Late Night Surprise

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It was the normal Friday night routine, Ann would meet her husband John at the local bar to relax after the long week, and visit with some friends. John and Ann generally left at the same time, but that night Ann finished her drink and decided to leave a bit earlier. John hadn’t finished with his drink yet, and was in the middle of a conversation, so Ann told him she’d see him at home.

After a treacherous drive home in the snow, Ann put her night gown on. Feeling frisky as she always did after drinking, she took her panties off. Ann decided to read a couple erotic stories on the internet while waiting for John to get home. As she read the stories, she lightly fingered herself then decided to lie down on the couch to watch some television.

When John arrived home, he found Ann asleep on the couch. He knew it wasn’t uncommon for her to fall asleep on the couch while watching television. He also knew she loved to be awakened by being sexually aroused.

He went into the bedroom got comfortable and made a phone call to Richard and let him know that tonight would definitely be the perfect night for them to put their plan into action.

Around one in the morning, Richard arrived and found Ann was asleep on the couch as expected. While Richard quietly got undressed, John carefully moved Ann so Richard had easy access to her pussy. John started playing with Ann’s clitoris while Richard ate her pussy. Ann canlı bahis started to moan, but didn’t appear to be awake. Richard motioned to John that Ann’s pussy was good and wet and definitely ready to be fucked. John positioned his cock near Ann’s mouth as Richard stuck his cock in her pussy, as soon as Ann opened her mouth; it was filled with John’s cock. Ann opened her eyes as wide as they would open, looked up at John, and pushed his hips a little trying to get his cock out of her mouth. John moved back a little, only enough that Ann could talk, but his cock was still partially in her mouth. She asked who was fucking her, she heard Richard snicker and closed her eyes because the pleasure was so great, she still didn’t know for sure if it was Richard or not, John wouldn’t tell her who was fucking her; nor would he let her see, at that point she really didn’t care, she started sucking John’s cock again, as best as she could with Richard thrusting his cock into her pussy.

Richard was thrusting his cock inside Ann so hard she could barely suck John’s cock through the screams of pleasure. John turned his head a little, indicating that Richard should slow down a little. Both guys knew that if Ann was being fucked hard, she couldn’t concentrate on sucking the cock that was in her mouth. Richard started thrusting a little easier, Ann was playing with John’s ass and sucking his cock so well that he had to pull away or fill bahis siteleri her mouth, and he wasn’t ready to cum yet. John took the blanket from the back of the couch; covered Ann’s face, then held her hands so she couldn’t pull it off. John and Richard were trading places; neither wanted Ann to see that it was in fact Richard fucking her. Richard made sure that the blanket was covering Ann’s eyes, while John stuck his cock inside her. Richard uncovered Ann’s mouth and leaned over to kiss her. His kiss tasted like pussy, Ann didn’t care, Richard and Ann hadn’t really kissed before, and so she still wasn’t sure if it was Richard or not.

With Ann’s eyes still covered, Richard straddled her so she could suck his cock. As soon as he stuck his cock in her mouth, she knew it was Richard. Ann pulled the blanket off her eyes, and looked at Richard as she was sucking his cock; she was treating his cock so well that it was Richard’s turn to pull away. Both John and Richard were ready to cum, but this wasn’t about them, it was about Ann, and knowing that Ann loved anal so much, and would probably want double penetration that they both pulled away from her. Richard asked Ann if she wanted his cock in her ass while John fucked her pussy, she said she didn’t care whose cock was where as long as they were both in a hole. John told Ann that she would have to decide who got to go where, Ann said she’d think about it, but they’d bahis şirketleri have be on the bed, she didn’t think the couch would work. Even though John and Richard knew it could work, they agreed that everyone would be more comfortable on the bed.

Ann grabbed Richard and John’s cocks and led them to the bedroom; she was stroking them as they walked making sure they were going to be ready when they made it to the bedroom. Ann asked John to lie down on his back, when he did she climbed on top of him inserting his cock into her pussy, she then leaned forward and started kissing John, and Richard moved in behind her. John was already thrusting his cock in Ann’s pussy, but slowed down to let Richard put his cock in her ass. Once Richard was in Ann’s ass, and Ann was comfortable so that Richard wasn’t hurting her, both John and Richard were thrusting their cocks in her so hard that Ann was screaming with pleasure. Ann said she was going to cum, and both guys stopped thrusting, almost simultaneously, they wanted her to cum, but didn’t want to cum just yet. Very slowly both guys pulled their cocks out of Ann. Richard starting eating Ann’s pussy and John put his cock in her mouth, Ann came while Richard was eating her pussy, but they weren’t done. Richard inserted his cock into Ann’s pussy, and John went for her ass, with only a few hard thrusts by both, it didn’t take long for John and Richard to fill Ann with cum, their final thrusts sent Ann over the edge, as she climaxed, she squeezed her muscles so much that both John and Richard were wincing and had to pull out of her. All three collapsed on the bed exhausted and very satisfied.

The End

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