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Hi, my name is Lucy,I think before I start I should let you know a little about me. Well, I’m 50 years old. About 5’7″ tall a curvy size 14 (UK sizing) but my boobs would prefer size 16. I work as a commercial manager for a mid size company; so I get to travel, although I’m not away from home as often as my husband, and I’m from the UK. Anyway about a month prior to this series of letters I met a guy on a train… John – lets call him John. Well, after a little teasing and a lot of fondling on the train we decided to go the to station hotel and finish the job… well that was amazing. So amazing in fact I told my best friend Jeannie about it and the series of letters that follow, are as the result of next time I got together with John at a very nice country house hotel.


Hi Jeannie,

Said I write… well I did it! I rang him, you remember the guy on the train…. John. Well, we agreed to see if we could get away for an overnighter… I know the couple of hours in the hotel were good, but I wanted more. Oh Boy did I get more.

I had to make that business trip; you know the one to the East Midlands. Well I found this nice hotel, quiet – discrete, and set in its own grounds. I booked us in, and it was one of those boutique hotels, with every room having its own theme, and the theme in ours was French chateau – wow. Big, and I mean big, four poster, no overhead tester, just the posts. Lovely white bed linen, oak wardrobes – you know the type. The bathroom… well BIG double walk in shower, twin basins and a Jacuzzi, Oh boy was I going to have fun with that!

But the best thing was the long, oak framed cheval mirror, free standing in a corner of the room. Oh Jeannie, You know I have always fantasised about being fucked in front of one of those.

I had some time before John got there, so I had a quick shower, re did my makeup and stood before the mirror, so glad that I’d had the wax job earlier in the week, wondering if he’d like it. I think I looked pretty good for an old girl, so I sent him a text – telling him the room number and that I’d left a key at reception for him, and waited. His text came back quickly…

“I’m on my way – be naked!”

I swear to God I was so turned on, my pussy moisture was leaking onto the inside of my thighs!

So that’s how he found me, naked before the mirror, lost in my own thoughts. He must have been nearer that I thought, because it wasn’t long before I heard the door open. I didn’t move, before I knew anything, he was behind me, naked as well. He just whispered “Hi” into my ear and kissed my neck. Then I felt his hands come around me and lift my breasts… his thumbs rubbing my nipples – I was so ready, I tried to lean back and push my ass against his cock, then I tried to reach around with my hands…

“No, not yet Lucy”

Hell, I wanted him so much. Then his hands worked their way down my body…

“Keep looking in the mirror” he said,

I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

One finger swirled around my belly button and the other went down to my pussy…

“Hmm, like this” he said.

The next thing I knew I had two fingers in my pussy and two in my ass, oh Jeannie; I can’t begin to tell you just how good that was. Then his voice in my ear again said,

“Cunt or ass, you decide, I’ll have the other later!”

Well you know me; there is no substitute for a long, hard throbbing cock up my ass…

“Ass… Please…. now…. I need!”

And with that he scooped more of my pussy juice and rubbed it all over his cock. Then it started, the gentle but relentless pressure of his cock at my rosebud! Slowly opening it up, once he got the head in his fingers started their continued assault on my pussy, finger fucking me for all I was worth, whilst his cock was picking up speed in my ass.

“Oh God John, I’m going to cum…” and cum I did, so hard I shook for about 5 minutes grasping and pulling on his fingers and his cock.

He kept up his amazing pace, as he pile drove my ass, it was sensational. I found myself screaming all sort of crude things, about him fucking me, his rock hard tool and pinching my clit… Oh Lord it was so good.

“Here baby” he said “do you want Beylikdüzü escort it in here?”

Fuck yes, was the only thing I could say. Then with a god almighty heave I felt him cum, he lifted me off my feet… and all time I watched the couple in the mirror, it was the sexiest, most dirty erotic thing I have ever seen… I’m doing that again!

I was going to carry on and tell you about the fuck against the bed post, then the gentle love making, when we finally made it to bed. But hell my love – I’m so turned on just thinking about it, I need to get my rabbit… So I’ll write to you again tomorrow.

Oh by the way, I am not giving you his number; this horny slut is keeping him all for herself!

All my love

L xx


Hi Jeannie,

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, but hey life gets in the way sometimes.

Anyway, after our amazing fuck in front of the mirror, shower was the name of the day. That part of the bathroom was tiled like a wet room and the shower screen must have been at least seven foot high, and it had one of those wonderful huge headed rainforest showers sprays. It was delicious. We used the sea sponges and washed each other with that lovely jasmine shower gel you got me for Christmas… Heavenly.

Well, John said hang on, I need a pee, and he turned to walk out of the shower… was that or was that not a silly thing to do? So I got hold of him, gave him a quick kiss and said No, don’t, go here! And with that I pulled my pussy lips apart and showed him my erect clit. Well, I’ll say this; he’s game… and the feel of that long hot stream hitting me right on target, sent me over the edge… Shit it was good.

Anyway, I was going to tell you about the bed posts… sorry I got distracted by wonderful memories. It was later, hell even I need to rest and eat sometime, we had just walked around the gardens after dinner and the sun was just setting. He asked me if I wanted a drink in the the bar, but I said no, I had champagne in our room. He squeezed my hand, and I could feel the excitement and anticipation, and he nearly dragged me through reception. In our room we sipped the champers and just chatted. Then I undid the top two buttons of my sun dress, you know the one, the dark pink one with the six little buttons through to the waist, and the low square neck line… Yes I know the buttons are for decoration and the zip is at the back, but they do “undo”. Showing an amazing amount of cleavage, I leaned forward and said wait there! And going to the wardrobe I pulled out my shoes… you know my shoes, the dark pink Yves Saint Lauren’s with the 4″ heels – they matched the dress perfectly. God I felt hot. The “trouble” with heels that high is that they make your ass sway, so I sashayed over to him, turned and said “unzip me”.

Then there I was, stepping out of my dress, in nothing but a sheer pair of thigh highs, dark pink bikini panties and my shoes. I heard the groan, and looking back over my shoulder I said, “You like?”

More groaning – so satisfying. He sent me over to the bed, “hang onto the bedpost, low down – bend over and stick your ass out.”

I did protest that my ass was still sore from earlier, but he knew, and just wanted to take in the view. I heard him kick off his shoes and the rustle of the rest of his clothes landing on the floor. He came up behind me and ran his hands down my back, then back up and around to cradle my tits… Jeannie it was heaven. The height of my shoes meant it was a better height for him, and he wouldn’t have to bend or flex his knees. One of his hands came around and cupped my pussy.

“You are so fucking wet!” he growled in my ear…

and with that – he was in – balls deep in one stroke. Hands hanging onto my hips, pounding into me. God I loved it. Then he put one hand down to my pussy and held my lips apart with his index and middle fingers, touching me and feeling himself riding my cunt. I could feel him building and building…desperately hanging on to my orgasm so we could cum together, then he let it go and I erupted, and I mean erupted… I think the stain is still on the carpet. All over his hand, all over my legs, and my shoes! Damn I hope they clean… but it was so Beylikdüzü escort worth it!

I came so hard I lost concentration and let go, just as he was cumming and we both landed across the foot of the bed… final thrust on the downy softness of the mattress.

Well sweetie, there’s more… but I need another shower now… hell, I’m in a mess again!

Yes I love you, and yes I’ll think about your idea of a threesome.

L xx


Hi sweetie,

Lovely to hear your voice on the phone, I don’t know why you want me to write this when I have already told you… but okay.

Well I woke up at about 3.00am, you know how it is? When I got back, there he was sprawled on his back, quilt down and completely naked with his arms out – a bit like virtruvian man, but with his cock “up” rather than “down”, and it just seemed the right thing to do. So off came the satin nightie and I crawled up between his legs, licking a nibbling his balls when I reached them. As he stirred he smiled and played dead, as I gently suck one ball into my mouth, pulled it a little, then let it “plop” out, whilst I did the same to the other… Then with my best toothy grin, I licked all the way up his length, then sucked, nibbled and kissed his glands at the top; teasing that little slit, and wiping away the dew drop of moisture that had appeared there.

He reached for me, but I told him no… My show – and I sat astride his hips and rubbed my now soggy pussy up and down his length, pausing at the top then wiggling back down. I heard him moan, that deep growl from the back of his throat. When I reach the top on the third pass, I dipped my hips, felt his cock twitch and leap, and then I put my body flat on his… Then at the next “leap” I rotated my hips and my pussy lips picked him up and I slid down on him, the whole way down. Impaling myself on him completely. “Look Mum no hands”, I said, giggling.

You should have seen the look on his face – I don’t think he’s had that done to him before.

So I sat back up, holding him firmly in my now very wet pussy, and started the ride. I took his hands and put them on my tits, just to help stabilize me you understand, and continued. Taking a steady pace right to the top, almost falling out, then all the way down, Lush! We fucked like this for a few minutes, and then I leaned forward, breaking his hold on my boobs and gently rubbing them all over his face, releasing my weight from his hips so he could now move, and he did, rising to meet me – slightly increasing the pace, moving so wonderfully! His mouth, his tongue never stopping their assault on my tits. “Bite me” I said… and he did, giving me that exquisite pain/pleasure sensation…

Then he rolled me over, never leaving my body, he came up on his forearms – looked down at me and fucked… no other way to describe it…. pure, solid, fucking pleasure. Now his hips were grinding into my cunt… and his pubis rubbed my clit in the rotating motion, I was lost. From nowhere to 60miles and hour my orgasm hit me, and on and on it went… He held my face in his hands, “Look at me! I want to see your eyes.” Fuck! On and on it went… Then I could feel him tense, his balls that had been slapping me between pussy and ass got tighter… The pair of us building together, then we kissed, well devoured more like, as our orgasms hit. Just total oneness….

When we recovered, John rolled off saying, “That’s a neat party trick!”…

Oh baby you haven’t seen the first half of it yet!

“Oh hell, if you’ve got more like that one, you’ve made a fuck buddy for life!” Hum, that’s a thought. “Maybe I’ll give it some consideration” said I.

About your idea, he seems quite keen. Are you sure! Now you know I don’t do the girl on girl thing, but I’m prepared to share…. you know, an end each, well it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen each other naked. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve shared a guy… But I admit not at the same time!

But, think long and hard about it, before you commit yourself!

Love Lucy xx

PS…I forgot to tell you about the blow job over breakfast. Damn, looks like I’ll be in touch again… xx


Dear Jeannie,

I know Escort Beylikdüzü it’s been too long… yes I have got your texts, but that another story… Anyway, you wanted to know about the next morning.

I ordered room service, to be honest I didn’t think we’d make it to the dining room, either that or be arrested! It arrived, I had my usual muesli and fruit, but John was still sleeping so I thought hell and order the full English for him. I managed to snatch a quick shower as was dressed in a hotel dressing gown when it arrived. I was so glad he was still in the bathroom, because when he came out he was naked and had the biggest erection I think I’ve ever seen!

Well, what is a girl supposed to do…? I sat him down and crawled between his legs and started teasing his balls, little licks and nibbles. Taking hold of his “manhood” I held it firmly whilst I continued the assault on his balls… sucking each one in turn into my mouth, massaging it gently with my tongue and pulling, letting it escape with a plop! I think he liked it, his head rolled back and he groaned. He looked truly edible, with his hard cock pulsing in my hand and his balls all shiny and wet from my mouth. So I started to lick up his cock, when I reached the top I ran my tongue around the rim of his glands and teased his little slit. I then took the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, and took him in, sliding lower and lower until I nearly had it all.

Yes, he knows I can deep throat, but his face showed he was still amazed by it. He was trying to watch me, but he just kept getting lost and rolled his head back. I took him up and down like this for a couple of passes… then I stopped…. he looked at me – questioning.

“My mouth is dry, need liquid.” I told him and with that went to the fridge and got out the last of the champagne from last night, mixed it with the wonderful orange juice from the breakfast tray… “This is what I need… Bucks Fizz!”

I took a little mouth full it was delicious, and then I knelt back down and had another sip. This time I didn’t swallow, but took his cock back into my mouth and plunged it down my throat through the bucks fizz… cold and hot in the same mouthful… He yelped, but didn’t move to pull himself out – he just looked wide eyed at me.

“What the fuck?” I sat back on my heels, “oh sorry, didn’t you like it?” I asked as I continued to drink.

“Liked? – No, Loved” so I did it again.

My fruit bowl, for my breakfast had a wide assortment of berries… No mango though, but I thought I keep that for when the three of us get together.

I picked up the biggest strawberry I could find, bit it in half, and then ran the bitten end all around his glands and shaft… “Strawberry rock!” I giggled… It was stinging around his glands so I took pity and bent over and licked the juice off, but still felt the need to do it all again, but this time I took him all into my mouth again and licked him all the way down. When I came up for air I said “Next time I’ll put in a request for mango and pineapple rings!” All the time, screwing my hand up and down his rock hard cock. I took his balls in one hand and gentle pulled them down and his cock in the other and sent it so far down my throat I was crying. By this stage I was lost; nothing was going to stop me until I had that wad of spunk in my throat.

He moaned and pleaded with me… to stop, not to stop… He grabbed my hair so he could control the pace and depth of the assault on his cock… The look on his face was ecstatic.

“Shit baby I’m cumming… and you’re getting it all!” and he held my head in place…

Most of it went straight down my throat, but he withdrew a little on the final spurt, and I kept that in my mouth.. I leaned back on my heels and opened my mouth to show him his cum on my tongue. I did think of snowballing it and giving it back, but I didn’t know if he was ready for that, so I swallowed, and opened my mouth again to show it all gone… Then I got up and leaned over to kiss him and let him taste himself on my tongue.

Well, other than a little kissing and fondling that’s it, one heady night. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. But I had to go and to make things even better; I got the contract when I went to my meeting that morning. I think we should celebrate. Our hubbies are away for three days next month…. you game?

L xx

Thanks for reading…. Now I’m thinking of writing up my other adventures.

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