Lesson Plan Ch. 05

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Thank you for reading my stories, and I am sorry if the wait between chapters is longer than you would like. I am doing my best, and promise to keep writing them as long as the response to them is positive. As always, rating and commenting on the stories are greatly appreciated, and if you would like to make suggestions as to possible scenarios you like to see my characters attempt, please fire them at me.


Eventually I had to get myself ready for school, and remembering what Jerome told me, I picked out a tight black pencil skirt that went to about mid-thigh, and matched with a dark purple button up blouse, and a pair of black 4 inch heels. As had become my habit, I did not wear any panties or a bra. I left a few of the buttons undone from my blouse, not enough to be overtly sexual, but enough to give a hint of sexy. Arriving at school, I was a bundle of arousal, as I had followed Jerome’s request and had not played with myself. This of course meant I was practically leaking throughout the morning.

I didn’t know whether or not Jerome would make another appearance at my school today, but the idea that he may kept me on edge during my morning classes. I often found myself daydreaming of the acts of depravity I had willing performed at his request, and would have to shake myself back to reality and to my job as an educator. Lunch time arrived finally and Jerome did not show, but after about five minutes into the break my phone rang; it was Jerome.

“Hello piss slut, do you miss me?”

“Yes sir I do miss you.”

“I’m sure you do slut; tell me what did my little black cock slut wear to work today?”

“Your black cock slut wore a tight black pencil skirt and a purple button up blouse, with heels and no underwear.”

“What a naughty little slut teacher you are. How horny are you whore?”

“Oh sir, I am so horny. I am dying to touch myself.”

“Well slut let’s see if you can earn the right to cum. Tell me what you are willing to do to be allowed to cum.”

“I will do whatever you want sir. I need to cum so bad, and will do whatever it takes. Please let your slut cum sir.”

“Okay slut, well first I want you to grab a black permanent marker and then go to the nearest restroom that is not in the teacher’s lounge. Go now slut, and stay on the phone with me as you do so you can let me know when you get there.”

“Yes sir.”

I grabbed a marker from my desk and wondered exactly what Jerome had in store for me as I walked to the girls’ restroom just down the hall from my room. The chances students would be using this restroom at this time was not likely. They would be at lunch in the Cafeteria located on the other side of the school. While I walked I also thought about just how forward Jerome was with his willingness to sexually degrade me, and how eager I was in accepting his behavior. I was feeding off of it, and loving every minute of it.

“I’m at the restroom sir.”

“Is anyone in there?”

“No sir, it doesn’t look like it.”

“Good. Go to the first stall and close the door behind you.”

I scurried off to the first of five stalls and closed myself inside.

“Done sir.”

“Take off your clothes slut and throw them two stalls over.”

“Yes sir.”

With a bit of a tremble pulsing through my body, I set my phone and the marker down before undressing. In only heels I gathered my garments into a pile and pitched them over the stall wall and into the stall two over from me. I felt so naughty being naked in the public restroom of my school, and my pussy flooded with the idea that Jerome still was trying to push my limits. What would he have me do to further try and break me?

“Done sir.”

“Take the marker and begin writing on the door of the stall just how much of a nasty, piss loving, black cock, anal slut you are. Write it in third person, and make sure you use your full name. When you are done slut, I want you to read what you wrote back to me.”

With a bit of nervous apprehension I replied, “Yes sir.”

I mull over what to write, as well as how revealing and vulgar I should write. Knowing Jerome expects me to divulge just how dirty I have been for him on the stall door, I decide just to go all out, and get as raunchy as possible. As I write, a sense of serenity comes over me and I feel a bit of clarity form in my mind. Writing out what type of slut I am makes me realize just how far I have gone down the rabbit hole sexual depravity, and I understand that I have always been this person. It just took a divorce, some lonely night, and a powerful black man to unleash it. The idea that the students of my school will read what I wrote scares me, but also invigorates me. No one will know I wrote it, as it is in third person, so there will be no way for them to know for sure if any of it is true, or if it was just some slanderous scribble of a dejected student. When I finish, a large portion of the door is covered in my confession, and my body is shaking with excitement.

“I’m done sir, Kalecik Escort shall I read it now?”

“Please do slut.”

“Yes sir. It reads as follows:

Addison Bell or Miss Bell is a huge slut. She loves to fuck and suck big black cocks. She loves swallowing their cum, or letting them shoot their loads all over her face. Miss Bell even enjoys taking big black cocks in her ass. In fact, she will stick just about anything in her ass if a black man tells her to. It doesn’t matter where she is, she will eagerly strip naked and serve for black dick. The dirtier the situation or task the better. She’ll let you piss on her, and in her mouth. She’ll suck your dick right from her own ass. Nothing is off limits for Miss Bell. Simply stated, Miss Bell is a black cock, piss loving, anal slut.

Is that good sir?”

“Yes slut, that is very good. Take a picture of it with your phone and send it to me, then call me back.”

He hung up and I immediately snapped the photo of the lewd stall writing. Within moments I sent him the picture and was calling him back. My body was quaking with the high level of arousal and desire for pleasure. He answered after the second ring.

“Well done slut, now go to the stall with your clothes, but do not close the door.”

“Yes sir.”

“Hang your slutty clothes over one of the walls of the stall and then squat in front of the toilet and piss on the floor.”

I stood in silence at his command. Not once did I expect him to have me pee, but I guess I was in the restroom.

“Did you hear me slut?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well then get to it, and hold the phone so I can hear it splashing on the floor.”

“Yes sir.”

I squatted down and held the phone low to the ground. It took a little bit to allow myself to go, but eventually it dribbled out before turning into to a heavy stream. The feeling of peeing freely was amazingly thrilling. At any moment someone could walk in and find me naked pissing on the floor like an animal, and yet I didn’t care; I was an animal. I watched as my yellow flow cascaded over the tiled floor and puddled at my feet, the whole experience only lasted about a minute, but it was enough to send my passion into overdrive. I desperately needed release, and was hoping Jerome would allow me to achieve it. Once my stream sputtered to a stop, I bought my phone back to my ear and spoke.

“I finished sir.”

“You finished what slut?”

“I finished peeing on the floor sir.”

“Did it feel good slut?”

“Yes sir it felt great.”

“Very nice, but I’m sure a piss slut like yourself is completely satisfied yet. Isn’t that right slut?”

“Oh no sir, I am not fully satisfied.”

“Of course not slut; a piss slut needs to taste piss to be satisfied. Bend down and slurp up some of your piss off the floor.”

“Yes sir,” I replied in a state of autopilot. Moving to my knees, I leaned down and brought my face close to the puddle I made in front of me. I pursed my lips and pressed them into the golden liquid while I continued to hold the phone to my ear. The warmth of my urine bathed my lips and I sucked some of it into my mouth. It tastes a little less pungent than Jerome’s had earlier that morning, but still the taboo of my actions aroused me and compelled me to continue. I slurped another swallow into my mouth and swished around before gulping it down. I was acting just like I had written, and was doing so during a school day in the middle of my school. My body shook with the excitement and terror of that realization. One more slurp and swallow before Jerome spoke once again.

“Okay slut that is enough for now. Go ahead and get dressed and get back to your classroom. By my watch, lunch will be over in a few minutes, and I don’t want you getting caught before I really get you to do some wild stuff. Keep your phone near, and don’t even think of touching yourself.”

The line went dead, and hurried to get dressed. I didn’t have time to clean up my mess or rinse out my mouth as I had to leave the scene before anyone was the wiser. Returning to my room, I sat at my desk just as the bell rang ending lunch. Thankfully, I had an open period after lunch so I took the time to collect myself and thoughts, as well as replay the events of the day so far.

I spent my prep period reflecting on what a slut I have become, and how badly I wanted to be with Jerome again so I could perform for him in person. I knew I was acting reckless, but I didn’t care, I was insatiable. Thankfully my final classes of the day did an adequate job of keeping my mind distracted, but occasionally I would catch myself thinking about Jerome and his massive cock. Thinking about him fucking my throat, or my ass. Thinking about him shooting his cum all over me, or pissing on me. I was a mess, however, I would somehow be able to refocus and push through my duties as a teacher.

Eventually the final bell rang and school was over for the day. I began to pick up around my room and get Kalecik Escort Bayan myself ready to go home, when my phone buzzed a message from Jerome.

“Go home and change into a slutty dress, and then meet me at the Village Center Theaters by 5 pm. Bring $100 in all singles with you. Further instructions will follow.”

I felt the quiver of excitement as it ran through my body as I read the text, and quickly finished up in my classroom so I could leave. Twenty minutes later I was in my bedroom, stripping out of my clothes, and getting ready to clean myself up before leaving to meet with Jerome. As I showered, I wondered what his plans where; were we going watch a movie, why did he want me to bring $100 dollars in singles with me, was I going to be able to play with his wonderful black cock, would he allow me to climax? These were the questions I kept asking myself, knowing full well that there was no way for me to know the answers until I met with him.

After completing my shower, and doing up my make-up and hair, I picked out the best dress for the night. Jerome stated I should wear a slutty dress and I had just the one. It was a black tank dress, made of cotton jersey fabric that just clung to my body. The hem line fell at high thigh; about 3 inches below my ass. With a deep scooping neckline, I would be showing quite a bit of cleavage. Pairing it up with a matching set of heels, I definitely looked the part of a woman on the prowl. To finish the look I grabbed a simple leather clutch and tossed in my ID, my debit card, phone, and keys before heading out to meet my dark chocolate master.

It was only 4 pm when I left, but I needed to go to the bank to get the 100 singles Jerome had instructed I bring. Upon arriving at the bank, I received another text from Jerome.

“Make sure the money is rolled up, and secured with a rubber band.”

I felt it was an odd request at first, but then I laughed a little considering he had also request I suck his dick straight from my own ass, and I didn’t think twice about that. The bank teller gave a quizzical look when I asked for 100 dollars in all ones, but didn’t really press the issue which I was thankful for considering I didn’t really know why I needed 100 dollars in ones anyway. After getting the bundle, I got back in my car, and rolled it up and fastened them together with a rubber band I found in my car. The roll of cash didn’t fit in my clutch so I just set it on the passenger seat next me, and headed off to the theatre.

Arriving early, I parked in the middle of the lot and waited for Jerome to contact me with further word as to what he expected of me. About five minutes later I received a text message from him.

“I’ll be there shortly, wait for me in your car with the window down, and the roll of money in your mouth.”

Without a moment of pause, I rolled down my car window, and put the roll cash between my lips. As I waited, I constantly looked around the lot to see if anyone could see me, or was going to be heading in my direction. I was startled when Jerome’s voice came from behind me.

“Hello slut. I am glad to see you are continuing to follow my directions like a good little pet. I’ll take that.”

He reached inside the car through the window and grabbed the money from my mouth, putting the roll in his pocket.

“Come on out slut, so we can go make it to our movie. Leave your bag, but take your phone. Don’t worry about the window, you can leave it down; we are in a pretty nice area of town. Oh, I’ll take your keys though.”

I grabbed my phone and handed Jerome my car keys as I got out of my car. The hemline of my dress crept up and was showing off a lot of my thighs, but was still covering my ass. Jerome began to lead me towards the Cinema, and as he did I could feel his palm squeezing my ass through my dress. He was wearing a nice pair of black jeans with sneakers and dark green V-neck t shirt that accentuated his muscular physique. At the ticket window he paid for two tickets to a movie I didn’t even know was still in theaters nor had any previous interest in watching prior to that night. I did notice that he paid with a card and not the money he had me bring which I found to be a bit curious. However I didn’t give it to much thought, as after he got the tickets he continued to lead the way to the theater in which the movie was being shown.

The movie wasn’t scheduled to begin for another 5 minutes, but there wasn’t anyone else inside when we entered the room. He chose to sit in the very back row, and right in the center. Once we sat down the lights dimmed and the previews began to play. We sat silently through the previews, and no one else showed up. I began to wonder what exactly Jerome intended to do. Were we really just going to watch a movie together? While that would be fine, I was kind of hoping for something a bit more erotic. Just as the opening scene of the movie began to roll, Jerome spoke, and I found out he wasn’t just planning on watching a movie Escort Kalecik with me.

“Take your dress off slut, and hand it to me.”

Considering we were alone in a dark theater, I responded immediately, and had my dress off in a flash. Of course, I probably would have completed his order even if we weren’t the only ones in the theater; that’s just how heated up I was by him. He took my dress and place on the seat next to him before giving me my next order.

“Get down on your knees and show we what a complete black cock slut you are.”

Immediately, I dropped down on my knees to the floor between his legs and begin to fish out his lovely cock from his jeans. Within seconds I have his semi-hard meat pole free and begin attacking it with an oral assault. I have been dying to have his throbbing member in my mouth all day, and was happily accepting my role as black cock slut for him. He was soon completely erect and I began the process of trying to stuff his entire sausage into my throat. There was no one there, but had there been they surely would have heard the gagging and slurping of my efforts.

Eventually, my slut crazed oral attack slowed to a more attentive pace, and I focused more on pleasuring him rather than trying to swallow him. I was still taking his length deep into my throat occasionally, but I would also tenderly lick his shaft and kiss his purple mushroom head. He let me enjoy myself, and would occasionally let a groan or moan slip, but said nothing. Occasionally I would up and see him watching the movie, and this would only spur me to refocus my efforts on pleasing him. I could hear the movie playing, but wasn’t paying any attention to it; I only paid attention to the wonderful black snake in my mouth. After a while, my knees began to ache from being on them for so long, and it was about that time Jerome stopped me and spoke.

Okay slut that is good for now. This movie is absolutely horrible, so I am going to go out and get high in my car. You are to stay here and watch the rest of the movie, but keep your phone close as I may want to text you. Oh, and I will be taking your dress with me, so I hope you don’t get any ideas of leaving. Also, to make sure you don’t start playing with yourself, I am going to put these on you.”

From his back pocket he pulled out a pair of handcuffs and secured them to my wrists locking them behind my back. The idea of being alone, naked, and handcuffed in a public movie theater was at the same time, frightening and exciting. I would have no way of covering myself if someone was to find me. My body shivered with the thought.

“If I do text, you won’t have to reply. I will just assume you got the message and expect you to comply with whatever it says. Is this clear slut?”

“Yes sir.”

He then stood up with his erection still out, and gave me a few slaps on the face with it before stuffing it back into his pants and walking away. I was left all alone and vulnerable, to watch the second half of a movie I never wanted to see, and didn’t really see the first half of. My phone was in the cup holder of my seat so I would be able to see if any texts came in from Jerome. As I sat and tried to follow the movie the best I could, while also conjuring up all the possibilities Jerome had in store for me, I began to leak my arousal onto the cushion of the chair. I felt so desperate to play with myself that I began rocking in my chair. Finally, after about thirty minutes, my phone lit up with a text from Jerome.

“Come meet my out back now. Use the back exit, unless you want to let everyone out front see.”

Happy to be out of the movie and to see Jerome, I quickly stood up and awkwardly grabbed my phone before heading down to the screen to exit to the back. I felt so slutty walking down the aisle and stairs of the theater nude and handcuffed; I began to really swivel my hips as if I was putting on a show. By the time I made it to the exit, I’m sure my arousal was evident on my thighs.

Outside, I was blasted by warm air, but was happy to realize the sun was down so there wasn’t much light to expose me to anyone that may happen to be in the back alley of the theater. Looking left and right, I located Jerome’s car parked towards the end of the alley, and I began to confidently walk towards it. He was facing me, and as I approached he turned on his headlights to illuminate me. I did not let it deter me, as I continued to strut down the alleyway. Reaching his car he speaks to me.

“Show my car respect, and then get in slut.”

Just as I had when I first met him and rode in his car, I bent over and kissed the hood of his rumbling car. I then walked over to the passenger side of the car and entered it. Once in, I looked over at him and saw that his cock was out of his pants.

“Go ahead slut, you know what to do.”

Indeed I did. I swiftly arranged myself with my knees on the seat, ass in the air, and my face in his crotch. His cock slipped into my warm wanting mouth, and I was again eagerly blowing my black master. With my mouth on his rod, he began to drive away down the alley. I could feel him turning and stopping occasionally, but I only focused on pleasuring his tool, and not where we were going. Eventually though it seemed we had stopped for good, and Jerome pushed me off before speaking.

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