Latisha Goes White – 1

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Latisha Goes White – 1My name is Jake I am a 28 year old white guy, my neighbor Betty asked me if I could keep an eye on her daughter Latisha for the night. Betty had a hot date with some new guy she’d met. Since I didn’t have anything planned, I said yes to her.Me and Latisha have been very close ever since I stopped a bunch of guys from attacking her when she was 10 years old. She started to call me uncle after that and I called her my pretty little niece. She never gave me any trouble when she was around.That night, I was in the kitchen fixing us some food to eat to watch with the movie when she came into my apartment. I came out of kitchen and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Latisha. She had on a very tight fitting blouse that was tied just under her young breasts. She had on a pair of jean shorts that looked like they were painted on her. She had the cowgirl hat and boots I gave her for her 14th birthday. The entire outfit was in the color white and it looked great against her dark skin. She had her very long black hair tied in a pony tail and her pretty brown eyes shined brightly. Her 33a 22 32 body could drive anyone wild with lust for her. Latisha hugged me and kissed my cheek and I did the same to her. “Well my handsome uncle do you got the food ready?””Yes I do my pretty niece. Do you have the movie?” I asked.”Right here uncle Jake. I been told it’s a very scary movie.” She put the movie on and I sat in my chair and she laid on the floor. We watched the movie… well she did… I had a hard time – I kept looking at her neat little black ass, wishing I was a teenage boy again so I fuck her. But all I was, was a dirty old man getting a hard-on over her young body.”Did you see that uncle? This movie is so scary I am turning it off. I hope you don’t mind me sitting in your lap, I always feel safe when you hold me uncle.””No problem my pretty niece, but why did you pick such a movie to watch?””That’s ankara escort easy, so’s I can do this to you.” Latisha straddled my lap and frenched me.”Young lady, what do you think you are doing kissing me like that?””Letting the man I love know he’ll popping my tiny black cherry tonight, thas’ what!””I am flattered that you want me but Latisha, I am twice your age. You need a boy your age to do that with, not a old man like me.””I don’t want some stupid boy jumping on top of me, he’ll only care about himself and not me. You my beloved uncle will make sure my first time will be very special. That’s why I want you to be first and only lover.” “Well, honey, you made some good points, but I have to say no to you Latisha.”She stood up in front of me and did a quick little pirouette, “Can you say no to my young black tittys?” She untied her top and exposed her young flesh to me. My cock got even harder looking at those perfect tits and her young nipples were very hard. I just kept looking at them not knowing what to do or say. This young girl was driving me wild with lust over her young body.”You love looking at my very nice tits uncle and that bulge in your pants tells me so. Uncle you’re a dirty old man getting a hard-on over your young innocence niece like that. “Go ahead you can touch them all you want to, oh give me your hands. See they won’t bite you but you can bite my nipples if you want to. I know you want to, my dirty uncle, I can tell it by your eyes and your hard-on.”Umm, Uncle Jake you are so hard, oh yes squeeze my tittys. “Yes keep sucking my tits just like that, your mouth feels so good on them. I have dreamed of this day for so long, oh please don’t stop biting my nipples. Harder, bite them harder! I want to suck your white dick and I don’t care how small it is uncle.” she teased.”Fuck your tits tasted like sweet chocolate and yes you can suck my cock. You little cock teasing ankara escort bayan slut, get to sucking me!””Then I better get on my knees like a good slut should.”Now I want to see my first real live dick. Ooh my god! You’re so long and so thick… and your nuts are big. Fuck me! I hit the fucking duck jackpot.””Oh Latisha, your tongue feels great on my balls you dirty girl. That’s it, suck them into your pretty black mouth, you look great with my white balls between your lips. That’s the way to stroke a man’s cock, now put it in your hot little mouth. OH YES! YOUR MOUTH FEELS SO GOOD! ITS SO SOFT AND SO WET! MY COCK IS IN HEAVEN!”Damn girl your snatch might be cherry, but your mouth is a cock sucking whore. Suck it all the way down you little nigger bitch, you are so fantastic. Swallow my entire cock go balls deep, I know you want to bury your cute little nose in my short hairs. Keep bobbing up and down my cock oh you are so great at sucking a man’s cock. FUCK ME! I AM CUMMING! YOU COCK LOVING WHORE! AUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!””That was a giant load of sperm you made me swallow uncle Jake.” Latisha licked her cum coated lips. “If you didn’t want to swallow it, then you should of taken your mouth off of it.”Latisha wrinkled her nose playfully and said, “That would of been hard since you held me by my ponytail.””That was a man’s load of cum you swallowed, not some boy’s load you drank before. Now I want to see your pretty little ass you been teasing me with all night.””So you notice my hot little ass finally I’s the best you ever seen before my dirty old uncle.””Well, your mom has a nice ass too… I wouldn’t mind fucking hers.””UNCLE JAKE! YOU ARE NASTY, WANTING TO FUCK MY MOTHER’S ASSHOLE!””Drop those shorts my dirty niece. Oh yes, your ass is so tight and so small and baby soft. Now drop your thong panties and bend over I want to see your tiny asshole. It’s so cute and soft…””Hey! Watch that escort ankara finger of yours. UNCLE JAKE! YOU DIRTY OLD MAN! YOU’RE LICKING MY TINY ASSHOLE! I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND! YOU DIRTY FUCKER STICKING YOUR FINGER IN MY ASS!She moaned with pleasure, “You’re so fucking dirty getting my pussy so wet and licking and finger fucking my asshole at the same time. Fuck me, I’m going to cum… OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! … OH HELL YOUR NASTY OLD WHITE TONGUE IS REALLY UP MY BLACK ASSHOLE!””That’s a very tasty asshole you have Latisha and now to my bedroom where I am going to fuck your hot tits and your virgin snatch and your tiny ass.””Uncle, you’re so super nasty thinking you’re going to fuck my tiny asshole.””I know I will fuck your ass, you’re my bitch now. Now get in the bedroom my young bitch and lay on the bed and spread your legs.”Very good, now you’re going to enjoy me eating out your sweet snatch, better than any boy has done.””UNCLE JAKE! THAT TONGUE OF YOURS FEELS SO WONDERFUL ON MY SWEET PUSSY! You’re the only person that has ever licked me before. FUCK I AM CUMMING!! OH FUCK!! OH FUCK!! OH FUCK!! Keep licking me, I love how you make me cum so easy. I need your giant dick in right now!””You’ll get it after I make you cum again.””Think you’re man enough to make to make me cum again?” she teased, lying there naked, wonton.”Little girl, I am, and I’ll take my time munching your snatch.””That’s some bold talk old man,” she giggled. “my pussy is the sweetest you’ll ever taste. My, my, I’ve never had my clitty nibbled on before. Oh don’t stop eating me, my pussy is so wet! I am so horny, I need your giant cherry popper to pop mine! OH GOD YES! GO DEEPER IN MY PUSSY! SQUEEZE MY TITYS, OH FEELS SO GOOD!”My pussy is in heaven. I just knew I made the right choice letting you be first.”Come on my dirty uncle, make me cum already! Your young horny niece needs to cum! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! Uncle Jake, I got to have your manly dick in me right now. I have to lose it, right NOW!. I am so fucking horny I have to have your giant dick in me right fucking now! You fucking pussy teasing bastard, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH PLEASE FUCK ME!!”To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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