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Subject: Leo Gives Part 1 Thank you for reading my stories. Comments and questions are welcome ail. These are stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between men above the ages of 18. Nifty is able to provide a free platform for us to share and enjoy stories like these. Please consider donating to the link below to help Nifty with this fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi! Leo Gives Part 1 Leonardo Mitchell was no stranger to being ogled. After years of professional modeling work there were few situations that being naked made him uncomfortable. Carrying a nude college boy out of a hot tub at a ski resort while a group of young skiers watch on was a bit much. ****** Leo, what his friends call him, had been relaxing after a nice day of hitting slopes on the slopes of Vail ski resort. The powder had been fresh and it being early in the season ice crust sections were small. A chance vacation to get away in November for some great skiing and time alone after the season’s Fall fashion shows was a great idea. The time away from the hustle and bustle of the Coasts. Leo had now as he had aged had transitioned from runway and most print modeling projects to becoming a top name runway show production; both creative and operational. In his late 30’s, Leo still commanded attention when he walked by from both men and women. He was 6’1′ richly tanned, smooth skinned Italian American. He had wavy brown hair that he kept just short of shoulder length. He hazel color eyes were an almond shape with echoes of the Silk Trade route genetic mixture from his southern Italian / Mediterranean side of his family. His frame was still in classic swimmers build, with strong but overly bulky muscles. A healthy diet and steady workout regime kept him in top form – a program he had kept with since he was 14. Leo had been discovered in a casting call for young men for a print add campaign at a mall near his home. He only entered on a whim when one of his swim team buddies wanted to go but not be alone. At 15 he entered the modeling world, quickly realizing that he had an opportunity he relocated with a great uncle who lived in New York. By age 17 he was walking in headlining positions with major brands in New York, Paris and Milan. With some shrewd investing and an advantageous talent contract, he booked and maintained a steady pace of high paying and lasting campaigns. His natural talents in business made short work of negotiating the details a breeze and he made a quick reputation for being smart and beautiful. His great uncle had been his best benefactor and advocate. Leo’s uncle Simon passed shortly after Leo’s 25th birthday, leaving his full estate to Leo. His uncle had been a very successful corporation lawyer and partner in a prestigious international law firm. The estate that Leo received included properties in New York, Los Angeles and Florida, as well as a bountiful trust to more than cover Leo’s living and working expenses. They had been in the process of incorporating a fashion production management business, in which they would be partners. Unfortunately his uncle passed before the business was more than a fledgling company. At the time of his passing, it left Leo as the sole owner with both creative and business functions falling to his shoulders. With some hard work, industry knowledge and the acquisition of some like minded business associates, Leo had made the Mitchell Creative Agency as successful and lucrative powerhouse in the fashion industry. After 10 years of being the direct and sole force of the agency, Leo had decided to promote his two chief officers to run the majority of the day to day details. Leo had reserved only certain creative duties for him to maintain. His officers were bright and aggressive like Leo and had the drive to continue to make Mitchell Creative Agency the go to for all things modeling. The last 3 years Leo had been traveling throughout the world, coordinating his travels to hit the major events of the agency. Leo had now decided to space out his trips between events and focus some time on himself. This is how he ended up in Colorado, having the start of his me time. He had decided to rent a townhouse condo suite less than 10 miles from Vail for a month. He had access to several ski resorts including Vail and had less of a chance to run into someone from the industry. A true holiday for sure. **** Now Leo had his hands full of the college age skier that had been sharing the hot tub with him. Ian had blond hair and fair skin, pale enough in places to see his veins. His icy blue eyes and ample lips had instantly caught Leo’s attention when he had entered to adult only enclosed pool and hot tub area at the resort. They had meet each other’s eyes when Leo set his towel and things down on a chaise lounge chair. Leo had striped his shirt off and then dropped his loose walking shorts to reveal his tanned and tight body. The resort offered this adult area to be clothing optional, which is what Leo preferred when he had the chance. His fitness routine kept his body in close to runway shape and he liked to show it off. The young man watched carefully as Leo turned around, displaying his flaccid cock. Leo’s thick member hung close to 4 inches long when soft, a little attention and it would extend to his full 8 inches. It was cut which was a nod to his father’s family tradition not the Italian side of his mother’s family. He kept his pubic hair trimmed short out of habit from the modeling days, it made his cock look bigger too. Leo headed toward the hot tub, when the younger man got out of the pool. He was also nude. He was athletic looking, trim body about 5’10”, blond hair and blue eyes, in his early 20’s. The water dripped from his pale skin to the floor. His semi hard cock was about 4 inches and was slender with a very pink cock head and corona hanging down from a curly blond mess of pubes. The rest of his body was mostly smooth, with just a dusting of blond hair at his pits and on his legs. He headed toward me and the hot tub. “Hi, I’m Ian.” He introduced himself, “I’m here with the college ski group who’s hotel got flooded.” He offered his hand to shake mine. His hand was firm and when he pumped his arm his muscles flexed nicely. “Oh yes, I heard you guys had the worst of luck with that hotel. Glad the resort had some extra space this weekend.” I started while we were shaking hands. I continued, “I’m Leonardo, but please call me Leo.” Ian smiled with the introductions. We both walked over to the hot tub and climbed in. It felt good to relax in the hot jets of water. I settled on one side of the tub and Ian settled on the other. The heat was already making his skin flush. The bubbling water hid my view of his full body, but I was turned on by the parts that I could see. “So Ian, what is the team doing in town?” I probed, “Training or competition?” “We are in training for a competition this weekend.” Ian explains, “Coach has us skiing istanbul escort several of the resorts near here, as the competition will have a round robin aspect to it. We could be skiing on multiple venues over the three days of competition later this week.” “That is wise of your coach.” I replied, “It sure does make a difference when you have been on the slopes. Each venue has it’s own feeling and dynamics. I have skied most of the area resorts. Which one did you hit today?” “We were working on altitude today, so we were at Arapaho Basin.” Ian advised, “It is higher than any of other venues for this competition. Coach had us working pretty hard to help condition us for the differences.” “Again smart thinking on the coach’s part.” I answered. Throughout our conversation we were both discreetly checking each other out. Ian moved from being opposite me, to the spot next to mine. “I think the jets are more strong over here.” Ian explained as he moved locations. “They do feel good.” I agreed, “The heat is up nice and high tonight, I notice.” The new seating arrangement in the tub put us both viewing out toward the pool area. The bubble jets moving our legs and arms, occasionally bumping into each other. I was heating up quickly with the combination of the heat and the low key flirting I was sensing. I raise my arms up and place them on the back edge of the hot tub. My right arm now behind Ian’s back. “Yes, it is warm tonight.” I casually mention as I move. I look over at Ian and he is flushed more now than before. I am not sure if it is from the heat or my overt signal that I was ok with the advances. “I like that.” Ian murmurs and he leans his body closer against mine. He places a hand on my chest, his finger absently tracing on my pec muscles. I move my arm off the edge of the tub and place it around his shoulder. I give have a squeeze as our bodies are joined together. He makes a cooing sound and changes his finger tracing to play with my hardening nipple. I lay my head back and make a soft moaning sound. His fingers become emboldened by my reaction, they now are pinching the hard nubs. I look around and notice that we currently have the pool area to ourselves as the last couple left just after we entered the hot tub. I lift my head up and turn toward Ian. We lean in to each other and our lips touch. As our lips part and our tongues meet, I taste a pleasant, light mint flavor. We make out for a few minutes, letting each others tongues explore our mouths. “I think it best that we slow down some” I tell him, as I break our kissing and nod toward the water at our laps. I could see that we were both getting hard. Ian nods and moves his head to rest on my shoulder. “I am feeling a bit light headed.” Ian advises me, “The higher altitude practice and the heat and you are making me very hot.” I look at his face and his flush is now almost crimson. I had not noticed it while we were kissing, it was moving down from his face and was now starting to cover his chest as well. Concerned I turn to him, “I think we need to hop out for a while.” I explain to him, “Hard or not we need to cool you down.” I move to stand us up. His body starts to go limp. I hurriedly look at his face to see his eyes roll back. I quickly move my arm to support him under his arms around his chest. I hear a noise of the door opening, but ignore it for the moment as my concern was to get Ian out of the hot tub. I put an arm under his legs and lift his body clear of the water. I am holding Ian aloft while I was still standing in the water. He starts to recover and is moving around in my arms making it difficult to move us both to hot tub steps. I look up and see three young men coming over from the door. They were the noise I had heard, but had not taken the time to identify as I grappled to keep Ian out of the hot water. “I can use some help here.” I say urgently to the oncoming boys. “I think the hot water was too much for him.” The young men rushed over to help support me as I came up the steps of the hot tub with Ian draped in my arms. I clear the top of the tub and head toward the chaise lounge not far away. I settle Ian down and start to check him out. His flush was receding and his breathing was normal. Belatedly I realize that they must know Ian as they all trying to talk to him at once. I look at them more closely now. Each of them is similar to Ian in body type – slender athletic. One was a red head with pale skin and freckles. The other two had dark brown hair and tanned skin – they looked as if they could be brothers. They were each wearing swim suits and team t-shirts, Colorado Collegiate Combined Ski Team. Thus confirming that they were Ian’s teammates. Ian started to stir, “Guys, guys!” He said, “It’s alright. I am fine. I think practice today and the heat from the hot tub were too much for me. Thanks to Leo here, I’m OK.” He pointed to me. “Wow, thanks for looking out for Ian. I’m Russell.” Russell introduced himself, “Ian likes to sneak away before the rest of us can catch up. Drives us insane and makes coach crazy.” He laughs and looks down at Ian. “No problems, altitude can be tricky for sure. Nice to meet you Russell.” I reply and stick out my hand to the hot young man. “You guys on the ski team?” “Yes, I am the team captain.” Russell starts, pointing to the other young men, “These are brothers Daniel and Michael they are also on the team.” One of the brothers had brought a bottle of water to Ian, who in turn was sipping it slowly. Russell took a near by towel and wet it with the bottle he was holding, then placed the damp towel behind Ian’s neck. The flush from his body was now mostly receded to just his cheeks. He made move to get up. “I think you had better finished that bottle of water first, before you try getting up” I cautioned him. “Thanks again Leo. And you too guys!” Ian told us, “I just need to slow it down. I know the routine. No need to tell coach. OK?” He was looking at Russell when he said the last part. “OK Ian.” Russell consented, “But no more hot tub for you tonight.” “I can live with that.” Ian replied, “That does not mean that you guys have to not use it.” The relief spread among the young men as the crisis was averted. Russell nodded and the brothers smiled. “I will keep watch on him for a little while” I told the guys with a smile. I sat down on the chaise lounge next to Ian’s. That got a smile from each of the guys, Ian included. The guys started to skin out of their t-shirts and much to my delight their swim shorts as well. Russell had a mostly smooth chest with his pale skin, the pits and his treasure trail leading toward his crotch was bring red like his hair. His uncut dick was about 3 inches with a long foreskin was covered in the thick bush of red hair. Daniel and Michael were similar enough to be twins. Both had dark brown hair in their pits and neatly trimmed bushes. The brothers had very thick cut cocks, looked to be about 4 inches long, swinging down to rest on long ball sacks. ataköy escort The boys had dropped their clothes off and were headed toward the hot tub that Ian and I recently vacated. It appeared that Ian was use to seeing these guys in the buff and his body gave little reaction to the additional flesh showing. I on the other hand had to adjust my sitting as my dick decided he liked the hot young things walking to the hot tub and climbing in. “Those guys are pretty hot aren’t they?” Ian chuckled as he noticed my rapidly changing condition. His eyes traveled down my body but came to rest on the view of my hardening cock. He licked his lips longingly. “You must be used to seeing them this way.” I replied. “They are hot young men, you are in that same category if I say so myself.” I favored him with smile. From the looks of it, Ian’s color was returning as was his sense of humor. He had finished off the bottle of water. His eyes were is more focus, he looked like he did when I came in. “Hey guys” Ian called, “You OK with Leo taking me back to the room. I want to relax.” “That is fine with us.” Russell nodded and the brother smiled, “We will be here for at least another half hour or so.” “Great!” Ian called back to his teammates, then turned to me with a smile. “That is alright, isn’t it?” “Sure.” I reply, “Where are your clothes at?” Ian points to a table not far away that has a few items on it. I stand up and walk over to pick them up. I return and toss them next to Ian. I then go and grab my stuff. I pull on my shirt and then bend over and pull up my loose cotton shorts. Placing my feet into my flip flops I turn and go back over to Ian. He had pulled on his shirt and was stepping in to his shorts as I returned. He pulled on his slides and grabbed another water bottle to sip on. We wave to the guys in the hot tub and head toward the door. The resort complex is made up of 1 and 2 bedroom standard style condos all opening to the inner enclosed courtyard that had seating areas, open air shops, some of the general use pools and hot tubs. It was four levels high and spanned the distance of 3 buildings. The adult only area, private pool and hot tub area was about two thirds of the way from the entrance. My condo was a townhome style with two bedrooms, two and a half baths, a gourmet kitchen, open living and dining area with a large fireplace all spread between two floors. The large master suite including an open air seating area were on the second floor. It was in the last section away from the main entrance and had a private entrance and concierge for the top tier guests. Since Ian wanted to return to his room, he pointed us toward the main entrance part of the complex. We went to the elevator a short distance away and took it up to the third floor. His shared condo was across the air bridge just a short way from the elevator. He used the card key and ushered us both in. His unit was a standard two bedroom one, a bed and en suite bath on each side of the shared living and dining area and the galley kitchen with the a breakfast bar. The condo had a lived in look that was normal for four college aged guys to be sharing it. A few glasses on the end tables, a plate or two in the sink. All in all the shared living space was fairly clean. Ian set his card key and bottle down on the table. He stepped up to me and leaned in for a kiss. I parted my lips and our tongues started to wrestle. I reached for him and pulled him in for a tight hug. Our chests were together and both of our crotches were starting to have some tumescence. Ian broke our kiss and pulled me toward the nearest bedroom. I gave him a look. “I want you. I am feeling much better.” He started, “I want to feel wonderful though.” “If you are OK with this so am I. I do not want to push you too hard” I answered and he took my hand and led me in. I was expecting two beds, but was surprised that it only had a king bed. The covers were pulled up, but not made. There were some clothes over the edge of the sitting chair and scattered items on the end tables and dresser. The open closet show some hanging close and a pop up basket for dirty clothes. The chest of drawers had evidence of being full, some of the drawers not fully shut and some clothes items sticking out. “Coach had a fit when all they had for my group was two bedrooms with kings in each.” Ian said as he pulled me in and closed the door. “Russell and I share this room, we are roommates at school so it is no problem. The brothers have the other room and share a bed anyway. It works out well for our group.” “Are you and Russell together?” I venture, “I do not like breaking up couples.” “No problems there. Russell and I are friends first.” Ian answered, “With benefits sometimes, but we are not dating. We are both pretty open, but we are selective.” Ian sat down on the bed and pulled my hand down with him. I sat next to him. He leaned over and started kissing me again. I opened my lips and sucked his tongue in, I nibbled on it to tease. That caused him to chuckle. I let my hands rub up and down on his chest, I slipped my hand under his shirt and continued to rub his body. He allowed our kiss to part as I lifted his shirt over his head. He took the opportunity to raise my shirt as well. Now we resumed kissing, both of us exploring each other’s nude chests. Ian’s lighter skin tone made the even bronze of my skin stand out more. His dusting of blond chest hair was very faint. My fingers found one of his pink nipples, I traced the fine hairs around it. My thumb and index finger came together to pinch and grab his quickly hardening nub. Ian’s breath quickens as I lean over and plant my lips around his nip. My tongue swaths over his hard point and he gives me a moan. I pull back and let my tongue and lips trace over his muscular chest to the base of his throat below his Adam’s apple. I continue to the other nipple and give it a work out. I push us back against the bed and lift his arms over his head. I lean in and kiss him hard on the mouth. I break our kiss and nuzzle over to his exposed arm pit with the bushy blond hairs. I lick and kiss it, rubbing my cheeks and lips all over it. I move over and work the other, making it as wet as the first. He groans at my attention to his body, his hips are thrusting against my side. I move my leg over and cover his crotch. He starts to buck back and forth on my leg, I could feel his cock pulse against my leg. I move my hands down his chest and hook the waistband of his shorts. He lifts his hips to help me draw them down his legs and then off. His cock is standing up in the blond nest of pubes, his balls close to the base of his cock. I slip my shorts off and let them drop. I slide my body back up his legs, coming to a stop above his balls. I lick his ball sack, then suck one in. “Oh fuck yea!” Ian moans as I am servicing his balls. I lick my tongue up his jutting cock and slurp in the tip of his cock head. I can tell he is close so I do not go further down on him. I lick aksaray escort back down his cock, kiss each ball, then lift them out of the way. My lips and tongue make quick work of his taint and start towards his hole. He opens his legs wider to give me access. I slip my shoulders between his spread legs and then push them up. Ian catches on and grabs his thighs and pulls his legs up to his chest. His very pink hole is now visible, it is ringed with the same blond hairs, making the pink color stand out even more. My tongue attacks the outer ring of his pucker, he shivers when I let my tongue slide over the center of his pucker. I grab his ass cheeks and spread them out as I dive in and start to eat his ass in earnest. I can feel his tight pucker loosen with each flick of my tongue. I stiffen my tongue and poke it into his waiting hole. He moans as I tongue fuck his furry hole. I taste trace bits of chlorine from our time in the hot tub. He is very responsive to my actions. I reach up my hand and place two fingers up by his lips. He opens his mouth and sucks them in. He is sucking and slobbering on them, making they wet and slick. I bring my hand back down. I take my index finger and place it at this pucker while I am still servicing it with my tongue. I pull my tongue back and then push my finger in. As it is slicked with Ian’s spit and his ass is wet with mine, it slides smoothly in. I feel his gland when my finger passes it. “Oh that feels good!” Ian moans. I pull my index finger out and put two fingers back in. I hear a grunt as they pass and massage his gland, it is starting to get more firm. I thrust my fingers in and out, finger fucking him. My finger tips a poking his gland hard each time they enter. I move my mouth back up and engulf his hard, leaky cock. I take him down to the base of his cock, all the while I a finger fucking his prostate hard. I bob my head up and down, tasking his sweet pre-cum as my tongue is swiping with my bobs. I feel his gland get rock hard, I move my finger fucking pace up. I move my mouth up to the upper part of his cock, flicking my tongue around his flared cock head. Ian’s moans and grunts are getting louder. I feel his balls pull up and Ian grabs my head as he starts to shoot. I swallow some, but try and keep some of his hot load to share with him. Ian’s body relaxes, I am keeping his cock still in my mouth letting his sensitivity pass. I finally pull my lips off his cock and move up next to him on the bed. I position my mouth over his, he opens his lips. I drip the part of his load that I kept in my mouth into his. When it had transferred, I lean in and we kiss. Our tongues again are wresting, sharing his spunk. Ian breaks the kiss. “Fuck that was hot! I am feeling wonderful.” Ian smiles and then insists, “Lay back and let me help you now.” I roll my shoulders and hips back over and am now flat on the bed. Ian bends down and kisses me again. His fingers are exploring my body: finding my pits, nipples, abs and belly button. He lets his hand lower to my trimmed pubes. He separates our kiss as he moves down and sucks on my nipple. He reaches my cock and he runs his hand up and down the hard member. He then fondles my balls a bit. I am moaning at the attention. His hand then grips and steadies my cock to point straight up. He releases my nipple and slips down to put his lips around my cock. He sucks and nibbles lightly on my corona. Then he slides his lips down and takes my throbbing 8 inches down to my base is one stroke. I feel throat is open and accepts my cock head in with ease. He begins to move his head up and down is small movements, pushing my cock head in and out of his throat. He is sucking down my leaking pre-cum in his slurping. I am starting to relax into Ian’s outstanding oral skills. I leave my hands up under my head so I can watch him work. Ian looks up into my eyes as he pauses with my dick buried deep in his gullet. His eyes are twinkling and his cheeks have a slight flush to them. I smile at him and he winks. I lay my head back to enjoy. All at once Ian pulls off my cock with his mouth. I lift my head to see Ian moving up to straddle my hips. He lowers down and move his ass back up my dripping cock. I try to protest. I did not want him to over heat but he pushes a finger to my lips to silence my protest. He reaches around and takes my jutting cock line up with his wet ass. He lifts his hips up and pushes down, inserting my cock into his waiting hole. His wet ass lips wrap around my cock, I feel the heat as my cock head enter his second ring – he pauses. Ian pulses his muscles around my hard member. After he has become use to my thickness, he lowers himself further down my cock. Finally he has bottomed out, his ass like a glove around my member. I lean forward and pull him into a kiss, while he is resting, fully impaled. After a minute or so of kissing, he breaks our kiss and starts to move up and down on my cock. He has started a slow fuck rhythm, going further up my dick with each stroke. Sweat is dripping down from his body as he is bouncing. I use my hands to help support him as he works my cock. I am concerned that he is going to get overworked before I climax. When he hits bottom on a stroke, I grab and hold his waist down. I roll us over with my dick still in his ass. I move his legs open and spread them wide. I grip his ankles and I start to plow his ass. “Hell yes, man” Ian grunts, “Fuck me hard.” That is all the encouragement I need as I power fuck his ass. With his climax and the slow start, he is opened and receptive to the hard fuck as I pummel my hips forcing my cock deeper in him each stroke. I move his legs closer together and place his ankles on my shoulders. I can then grab his hips as I force my raging cock in and out of him. I am slamming in him and he is pulsing his ass muscles at the base of my stokes in his body. I can feel that I will be getting close to my climax. I want him to shoot again if he can. “Jack yourself off while I fuck you.” I order him, “I want to feel you as you shoot. I want us to shoot together.” Ian moves his hand down and start to jerk his cock. I grab his hand and spit into it to give him some extra lube. He returns his hand and starts to jerk. I tilt my pelvis and make my cock hit his prostrate with each stroke. I am getting closer, so I pound his ass harder. Ian’s ass muscles tighten around my cock as his dick starts shooting ropes of hot cum on his chest and stomach. The extra pulsing sends me over the edge. My cock starts filling his ass with my load. I plow a few more times into his ass, then in the final push bury my cock as far as I can. I put at least 5 or 6 jets of cum in his hot chute. I release his legs from my shoulders and let them slide down while I still am buried in his ass. Our chests meet and we kiss again, his second cum is smearing between our bodies. We break our kiss and rest our heads next to each other. I feel my cock soften enough to pop out of his hot ass lips, a small trickle of my cum leaks out. I pull him on to his side and cuddle him into my body. We both sigh, slightly exhausted from our efforts. “Well this is what I should see every time I open our bedroom door.” Russell announced as he closed the door behind him with a smile.

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