Lessons in Life

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As i lay on my stomach reading the book given to me to teach me more about serving my Mistress in the way She demands, i looked up and saw Her standing there in front of my bedroom door giving Her little side angled grin. i did not have to ask any question because from all the time i had spent with Her, i knew that She was pleased with something i had done for Her. What exactly it was i didn’t know, as i always went to the greatest means of perfection with every task i am ordered to do for Her. She stood there looking down at me and ran Her fingers through my hair. She then lightly rubbed Her hand down the side of my face and over my shoulder. She continued down my back sending shivers up my body. The goose bumps appeared immediately on my arms and She noticed and gave this little wicked laugh that i am so familiar hearing from Her. As She got to the small of my back She said, “you have been so good today. you have finished the work you were given in an extremely fast and perfect manner. you have also given Me the time of quiet I asked for to finish My work with no interruptions. you have also stayed here reading the book I gave you to teach you more on how to serve Me appropriately. This pleases Me.” She then moved Her hand to my buttocks and gave it a little tap. She continued, “I think after all the hard work W/we have done today that W/we are in need of a little fun. How about you get ready and W/we go to that private area at the lake that I love so much and have told you so much about for the last while.”

i replied, “Yes Ma’am. What would You like me to pack for the outing?”

“Well,” She replies, “How about some of the macaroni salad from dinner yesterday and a few bottles of water from the fridge. W/we will pick up chicken on the way, to have with dinner as there is really no other meat in the house suitable for the beach. As for the rest I will take care of that; a little surprise will make this little adventure a lot more exciting,” as She gaving this big grin.

i then ask, “What would You so desire that i wear on the outing?”

She replied, “That nice two piece white outfit with the thong and the light purple wrap will be pleasing.”

When my Mistress left the room i quickly got up from my bed and put on the suit She had told me to wear. i then went to the storage closet and took out the small cooler that W/we used for O/our outings. i put the salad, water, paper plates and cutlery into the cooler. i then got the keys for the car and put the cooler in the truck and return to the house and waited patiently in the living room for Mistress to return from Her room. As She walked down the hall from Her bedroom i watched Her every step and looked at the radiance of Her body in the black two piece bathing suit with a gold wrap-around skirt. Her beauty was so over taking that i immediately dropped to my knees and kissed Her feet, telling Her how beautiful She is and how happy i am to belong to Her. i then took the Starzbet bag She had brought down the hall, along with the blanket for the beach and placed them in the truck of the car. Then i went around to the driver’s side of the car and open the door for Her, then went to the passenger side opening the door and got in the car, then passed the keys to Her and W/we drove away for O/our little adventure.

After stopping by KFC to get the chicken W/we headed for the lake. W/we pulled into the parking spot to the far north side of the parking lot and i took the cooler, bag and blanket from the trunk. Mistress took the chicken and W/we walk to the most private spot on the beach. Mistress said, “liza, take the suntan lotion out from the side pocket of the bag and rub it on my back, legs, arms, and stomach. I do not want to get sunburned out here, it is extremely important to protect Y/your skin from the rays of the hot summer sun.”

i reply immediately, “Yes Ma’am.” i then rubbed the lotion in taking my time as i knew not only did She want the lotion on, but rubbing it in slowly relaxed Her and pleased Her. After finishing rubbing the lotion on Mistress i then asked for permission to put some on myself. She replied, “Yes, but I want you to use the stronger lotion as you have not been out in the sun much and your skin is not use to the strength of the sun yet.”

i then took the stronger lotion out and rubbed it on my legs, arms, stomach, and shoulders. i then turn and humbly ask if She could please help me with my back.

She replied, “Of course I’ll help you with your back.” She then took the lotion and applied it to my back giving my butt a slap as She did it. When the lotion was on W/we could now relax and enjoy the time on the beach. This was my first time ever on the lake this summer and everything felt so new to me. Since arriving four weeks ago i had a lot of chores to catch up on and serving Mistress always came first in my life as long as She so choose to keep me as Her submissive.

She then said to me, “I am going to go in the lake and having some fun. If you want to go in you may.”

W/we both swam for what seemed to be hours just enjoying the time and the exercise. When I noticed Her leaving the water immediately i followed Her from the water to the beach. She then said, “Now, how about W/we eat this food before the salad gets warm and the chicken gets cold. Then W/we will have a little fun of O/our own as no one is around and W/we have total privacy here.”

i then went into the cooler and took out the salad, paper plates and cutlery. i laid them between U/us and turned and picked up the bucket of chicken. i put a thigh and breast on Mistress’ plate as i knew those were Her favorite pieces of fried chicken. i then put a breast and leg on my plate. Then i put salad on both of O/our plates and W/we ate O/our dinner and chatted about everyday things and what W/we needed to do next to make thinks go Starzbet Giriş as W/we need them to go.

After dinner i put the leftovers in the cooler and asked Mistress if She wanted me to put the cooler back in the car now. She replied, “Yes, I think that is a good idea.”

i then got up and took the cooler to the car. When i returned from the car She was laying on Her stomach on the blanket. i knelt beside Her and She said to me, “liza, a massage would feel so great right now!”

i relied, “Yes Ma’am” and started massaging Her starting at Her feet and slowly making my way up Her legs. i then massaged Her buttocks and then moved to Her back and shoulders taking my time to make sure that each muscle in Her beautiful body was relaxed. i then took Her right hand and massaged it then slowly moved up the arm and then moved to the other arm doing the same. She then rolled onto Her back and i massaged the entire front of Her body. i could tell from look on Her face that She was extremely relaxed and pleased from the massage.

She then said to me, “liza, stay exactly how you are” and She went behind me reached into the bag that She had brought with Her. She took a blindfold out of the bag and put it over my eyes.

She then ordered me to lie on my stomach on the blanket. Immediately i did as She had told me to do. i then felt Mistress going down the middle of my back with a feather. She then went down each leg, this tickled me but at the same time relaxed me and i knew from past talks W/we had had that that was exactly were She had planned for me to go. This was the first time W/we had done this and i had no idea that i could become this relaxed.

She then stopped with the feather and i laid there wondering what was going to happen next. The feeling of not knowing what She had planned next made the experience even more exciting. i then felt Her going down my spin with Her flogger. She then softly started flogging my buttock. She then said, “This will make such a nice shade of pink on your butt” and gave Her little wicked laugh.

She then returned to the bag and took out a paddle. She slowly started paddling my buttocks. She then said, “Oh my good sub must be getting excited now. Hmm do I continue or do I stop and W/we continue this at home. I think the second of the two is the best idea as there is more W/we can do in private and making you wait that drive home will make it even more enjoyable for Me.” She then removed my blindfold and i got up and picked up the blanket. As i was bent over picking up the blanket She gave my butt another slap with the paddle. i then took the bag and blanket to the car and W/we got in the car. She then said in Her wicked little way, “Do I make this a short trip home or take the long way torturing you that little bit more? No, I will take the short way as I have so much planned to do to you when W/we get to the house that we can not do in public.”

As W/we pulled into Starzbet Güncel Giriş the driveway Mistress said, “liza, bring in the stuff from the beach and put the food in the fridge. I am going in My room and when you are done come knock on My door and I will tell you when to come in.”

i did as instructed and put the food away and put the cooler back in the storage closet. i could hear movement down the hall but had no idea what Mistress was planning. The ideas going through my head as i was putting things away were driving me crazy. When i finished putting everything away i did as told and went and knocked on the bedroom door.

She then said, “Come in but make sure you have your eyes closed as you come through the door. I do not want you seeing what I have set up here.”

As i entered the bedroom, i closed my eyes and closed the door. Mistress then came over putting the blindfold back on and led me over to the bed. She took the light purple wrap and removed in from my body and told me to lay my upper body on the bed so that She could see if the shade of pink had lasted the trip home, knowing that it never does last She gave that little wicked laugh again. She then said, “Oh isn’t that a shame the pinkness is gone so I will just have to get it there again. “ She then took Her light flogger and lightly started to flog my butt.

Mistress then said, “liza, is it not different and better to be having fun from being good and pleasing me then being bad and getting into trouble?”

i replied, “Yes Ma’am it is.”

She then ordered me to lie down on my stomach on the bed. Immediately i felt my way to the middle of the bed and lay down on my stomach. She then took several different floggers and took Her time getting it to the reddish color that She loved to see. She then took Her favorite paddle and gave my butt a few light smacks with the paddle. She then said, “Hmmm from the look on your face I think you like this.”

She then removed the blindfold and i saw that She had lite the room up with many candles bring on a sense of comfort and relaxation. She continued, ”I want you to take that vibrator and play for a bit and at the same time I am going to be flogging your butt. you are only allowed to use it on the clit no were else and when you are ready to have an orgasm you are to ask for permission first.

i answered, “Yes Ma’am.” Then i started doing as instructed slowly bring myself closer and closer to an orgasm. With each flogging on my butt it brought me even that much closer to orgasm and when i felt myself right on the edge i said, “Mistress may i please have permission to cum.”

“Well, hmmmm I think you deserve it and I want to hear you thanking me as you are cumming,” She replied.

As i was cumming i was repeating thank You Mistress. When the orgasm was finished i fell to my knees in front of Mistress and thanked Her for permission to cum and for the wonderful day.

Mistress then said, “liza, remember this day the next time you want to be extremely bad and think which day would be better on both parts. (as She gave Her wicked grin) See liza there is always lessons to be learned both through good behavior and bad.”

The End

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