Lessons From a Family Ch. 02

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I had a wonderful time with Susan a few days ago. We had exchanged phone numbers, but I was hesitant about calling an older woman who was in an economic level so much above mine. Then, as I was about to go out for my morning jog the phone rang. It was Susan inviting me over for some more new experiences. She suggested I jog over, saying she loved the smell and texture of a man who had been working. I agreed, and about 30 minutes later I was knocking at her door.

When Susan opened the door I was not surprised that she had dressed to get my attention. She wore a white bikini top that only covered a couple inchs of each tit. The nipples were hard and visible through the thin cloth. Her skirt was short, full, and also nearly see-thru. She pulled me in, quickly shutting the door. She continued to hold my hand as she led me well into the house. She took me into what looked to be a guest bedroom with a king bed that was already turned down.

Susan turned to me, and after a quick kiss on the lips, said, “I have gotten everything ready, and gotten a good start on myself too.” She took my hand a put it under her skirt at her pussy. I felt she was quite filled with juices. She moved to me, starting with a kiss as she took my other hand to her butt, squeezing it with my hand under hers. Then she moved her hand to my butt and began squeezing mine. We stood there kissing, fondling each others asses, her wet pussy, and rubbing our fronts together.

Susan stepped back enough to get my hands off her. She leaned into me smelling my recent workout. As she went, “Mmm’ she pulled my tank top off. She put her mouth over my right nipple and sucked. She squeezed my left nipple. Then she reached down taking my jogging shorts to the floor. She got to the floor as she pushed me back onto the bed. She finished removing my shorts and then the shoes.

Susan was now on her knees and had me sitting naked on the bed. She moved onto the bed, pushing and pulling me back so I was laying fully on my back. She moved over my body, stopping to kiss the top of my hard dick, and each nipple. As she continued, her nearly bare nipples were put into my mouth for a few quick sucks each. Then she continued, letting me kiss her firm stomach. She crawled higher, bringing the short skirt over my face. She pulled the front over my head, setting her pussy on my open mouth, as the rear of the skirt fell to my chest.

As I began licking and sucking, the juices fell out of Susan into my mouth. She tasted different than the last time and different than any woman I had eaten before. The juice was more salty and there was more of it. Susan rocked on my face and began groaning, then fell forward having an organism. I continued to softly lick and suck her juices.

In a few minutes she Maltepe Escort sat up again and said, “More.” I began to be more aggressive pulling her down onto my mouth, then reaching to her tits and squeezing them. She reached back, fondling my nipples. She rocked, as she had before, but slowing to enjoy the pleasure longer this time.

Then I felt the bed move as someone joined us. I began to roll from under her, but Susan pressed on me saying “It’s OK. Just continue and enjoy.” As I went back to stimulating her pussy and clit I felt a hand stroking my dick which had softened some. Another hand took my balls and gently squeezed them. Then an unknown mouth began wet kisses and licks on the sides of my newly hard dick. The mouth moved over the dick head for a few quick sucks. Then the mouth began kissing up my body to my nipples, where sucking was added to the kisses.

The hand on my dick was removed, only to return with warming oil lube. This added to the pleasure. Next the other hand was removed, returning to my balls with warning lube. Again, sex with Susan, and her unknown friend, was giving me a new pleasures. The hand on my balls was taken away again, and returned with more lube for my ass. A finger, then two went in to stimulate my prostate.

There I was, on my back, Susan enjoying giving me fur pie, and someone else kissing my nipples, stroking my cock, and fingering my ass. I was not aware there was anything on earth except the action on this bed.

The unseen person broke all contact, leaving me to pleasure Susan. The bed shifted again. I felt my dick being moved to point to the ceiling. A body moved over my dick and I felt my dick covered with warm flesh pushing on the head. Then my dick was being pushed into a warm tight body. The body moved up and down to get the fit right, then stopped with my dick buried. Susan turned, facing the person on my dick. She never let the skirt off my face. She settled back on my face with her asshole on my mouth. I felt their weight shift. I knew they were kissing. Both began moving their hips. My orgasim suddenly arrived. I blew into the body above mine. Susan quickly moved off me as I continued in bliss. The stranger pulled off and sat on my mouth. I opened my mouth as my cum ran from the ass above it. I drank my own cum again, this time from an ass, not a mouth. I swallowed, knowing it would please Susan.

I opened my eyes and saw a man’s balls above. The man moved off me to the side. He was young, about 22, slim, tanned all over, and had no body hair. As I tried to get my wits, he leaned to my chest kissing my nipples. He continued to move. putting his chest above mine. I understood and began kissing, licking, and sucking his nipples. After a few minutes of mutual stimulation Anadolu Yakası Escort he began kissing down my body. He stopped at my balls, licking and sucking. He kissed and licked all around my package.

As he was doing that he was on his hands and knees. I was looking at a shaved package above my face. I reached and pulled his hips down. I wanted to have another new experience. Again I knew Susan would be happy. I opened my mouth to let his hard dick in. I kept my mouth wide, pulling him down until I felt the head touch the back of my mouth. I closed on him enjoying the taste of man flesh for the first time. I did not move, afraid my teeth might hurt him. I did move my tongue over the head. He moaned, his first sound. He began to move his hips, up and down, up and down, in and out in and out, slowly. I was getting him quite wet. He lifted his head and chest, reaching for my ankles. He pulled my legs up at nearly right angles to the bed. He leaned in kissing, tonguing, and sucking my asshole.

I felt Susan return to the bed between my legs. The man lifted his head. Susan applied more of the warming lube to my ass and began fingering me. Her fingers moved in and out, and twisted right and left . I felt my asshole getting larger and larger. Susan moved down and began sucking my soft dick back to hardness. She seemed not to mind that it had been in the ass now above my face. I continued to enjoy the man gently face fucking me. I realized I was being prepared for his dick to take my anal virginity, He was being gentle as if to comfort me, showing there would be little pain as he took me.

Susan moved to the side of me on the bed. She began stroking my chest, only lightly stimulating my nipples. She pulled my mouth off his dick turning my face to kiss me. She moved to hug me, pushing him off. She said, “He’s ready.”

I knew she meant I was ready to be fucked in the ass.

The man moved to between my legs. Lifting them so my knees were nearly touching my chest. I looked up seeing his eyes were dark brown and had a soft look about them. We made eye contact for the first time. I saw the excitement in his face. He looked down between my legs at the target of my man pussy. He moved forward on his knees, holding his slim cock. As it touched my hole I tensed. He used the fingers of his other hand to gently rub more lube around the hole and his pole. As I began to relax he put a finger, then another into me. He put his dick at my hole again and began to push. I tried to relax, the dick slid in. He stopped, letting me realize the pleasure of being stretched and pressure on my prostate. He leaned forward, bring his chest to my face. I returned to giving his nipples all the attention I love to be given to mine. Susan was kissing Ümraniye Escort my neck and stroking my nipples.

We were in the position they had been trying to achieve. He began slowing thrusting. Oh, the feeling was wonderful. Susan and him so close to me, the anal stimulation, nipples for my mouth, and my nipples getting attention. I realized his stomach was moving along my hard cock.

He continued to fuck me for several minutes, stopped thrusting, and lifted his upper body. He lifted my hips, and brought his body forward. I moved my legs around his waist, hooking my ankles behind his back. I used my legs to pull him in tighter. This time I began to thrust. Susan moved so she could suck my cock. Now my thrusts put his dick deeper into my ass or my dick deeper into Susan’s mouth. He pinched my nipples and I reached to pinch his. As we continued we need more stimulation, and both of us got aggressive, pinching, and pulling with force. I saw Susan move a hand to his ass. He suddenly pushed forward. I realized Susan was fingering him.

He straightened up, closed his eyes, and began hard thrusts into me. I knew he was about to be the first to cum in my ass.

Susan took me deep into her mouth. She looked me in the eye, knowing I had learned another lesson in good sex. The young man pushed forward and stopped, deep in my ass. He groaned. I felt his seed filling me. I really enjoyed being the source of his pleasure.

In a few minuets the man opened his eyes. Looking at me, he said his first words, “Thank you.” He pulled his softening tool from me but kept my legs high. Susan took her mouth off my dick and crawled between my legs. She began to suck his cum from my asshole. When she moved away he lowered my feet. Susan took him by the back of the neck, pulling him to her. They shared an open mouth kiss and my his cum. Susan likes her men to eat their own seed.

Susan and he turned to me, she said, “Meet my older son, Randy. Randy, meet Roger.” I rose onto my left elbow and we shook hands. Susan was still clothed, if it could be called that. Randy and I were both naked. I thought the scene was a little unusual. But I was beginning to realize Susan lived in a different world than I came from. I thought I would like to be part of her world.

Susan took us both by the hand and let us out to the pool. She stepped out of her skirt and Randy took off her top, giving her nipples a quick suck. We walked down the steps into the warm water. We swam and talked. Susan asked how I had liked man to man sex. I told her that is was as good as any other sex and I would be happy to enjoy it again. Se asked if I was aware that she was extra wet when she sat on my face. I said I had noticed. She said it was because Randy had cum in her just before I arrived. Now I realized I had eaten my own cum from Randy’s ass and his from his mother’s pussy. I really was learning to enjoy new sex acts.

I got Randy’s number, putting into my cell’s contacts. Randy offered me a tee shirt, shorts, and a ride home. I accepted

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