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Lesbian DreamAs I began to play with Kendall’s nipples, I gradually worked my way down her chest with light flickers of my tongue on her nipple. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me harder into her breast. Taking her nipple into my mouth, I vigorously started sucking, licking, and nibbling on her soft round breast. I could hear Kendall begin to release soft sounds of moans as her breathing grew shaky, and overwhelmed with pleasure Kendall tossed her head back into the mattress. The sounds of pleasure coming from Kendall let me know I was definitely doing the right thing. Just the thought of me pleasing Kendall in ways I have dreamed of was making my pussy throb and want her body even more.With my right hand I unsnapped and completely removed her bra, and with my left hand I explored her soft and gentle skin. The more I caressed Kendall’s body the more I could I feel myself become wet, and all my body was craving her. Kendall could tell by the way she was reacting to my touch, jerking and arching her back, that her body was yearning for much more.With both hands I cupped her breast as I was slowly moving down her body, kissing her stomach, biting her hips, blowing on the wet spots I left behind. Removing my hands from her breast bahis siteleri began to unbuckle her belt, unzip her jeans, leaving her with nothing but her wet panties on. I then removed my shirt and leggings, leaving me with nothing on but my bra. I not one to wear panties so my soaking wet pussy was just bare.When I got back on the bed next to Kendall she pull me in closer and tighter against her body, and positioned herself to sit on top of me. I immediately opened my legs and wrapped them around Kendall’s waist pulling her closer to me. Kendall leaned down and whispered, ” I want to fuck so bad right now, I don’t think you really understand.” At this point Kendall had my pussy soaking wet and throbbing waiting for her to take advantage of me.Aggressively, Kendall held me down against the bed and began to kissed and bit on my body. From my neck down to my inner thigh, she left wet traces all over me. The closer Kendall got to my pussy the more I could feel the electric feeling of pleasure and ecstasy go through my body. Kendall reached around my body released my full breast from my bra, and started to devour my breast in her warm and soft mouth. At this point my body is quivering and I’m moaning out loud, my body wanting more. I can canlı bahis siteleri feel my juices flowing out of my pussy and before I know it I could feel Kendall’s fingers playing with my piercing and rubbing on my pussy in a gentle up and down motion. Once Kendall felt how wet I was she stopped sucking on my breast and gasped. “Oh damn… .”Kendall moved down to my dripping wet pussy, parted my lips with her fingers and slowly teased her clit by playing with my piercing and blowing on my clit. Once my clit was exposed she took me into her mouth and sucked on me in ways I never even dreamed of. I instantly felt like she was going to make me cum in her mouth in a matter of seconds.Kendall’s tongue fucked my pussy hole so damn good could I couldn’t control myself. Her tongue was moving around my clit, in and out of my pussy in such a fast motion I couldn’t even keep up with her rhythm. Bitting my bottom lip and gripping her shoulders I felt like I was about to have an out of body experience and yet again, I moments away from exploding in her mouth. All of the sudden Kendall stops. Kendall sat back and looked at me, all I could see was my creamy juices all over her lips. I couldn’t help myself, so I pulled her closer to me so I can taste canlı bahis myself.Reaching next to the bed, Kendall went inside her book bag in search of her strap and dildo. When she found it removed it from her bag my heart immediately started pounding in my chest. After she put her strap on she brought my legs to my chest and slowly slid inside of me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, I was now gasping and moaning her name in a soft whisper. I reached out to touch her, but she stopped my and held my hands down. Without hesitation she started to thrust in and out of my leaking pussy. I basically started to cry because of how fucking great this felt. Never had I ever had this feeling with a man, and she was blowing my mind.Kendall let go of my arms, gripped my waist and started pounding deeper and harder inside of me. My moans and screams were so loud, I’m sure if someone walked past my apartment door they could hear me. I gripped Kendall’s hands tightly and told her not to stop because I was about to cum… not even a minute after I was cumming and my body was shaking, but Kendall was not stopping. I screamed “Oh Shit… Fuck.. Don’t stop, Please don’t stop!!” She let go of the waist with one of her hands, grabbed my neck, and kept pounding my pussy. In pure ecstasy yelled her name and came again….When I woke up my hands were in my panties, my pussy was soaking wet, and throbbing. Talk about being pissed off…. it was just a dream. Maybe it’s time for the real thing!

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