert. As she took off her black jeans her scent began to fill the tiny apartment. My cock was stiff.Finally her pink panties fell to the floor. Stepping out of them, her dangling labia was free. I often asked her if her pussy had always been that way, or if it was the result of fucking so many huge dicks in college. She would laugh and say the latter.I handed her the hood. She took it and began covering her head. Her long dark hair was completely hidden. Only her brown eyes and large lips were visible beneath the black cloth.”What next?”I handed her the gloves. She chose them that afternoon. We had been to many sex stores before. This time was different. Perhaps it was being in another country. She always accompanied me like a bored c***d, letting me chose whatever I pleased. This time she led the way, straight past the dildos towards the leather and latex. ataşehir escort She had asked which I wanted her to wear, replaying my many fantasies with a learned accuracy. She pulled the gloves up her arms. She smiled as she rubbed her hands together, covered in latex for the first time. “Do you like them?” She asked as she moved towards me. I undid my belt as she reached down to my crotch. I began kissing her as she unzipped my jeans. I was mesmerized as I felt the latex gives pull my dick out. I reached around her ass and began fingering her wet pussy. She moaned as my fingers slid in her loose cunt.”Get on your knees.” I said, managing to pull myself away.”Yes daddy.””What are you?””Your filthy whore.””What else?””A dirty pig.””And what do pigs sound like?”She began to oink very quietly. I turned her around and bent her over. I picked my belt up and pulled it tight. She shouted as I slapped it across her ass. It left a large red mark.”Louder, pig.”She squealed much louder this time. “Are you read for you tail, you fucking pig?”She nodded as I grabbed the last items from the bag. I dripped some lube over her asshole and began rubbing it in. She squirmed as I forced a finger in her tight hole. As loose as her beaten cunt was, her asshole was as tight as the virgin Mary’s. I stuck another finger in.”How does that feel, pig?””It hurts” she whimpered. I smiled and took my fingers out. Then I took the anal plug out. I rubbed some lube on the end and then shoved it up her ass. She buckled forward, but it was already lodged up her ass. The end had a small leather tail dangling out.I looked her over. She was on all fours on the floor, her tits dangling. She pendik escort was not the beautiful girl I had spent the evening dinning and dancing with. She was a pitiful shit willing to do whatever I demanded.”What do pigs like to eat?””Asshole.” She responded.I took the rest of my clothes off. Then I wrapped the belt around her neck. I walked her to the bedroom. The latex gloves squeaked and the tail dangled as she crawled over.I sat on the edge of the bed and spread my legs. I yanked the belt and pulled her head to my ass. Without hesitation she began licking my balls and working her way down. I moaned as I felt her tongue work it’s way around my anus. I grabbed her head and began choking her in my ass, finally feeling the tongue force it’s way inside me.I let her breath before I guided her up to my cock. She choked as I forced her down every inch of my dick. I saw tears beginning to soak the hood near her eyes.It was time to start fucking my pig. I pulled her up onto the bed and lay her on her back. After taking the belt off, I lifted her legs over my shoulders. I felt her perfectly shaven pussy.”What do you want now?” I asked.”Your cum.””Where?””Inside my cunt.”I slid my cock inside her. It was loose, warm, and wet. I pushed into her as hard as I could, slamming into her ass and cunt. She yelped in pain. Her eyes were shut and she grinded her teeth as I pushed deeper into her. “Ahh!” She yelled. I wrapped my hands around her neck and began choking her.”What are you?””Ahh…! A filthy pig! Easy!”I slapped her on the face. She winced. I choked her harder as I fucked her mercilessly. I pulled out and pushed her to the side. I laid down and told her to tuzla escort climb on me, so that her huge ass was facing me. Her tail rested on my stomach as she settled on my cock. This was more comfortable for her. I enjoyed watching her ass jiggle and her tail flop around. “What do you want, pig?””I want your cum inside me!” She cried.”Why?””I want you to breed me, I want you to breed me like an a****l!”I grabbed her ass as and I shot my load in her. She cried out. I pushed her off me and put her back on all fours. I fingered her, and soon my hand was covered in cum and pussy juice. I put my hand on her face and she licked it clean, sucking on my fingers like she had my cock earlier. I was getting hard again watching her.”You need more to clean, don’t you?”She looked puzzled.I reached behind her and pulled her plug out. She squirmed.”Clean your ass off of this.”She winced and turned her head away. I slapped her as hard as I could and she began to cry. I grabbed her chin and held her head up and forced the dirty plug into her mouth. She began to suck it, eventually working her tongue over it. I wondered how such a beautiful girl could be made so filthy. I smiled.”I need to clean you off.” I said as I finally took the plug out of her mouth. I wrapped the belt around her and pulled her towards the bathroom. “Get in the shower.” She crawled in. I admired her body. She was the pinnacle of everything I had wanted a woman to look like. In two years of constant fucking I was still instantly aroused by her curves. Now she lay slumped over in the shower, her face hidden and her neck red from the belt.”Pathetic.” I turned the shower on cold. She shouted and reached grabbing the shower handle. I let her work it out as I left the barroom and shut the door. I went back into the bedroom and opened the curtain. I pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke. Looking over the old city’s skyline, I felt tired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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