LeAnn Turns Dan into Desiree

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I’d never shown my friends my true personality. Always in the forefront was a normal guy who loved girls and all things boy, when in fact, with each passing year, the things that excited me were all things feminine, including actual men and their boy parts. This remained status quo, until I met LeAnn.

Introduced to the long haired blonde chick by a mutual friend Jeffrey, I fell in love at first site. Her hair and long lashes stole my heart. So feminine, she had all the features I’d long wished to have been born to me.

We hit it off right from the start and I soon began to spend afternoons at her house. We’d make out a bit but mostly I just delved into her world of femininity. After studying, I’d always offer to help her with the household tasks at hand, including laundry. It was this particular event that I believe gave her a hint at my true sexuality.

She wore the finest of lingerie and I could never get enough of folding her sexy under things, especially her panties. So soft and ever so delicately small, I’d take great care in making sure the folds were perfect, relishing in their softness. She noticed I was quite adept in the task and also in matching bras to panties.

“You should have been a girl, Dan.” I heard from her lips as my cheeks turned a crimson red, no doubt.

“What?” I replied.

“Well, it’s obvious you love all things feminine.” she answered.

“What man doesn’t?” I covered.

“I bet you’d make a pretty girl.” she offered.

“If I could be half as pretty as you, I’d go for it any day.” was the honest reply slipped I passed from my mind to my lips, shocking even myself.

“Oh yeah, let’s get started now.” she cooed and with that I was led into her bathroom where she told me to strip as she readied a bath. The feminine salts perfumed the room so heavenly and I had a boner and a half as I slid into the bubbling water.

“My Dan, we will have to get rid of that ugly thing if we are ever to get a pair of panties to fit you”, she laughingly said. “I only wish I could affix it to myself and use it on you once I’ve turned you into my best girlfriend.” she continued.

My heart was beating so fast, I could not offer a reply and just fell into the moment. So much that I never even noticed her lathering my legs. Not until I felt the coldness of steel swiping away my vestige of manly legs did I realize I was being feminized to the tenth degree. Grasping a hold of my hardened dick she also carefully removed all cock and ball hair but for a thin patch of hair above my cock.

“On your hands and knees, my little pretty!” she whispered. “We need to make sure that pretty little ass of yours is soft and smooth.”

I was butter in her hands by this time and thoroughly enjoyed her caressing my buttocks with cream and by the time she was complete I was as smooth as any woman, everywhere.

I must tell you that my boner was stiff as when I entered and I longed to be relieved of the increased throbbing.

“Bobby, are you home?” screamed LeAnn.

“Yes Sis.” came the reply and her bedroom door was Ataşehir Olgun Escort opened and in walked her brother. To say I was shocked and a bit scared was an understatement but what came next was even more of a shocker.

“Hey Bobby, this is Dan. Dan this is my gay brother Bobby. Dan has agreed to become my bestest girlfriend, Bobby. Would you be such a dear and get rid of this ugly for him?” cooed LeAnn.

Bobby came to me as if on a string and knelt and took my throbbing dick deep into his mouth. Never have I felt such a warmth come over me as he bathed my cock in his salivating mouth.

“That’s it Dan, spew all your love juice into his mouth, he loves the taste of cum as I’m sure you will also.” LeAnn giggled.

It did not take long and my cock was softening in his mouth and he massaged every last bit of salty cum out of it, returning it to a useless little pud of a prick.

“Thanks Sis” he said as he abruptly left the room as suddenly as he appeared.

To say I was a bit confused was the truth but that all confusion departed as throughout my makeover, LeAnn explained that she was actually a lesbian at heart and that she became intrigued with me solely due to my feminine features and had all the while hoped she could convince me to become a girl.

My how fate works is all I could think as she transformed my plain looking face into a ravishing work of femininity. My lifeless blonde lashes were transformed into long luscious jet black curled eye locks, highlighting the spectacular arched brows she’d created with blended hues of pink and purple, all outlined with blended black strokes of her soft bristled makeup brush. A hint of white liner on the inner lower lids and a touch of cobalt blue on the outer edges and my eyes just spoke sex with just a blink.

Plain man lips were transformed into pouty lips meant for a women by the outline in dark fuchsia with the center painted in hot pink. Sheen of pink lip gloss made them ever so inviting. My cheekbones were lifted with contrasting hues of brown and highlighted with pink to reshape my face from man to a woman’s.

A few sprits of Giorgio perfume place in all the right places caused my flaccid cock to stir but was soon halted and scared back into submission with a hard slap by LeAnn.

Out came flesh covered tape and as she had me lie on the bed, she tucked cock and balls deep inside me where they could no longer be seen nor appear unexpectedly, as she taped them in good and tight. Rising me from the bed, she squeezed my shoulders together and pressed my chest fat together as she taped them in that position to give the illusion of cleavage.

Next came those lovely panties I so treasured to touch and as she fondled through them, she said, “No, on second thought, you won’t be needing panties”, as she tossed me a pair of sheer black crotch less pantyhose.

“Be sure to put them on with the crotch hole facing backwards, hon.” came her next instruction.

Didn’t take much imagination what her intention were for the hole and thoughts of perversion Ataşehir Sarışın Escort scrambled my brain.

The silk sent shivers up my spine as I watched the noir color transform my now shapely smooth legs into eye catching gams.

Next LeAnn had me lean against the bed post as I felt the boning of a corset being wrapped around my torso. With instructions to hold on tight and to take a deep breath, she cinched my waist into a perfect hour glass. Following, came a sheer black lace bra and the D-cup silicone breasts she inserted gave me the bounce I admire in large breasted women. The protruding nipples with areola so prominent made me feel as if I were a Penthouse centerfold model.

“God, I feel like a model.” I said.

“Oh, you’ll get your chance to model, my sweet sissy.” LeAnn offered.

Next she carefully placed the most gorgeous black angora sweater of my head. Its turtleneck enveloped my neck with absolute softness and its padded shoulders further defined my developing feminine shape. A cute heart shaped keyhole presented my false cleavage further dispelling any notion my new tits were not real.

A skin tight bandage mini-skirt in hot pink was next and it felt so good hugging my ass. Stepping into a pair of 5 and half inch spiked hot pink high heels brought the familiar swish and swagger I’d secretly perfected in the “closet”, as she led me to a wig stand holding perhaps the most beautiful wig I’d ever seen.

Strawberry blonde in color, it was so long, almost as long as LeAnn’s own hair. With bangs falling ever so gently, its neckline folded in a Jennifer Anniston kind of wave towards the chest. The back so full and fluffy, I could feel its weight on my back.

God, did I feel just like a woman.

“Now, come back to the table, my hottie.” said LeAnn.

As I sat at her makeup table, she proceeded to turn my short nails into the longest, pinkest dragon lady nails, I’d ever had on. As they dried, she adorned my ear lobes with heavy gold loops, their weight completing the feeling all women must feel as they tug on their flesh, shake, and bounce with each turn of their head. A few bangles and rings completed the transformation.

“My my, damn, you are one hot babe, Desiree.” exclaimed LeAnn.

“Yes, that’s your new name, Desiree, my little hot to trot transvestite.” she grinned.

“Now, follow me hon.” came her next instruction.

As I followed her down the long hallway, I purposely put all the shake and shimmy into my walk as I could. My heels clicking on the hardwood floors announced to all a women was in the house.

“You sure do walk great in those heels, Des. I’m guessing what Jeffrey saw at the motel was true” she stated as we entered the living room.

What I thought? Had I been discovered?

“Yes, your secret was out long ago sweet sissy. Jeffrey saw you strutting your stuff at the Motel 8 that Saturday night about a month ago. What were you doing, hooking?” asked LeAnn.

Feeling confident as I was all dolled up; I just went ahead and spilled the beans, Ataşehir Şişman Escort telling her yes, indeed, I was hooking, although not for money. Just for the mere touch of a man and a cock deep in my throat was all I desired.

“Well, you’re my little bitch now Desiree and it will be me to determine just who fucks you in the mouth again. Do you hear me, sweet sissy!” she said demandingly.

As we lounged and enjoyed some drinks I learned more of her and her of me. I learned she had a fetish for lifelike dildos, the more realistic the better and of her passion for control over men. She learned of my younger days of cross dressing and how it had led into a desire to be treated as a slut by men.

“Bobby, I think she’s ready” hollered LeAnn.

“Now sweet sissy, Bobby is going to enter you into the world of modeling and take your first photo shoot. I’ll join you both in a little while.” she said as Bobby led me yet into another room.

Nothing but white silk sheets adorned the walls and in front was a luxurious king size bed in pink silk. Cameras were positioned everywhere and Bobby instructed me to various parts of the room and to strike my most feminine poses.

I must say, I was happy to do so and felt right at home and posed like a dutiful queen.

As he was reviewing the photos, LeAnn entered the room and my jaw opened in disbelief. Here standing so dominantly in front of me was this sexy creature donned in black leather with seven inch spiked heels making her the dominate queen of all time. Her blonde hair flowing over her jet black ensemble made my sissy clit quiver and I could feel the wetness ooze from its clutch hole.

“Sissy bitches rise when I enter, cunt!” she barked.

I did as ordered and even curtsied.

“See something missing cocksucker? she further inquired.

Meekly, I looked up and noticed her strap on apparatus was missing a cock and pointed it out, fearfully.

With that she opened a door to a large cabinet and there carefully arranged was a collection of the most realistic dildos, I’d ever seen amassed on one place.

“The pick is yours for your first time, my sweet sissy.” she informed me.

I knew what was expected of me and strutted right over and marveled as all the goodies.

There were so many, short, fat, white, black, and brown. Some with hair, some with balls, and some with squeeze balls to be filled with cum. All veined to perfection, all with nice prominent cock heads which I absolute love. But I knew from the start my choice, it was long and black as the ace of spades, I’d had one of my own at one time, Sean Michael’s life like replica.

As I felt its weight, I offered it to LeAnn and she smiled saying, “Ah, I have a black cock sucking sissy.”

As she fitted it to her, it dangled with anticipation and I drooled.

Not needing any instruction, I knelt and opened my sissy mouth.

Never have I been treated so harshly as she force fucked my throat, all the while calling me her new sissy cock sucking whore. As I noticed Bobby panning the camera in and out, I knew my days of secrecy were over.

I could see all my days forever living and serving Mistress LeAnn and whomever else she treated.

It was all out in the open and I was forever hers when she hiked up my skirt and ordered me to bend over and the truth was driven home, again and again.

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