Letter… Or Invitation?

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Do you ever wonder what could happen if we let it?

I do.

I imagine it like this…

We have had a few drinks and we are less inhibited than normal and we are both horny, feeling the attraction between us that we have ignored or denied for so long. Our eyes meet and we can both feel that ache to explore a place in ourselves and in each other that we have never let ourselves know.

I know that I haven’t the courage to initiate anything and you must know it too because you speak first. You tell me you are going to bed and you invite me to your room. Nothing more than that, but even though it is late, I know you are not suggesting that we should go to sleep. My heart is pounding. I am excited, aroused, afraid all at once.

I follow you to your room. You are there first of course and you turn around and our eyes meet again. You sit down in a chair in the corner of the room and tell me to undress myself… slowly. My heart jumps, but it does not occur to me to disobey even if I feel awkward and embarrassed.

I start by removing my socks. I pull my sweatshirt over my head, roll it in a ball and throw it into another corner on top of the socks. Then I pull off my t-shirt slowly and toss it to the floor near your feet. My nipples are hard and I am definitely not cold. I unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants and pull down the zipper. I pull the trousers down to my knees and lift each leg out, kicking the trousers to the side. I am standing before you only in my briefs and a little to my own surprise I can see a tent-like bulge in the front of them.

You ask me if I am excited. To answer you I point at the bulge and the wet spot forming at its centre. I stand before you as if unsure if you want me to continue. You let me wait that out a moment before you finally tell me to take off the briefs. I hook my thumbs into the waistband and quickly pull them down and step out of them, pick them up in a ball and throw them to you. You catch them easily.

My erection is fully exposed now, my excitement for you as naked and vulnerable as my body. I stand there awkwardly and uncertain as I watch you hold my briefs up to your nose, close your eyes as you inhale my most personal and private scents. I feel so hot and shaky, like I will faint. My knees are like jelly.

Then you stand up and walk over to the bed, sit down on its edge and tell me to undress you now. I come over to you slowly and get down on my knees before you, reaching down to remove your socks, your left and then your right. I look up at you and I am so turned on to see you watching me. I lift my hands to your knees and slide them up over your jeans toward your waist, to your belt-buckle. I unclasp it awkwardly, for the first time realizing how awkward it can be to undress someone else. I pull the belt free of its loops and set it on the floor at my side. I unbutton your pants and unzip your gaziantep bayan eskort fly.

There is nothing more I can do now until you stand. I stand up and take a step back to give you room, hold out my hands and help you up. We are face to face when I pull the hem of your t-shirt out of your pants. I pull it up over your head slowly and as your face is covered I look over the torso of the body I have coveted for so long, pleased to find a light covering of chest hair. With your arms upraised to allow me to pull the shirt up, I can smell the scent of your underarms. It is the end of the day and I can catch some of your natural scent past your cologne and your deodorant. Your sweat is the most erotic scent I have ever inhaled.

I throw your shirt on the floor and there we stand toe to toe, face to face, barely inches apart, a distance gulfed by my hard-on which brushes lightly against your jeans, a stimulus so strong it forces me to take a sharp breath.

I stand back, dizzy from alcohol and excitement and drop once more to my knees before you. I look up at your aroused anticipation which matches my own feeling. I hook my thumbs in your belt loops and gently pull your jeans down, all the way to the bottom, down over your feet and off. I cast them aside quickly to get my hands back to their work the quicker. My face is inches away from your bulging cock, trying to push its way through your briefs toward me and I am surprised to find my mouth watering for it. I want it in my mouth. Now. I look up at you and find the nerve to run my hands up the length of your legs and breathing hard I hook my fingers into the waistband of your underwear. Suddenly, I jerk the briefs down to your knees in a single pull and from there to the floor where you pull your feet out helpfully.

And that’s when you cheat me, using that delay to tease me further. I barely get a glance of the exposed cock, which I want so badly to suck that it is like a terrible hunger, before you sit down and turn your body over to lay face down on your bed.

You want me to massage you, you say. I sigh with resignation, knowing that this will only add to the delay and build my frustration and desire for you to even greater heights. You know it too and I can hear you chuckling as you tell me where to find the massage oil.

When I return with it you tell me to start with your feet. Taking both in my hands I begin to rub them gently at first, increasing the pressure gradually as I knead the tiny muscles of your feet with my thumbs. I determine to make a good job of it and I neglect no part of the body I have desired for so long. I massage each and every last toe thoroughly before moving slowly up your legs, rubbing and caressing you lovingly if impatiently. I force myself to go slowly, savouring your appreciative moans of pleasure. Up the legs, my hands wander, slowly, so slowly. Calves, thighs. I let my fingers linger around your thighs as they reach your buttocks, so close to your pleasure centres, yet so far, but I maintain my discipline and release them, quickly tracing my fingers across your ass and up your back to begin work on your arms and shoulders. Again I am thorough in my work and I can tell that you are now the one who is growing impatient in your desire. You are writhing under my touch and wishing I would go to work on your ass, but now you can wait it out, I decide. I reposition myself so that I can go to work on your back. This means that I am straddling you, sitting with my ass on yours, cheek to cheek. I am incredibly aroused by the sensation–even the thought–of our asses in contact. Pre-cum is beading and dripping from my cock regularly and my undulations on top of you ensure that the drops of me are landing on you. I knead your shoulders, your arms all the way down to the hands where I massage your every finger with every bit of the same thoroughness as I reserved for your toes. Back, back up your arms, back to your shoulders, down to the shoulder blades, and the back between them. I am kneading you now, letting my hands wander from the blades to the small of your back and everywhere in between, tracing patterns with my fingers, applying pressure with my thumbs and the palms of my hands, reaching around your sides to touch the edges of your chest and belly.

Finally I am down to your buttocks. I have had to take my ass off its “seat”; I am kneeling behind you now to look at your ass before I begin. You raise yourself slightly as if to say, “here I am”. I willingly put my hands on your cheeks, caress them, knead them, scratch them gently with my fingernails. You have spread your legs as far as you can manage with them between my own kneeling legs. After a time, encouraged by your gasping moans of pleasure, I stretch your cheeks apart and begin to probe around the inside of your ass crack with my thumbs. I massage your anus this way for at least a minute to your delight before I surprise you with greater delight. Without taking away my hands, I reposition myself so that I am now lying down over your legs with my face above your ass. A second later I am kissing your ass, nibbling at your cheeks, gnawing playfully at your nethers, all the better to tease you before inserting my tongue into your anus. I am surprised by how much I enjoy this. It was not something I thought much about doing before I did it on an impulse born of desperate desire. Now that I am doing it, I am enjoying the licking of your asshole. (My enjoyment might be less if you were not already so clean down there, and that thought makes me wonder for the first time if you planned for this to happen tonight, a thought which makes my tongue vibrate even faster for your pleasure.) Your moans are like music to my ears.

For several minutes this continues until I feel you pushing up and trying to turn over. I help you and finally, you reward my efforts so far by letting me see that which I have desired for so long. My face is inches from your cock. I am close enough to see it clearly in the dim light of your room, close enough to smell your musky scent, too close to resist you. My hands play over your cock, the first cock they have ever known but my own. I play with it, touching it gently first and then rougher. You like it I can tell, but you love it when I give in to my greatest desire and beginning below your balls, run my tongue in one smooth, flowing stroke from the crack of your ass over your balls, up your shaft to your cock helmet and the delicious pre-cum droplets at its very tip. A moment later I envelop your cock in my warm mouth and twist and wind my tongue around its tip to savour its taste and to pleasure you all the more. I begin pumping your cock with my hand as I continue to lick and suck and kiss and love your cock-head.

You are groaning loudly now and calling my name, telling me that I am the best cocksucker ever and that you are going to cum soon. I know it. I was born to suck this cock and I want it all. I stop only long enough to tell you so and to tell you that I want your cum in my mouth. You ask if I am sure, but my only answer is to increase my efforts to bring it out of you. You are losing it now, clenching and unclenching your fists in the bedding, throwing your head back and crying out in your pleasure until finally you gasp out a cry that you are coming, God, you are coming! And you do. Your cock comes to full life, struggling like a snake to escape the grasp of a predator, but to no avail. Your sperm, saved up, thick and salty, fills my mouth instantly and I have to swallow it to make room for additional bursts as they follow. I am so excited, yet so satisfied, that I am shocked that I did not come yet myself.

When you are spent completely on your orgasm, you beg me to stop because you can’t take it anymore. I obey instantly as you sit up and turn me over onto the other side of the bed. You roll over on top of me and stare into my eyes for a moment as if seeking approval or permission. You have all you need of both and no need of asking. Before I know it your lips are on mine, then your tongue wrapped up in mine as our bodies press against each other. Your hands are all over me as your head moves down my body, your kisses trail around my ears, across my throat, over my chest and nipples, down to my belly where you swirl your tongue over my navel, and down to my cock where you join your lips to me instantly and without hesitation, matching my own zeal for your cock. I last barely a minute before I am growling out my own orgasmic groans of triumph as my own seed erupts into your mouth.

A moment later, we are lying in each other’s arms, utterly fulfilled… for now. It may be late, but we know that our night together is young.

And that is what would happen if we would let it.

So what do you say?

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