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“Yeah, Mom, I should be there about…,” I glance at the clock on my computer quickly, noting that it is just before eleven a.m. “About one or so, alright? I still need to shower and wake up.”

Hearing her affirmative reply, I say my goodbyes, hang up the phone and slide out of the oversized t-shirt I slept in, leaving my body nude to the chilled house air. The cats don’t seem to mind, barely noticing as I walk into the bathroom. Turning the shower to its hottest setting, I wander back into the bedroom, gathering clean clothes with a pause to rub the three sets of kitty ears that have sprouted from my blankets.

Hot water is one of life’s greatest blessings, and I revel in it. Stepping under the torrid stream with a sigh of delight and a shiver of pleasure, I lean my left side against the tile wall, gasping at the coolness amidst the heating air. My eyes close, standing under the full powered stream of liquid heat, the temperature rising quickly in the small curtained area. For long moments, I simply rest against the warming tiles, breathing the moist air deeply and relaxing with my back to the water.

I feel individual muscles giving up their near-constant tension, allowing me to breathe deeper. My eyes drift closed lazily. I am reluctant to move from under the delicious assault, and think briefly that if it were possible, I might be in love with my water heater. I am also almost positive that a truly enjoyable shower is intricately tied into my pool of creative story ideas, as is the desire to write them, and so I have come to accept the often-odd musings when luxuriating so.

The experience of near scalding water is a heady one; the sting of pleasure-pain a blessing of sensation that I welcome each time I jump into the shower. Finally straightening from the now warm tile, my body turns to meet the downpour head on, gasping softly as the rush of pure heat kisses my breasts. My nipples harden instantly, and I shiver again, leaning back enough to allow this stream of bliss to strike my belly directly and further down. Being freshly shaven, my mons is exquisitely bare to the sensual, heated caress of the water. I feel myself growing wet from within; my lips curling up into the smallest smile as my thoughts turn from computers and words to focus on sensation and pleasure.

As I reach for my bath-sponge, my hand brushes over a nylon exfoliating glove that I was given for Christmas, thus far unused. I imagine that my eyes, opened now at the unexpected and unfamiliar encounter, take on a glint of playful mischief as I abandon the loofah in favor of this new thing, grinning at the rough texture. Enjoying the tease of my own thoughts, I drop the glove back in its place and take the softer scrubber to bathe with, nearly chuckling aloud at my own forming plans.

Pouring a small amount of the slippery bath gel I prefer onto the sponge, I delight in the delicate scent of pear that wafts to my nostrils. Lathering my upper arms first, I present my profile to the showerhead and begin to bathe myself, one limb at a time, turning to scrub my other side as well. My belly Escort Sefaköy and posterior are treated to the same gentle, thorough attention before I turn my back to the stream once more, sighing and giving silent thanks again to my endless water heater. I glide the lubricated sponge slowly up my stomach, dragging it between my heavy breasts, and then over, caressing the upper reaches of my chest with it.

Slowly, I bring the sudsy loofah up once more, no longer tracing the center of my torso but deliberately grazing my sensitive, tender breasts; left, then right. The teasing rub over such delicate peaks draws another soft gasp from my lips, yet I do not stop the gentle play, alternating from one turgid breast to the other, feeling yet more warmth flood my body from the depths of my sex.

Suddenly, I press the roughened scrubber into my tingling, heightened nipples, using my fingertips to pinch at the stiffened nubs through the bathing sponge. With a soft groan at the tiny jolts of pleasure, my hand lowers again, quickly now. That first contact of my bare mound and the soaped loofah makes me gasp again; the recently relaxed muscles in my lower back tensing instantly when my spine arches, just a touch. I part my thighs a bit and rub down lower, skating the grooved sponge carefully over my outer lips, for now resisting the growing urge within me to do more than bathe.

Once I have completely washed and rinsed my body, I again smile, turning quickly to face the still blasting stream of stinging heat. The fervor of the stream only serves to fuel my own ardor as once again my delicate skin is consumed by liquid fire. I exchange the loofah for the bathing glove, marveling again at the rough texture of its weave, anticipating…

Slipping the loose fitting thing over my right hand, I can’t help but grin at my next act when I begin lightly pinching at my nipples with this new toy.

Oh, the delicious feeling! Groaning softly, my breath caught for a moment, I savor the biting sensation before doing it again to my other nipple, harder this time. Again, I moan, biting softly at my lip. I reach my left hand up and turn the shower head to the wall again, knowing that I will still catch the majority of the spray when I settle down into the tub. Once seated in the bottom of the shower, I continue to pinch, tease, and roll my nipples softly, then roughly, and then something in between the two.

My excitement rises with every touch. I feel yet more of my own lubrication seep from my nether lips and smile, walking my hand down my belly slowly. A small anticipatory shiver runs along my frame as I slide even lower into the bathtub, thighs parting eagerly. One fingertip touches, just a tap, at the very top of my slit and I pause to re-gather the breath that explodes from me. Another tap, and yet more of them, a rapid beat against throbbing flesh. I am already starting to squirm, body twitching with every flick. Despite the sauna-flush I know I wear on my face from the lengthy exposure to the moist heat of my shower, I feel my face begin to warm more as Yenibosna escort bayan my passion mounts.

How quickly my hand moves from the teasing touch into something fiercer! Seeming to move of its own accord, one glove covered, ridged finger dips in to my lips like a thrust, suddenly grinding against the hidden pearl between my lips. My entire body jolts sharply at the delicious almost-pain and I cry out loudly. Now I am unwilling, unable, to stop; panting and writhing as my hand works furiously at my throbbing, screaming clit.

I climax with another cry, neither able nor needing to breathe just yet. Slowly my spine relaxes, taut thighs easing soon after as I come back to myself. A deep, shuddering breath turns surprisingly into a small laugh of delight. My hand slows, stills and idly traces along my belly as I bask in the feel of one of life’s best pleasures. Feeling recovered enough to continue my play, my ungloved hand drifts up along my body to claim my softening nipples, teasing them back to full promise even as the wrapped hand moves along my plump outer lips again.

I begin to tease myself once more, pressing just the pad of one finger against the folds that shutter that most secret opening into my body. Now again my breath grows shallow and rapid as my fingers, so expert in their torments, continue to bring my body new pleasures. Gradually, my probing finger slips into my sex, the slight abrasion of the glove on my most delicate flesh making me gasp deeply. Despite the glove, I can feel my extreme wetness; the moisture there having nothing to do with the water still cascading down the wall and my legs.

Moaning softly, with increasing hunger, I push and thrust and rock my finger deeper and harder into my aching pussy, still working my nipples with my other hand. The bite of rough cloth makes me near senseless with desire and want. Pushing my left breast up, my head lifts to meet the puckered nipple, lips suckling hungrily. The titillation of this and little grazes from my teeth combined with the cat’s tongue roughness of my delving finger sends me quickly into another orgasm. I once more cry out loudly, shuddering in hard spasms.

Lying at the bottom of the tub, I feel nearly as liquid as the flood of moisture from the showerhead above and that which comes from between my thighs. My eyes open, though I don’t recall having closed them. I have but barely caught my breath again when suddenly, I sit bolt upright, the most wicked idea of the day yet flitting through my mind. Leaving the water on, but increasing the temperature and shedding the exfoliating glove, I fairly jump out of the bath and run into the bedroom, nude as I was earlier, but much wetter.

Some part of me vaguely recognizes my three cats are nowhere to be found, but for now, I am focused on one thing only. Beside my bed is a small table, with a drawer. That drawer contains what I crave now. Ah, I smile and withdraw the lovely, flesh-toned dildo from the depths of my nightstand, lightly running my fingertips all along the lightly ridged, pearlescent Halkalı escort toy. It truly is a beautiful thing, veined and shaped to be as lifelike as possible. Heading back into the bathroom, I can’t resist but to bring the cold rubber pleasure-thing to my lips, teasing its artificial head with swirling rasps of my tongue.

Suckling softly, I step back into the superheated tub, reseat myself and tug the curtain closed once more before slowly dragging the tip down between my breasts. Pinching sharply at a nipple with my hand, the other gently presses the sex-toy against the top of my slit, mimicking my earlier actions. I ease the rubbery cock in against my clit, pressing firmly. Angling my toy in small, hard circles around and into my throbbing center, I moan softly, trembling. My other hand leaves my breasts finally, moving to spread my pussy lips as I slide the dildo down between them, bumping against the entry to my well-lubricated passage.

I catch my breath just before shoving easily half of the cock into me, feeling my hips surge up to meet my hard thrust. Not pausing, I begin to hammer the toy into and out of my tight hole, bucking eagerly upward, my moans turning half whine from need. I fill my pussy until I can’t bear to take anymore, and yet still I thrust rapidly, driving it in painfully, wonderfully deeper until I cum again with a long, low, hungry moan, lightly covered in sweat despite the sluice of shower water. I do not pause long before removing the dildo and bringing it to my eager mouth, licking it clean with hungry sweeps of my tongue.

As I start to rise back to my feet, my hand unexpectedly re-encounters the wiry nylon glove and I gather it to me, smiling softly. Without much consideration, I ease the scratchy material over the head of the dildo, jamming the cock as far into the thumb slot as I can fit it. Finally, after tearing part of the glove with my efforts, I am satisfied with the results and eager to resume my self-pleasure.

No play of my breasts now, one hand parts my chafed, yet wanting pussy lips to aid in my carnal explorations. I tease the entrance to my pussy with this new, thicker and much harsher cock, panting as I start to fuck myself once more, slower this time. The scrape and scratch against my softest skin nearly brings tears to my eyes, and yet I cannot stop, wanting, craving more.

My body, so eager, begins to thrust up against my driving hand. I scream as the head finally enters me, surprised into another orgasm. I can fit no more within my tight, quivering sex. Suddenly needing to be filled completely, I rip the toy from my body and yank off the glove. Rising to my hands and knees, I present my backside to the scalding stream of water and shove the dildo deep into my inflamed pussy, eliciting another scream. Furiously, I work the thing in and out of my body, nearly mindless with desperate longing.

I cry out and cum again, and once more, three times before I can stop, my entire body consumed with deep, wracking shudders. Trying to catch my breath, I lay forward, keeping my ass in the air even as my upper body collapses to the bottom of the tub. Finally sated, I pull the cock from my stinging depths, letting the last of the hot water clean it and myself once more.

Stepping from the shower at last, my eyes glance at the clock and I sigh. It is now five minutes to one and my mother lives thirty minutes away.

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