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Glancing at the door, Rob fiddled nervously with the coaster on the table then looked at his watch for the 12th time in the last five minutes. Sipping his drink he wondered again, “what if she doesn’t show?”

“She” would be Suzanne, the woman Rob had been having a torrid cyber-affair with for the last four months and the reason he found himself sitting in a quiet corner of the bar in the Charlotte Marriott, halfway across the country from his home in suburban Dallas.

He met her in a chat room, interested at first by her screen name – LegzUp2Here – Rob became even more intrigued when he realized she was a chat room rarity, a truly sexy lady with a brain. His initial contact with her was a cheap come-on line he was sure she’d heard a million times but he wanted to see what she would say. “How far up do those legs go?” he asked. He laughed out loud at the screen when he read the response, “all the way to heaven baby.”

They joked around in the room as she and some of the other women chatted about their favorite pick-up lines. When he asked her point blank what her favorite line was, she said it was “I swallow. Works every time.” Rob was hooked right then.

Over the next few months they chatted then cybered then advanced on to phone sex. Suzanne had the sexiest phone voice Rob had ever heard. His knees grew weak and his cock stirred just hearing her say hello with that husky yet syrupy Southern accent of hers. Listening to her cum over the hum of her vibrator during their steamy phone sessions sent him over the top every time. Volcanic was the only way to describe her.

Rob glanced at his watch again and was about ready to give up when the door to the bar whisked open and she walked in. He had no doubt it was Suzanne. They had traded pictures a few weeks earlier when they finally decided to meet and Rob’s heart leapt to his throat as he saw her in the flesh for the first time.

In her early 40s, Suzanne was a few years older than Rob but she had the body of a woman 10-15 years younger. Slim and trim with a tight ass and perky tits that appeared to defy gravity. “I get my share of looks,” Suzanne had told him one night when she talked about her trips to the gym to work out.

Her shoulder-length brown hair framed her face perfectly. Her brown almond-shaped eyes seemed to undress anyone she was looking at and she had full red lips that begged to be wrapped around a stiff cock.

But none of that was what made Rob’s cock spring to attention. No, of all her sexy attributes it was her legs that turned Rob on. Long, toned and firm, Rob was sure they truly did go all the way to heaven. His heart raced at the thought of those perfect limbs wrapped around him while he was pounding in and out of what he was sure would be the tightest pussy he’d ever fuck. He licked his lips as he imagined the feeling of her thighs tightening around his head as he made a meal out of her clit.

Suzanne had dressed in Rob’s favorite outfit. Something he liked Şanlıurfa Escort to call “Sex Exec.” She was wearing a woman’s business suit with over a sheer silk blouse opened one button too many. The suit’s short skirt was accentuated by black thigh-hi’s — no pantyhose for those gorgeous legs. Suzanne wore thigh-hi’s or nothing at all — and a pair of black high heels. Rob was thrilled to see she was wearing her silver ankle bracelet as well (he had revealed how sexy he thought those were).

What made the outfit even more sexy was that Rob knew this wasn’t just “dress up” for her. Suzanne dressed this way for work on a regular basis. She ran a fairly large manufacturing company in Charlotte that was well-known in home appliance industry. An account manager for a small marketing firm, Rob wondered again and again what she saw in him.

“Hello lover. We meet at last,” Suzanne said as she slid into the secluded booth. “Sorry I’m so late but traffic was a bitch. Hope you didn’t think I stood you up.” She leaned over and gave Rob a friendly peck on the cheek, along with a more than friendly squeeze high on his inner thigh. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” She said with a wicked grin as she seductively licked her lips.

“I was starting to think you’d changed your mind,” Rob said with a sheepish grin. “Guess I’m just surprised to actually see you sitting in front of me.”

“Mmmmmm honey, there was no way I was going to miss this little meeting,” Suzanne cooed as she continued to caress his inner thigh, grazing the tip of his rapidly-swelling cock with her fingers with each stroke.

“If you keep that up, I’m not going to be able to leave for awhile,” Rob said with a smile as he leaned over and returned her caresses with one of his own along her stocking-clad thigh.

Suzanne shivered at his touch but quickly regained her composure. “Well, I better stop then, because I don’t want to spend the whole night here in this bar,” she said and got up from the table.

Rob slid out from the booth and dropped a few bills on the table for the waitress and followed Suzanne out of the bar.

Rob was ready to molest Suzanne right there in the elevator and was more than disappointed when another guest stepped on just before the door closed. Rob was sure the man could sense the sexual tension as the three of them rode upward for what seemed an eternity. Standing behind Suzanne, Rob couldn’t resist the urge to brush up against her, letting her feel his stiff cock rubbing against her ass. Suzanne responded by playfully leaning back ever so slightly and slowly swaying her hips from side to side. Neither one cared if the stranger was aware of their game.

Finally the car stopped and the man stepped off the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Rob slid his hand up the back of Suzanne’s skirt and was pleased to feel the warm skin of her bare ass in his hand. Suzanne moaned as he slid his hand to the right and slipped a finger under the Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan thong that was nestled deep between her cheeks.

“Love your choice in underwear,” Rob whispered in Suzanne’s ear. Her only response was to moan louder as he kissed her on the neck. The heat of the moment was temporarily broken by the ping of the elevator as it reached their floor. They hurried off the elevator and moved quickly down the hall to Rob’s room. Rob had a moment of panic when the key card didn’t respond right away and the lock flashed red three times before the door finally unlocked.

He pulled Suzanne to him as the door closed and kissed her greedily, tongues dueling with each other, hands feeling their way across each other’s bodies. But Suzanne broke the embrace when Rob started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Rob looked at her quizzically for a second before Suzanne responded. “Not like this. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment and I want to do it right,” she said with a look of mischief on her face. “I’m going to step into the bathroom for a minute and when I come out, I want to see you naked sitting on that sofa stroking that beautiful cock of yours.” Suzanne pointed to the sofa over by the window as she slipped into the bathroom and shut the door.

Rob tore at his clothes and was undressed in a matter of seconds. He glanced at himself in the mirror for just second, hoping Suzanne would like what she saw when she came out of the bathroom. Standing only 5-8, Rob was a few inches shorter than Suzanne when she had her heels on but he was broad through his shoulders and chest and still had the strong legs of the middle-distance runner he had been in college.

Suzanne paused momentarily in the bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror, smiling inwardly as she heard Rob fumbling with his clothes outside the door. She appraised herself in the glass as she started to undress. Slipping off her jacket and blouse, Suzanne cupped her breasts through her cream-colored bra. Reaching down to undo the front clasp, her breasts sprang free as she shed the confining garment. A soft moan escaped her lips as she rolled her hard nipples between her exquisitely-manicured fingers. After a few more moments of self-pleasure she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, followed quickly by her panties.

Suzanne was pleased with the sexy woman looking back at her from the mirror. Even without her constant work-outs the years had been kind. Her small breasts still rode high on her chest and her flat tummy gave way to a neatly-trimmed patch of dark hair just above her already-glistening pussy.

Rob had told her early on that he loved to see a woman in high heels, stockings and nothing else and Suzanne was ready to give him just what he wanted. With a last look in the mirror, she reached for the door.

Fidgeting nervously in the chair Rob waited an eternity for Suzanne to finish in the bathroom. He had yet to Escort Şanlıurfa honor her request to stroke his cock as he was already hard in anticipation of seeing his angel in all her glory. Hearing the door click he gripped his manhood and began stroking himself slowly.

Suzanne stepped around the corner and Rob gasped. “She remembered,” he thought. The sight of her clad only in her lace-topped thigh-highs and black heels caused Rob’s balls to tighten involuntarily.

“You like what you see lover?” Suzanne said as she cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed them together. “Oh yes I do,” Rob replied and continued to stroke himself. “And I love seeing a sexy man stroking his cock for me,” Suzanne purred as she moved across the room to him. “Don’t stop baby, I want to watch you.” Kneeling in front of him she pushed his legs a little farther apart and looked up at him. She raked her nails across the rough skin of Rob’s inner thigh and was rewarded with a deep groan from him.

Her eyes were riveted on his cock. For months she had fantasized about having that cock inside her and seeing it for the first time made her mouth water. It wasn’t the biggest she had ever seen but it was long and thin and she knew it would fill her perfectly.

Reaching out, Suzanne pushed Rob’s hand away and climbed up to straddle him. She rubbed her tits against Rob’s face as she moved above him. He responded by pushing them together in his hands and filling his mouth with both nipples at once. Suzanne gasped as he bit down roughly on them and started to grind her hips, rubbing her swollen pussy up and down his shaft as she grabbed two handfuls of his hair.

Rob’s hands moved to her hips and pushed Suzanne down quickly onto him. Suzanne gasped and her body tightened at the sudden invasion. She rocked back and forth on his cock as Rob’s hands found her ass and squeezed her cheeks together. “Oh god Suze,” Rob moaned. Suzanne rocked faster, swiveling her hips and grinding his cock inside her. “Yessssssss,” she gasped as shock waves filled her body.

Suzanne started to piston up and down on Rob’s cock and his balls tightened as she milked his cock with her pussy. Kissing hungrily they moaned into each other’s mouths knowing full well neither one of them could last long this first time.

Rob wrapped his arms around Suzanne and carried her to the bed still impaled on his cock. He laid her gently on her back and grabbed her by the hips, pounding her back into him with each thrust. Suzanne arched her back and grasped at the bedcovers, thrashing her head from side to side as her orgasm built to its finish. Her body began to spasm and she cried out as the flood began. Suzanne’s explosion sent Rob over the top and he slammed into her one last time as his cock erupted, sending jet after jet of hot cum deep into her. Pulling out, he jerked himself off and sprayed the remainder of his cum across Suzanne’s belly and tits.

Suzanne’s fingers moved to her pussy, rubbing her clit as her orgasm subsided. Rob collapsed onto his arms, feet still on the floor, kissing Suzanne tenderly as they both gasped for breath, the salty tang of their sweat mingling in their kiss.

Curling up on the bed their hearts raced as they soaked in their first encounter.

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