Latina Granny Ch. 08

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Ch. 07

Febe Keeps her Promise

My thanks to all who have read and enjoyed the adventures of Febe. This sexy grandmother will be taking a much-needed rest after this final and quite exhausting chapter in her odyssey. Please consider her entire story as simply a “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” story.

It ran completely against the promise I made to myself that I would not spend my own money on clothing for this summer, but I broke it. I went out and purchased all of the items to complement my beautiful blue lace gown. I had hoped the boys would complete the outfit for me but instead they had spent considerable time and money providing me with some of the most unexpectedly lovely outfits, lingerie and shoes that I just knew they couldn’t afford the kinds of items I had in mind. I had such a clear image of how I wanted to look and exactly the items needed to complete the outfit that I finally decided to bear the cost myself. The outfit did cost a pretty penny — but oh my goodness — it was worth it, even if I do say so myself. I was already excited about wearing it for them all. I had decided I would wear it for them at dinner tomorrow night. It was to be our last night together. Everyone was returning home the next morning.

They were going all-out for the meal. They were taking charge of the whole thing and told me all I need do is show up and look good. I protested and finally they grudgingly allowed me to provide dessert. I didn’t bother to tell them I intended to be dessert.

I had already tried this hot new outfit on twice now (Twice because I couldn’t believe how stunning I looked the first time!). As I stood looking at myself in the mirror my appearance began to arouse even me!

I had shopped carefully. I discovered the most lavish bra, panty and garter belt set in blue satin that matched the sash of the robe. The bra lifted my boobs up nicely but left just a hint of each nipple peeking out. The panties were a little fuller cut than my usual panties and trimmed in the same blue satin but they were utterly sheer, both in front and back. My Rowboats wouldn’t have to look very hard to find my pussy. The garter belt finished this all out nicely in the same blue satin. I managed to find a pair of shimmering, light blue stockings that seemed to make everything else about my outfit stand out even more. I even splurged and bought a pair of blue satin pumps.

I still had one very large problem with this outfit, though. I worried that it would it be far too provocative. Lordy, but I looked hot! The slightest misstep from me and I might find myself spread-eagled on the dining room table, six erections taking aim at me from every direction. The terrible part in that possible turn of events is that I don’t believe I would have or could have tried to stop them. As we approached this last night together, I was frightened by just how near to the kindling point we all were. All it might take to send things careening out of control would be a wrong word, an accidental touch or an unintentional sexual reference to launch a night of wild sex. I bit my lip and fretted that I might just be the guilty party to set things off prematurely. Goodness, but I was hot for a trot!

All of us managed somehow to keep our sanity intact and our clothes on for the next several hours. Since all papers and exams except finals had long since been graded, there were no rewards due any of my young charges. Stan performed my commando inspection on our last morning together. He remained rather gentlemanly, though he did take a few more liberties with my clit and labia than I would have normally have allowed. He had certainly learned how to care for a pussy over the summer!

After my inspection everyone began a very busy morning. It seems everyone wanted to be packed, with cars loaded before dinner. The preparations for our last dinner together had apparently become a big thing for all of them. I know I was certainly keyed up. After all, I was to be dessert!

Shortly after noon all six young men were packed and had turned their attentions to dinner. A couple of them rushed off to shop. Three of them were busy preparing something that had to marinate for several hours and Garth, well Garth had been swept up by Matilde in some urgent mission requiring his help. I honestly think the mission involved renewing Matilde’s spirits with a long round of mind-boggling orgasms. Their relationship had blossomed, though Garth had promised me he would absolutely return in time for dinner. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” he promised me as Matilde tugged him out the door. He had come so far in just the past six weeks. I smiled and silently hoped Matilde would leave a bit of Garth for me. I was going to miss him and that long snake of a cock of his.

At about the time I would have slipped out onto the patio to sunbathe, I entered the dining room and overheard three (well, really four when you count Phil-Bill as two separate people) voices in the kitchen. I froze Beylikdüzü escort near the kitchen door and listened.

“Everything’s got to be just right for tonight!” It sounded like Stan’s voice.

“Febe will appreciate whatever we do,” Phil-Bill countered.

“Yeah — but we owe her so much! You have to admit she’s the reason we’re all getting A’s. She has turned our lives around. We gave her our best for the whole summer term. We should give her our best now,” Peter chimed in. He was almost reverent in the way he pronounced his final words.

Regardless of Professor So-and-so’s high standards, Peter was receiving an A+ reward from me! And to think that all it took were some strict guidelines and my pussy to lick and Peter was a changed young man. Sometimes the smallest of changes can make all the difference in the world.

I hated to interrupt their conversation but since I had absolutely nothing I needed to do for the entire afternoon, I intended to spend it soaking up the sun one last time before I returned home tomorrow and I needed to pass through the kitchen to slip into my swimsuit and then to slip out onto the patio.

“I hope you gentlemen are decent in there because a lady is coming through!” I called out loudly before marching in on them.

“I’ll just be a minute in my room and then I’ll be back out again. I shouldn’t need to bother you again for a couple of hours,” I told them without even stopping.

Three minutes later I had slipped into my little excuse for a swimsuit and sandals and was on my way to the patio with a towel over my arm and a bottle of suntan lotion in one hand. All three of them were still in the kitchen and all three turned to gawk at me.

“What?” I demanded when they just stood staring at me.

Peter spoke up, “Sorry, Febe but seeing you in that bikini, even now after all these weeks, just takes my breath away! All I can do is stare.”

Phil-Bill and Stan must have agreed because they stood motionless, their mouths open and just stared as well. I smiled. It did me a world of good to know a grandmother like me could have this effect on handsome, virile young college studs. I was going to miss all this attention.

“Need someone to put that suntan lotion on?” Stan finally chimed in.

“Nope. I think it best if you young men don’t interrupt dinner on my account,” I told him. I’m sure they knew I was really just afraid that the suntan lotion and their hands on my body might lead to spontaneous combustion right now.

I slipped out the back door and wasted no time oiling myself up and spreading out on the blanket. Before drifting off for a nap in the hot sun I reviewed all the wonderful experiences of this remarkable summer. There were a lot of them and I smiled. Things had gone so well for all of us. Trent and Lucy were developing a lovely relationship. All six of my summer residents had successfully restarted their academic careers with hard work and A’s. Garth had begun to come out of his shell. They had all begun their discovery of the opposite sex, though they definitely still had much to learn. Goodness, but they were gifted students though!

The rewards for me had been unexpected and immense. First, I discovered I was attractive. I guess I always knew that but I stopped thinking about myself in that way until Trent reminded me. Second, I liked sex — a lot! The pure unadulterated joy of it was something I just stopped thinking about as my own period of middle-aged, post-divorce celibacy set in. Finally, I was organized, experienced, smart and I had a lot to offer this world. The success of my Rowboats was proof of that.

I awoke rested and still smiling over those same satisfying thoughts but a bit groggy. I was grateful for this rest. Tonight, was going to be a long one.

Upon entering the kitchen Stan called out, “Dinner is at 6:30, Febe! You’ve got thirty-five minutes.”

I panicked a little. I would have to hurry now in order to get ‘dessert’ ready for all these hard-working young college studs.

It was a scramble but I managed. At 6:30, sharp a soft knock fell on my door and Evan called out softly, “Dinner time, Febe.”

Evan was waiting for me with a big, eager grin. I could tell he was very proud of his part in this final dinner. His expression changed though when he got a good look at me. His smile vanished, his jaw went slack and he wheezed out a feeble gasping, “F-Febe! Wh-why! Da-a-amn!”

That was good enough for me. Ordinarily I would have scolded him for his language but sometimes the sincerest compliments require a crude word here and there. Sometimes they aren’t even complete thoughts at all.

He was too stunned by my appearance to do anything more than stand and stare so I took it upon myself to slip my arm into his and gently steer us to the dining room. He gawked at me shamelessly all the way there. Even before the other five got a glimpse of my new outfit I felt it was worth every penny I had paid for it.

I Beylikdüzü escort made my appearance in the doorway and did my best to strike a dramatic pose. They were all standing behind their chairs at the table, apparently awaiting my arrival before sitting. There was a collective and audible deep breath from them all as they drank in my appearance.

The entire group gawked at me for what seemed like an eternity. Their silent stares could have made me uncomfortable but the first word that came to me as I stood taking in so many vague, open-mouthed smiles on faces with such faraway looks on them was spellbound. You have no idea how much good it does a grandmother’s spirits to know beyond a shadow of any doubt that she can hold a roomful of attractive young men spellbound. Something melted inside me in that moment. Or perhaps, something was ignited in me in that moment. In any case, a deep and ever so warming sensation slowly came over me that I had only ever felt in sudden brief flashes before this occasion. This, however was a sustained and ever-warming sensation that left me . . . well, spellbound too. It thrilled me no end to realize a room filled with intelligent, handsome young men was plainly smitten (does anyone use that word anymore?) by me.

“Well! Everything looks fabulous,” I told them all, “And it all smells so good. You gentlemen have gone above and beyond the call.”

With the silence broken, Evan had the presence of mind to escort me to my seat and even hold the chair for me. They had learned a few things this summer and I beamed at Evan as he moved to his seat across the table.

Our meal went wonderfully. I’ve eaten in a five-star restaurant that couldn’t match the service for this meal. Each of them had taken responsibility for a portion of the meal and they took charge of serving their part. These young men were especially attentive to me and I didn’t mind in the least. Our conversation was a little sporadic and leaned toward small talk. I chalked that up to our nerves. We were all a little tense. It was our final evening together. They had gone all out for dinner and — I think they were all excited about what dessert might be. Gosh, even I was excited about dessert!

As our meal together came to a close, I could sense they were getting restless about something. Finally, Phil-Bill came out with what was bothering them all. These twins were always impatient and had a habit of rushing things along.

“So . . . Febe — what’s for dessert?” the pair asked in their brand of unison.

All six of young men straightened in their chairs at the question. I only smiled and looked around the room at each of them. This is what they were so anxious about.

“Well, gentlemen” I began, pausing for dramatic effect, “I thought I might serve dessert in your rooms. That way I can make it much more personal. Perhaps we could begin in a few minutes.”

That put horny grins on all six young men’s faces as they exchanged excited glances with one another. They obviously liked the idea of dessert in bed.

“But how will we know when you’re coming to serve dessert to us?” Garth asked. He always did worry about the details.

“If you hear a knock on your door — even if it’s 2:00 in the morning — I think you should answer it,” I told him and then added, “I hope you don’t mind if I wear this outfit when I serve your dessert. You won’t mind, will you?”

There was a long, awkward and slightly goofy pause then. Finally, I broke the silence and gave them the instructions they needed. “I can begin serving your desserts as soon as you all go to your rooms. I will only knock on doors that are closed. Understood?”

Every one of them was on their feet and moving. Surprisingly, they were even going to clean up before they dashed upstairs! I helped and we had the dishwasher loaded and purring away in minutes.

“Just let me check my makeup and I’ll be right up to congratulate each of you hardworking young men,” I called to them, “And remember — it might be really late before I knock on that last door!”

With my stockings adjusted, a hasty touch up to my makeup made and a few fresh drops of lube applied to my sweet little opening, I was off to fulfill my promise. As a hasty last thought, I grabbed my reading glasses and put them on. I didn’t want to be blinded by the blast from a young man’s cock gone bonkers.

At the top of the stairs I had to choose. I intended to begin at one end of the hall and move room-by-room to the other end. At the end to my left lay Phil-Bill. To my right, next to the bathroom lay Garth. I turned right and hoped Matilde hadn’t extracted all the sweet man-nectar out of Garth. I must confess that I may have been even more excited about this night than my young charges. My hands were shaking with anticipation and my heart was fluttering away at a feverish rate. Going two and a half hours with Shawn yesterday hadn’t dampened my enthusiasm or my libido in the slightest.

I Escort Beylikdüzü believe I have come to need the attention young men. And before you think it, this is not some old woman’s vain and foolish ego trip. This is not my foolhardy attempt to feel young again. I am sixty-one, proud of it and thoroughly grateful for how gently time has treated me. I may not be twenty-five anymore but I still have a great figure with curves in all the right places, boobs that are bigger now and ride a bit lower on my chest, making them better, livelier handfuls and only a few wrinkles which several college men I happen to know think add character to my looks.

No, my needs — the needs young men can satisfy – are simple and very, very basic. I need to get all tangled up with a breathless, sweating, hotblooded male and feel his desire in everything he does. I want his splooge filling me, running down my legs, down the crack of my ass, off my face and tits and I want to know beyond any doubt that he has given me everything. Goodness, but all the possibilities offered by this night and the six eager and truly earnest young college studs who expected my heartfelt congratulations sent my head spinning!

I rapped three times softly on Garth’s door. My hand was shaking. Garth opened the door and smiled down at me.

“Boy, you look gorgeous Febe!” were the first words out of his mouth.

“Why, thank you Garth, but what you see is a part of your dessert. I’m here to show my appreciation for all your hard, hard work during summer term. You’ve grown a lot over the past few weeks!” I purred.

He had pulled me just inside his room enough to close the door. There was a light burning on his desk and Garth was still dressed in his tie, jacket and slacks from dinner. I was still smiling, preparing to unbuckle his slacks when he suddenly grabbed me by the waist, hoisted me up like a kewpie doll and kissed me.

I had intended to test Garth’s resolve and his self-discipline by deepthroating his incredible snake as quickly as I could. Instead, my legs were wrapped around Garth and holding on while we kissed and he feverishly attempted to undress me. He had my gown pushed off my shoulders, my bra undone and a boob in one hand before I knew it. This boy had been practicing!

I struggled to pry myself loose and finally got my feet back on the floor but not before he was able to strip me of one shoe. He seemed to be frantic to have me naked right there and then. I had only managed to loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt by the time he slipped my robe off and stripped me of my bra, tossing it off somewhere into a dark corner of the room. I managed to get the better of him then, finally unbuckling his slacks and getting them halfway down before he pushed my panties down over my hips. He did his best to grope my tits then while I worked feverishly at his shoes and socks.

Somehow, we both managed to get naked enough to perform some rather marvelous, lewd things together. His long, impressive cock was already stiff, its head pointing up and to the left as it always did when he was fully aroused. I made another attempt to wolf the whole thing down in one gulp but just as I was about to slip its fat purple head into my mouth, he snatched me up again like a kewpie doll and proceeded to skewer my pussy on his snake. He kept on poking me with it as he kissed me.

Garth truly had come a long way. This was the most direct and determined I had ever seen him. He was going to take me, standing right here in the middle of his room with my legs thrown up high around his waist and he was going to have me now. I was every bit as thrilled that he was being so commanding and direct with me as I was that he was going to fuck me with that big, lovely, long drill of his. I may have come to congratulate him on his success but Garth seemed hell-bent on showing me a new and much-improved side to his character.

“Thank you, Febe!” he said with a grunt as he let my stiffening clit come to rest against his shaft. His big snake was now bowed in the shape of a “J” (and that’s a capitol J, too!) Just the way he knew I liked it.

My pussy was nearly filled and yet he had so much of his long slender shaft left for my little songbird to perch on. My little songbird was already warming to the idea of perching like this for a long time and singing out a proud and happy song.

“You’ve worked so hard, Garth. Congratulations,” I gasped. It was difficult to speak in a normal voice when he was forcing the breath out of me.

“Not as hard,” he began, lifting me up a few inches until my clit was pressed hard against his belly, “as I’m going to work right now!”

He let me fall then. The effect was devastating. By the time he stopped my fall my poor, helpless little clit had been scraped over several inches of some very manly territory. I was suddenly in all-out orgasm mode. The tables had been turned on me. I had approached our “farewell sex” intending to test Garth’s self-restraint and fitness for satisfying a woman. Only a few weeks ago I had popped his cork with nothing more than a couple of deep and shrewdly calculated plunges that put the head of his cock almost into my stomach. Garth was having none of that tonight.

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