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Laurie”I’m sorry,” she said. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I just can’t help admiring how beautiful you are. I truly fear that if I don’t get to kiss you now, all I’ll be left with is a glass slipper.”I giggled, and quite possibly blushed. That had to be one of the best lines I’d ever heard. I allowed the kiss. It was just right. She kissed me again, and, this time, I kissed her back.We were at a mutual friend’s house. He was throwing a small party, the reason was never clear to me, but it was a party, all the same. If I’d met her before that evening, I couldn’t recall. She’d arrived to the party later than me with three or four other friends. We’d said ‘hello’ then, but wandered to different sections of the party. After a while, I noticed she’d been left alone by her friends. I sat and chatted with her for a few moments. She said she was getting a drink and offered to get me one, but didn’t return from the bar. An hour or so later is when we found ourselves in a back room with a few others, low lights and some new age background music playing. I was enjoying the relaxation of it when I noticed she’d been looking at me for a while.We were snogging for a few minutes. We stopped long enough to get some air, I smiled. We were looking into each other’s eyes. “I’ve never really wanted glass slippers. I always thought they’d pinch.” I said, as straight faced as I could.She burst out laughing. I followed.The other couple that had been in the room suddenly weren’t. They must’ve left while she and I were kissing. We were alone.”I’m Siobhán,” I said, extending my hand.She took it with a cheeky grin and ceremoniously kissed it. “I’m Laurie.”We kissed again. I felt her hand on my hip, kneading it softly. I ran my hand up and back down her back. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I touched my hand to her’s on my hip. She stopped the kneading, but didn’t remove it. Good. I didn’t want her to. I looked around the room once more and found we were still alone.”I’ll be right back,” I whispered into her ear. I stood up and stepped toward the door. I turned back with a smile, “Don’t you go fucking disappearing on me now. I won’t be more than a minute.”She undid three more buttons on her already cleavage revealing top. “Oh, I’ll be here. If you’re too long, though, I may just start without you…”I bit my lower lip and stepped out of the room, crossed the small corridor and entered the loo. I closed the door behind me as I was unbuttoning my own top. Leaning against the door, I took a deep breath, then reached behind me and unclasped my bra. I quickly pulled my top back on, making sure to rebutton it correctly, then dropped my bra into my purse. Luckily, I wasn’t wearing any knickers. It would’ve taken a lifetime to peel off my boots and jeans just to pull them back on again. When I would be taking my jeans off, they would stay off for a while. I was just getting ready to return istanbul escort to Laurie when I heard a low moan eminating from the tub. I peeked behind the curtain to see another couple of party guests, she was hungrily stuffing his penis into her mouth. I smiled and left the room, only I closed the door a little instead of leaving it wide open as I’d found it.”You weren’t gone long at all,” smiled Laurie. “Good.””No, I just needed a quick tidy.” I smiled back, hoping my sudden… freedom… wouldn’t be too immediately obvious. “You wouldn’t believe what I just saw in the loo…””It’s a party, Darling! I’d believe practically anything,” Laurie laughed.I couldn’t help but laugh along. I returned to the spot where I was before going to the loo, very close next to Laurie. “Thank you for waiting for me,” I smiled and kissed her cheek.”Something in the back of my head said that I should…” she kissed me back, and soon we were again snogging like school k**s under the football stands. It wasn’t long before I crept my hand up to caress her full breast. She pulled me closer, kissing me harder.After a moment or two, she broke the kiss. Staring directly into my eyes, she said “wait.”I felt like I was going to crumble. I was far too horny now to just stop. Lucky for me, Laurie leant back and finished undoing the buttons on her silk blouse, opening it wide for me to see her luscious breasts and hard, excited nipples.”Lovely…” I said as we leant together and resumed our snogging.Laurie took my hand and placed it to her breast, both of us moaning at the delight in the touch. As I cupped her breast, I lightly ran my thumb back and forth over her nipple, causing it to stiffen even more.”That feels so good…” she whispered into my ear. “Please… use both hands… touch me…””Gladly,” I smiled. “But first…” I unbuttoned my top and, instead of just opening it for Laurie to sneak a quick peek, I completely removed it, tossing it behind me on the couch.Laurie responded by leaning in and taking my left nipple into her mouth, her hands on both my breasts.I truly love my nipples to be licked and sucked, and the passion and urgency in Laurie’s suckling sent my libido into overdrive. I lay back allowing Laurie full access to my excited nipples, giving me the ability to help fully remove her blouse. With her blouse finally and completely off, I pulled her back up so we could be again face to face, with her above me, so I could feel her naked skin next to my naked skin.Our kissing resumed in earnest, passionate lust.My legs were parted and she was between them. Even through my jeans and her skirt, I could feel the heat emanating from her as our mounds pressed together. I could feel her grinding into me harder and harder as I kneaded her bum with both hands.With avcılar escort laboured breath, she whispered in my ear “My knickers are so wet…”I smiled. “I’m not wearing any,” I whispered back.Laurie sat up on her knees between my opened thighs, drawing her hands down my body as she rose, her fingers landing exactly on the button of my jeans. She flashed me a wicked smile as she undid the button and started to lower the zip. I raised my arms above my head, offering absolutely no resistance whatsoever, anticipating the feel of her warm fingers stroking my trim red pubes… and beyond…My body quivered as her finger slid it’s way, ever so agonizingly slow, toward my lonely, engorged clit. I could tell by the look on her face she was enjoying her little touch of torture. I took hold of either side of my opened jeans, spreading the opening as wide as I could, unable to lower them due to our position, yet shamelessly offering myself to her all the same. She lowered her hand into my open legs, wiping her finger from back to front, drawing with it a sample of my nectar. She withdrew her hand, smiling at the wetness on her finger. As she drew it up to her face, I lost what little control I had left. I quickly sat up, taking her right nipple in my mouth and reaching my hand up her skirt to find her leaking paradise.Yes. Her knickers were very wet.Laurie reacted by grasping my head to her chest, throwing her head back and emitting a low, sexy moan. I reached into her knickers and inserted two fingers into her slick wetness in a slow pistoning motion while using my thumb against her hard, protruding clit.Still holding my head to her, she began pushing back against my fingers. My free arm went around her waist to hold her steady and I began pushing back to her pushing back. She let go her hold on my head and leant back, her hands balancing herself on the seat and back of the couch. This change in position moved her fanny much closer to my face. I took my arm from around her waist and lifted the front of her skirt, to see my fingers sensuously stroking in and out of her. I leant in and gave it a kiss. I could feel the ripples of her climax take over her body as she trembled and shook as I quickened my pace of my fingers and sucked harder on her clit.It wasn’t until I felt her hand pushing my head away from her that I gave a thought to easing up. Her eyes were wide, her breathing was laboured and heavy, and her nipples could’ve cut glass. The smile on her face is what told me she needed to rest. She looked as if she were going to say something but couldn’t form the words.I smiled back “‘S’alright, Love. While you’re catching your breath, I’m going to get out of these jeans. For some reason, I feel terribly overdressed.”Laurie chuckled and shook the hem of her skirt.”Sure!” I smiled, “I’ll be glad to help you out of that, şirinevler escort too.”I sat back, unzipped and pulled off my boots. She smiled as I stood to peel off my jeans. I was cursing myself on my choice of outfit as I struggled a little to slide my jeans down off my hips. Good music wouldn’t have even made that bit sexy. I just needed the fabric off my body. With my jeans to mid-thigh, my hair was suddenly bothering me, so I stood to wrap it back. Laurie siezed the moment, sat up and took my bum in both hands, pulling me to her. She parted my lips with her tongue and slowly licked at my very excited nub. I couldn’t open my legs to give her any better access because my damned jeans were still at my thighs. I grabbed her head to steady myself because there wasn’t anything else within arm’s reach, her quick and well aimed licking was sending shiver shocks all over my body. It was only a few moments more before I needed to collapse again on the couch. I used the change in my position to push my jeans off the rest of the way. Still not sexy to watch, but it got the job done.”That is so much better,” I gasped.Laurie stood and undid the side waist button of her skirt, slid down the zip and stepped out of her skirt, leaving her wearing her sandals, knickers and a smile. Laurie had caught her breath. She took the side strings of her knickers in each hand. Instead of pushing her knickers off, Laurie violently pulled the fabric out from her hips, breaking each string so that the rest of the fabric of her knickers simply fell to the floor, exposing her dark, well trimmed pubes.I again lay back on the couch, this time able to brazenly open my legs to her, reaching my arms out, inviting her to me. She touched my ankle and, with fingertips only, lightly ran her touch across my skin as she sat herself between my open legs, her fingers and mouth meeting exactly where I wanted and needed them to. My back immediately arched and I cupped both of my breasts. She used both of her hands to widen her access, her tongue skillfully darting from my opening to my exposed clit and back. Suddenly her tongue was probing deeper inside me and her thumb was strumming my clit to crescendo. I let go of my tits to grab either side of her head. I started to buck against her, causing her to rub even faster, and lick even deeper…I let go of her head with my right hand, only to grab the back of the couch just in time for the first of many atomic shockwaves to pulse through me. I heard my own voice as if from far in the distance, babbling ooos and aahhhs as my body continued to shake and quiver under Laurie’s talented caress. Several times I actually had to remember to breathe…I sat up, pulling Laurie’s face to mine, her mouth and chin dripping with my nectar. We kissed again, a kiss full of passion and lust.”That’s so hot…” came a woman’s voice with a decidedly American accent from the other side of the room. Laurie and I, startled, both turned to look in the direction of the voice to see three women and the man hosting the party, all sitting comfortably and facing us. Two of the women were topless, the other in just knickers and bra. The host was fully dressed.Laurie asked “Enjoy the show?”Their answer was applause. Laurie and I burst out laughing…

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