Lessons Of Kota – Part 3 (The Seduction Drama)

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Lessons Of Kota – Part 3 (The Seduction Drama)Happy and horny reading.After all the meetings, I came to know that she liked me. At the same time, I also knew that if this somehow happened, then my studies are going to be in grave danger. However, I couldn’t do anything about it as she didn’t say anything directly to me and was just playing along with the ‘friend’ game. But little did I know that it was the play that was going to cost me a lot.So, one fine day, I was just relaxing in the park with her sitting by my side and suddenly, out of the blue, she just invited me to her hostel room. I was like, “Did she just said what I heard or I am hearing the voices?” But to clear the doubt, I again asked her, “What do you mean by that?”With an innocent face, she just said: “Come to my room on the coming Sunday and we can study together.” I said that, “How would that be possible?S she said, “Leave that to me, just come”.I was still doubtful because in Kota there are strict rules in the girl’s hostels. That’s why I asked her how I can come to her room in the girl’s hostel.So on the next Sunday, I was there. She had told the warden of her hostel that her brother was coming and later, she introduced me as her brother bursa escort to the warden. The warden was a bit grumpy but later after seeking the permission continuously, she agreed to let me inside till the evening.I was a bit shocked to hear the ‘brother’ thing but inside, I considered it as a good thing as things won’t go out of hand. As she admitted me to be her brother, I also kind of considered her as my sister in my mind.In between all these thoughts, she just grabbed my hand and took me to her hostel room. To my surprise, her roommate was not there and we were alone. However, I was carefree as she admitted me to as her brother and I also considered as my sister.The room was nice and was smelling nice. Everything there was neat and clean, nothing like our boy’s room in which everything is piled up one another. Everything was arranged in a definite manner. We took our position and chit chatted for a while and then started to study. We both were on the bed sitting and facing each other while studying.I still remember that I was studying Thermodynamics from Physics. As Thermodynamics is my favorite topic, I was paying my full attention to the topic. I didn’t notice what she was doing and after bursa escort bayan a while, she suddenly started to disturb me. I was a bit annoyed by it but she was trying to pull my book and notes back. So I caught her hand and tried to get my book back. And in between all this pull and push episode, she fell down on me!Just as when I fell down on my back on the bed, she made us of the opportunity and quickly kissed me on my lips. I didn’t understand what was going on for a few seconds but by the time I came back to my senses, she was all over me kissing and hugging! Her lips were crawling all over my body and slowly, starting to arouse me. Realizing the danger, I quickly just pushed her away saying,Me: What are you doing? Get away from me.She: Hey, I am doing just what am I supposed to do.Me: No, this is not right. We shouldn’t do it. I am not your boyfriend or something to do all these things with.She: So, you would have done it if I was your girlfriend? (in a confident tone).Me: No, I still wouldn’t (nervously).She: That why I had to do all the drama. You surely know that how much I like you but you still didn’t say anything. Instead, you kept avoiding me. So I knew that even if I proposed escort bursa to you, the answer will be ‘no’. And that’s why I planned all this drama.Me: No, we shouldn’t be doing this, we didn’t come here to do this, we came here to study.She: No, I don’t know anything, it is just that I like you. (and she again jumped on me and started to open the buttons of my shirt).Me: No, we are not doing this.I just pushed her away and walked towards the door after picking up my book and notes and buttoning my shirt. (Guys, it was like that scene from the movie ‘Aitraz’ – Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra – happened with me and I still laugh when thinking about that moment).She (in frustration): If I don’t have a problem then what problem do you have? (Agar mujhe aitraz nahi hai to tumhe kya aitraz hai).Me: Yes, I have a problem. (Aitraz hai, mujhe aitraz hai).Saying that, I just walked away from her room closing her room door behind me. I was thinking if I have done the right thing, what she would be thinking now, how am I gonna face her again, how I am going to handle her and my studies together?I was just walking to my room thinking that I have avoided a grave situation to be in. I also thought that if it had happened, then it would have continued for a long time making me unable to do anything about my studies and career. But I was wrong and didn’t know she was really a stubborn girl. What came next hit me like a bus and I was down on my all four.

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