Learning to Dance

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Dance Lessons

It was a set up from the beginning. I had signed my daughter up for dance lessons for two reasons. First, she seemed to want to, and second, Erin, the studio owner was very direct in her approach, practically telling me to do so. Throw in the fact that the instructor was a hot young coed student of mine and the fact that Erin herself was damn nice to look at and I figured what the heck. As I look back I realize they had me then, and boy do they have me now.

The second or third lesson was when Erin made the move. She asked if she could speak to me for a second. Amber, the instructor joined her, while another instructor entertained the kids. We ducked back into Erin’s private office and as we entered she told me to sit down. She said she would only say this once, and my decision needed to be final. Then she spoke.

“Amber and I have an expanded relationship with some of the dads that have kids here. And we are inviting you to become part of that. I have evaluated you and Amber concurs: you are a submissive and we want to take control of you. So my question to you is this: will you submit to us. Think for one minute and give us your definitive answer. If it is yes, then you start to serve at that instant. If it is no, then we all go back to the studio and this never happened and will never be discussed again.”

I sat stunned for a moment. I came close to storming out. But I was also stunned because I was immediately aroused.

My logical side was just about to win out when Amber, bent over in front of me and said, “I am going to enjoy owning my very own college professor.” That sent me thru the roof.

Without intending to speak the words I said “I will submit”.

Slap. Amber’s hand came hard across my face.

“Not a word” she told me as my cheek grew red from her assault. “I can do that all I wish and you will enjoy it, correct?”

Yes, I stammered. Slap. This one was much harder.

“That is yes Mistress Amber” I corrected myself and avoided a third slap.

Amber began to explain to me that while she had full power over me, I truly belonged to Erin. She continued explaining that Erin actually owned her and that I would be Erin’s first and foremost. At that point Erin spoke.

“I have a room in the back that you will become very familiar with. Your training will begin Sat. morning at 10am. You come here and go directly to that room and I will release you by 4pm. Tell your wife anything you can get away with, but do not be late and do not expect me to release you early.”

“In the meantime strip naked immediately.” Things were happening so fast that I was a bit frazzled. This translated to being slow, too slow. Erin grabbed me by the hair and spoke to me firmly. “You do not hesitate when I give you a command. You simply comply. I will teach you about punishment very soon and this little disobedience has just earned you a harsh first lesson.”

“I understand Mistress Erin.” I quickly disrobed. She went to a drawer and pulled out my first training tool. It was a male chastity belt with a large anal plug on one end and a penis cage & lock on the other. She explained that between then and Saturday I was to wear it at all times with the exception of when I needed to take a dump.

She fit the device to me and then inserted the anal plug deep inside me. It was 6 inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter, but its truly special feature was it was also a vibrator. And it worked remotely.

“Amber will have the remote and she will be fucking with you while xslot you teach your class.” Amber walked up and flipped a switch on her control, a gentle vibration started in my ass. Then she pushed a dial and gentle was replaced by vigorous. It was not painful, no, the problem was it was very pleasurable and this caused me to focus on that pleasure and get a hard-on. That would be trouble teaching in front of 300 students. She knew it too and just laughed as she turned it off.

Erin continued by clamping my penis into the chastity device on the front. Since I was mostly hard from the situation she started by pouring a cold glass of water on my privates. Then without worrying about being gentle she forced my helpless dick into this small plastic device and then used a couple of rubber rings to partition and constrain my balls. Lastly, she cinched everything uncomfortably tight and then pulled out a small lock. She handed it to me and made me lock myself and hand her the key.

“I will release you on Sat. If you need to take a shit, you can remove the plug by detaching it from the harness. But it needs to be returned to your ass as soon as you are done. The chastity device allows you to pee, but plan on sitting down. It will not allow you an erection. From now on those will be only allowed with my direct permission. You will wear this without question or complaint, understood?”

“Yes Mistress Erin.”

“Now before you leave, drop to your knees. I want you to understand that you are no longer a man; you are simply a male body available for my pleasure and amusement. And I find humiliation very amusing”.

A man came into the room, a very well built man and as I was soon to find out, equally well hung. “This is Jason, he is my friend and he is about to be the first dick you have ever sucked. Repeat after me: ‘I am a cocksucking she-male who desires only to serve you.'”

My voice was shaking, but I said it. Jason approached and Amber freed him from his pants and got him aroused. From the playful way they interacted, it was obvious that Jason had carnal knowledge of Amber, and that I was about to have carnal knowledge of Jason. Amber came over and said “I know you would like to fuck me, but only real men get that chance, so instead you are going to pleasure this man on my behalf. Suck his cock, make him cum and swallow it.”

I began immediately and didn’t really get a chance to ease my way into it. Jason grabbed my head and basically face fucked me. Amber encouraged him and Erin just sat back and enjoyed the show. Soon his cock exploded in my mouth and he pumped his cum down my throat and into my mouth. He pulled out and pumped the final few shots onto my face.

Amber came over and asked me if I had anything to say. I replied “Thank you Jason for allowing me to pleasure you.”

Amber laughed and said “now you are getting the hang of it.”

Class the next day was brutal. My vibrating plug was masterfully controlled by Amber. She slid the dial up and down and even cut me off completely. I found that when she wanted me to make eye contact she would shut it off and I would look over at her. It became a way for her to have me beg to turn it back on even though I said nothing. She also has a nasty surprise for me. The vibrator also was capable of giving me a quick shock. She did it the first time as I was talking to a hot young student before class. Suddenly the vibration started and then wham, a shock hit me. I moved spastically and my voice cracked. I tried to continue with the student as if nothing xslot Giriş happened, but I am sure she thought I was psycho. I saw Amber laughing with her friend Nicole. I am sure she was laughing at me.

After class Amber & Nicole came to my office hours. Amber sat down and put the control onto my desk. Nicole shut my office door and said “Amber has been showing me that she owns you. So we thought we would come up here and really mess with you.”

Nicole proceeded to lean over me in my chair, tempting me with her awesome breasts. She reached back and grabbed the control and turned it on. She started hitting me with the shock. I was squirming, but silent. She rubbed my crotch then shocked me. She asked “do you want to fuck me?”

I said “Yes”. That earned a series of shocks.

“Too bad you are not man enough.”

Amber interrupted and explained that Nicole also belonged to Erin, and had to obey Amber also. She had Nicole rub her breasts against me and grind against my crotch. Then she pulled her away, had me stand up and remove my pants. My cock was still encased in its cage, unable to become erect. It hurt like crazy as it tried to become erect. Nicole & Amber teased me and taunted me. Finally Amber ordered me to bend over my desk. She had Nicole sit in the chair opposite the desk, expose her near perfect breasts and fondle her self. Then Amber proceeded to fuck me with the anal plug. Pulling it out and slamming it back in. This went on for 10 minutes until I actually cummed in my chastity device. It was a combination of relief and pain as my cock pressed against its confines harder then ever before and cum started dribbling out of the end.

Amber was elated. “Erin owes me a free hour with you!” She didn’t think I could make you cum in that device. I knew with Nicole’s help you would succumb, pun intended.”

Thursday class and office hours were much the same. Amber shocked me 10-12 times during class and in office hours she had Nicole ass fuck me with a strap-on. She also used clamps and narrow, burning rope to further bind and pinch my balls. The pain was extreme, but worth it as it brought pleasure to Amber and Nicole. They also took the time to have me open the grading spreadsheet and put an A in for both of them. Amber also gave me instructions to me for Saturday which involved me being mentally ready and accepting of an extreme submissive experience.

“I enjoy messing with you because it is fun and I actually like you. Erin is going to use Saturday to break you and she does it because she can. You are not part of her equation. You will be her complete slave and learn to accept and perform in that role.”

Sat arrived and I was immediately introduced to Erin’s desk. It had a black, large dildo mounted on it. She strapped me down with my head over the dildo and then her and about 6-7 other people took turns ass fucking me while I another forced my head down requiring me to learn to deep throat the dildo. As this occurred I was also made to be very uncomfortable in other ways. Nipple clamps, clothespins, whips and paddles all were employed. My cock and balls were bound and constrained in ways making relaxation impossible and making a full enjoyable erection equally impossible. Erin spent most of the time telling me how pathetic I was and how she had special plans for my humiliation. The verbal assault combined with the full physical assault on my body worked. Within an hour I was professing to be Erin’s property.

She accepted my professions and immediately started to up my level xslot Güncel Giriş of submission. She introduced the other five submissive dads and instructed me to blow each of them and take each up my ass. She instructed me to do this with enthusiasm and to focus only on their pleasure. I did my best and I believe I left each satisfied.

Saturday ended with her refitting my anal plug and chastity device and sending me away. I left knowing I was no longer a free man but instead a possession. It felt surprisingly OK and I almost immediately started to crave to be serving.

The next week I spent all day Friday in Erin’s back office. Two very surprising events occurred. My wife was brought in – she was naked except for her rope bindings. Erin explained she always works on both parents simultaneously and she laughed as she explained how easy it was to bring Julie into the fold. She had correctly figured I was not pleasing her, and used Jason to get to her.

She made me sit in a chair, Amber engaged in some extreme cock & ball torture while I watched three young guys fuck my wife. She was gagged but I could tell not all her sounds were those of struggle. These guys were making her cum and Julie was getting more and more into it. Amber required me to keep my eyes on the action even as she brutalized me. It was a lesson in discipline, and I was able to pass it.

When the guys were finished with her, Julie was lead over to a wall and bound to the wall. Amber went over and started to torture her. She stopped and came over to me. She asked me if I wanted her to stop hurting Julie. I replied that my opinion was irrelevant, but since she seemed to enjoy it I thought she should continue. She liked that response and went over and continued some extreme nipple torture. Amber seemed to especially like the fact that she could taunt and torture Julie in my presence. By this time I figure that Amber really wanted me and enjoyed removing Julie from the equation.

She came over and offered me a choice. I could select A and Julie could be released, or I could select B and she would continue. The catch was if I choose A she would not continue to mess with me during class time. I choose B; I wanted Amber’s attention more then I cared if Julie was tortured. Amber kissed me on the lips and continued to abuse my poor wife. The kiss removed any post decision remorse.

The next surprise was the addition of Amber’s best friend Nicole. She also entered in bondage and was also fucked by nearly everyone in front of me. Amber had observed correctly that I was hot for Nicole and since Nicole also was Erin’s property, they used my desire to further bury me. I was taunted and reminded of how pathetic I was and how only real men got to touch Nicole. It pulled me deeper into submission.

Erin orchestrated the whole show and soon turned the tables on Amber – fucking her with a very large strap-on. Erin needed to remind Amber who was boss and this did the trick.

The last hour of the day was spent with Erin ass fucking me with a very large strap-on while Julie was ass fucked by Amber. Erin hurt me and had me declare my devotion to her. That ass fucking is still the best single moment of my sexual life. I was providing Erin with pleasure and to feel her press herself against me was worth the pain and humiliation.

The next week I was allowed to live without my chastity device. I spent much of the week learning better oral technique both on a man and a woman. The highlight was getting to eat Nicole out and bringing her to a climax. Amber remained unavailable to me although she did visit the house and ass fuck Julie while I watched.

We just got the new dance semester sign-up form in the mail. I don’t think we have much choice. We signed my daughter up immediately.

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