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He Man

Layla had just gotten home Friday night from cheerleading practice and she found a note taped to the refridgerator door. It read: Gone to visit Aunt Charlene for the weekend. Have fun and keep the house clean. Love Grandma.

Layla was living with her grandmother as the schools were better in that neighborhood. She was a A+ student in her senior year of high school. She went down to the driveway to pick up the mail, having forgotten to pick it up on her way in. As she was walking back inside the house, she noticed Mr. Wilson, her neighbor waving at her.

“Hi Layla. I didn’t see your grandmother today. Is she alright?” Mr. Wilson asked her.

“She is just fine. In fact, she went to visit my Aunt Charlene for the weekend. But I will tell her you asked about her when I see her on Monday.” Layla offered.

“Since you are alone this weekend, why don’t you come over for dinner and we can watch a movie later, o.k.?” Mr. Wilson suggested.

“Sure thing Mr. Wilson. I just have to change out of my cheerleader outfit and I will be right over.” Layla replied.

“That would be a shame since you look mighty fine in that outfit, Layla.” Mr. Wilson commented her.

“Thanks for being so sweet, Mr. Wilson. I have a few cheerleader moves I could try out on you and see if you like them. I’ll be right over as soon as I’m done with my homework that is due Monday and after I tidy up the house a bit. Thanks for the dinner and movie invite as well, Mr. Wilson.” Layla replied.

“See you soon.” Mr. Wilson said as he walked back into his house. As soon as he got into his house, he called made a hurried phone call and then went to search through his movie collection for the after dinner movie.

Mr. Wilson was just checking on the roast beef he was fixing for dinner when he heard the doorbell ring.

“Hi. Layla. Are you done with your homework and chores?” he asked her.

“Yes and I’m starving. What are we having for dinner?” Layla asked.

“Roast beef and new potatoes with string bean salad topped with minced garlic. I made a mushroom sauce to go with the meat. You are gonna love it.” Mr. Wilson assured her as he lead her into the dinning room.

“Wow you look really hot in that outfit, Layla. I’m sure your boyfriend appreciates your wonderful figure.” he told her.

“Thanks again for the compliment Mr. Wilson, but I don’t have a boyfriend.” Layl answered him.

“What. No boyfriend, as pretty as you are. Why not?” he posed the question to her.

“I’m a bit smarter than the boys at school. They get intimidated by a smart girl so they don’t bother to ask me out.” she answered.

“Really now. You don’t need a boy, you need an experienced man. A mature man. But we can discuss that later. Lets eat the food before it turns cold.” Mr. Wilson said as he brought the dishes to the table and he and Layla at a hearty warm meal.

“Do you have any ginger ale?” Layla asked as she was thirsty.

“No, but I do have some wine. Would you like to try some?” Mr. Wilson asked Layla.

“O.k., but only a little bit. Could you possibly mix it with some apple juice, if you have that?” she asked him.

“Yes. I happen to have some apple juice around here somewhere. I’ll go get your drink for you.” Mr. Wilson responded.

A few minutes later he brought Layla her drink.

“Ummm this is yummy, Mr. Wilson. Could I have some more?” she asked him.

“Why don’t you try something else. I have some orange juice and we could mix it with vodka to make a fuzzy navel.” he informed her.

“O.k., but just a little bit of vodka and more orange juice.” Layla said as Mr. Wilson once again went to get her drink.

Three minutes later, Mr. Wilson returned with Layla’s drink. Layla tried it and liked the fuzzy navel as well.

“Oooh, delicious. Can we watch the movie now, Mr. Wilson?” Layla asked him.

“Sure. Maltepe Escort We can talk about getting you a mature man instead of a boy as well.” Mr. Wilson said.

“Alright with me.” Layla said as she followed Mr. Wilson into the living room and sat on the love seat next to him.

“What kind of movie are you going to play?” Layla asked him.

“It is an artsy film. If you have any questions, just ask, o.k.?” he told her and he got up and slipped the movie into the DVD player.

Funky music started to play and then a woman came into view and she was naked.

“Mr. Wilson, you put on an adult movie on in error. You probably wanted to put in a foreign film or something.” Layla told him.

“No. I didn’t. I want to show you this film. We could try some of the things in the movie and I am a mature older man who can teach you how to feel like a woman, Layla.” Mr. Wilson said, surprising her.

“Mr. Wilson!” Layla exclaimed as she moved to get up. Mr. Wilson put his arm out to stop her.

“Are you a virgin, Layla?” he asked her.

“No. I’m not, Mr. Wilson.” Layla anwered him.

“I thought you said you don’t have a boyfriend?” Mr. Wilson asked her.

“I don’t have a boyfriend. I went horseback riding and I was too rough jumping on the saddle and I broke my hymen. I’ve never been with a man, let alone an older man before.” she told him, her lips trembling.

“Don’t worry, I will be gentle at first and then we can pick up the pace. Now just sit back and watch the movie while I relax you.” he said as he got down on his knees in front of Layla and placed his hand underneath her cheerleader skirt, pulled her white panties off and spread her thighs wide, exposing her pink swollen clit and making contact with his tongue, licking herr up and down.

“By the way, how old are you, Layla?” he asked her.

“I just turned 18, Mr. Wilson, and how old are you, like around my grandma’s age?” she asked him as she felt herself relax under Mr. Wilson’s tongue from the sweet sensations she was experiencing.

“I just turned 58, a 40 year difference. But it doesn’t matter as long as we consent to be with each other. I’m just very much more experienced than you are.” he told her as he continued to lick and suck on her clit, adding a finger, then two then three into her vagina.

Layla felt herself squirt her pussy juices all over Mr. Wilson’s face.

“Oh my gosh. What just happened?” Layla asked, mortified.

“You came and squirted.” Mr. Wilson said, smiling.

“Oh, so that’s a good thing?” Layla asked.

“Yes. It means you are very well lubricated and I can stick my cock into your cunt now.” he replied.

“Oh, I see, Mr. Wilson.” she replied.

“Please, call me Byron. I mean I will be fucking you so let’s get started.” he told her, as he started to unzip his pants and then pulled out his HUMONGOUS cock, about 16 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Layla looked at him then looked down at his cock then looked at him again.

“Can I try putting it in my mouth like the lady on the film?” she asked him.

“Sure. Then I will come in your mouth and you can swallow it.” Mr. Wilson informed her.

“What do I do, just lick the tip of it and pull on the shaft, right?” she asked him.

“Exactly. Slurp it up, baby!” Mr. Wilson said as precum formed at the tip of his cock and Layla lapped it up.

Layla kept swallowing the salty and sweet tasting fluid eagerly while Mr. Wilson shoved two, then three, then four fingers into her pussy.

Layla had swallowed Mr. Wilson’s whole cumload after sucking on his cock for a full 30 minutes. Mr. Wilson had cum amount was about half a cup. Layla licked the corners of her mouth then dabbed at them with her fingers when she was done swallowing the cum load.

Mr. Wilson had her lift her arms as he pulled Anadolu Yakası Escort off her cheerleader top and unhooked her bra to free her round DD cup sized breasts. He started licking and biting her nipples. He asked Layla to lay over the side of the love seat and hike her skirt up over her butt. Layla complied and Mr. Wilson began working his massive man meat into her tiny cunt hole from the rear position.

Layla started moaning when he got his cock half way into her.

“I don’t think I can take anymore, Mr. Wilson.” she told him.

“Yes you can, just take a deep breath and I will push the rest of my dick into you, baby!” he said and he grunted and thrust himself to the hilt into Layla’s tight love tunnel.

“I can’t believe it is all the way in. Wow!” Layla marveled as Mr. Wilson reached around to Layla breasts to cup them while he pumped furiously into her, finally releasing his cum load, but this time deep within her cunt.

“Mr. Wilson, you didn’t pull out before you came. What if you got me pregnant?” Layla asked him.

“My doctor told me I had very low sperm count. So you can’t. Besides, I want to watch the cum drip slowly out of your pussy.” he replied as he had Layla stand up and spread her legs wide as the cum started to drip out of her pussy, sliding down her thighs and onto the sea green carpet below.

“Ooooh, it feels hot dripping out of me like that, Mr. Wilson.” she told him, as he began to once again suck and bite on her naked nipples and squeeze her plump breasts.

A few minutes later, Layla went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out with mouthwash. She had asked Mr. Wilson to French kiss her, and he told her she had to wash her mouth first. He wasn’t interested in tasting his own cum, that was her function.

She returned from the bathroom all minty smelling and sat back down next to Mr. Wilson on the love seat. Mr. Wilson stuck his tongue in her mouth, at first darting his tongue skillfully into her mouth, then he became more demanding and deepend his kiss by actually sucking air from her mouth, while his tongue held her tongue in a vice like grip.

“Wow that Frech kiss really took my breath away. It was amazing!” Layla told him.

“If you think that is amazing, just wait. I’m gonna fist you.” Mr. Wilson said.

“What is that?” Layla asked him.

“It is better I show you then tell you. Just lay lengthwise and spread your legs wide.” he told her as she layed down and spread her legs. Mr. Wilson inserted two, then three, then four, then all his fingers into her pussy and pushed his whole hand then wrist, then forearm up to his elbow into her.

Layla was gasping in surprise and shock at his action. Until Mr. Wilson started rubbing her g-spot manually. Layla squirted once again all over Mr. Wilson’s arm. He pulled his arm out of her cunt and lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom. He plopped her down on his bed and pulled her cheerleader skirt off her.

“I wanted to show you some of my cheerleader moves, Mr. Wilson.” she told him, dissappointed.

“You did, baby, you did!” he told her as he removed his pants, and shirt and jumped on top of her moving his cock over her clit.

“Mind if I tie you up?” he asked her.

“If it is fun, sure, we can do that.” she agreed as Mr. Wilson spread eagled her legs and tied her ankles to the bottom post of his bed with clothesline rope. After he had secured her ankles, he secured her wrists to the top of the post of his bed. Just then, his doorbell rang.

“Were you expecting someone?” Layla asked him.

“Yes, several someones. I’ll bring them in to meet you, shortly.” he said as he got up and wrapped his robe around him and went to the front door.

Pretty soon Layla heard the voices of several other men coming closer to the bedroom, until 30 men came streaming into İstanbul Escort the room. They quickly disrobed and started pawing at her, pulling on her long strawberry blonde hair and squeezing her plump DD cup sized breasts. One after the other the men got on top of her and fucked her pussy hard, calling her dirty names like, CUNT, WHORE, SLUT, all the while cumming inside of her and they didn’t even mind that she had several different cum loads deposited deep inside of her. They called this game Baby Roulette, since none of the men wore condoms. Layla couldn’t even protest as the men kept her mouth full with their cocks, one after the other, gagging her with their cock length and width. All the different men’s cocks were well over 14 inches in length and well over 2 inches in width.

By morning, Layla was tired, bruised and her tummy was swollen, the result of having swallowed 30 different large cumloads and having her vagina full of at least 30 cups of cum. Mr. Wilson was standing over her when she awoke. He was trying to express the cum from her cunt by pressing down on her tummy.

He untied her wrists and ankles and carried her into the shower. Layla did the best she could to clean up, trying to scrub the dirty feeling off of her. By the time she got out of the shower, her skin was an angry shade of red.

Mr. Wilson was standing there with a towel for her.

“Put your cheerleader outfit on again.” he directed her as he led her out to the living room while she was wrapped in the towel.

Layla did as she was told. Then Mr. Wilson whispered in her ear.

“I’m your boyfriend, now. You will be at my house until Monday, and then when your grand mother comes back you will go home. After school, when you are done with your homework you will come here, after your grandmother has gone to sleep. I will have my friends over again so they can fill you with pussy and mouth with cum. Got it. Any questions?” he asked her.

“But what if I get pregnant from those men. I won’t know who the father is.” she told him.

“You will know who the father is, since I lied to you about having low sperm count. I have a very healthy sperm count, my friend ARE THE ONES WHO HAVE LOW SPERM COUNT.” he informed her.

“What will I tell my grand mother if I get pregnant. She knows I am not dating anyone from school?” Layla asked him.

“Don’t worry. I can fix you up with my nephew and you can say that he is your boyfriend. Shoot he even goes to your school. So you see, everything is taken care of.” he assured her.

“But, my grand mother would insist I get married. I don’t even know your nephew.” she relayed her fears to him.

“Don’t worry about that. If that does happen, I will marry you and supposedly raise my own nephew’s baby, which would really be my own baby, and your grand mother will be none the wiser. So don’t worry, I’m telling you.” Mr. Wilson reiterated.

“O.k., Mr. Wilson. But I want to go to college too.” she told him.

“You can still go to college, but I will be your “older boyfriend” while you are at college, even if you are or you aren’t pregnant. I mean you were terrific in bed and my friends can vouch for that fact. Your pussy is nice and tight and you squirt. You are the perfect woman for me. And, you were willing to allow yourself to be manhandled like that just to please me. You are just my type of gal.” he told her.

“I can’t believe this, Mr. Wilson. You know I’ve always thought you were sexy, but I never dared to say anything to you because I had never been with a man before.” Layla admitted to him.

“Do you know how many nights I went to bed, jerking off to the thought of you in that cheerleader outfit? I finally get to fuck you for real, instead of in my imagination. Speaking about fucking, put the cheerleader outfit on with your panties, and turn around, I want to do you doggystyle again, after I rip the panties off of you. I want to cum inside of you again and again, and again and also tonight again, then watch the cum drip out of your pussy again.

“Well, when you put it that way, sure.” Layla said as she felt her pussy juices come squirting out of her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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