Life After Work Pt. 06

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My Life After Work series seems to continue to have a lot of interest and as long as that continues and I have ideas on how to proceed, I will continue to add to it.

This time Bill and Ann get back together, after Bill takes a break.

This story deals with seniors, over 65, having sex; if that is not your thing then this story is not for you.


Bill had changed his mind about retirement; he was no longer bored. However, he realized that he might have to pace himself, he had had sex with nine different women in the past 6 days. He should be exhausted, but instead he wanted to see how far he could go.

An hour later he realized his folly. He was no longer a young man and people his age had heart attacks caused by too much exertion. He could either go out in a blaze of glory, or enjoy a long and very satisfying retirement. It actually was a harder decision than it should have been, but in the end, he decided to take a day or two off.

He decided not to go to the Senior Center today. He had their schedule and after reviewing it he noticed that in two days they would have another yoga session. He remembered fondly his time with Ann and her private yoga session in her home. He would go to the center for the Yoga class in the hopes of seeing Ann again. He did not have her phone number, but he had just decided to take a couple of days off.

He decided to go for a walk then do some shopping. He also needed to do some cooking since he’d been spending so much time away from home and just eating leftovers, he was now running out of things to eat.

Bill enjoyed his walk. During the workday his neighborhood was a ghost town. Most who lived here were either younger and at work, or older and afraid of walking alone. Many of the seniors were at the center, so he had the streets to himself. He impressed himself by walking an hour and not feeling any strain at all.

He took a shower and started to make a grocery list that would generate at least a week’s worth of leftovers.

The store was not crowded and he had all he needed within an hour; headed home for an afternoon of cooking. Bill considered himself a pretty good cook, at least he liked what he cooked and soon this entire house smelled like dinner time. He divided his home cooking into individual servings and found places in the refrigerator for the plastic containers. When he completed his tasks, he had a dozen meals stored away that only needed a couple minutes in the microwave before they were ready to eat. He cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed tired but happy he now had meals to eat.

The next day, he again went for a long walk, congratulating himself for getting back into shape. He came back home and cleaned his house. He had pretty much ignored it for the past week, ever since he made friends with the women at the center.

He worked on the jigsaw puzzle on the card table, but quit after twenty minutes due to boredom. He then went into his back yard to do a bit of gardening. He pulled up the dead plants, transplanted one plant into a larger container and watered everything. After an hour he was hot and tired. He also remembered why he didn’t like gardening.

He went in, took a shower and hoped the day would end soon so he could go back to the center and hopefully see Ann.

Finally, the day arrived. Bill wasn’t sure if his self-imposed exile was necessary or not. It did remind him of the boredom he experienced before he met his new erotic friends.

He took a long morning walk; he found that he enjoyed his new almanbahis exercise pattern. As anxious as he was, he remembered not to go to the center before noon. He checked the schedule again, the yoga class started at 1 PM. He could get there at 12:30 or so to help set up. He figured that Ann would be there early too.

Bill walked into the Senior Center at 12:30. Cindy, like always, greeted him.

“Hi Bill. Is everything okay. We haven’t seen you in a few days and were worried you might be sick or something,” she said as if she were sincerely concerned about his well-being.

“Everything’s fine. I just got busy. I wanted to make sure I could be here today for yoga. That really helped me last time. Is Ann here today?” he explained.

“Ann just walked in a couple of minutes ago. She is a really good teacher, isn’t she? There she is by the mats,” Cindy answered.

“Thanks,” Bill acknowledged heading off to get together with Ann.

“Hi Ann,” Bill announced as he got close, “do you mind if I set up next to you? I learned so much from you last time.”

“Oh hi, Bill,” she replied, “grab a mat and set up right here. I’ll make sure no one else grabs this spot.”

Bill gathered his mat, laid it out, and removed his shoes. Neither he nor Ann needed chairs to lean on for this yoga.

“Do you only come to the Center on Yoga days?’ Bill asked.

“Mostly,” she answered. “I sometimes come for the exercise class, but rarely for anything else. How about you? You’ve been coming here for about a week now. Are there any activities you really like?”

“I have to admit that I come here mostly for the coffee after the classes,” Bill confessed.

Ann laughed, “I like the coffee after too, maybe we can get a cup after class today.”

The class started and Bill surprised himself at how well he did, granted the yoga at the center was not difficult, but he watched Ann take the stretches deeper and he followed her lead. When the instructor directed the class into a forward bend, most rested their hands on the folding chair in front on them and just lowered heads. Ann bend down and touched her toes. Bill was tempted to watch her as she bent over but knew he’d have plenty of opportunities after class. Instead, he bent over as far as he could and touched his knees.

The class ended; Ann and Bill rolled up their mats and put them away. They thanked the instructor and said good bye to Cindy. They tried not to rush on the way to Ann’s house, but both looked forward to the next yoga session.

They arrived at Ann’s house within minutes and Ann had her shirt off before she walked into the kitchen. She poured them both a glass of wine then after handing one to Bill led the way into the room she had dedicated to yoga and removed her sports bra, leaving her topless.

“I hope you weren’t planning on wearing all that to do yoga here,” she motioned to the clothing Bill still wore.

Bill recognized that he was over dressed and removed his shirt as Ann leaned back admiring the view of his now exposed chest. He looked over at her and noticed her increased arousal made apparent by her hardening nipples. He bend over and removed his shoes then loosen his belt. He thought he saw her drool. He watched her face closely as he slowly lowered his pants.

Bill stood in front of a topless Ann wearing only his boxers. His cock strained to be free and pushed the thin material of his underwear out forming a tent. Ann’s eyes focused on the tent and the opening so close to that stiffened rod.

“I think you are the one overdressed almanbahis giriş now,” Bill commented.

Ann smiled and removed her sweat pants displaying her wisp of underwear. She turned around giving Bill the view she knew he wanted. She placed her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered the material, bending over as she went.

She could hear the approval in Bill’s breath. She stood and turned around, no sense in enticing him too much too soon. He would see all of this, and more, soon.

She now faced him totally nude; no words were necessary, her look told him all he needed to know. He removed his boxers and watched as the smile on her face grew.

She positioned herself in front of him, but off to the side so she could see his reflection in the mirror. She started her routine that included a lot of forward bends.

Bill had learned the names of a few of these yoga poses, or asanas’, Ann got down on her hands and knees and performed the cat/cow position, where in the cat pose her back was raised and her hips tucked in, once she attained that position, she kept her body moving and reversed it by moving her back down so that her stomach pushed towards the floor and her hips raised toward the ceiling, this was the cow pose.

Next, she did a position that Bill could do almost as well as Ann, but he preferred to watch her. It was downward facing dog, that is turning your body into an upside-down V with feet flat on the floor and hands on floor several feet in front of the feet. This is far easier than a forward bend where the hands touch the feet. She did that too.

She knew that Bill was watching her more than attempting any of the poses, so she decided to show him his favorite pose, the wide legged forward bend. She stood facing away from him and spread her legs wide then she bent forward to touch the ground in front of her. This was an advanced pose, but one that would cause Bill’s member to rise to his maximum size.

She soon felt Bills hands on her butt along with his cool breath blowing across her hot and sweaty flesh. His tongue found her core and now she wanted to hold this pose as long as she could. He wrapped one arm around her midsection to prevent her from falling and tongued her to orgasm.

He pulled away slowly making sure she could support herself then landed a solid spank low and centered on her butt.

Ann straightened out of her pose and turned around. “That was fun,” she said.

“For me too,” Bill acknowledged.

“I can tell,” Ann replied staring at Bill throbbing erection. She approached him and dropped to her knees in front of Bill’s animated organ. She took hold of it and exposed its underside, then using her tongue she traversed its length from balls to tip and back again.

Ann made note of Bill’s reaction; she didn’t want to take him too far; she had other plans. She stopped her licking, but kept hold of his cock. She touched the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue and looked up at his smiling face. She took all of him into her mouth for one deep suck, then released him and stood up.

She handed him his wine and left the room. Bill took a sip of his wine and calmed down a bit wondering if he should follow her. She returned just a few seconds later with a flogger in her hand. She handed it to Bill and positioned herself over a padded stool.

She wiggled her butt at him, then spread her legs, “see anything you like?” she asked.

‘Oh! Yea,” Bill replied as he lightly swung the flogger towards her waiting ass.

He almanbahis yeni giriş followed that with several more, soft strikes until her ass took on a nice shade of pink.

“More,” she begged.

Bill increased the tempo, but not the force. Her ass was turning red when he stopped and caressed her warm ass. He leaned down to again explore her wetness with his tongue. She started to squirm and he stood.

Ann turned her head to see what he planned next and Bill pushed her back down. He stroked her hot ass with his hardened cock and upon hearing her moan, he entered her and slowly pumped her wetness. Her body reacted, demanding more, so he increased both his pace and the depth of his strokes.

Within less than a minute Ann screamed out her orgasm and Bill was only a few seconds behind.

They recovered and went back into the kitchen for more wine.

“I have to admit, that I had hoped to see you at the center today and to get another private yoga sessions from you,” Bill confessed.

“Tell you the truth, I wanted an encore to last week’s session too,” Ann acknowledged. “No one has seen you for a couple of days and several of us were worried something had happened to you.”

“Actually, I was getting worried that with all of the activity, I might overdo it and have a heart attack, so I stayed home for a couple of days, but the only thing that kept me there was thinking of you and the yoga class,” Bill explained.

“I’m impressed that I was the first one you wanted to see after your isolation. I have noticed that you like looking at my butt and of course I like being spanked. We can set up a weekly session, if you like. That way if you don’t feel like going to the center, you can just come over here,” she offered.

They exchanged phone numbers and agreed to the once-a-week session of yoga plus whatever else strikes their fancy. They were both still nude and sealed the deal with a hug. Bill made sure he gave Ann’s butt a nice squeeze. She returned the favor by gripping his manhood and feeling it enlarge in her hand.

Once Bill’s cock was ready for action Ann asked, “Would you like a kiss too?”

Before he could answer, she was on her knees with his cock positioned close to her lips. She kissed the tip then opened her mouth to tongue him. She knew nothing more was about to happen, but she did she enjoy the taste of him. After a minute Ann got back up, “Next time, maybe I’ll start with that.”

They chatted for another half hour then Bill got dressed and headed back home wondering how he was going to fill the rest of his week.

It was not too late when Bill got back home. He warmed up one of his leftover dishes and turned on the TV. His phone rang just as he finished his dinner. It was Shirly.

“Hi Bill, sorry to bother you, but several of us have been worried about you. No one has seen you for a couple of days. I just got a call from Ann. She said that you are fine and she saw you at the yoga class today,” Shirly said over the phone.

Bill explained his situation to her over the phone about him fearing that so much activity might give him a heart attack and he planned on pacing himself. Shirly agreed with him and ask if he was going to write out a schedule, or just play it by ear.

“I really haven’t thought it out, why? Do you want to make sure you are on the schedule?” He asked.

“Of course, I do,” she responded with a laugh.


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