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Let me introduce myself . . . early adventure in THello!I thought I should write a brief introduction before I write down some stories about my perverted adventures.I’m a mid-40s white guy in Vancouver and I am a total porn addict. I have also had lots of dirty adventures involving such things as prostitutes, porn theatres and gloryholes, flashing, nude beach sexual adventures, hosting other men for jerk-off sessions and gay sex and more.I hope to write about some of my favourite adventures here so I can finally share these stories and maybe other guys will like them . . . I’m still always hoping to meet other like-minded perverts for all kinds of fun.I think I’ll include some of this little intro at the beginning of each of my stories just for some quick context . . . hope that’s ok.Please feel free to let me know what you think and contact me if any of my stories turn you on.I grew up in central Ontario, Canada. I was, like most boys, super horny as a teenager and did the usual things boys do: sneaking my older brothers porn magazines and the odd video (VHS!) and masturbating to just about anything I could find that included sexy women and sexual content. Later I began collecting my favourite porn magazines and I masturbated to porn a lot.I enjoyed masturbation of course but I also liked anal play and had mild interest in ideas of gay and transsexual sex, which made me think I was a little more perverted than other guys. But I really started to get adventurous when I began three years canlı bahis of college in Toronto, Ontario.I started College a little later than most people do. I was 21years old and I moved to a suburb of Toronto to stay with extended family. My school was all the way across the city though so I had plenty of opportunities to stay out late and begin indulging my perverted side.Toronto in 1996 was filled with lots of adult bookstores and video stores and theatres and there was one particular stretch of Yonge Street in downtown Toronto where I had most of my fun. With in a few blocks there were several places I would frequent just about as often as I could, including three strip clubs, two adult video stores with video booths and “theatres” and a prominent adult video store with video booths.If I wasn’t actually in class in college or at home sleeping, I was probably enjoying these places for hours each day. One particular spot had two buildings side-by-side where one was a strip club with three levels and some super hot Asian strippers and the other building was three storeys: top floor was another strip club, middle floor was an adult video store with a few video booths where you could watch any movie in the store and it had a small theatre in the back, and the lowest level sold posters, t-shirts and bongs, etc but it was run by the same people who operated the middle level and they also had a small theatre in the back. This was my favourite playground. I would spend some time in the strip bahis siteleri clubs mixed in with the porn theatres.At first my adventures were all about seeing hot porn and strippers and being masturbating in these semi-public theatres. It was months before I had any direct sexual interaction with another person. I spent hours in those theatres masturbating and edging, watching other horny guys masturbate and blow each other. I loved being watched and seen by strangers with my hard cock out. But the first time I did more than watch or be watched was at a store/theatre just up the street from my favourite spot.This place was upstairs and it’s door on the street opened to a stairway that went up to a lobby. A front counter was there and it was open to a room where they sold a few sex toys, some videos and some magazines. The theatre door was right near the counter and it was the biggest in that neighbourhood. They also had a section  around a corner where there were video booths . . .more on those later.I had been here before, enjoyed the booths and the theatre but this time I came here after being at the other theatres and I was really horny.There were three other men in the theatre when I walked in, two sitting in the back of 10 rows of actual connected movie theatre seats and another guy three rows from the back.I sat in the one of the rows toward the front in the middle. It wasn’t long before I had my jeans open and I was masturbating to some porn from the 80s on the projection bahis şirketleri screen TV. That’s when I saw a man moving to my right and he very quickly sid into the my row, sat down beside me and grabbed my hard cock before I could even react. I was all at once scared, horny, nervous and thrilled by his hand on my dick. I literally froze and held my breath while he stroked me, trying to see if anyone was noticing us. I remember thinking that I was letting another man jerk my cock, in public, for the first time . . . and I liked it!! I began to get less nervous and I moaned a little as he just kept stroking me. Once he took his hand away and I wasn’t sure why but when he quickly put it back on my cock I realized he had licked his hand and it was wet and sliding on my hard cock. After about 10 minutes of his great hand job I could feel that I was about to cum but that happened just as quickly as this all started and before I could do anything he had me shooting cum on his hand and onto my self. I was a thrilling orgasm! But I soon felt what I think most guys feel who dabble in this kind of sex: I had just let a total stranger, another man, jerk my dick in public and make me cum and now I was not excited sexually at all. Fortunately, after I stopped shooting cum, he gently let go of my softening cock and as I began to zip up, he got up and moved to the back of the theatre . . . neither of us said a word and I left.That was the first but not the last time I was sexual with a total stranger in a place like that. It took a while for me to move on to other activities with men but when I did I really began to like it and it started more than 20 years of dirty adventures for me. I will share more in later stories.Thanks!

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