LIfe Begins – Chapter 1

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As I lay in my bed, my arm around her, my hand on her breast, I could feel her heart beating as a light snore escaped her mouth. My mind went to a few hours earlier where we had made passionate and sweet love in this very bed. It had begun while we were cooking dinner together in the tiny kitchen, resulting in a fair amount of contact.It was the culmination of a long-felt desire for her. From the first time I set eyes on her, something in me stirred, but I am quite shy and had never been with a woman, or a man for that matter. I had dated a bit in high school, went to prom with my best, nerdy friend. Well, I guess I was a bit of a nerd, too.But finally after months of building a friendship, here we were in my bed, together, in a naked embrace. My hand slid to the warm, still wet area between her legs and…Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz.The alarm went off, rudely waking me from sleep and my fantasy of being with the woman that made me tingle every time I saw her. As I stirred, I felt that familiar ache in my pussy and knew if I didn’t do something, it would be useless trying to work today. I pulled the bottoms of my jammies off and quickly inserted two fingers into my pussy. With my other hand, I massaged my clit and already being aroused from the dream, climaxed within minutes.After jumping in the shower and drying off, I threw on an old pair of cut-off jeans and a comfy tee, then went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and an English Muffin with butter and jam. One upside of the lockdown was that my job allowed me to work from home, and unless a video conference was scheduled, I did not need to wear business attire. I had a better polo type top next to my desk for a quick change, just in case I got an emergency call.Working at the small workstation, I handled a couple of minor crises, had a conference call with several members of my team (thankfully no video) to work through a problem they istanbul travesti were assigned and actually managed to get some of my own work done. I grabbed a quick sandwich for lunch, washing it down with my third cup of coffee. Toward the end of the workday, I started thinking about bowling that night… and of Kelly.It was finally time to stop for the day and for a change, I was not on call tonight. I got up and stretched, then headed to the kitchen where I popped a frozen meal into the microwave, then sat down at the small table for two that I had rescued from the bowling alley when they had done some remodeling. After finishing my dinner, I washed off the silverware and glass and put them in the small rack to dry, then settled in to watch a movie. The next few days were pretty busy, so after finishing work, I decided to go out for dinner.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I had met her at the pre-season game the bowling alley always has prior to the start of the winter league season, where old teams get together and new members looking to join a team or form one gather. One of the members of our team had moved, and had suggested Rick, a friend of his, to replace him.It had been several months since many people had bowled and there was a bit of “rust”, so we agreed to a practice session on Sunday morning for anyone who wanted to show up for a couple of games. Besides me, the team consisted of Mike, the two Al’s and now Rick.When Rick showed up, he brought along his younger sister. As he introduced Kelly to everyone, I felt an instant connection the minute our eyes met.  She sat down to watch while everyone played a couple of games, deciding on the order we would play during the season. Over the next several months we were brought together on several occasions for various bowling events.It turned out Kelly was a pretty damned good bowler and we used her as a sub when travesti istanbul one or another regular team member could not make it. While our team wasn’t what people would consider pro-level bowlers, we were all in the upper percentile of amateur bowlers in the area.We also bowled in a number of tournaments during the season, with competition formats that included our five-person team, as well as a Singles and Doubles category. Kelly started to come along as the sixth person for the Doubles Teams. Most times she paired with Rick while I usually paired up with Mike or one of the Al’s, but on a few occasions, we had found it advantageous for us two women to pair up. I always looked forward to when she bowled with us, but especially when we paired up. It gave me more chances to get close.After the season was over, everyone went off in different directions. I had gotten Kelly’s number during the season, and since she lived only a few blocks from me, I had picked her up a few times for bowling. But once the season ended, there was no reason to see her.Then I recalled that she also loved to golf once the Pacific Northwest weather turned a bit warmer and a bit less rainy. I had already started to play some and now was thinking about whether or not Kelly might like to join me once in a while. I made a mental note to ask her.Life had become very strange and often difficult, since the pandemic had hit a few months ago. We had actually had to end the bowling season a bit early and most businesses had been completely shut down in an attempt to social distance and control the spread of the virus. Recently certain businesses had been allowed to reopen, within a strict set of guidelines and frequent checks on compliance and the bowling alley and restaurant had been one of them.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I changed into a clean pair of navy-colored shorts and a short sleeve, istanbul travestileri gray, collared Polo top that was just snug enough to show my rather small breasts. I checked myself in the mirror quickly, running a quick comb through my hair and banding it up into a high ponytail, though I’m never one to care about my appearance that much. My hair is what it is, sort of long, wild and carefree. I slipped my tennies on without socks as usual, climbed into my Jeep and took off. As I was about to turn in the direction of the bowling lanes, I decided to drop in at Kelly’s and see if she might like to join me. I turned around and parked in front of her house.Putting on my mandated mask, I knocked on the door and Nora, Kelly’s mom, answered. She invited me in and we said our hellos. I wasn’t being snoopy, but looking in the living room, I could see some full suitcases and a handful of cardboard boxes, sealed and stacked off to one side. I told her I just wanted to ask Kelly something, and Nora pointed me to the nearby stairs.Smiling, she said, “She’s up in her room so just go on up. She’s helping get her cousin situated.”At the top of the stairs were four doors I assumed led to the bedrooms and probably a bathroom. One door was closed, but I heard voices coming from one of the other doors that I recognized as Kelly’s, along with another one I assumed must be her cousin. I announced my presence by calling out her name.”Shelle? We’re in here, come on in. This is my cousin, Sarah. Sarah, this is Shelle.””You’re the one who is a better bowler than Kelly!” Sarah bubbled and Kelly blushed slightly.”I was just showing Sarah where to put her stuff,” Kelly said. “Her mom lost her job and the lease on their apartment was about to expire, so until things settle down and some kind of normal returns, they are going to stay here. Rick is going to move into the basement and I am taking his room, which is smaller than mine. Since I work from home right now, I need to have a quiet space and his room still gives me enough space. As soon as her mom gets all their stuff put into storage, she‘ll come back and will stay here too and share my room with Sarah.”

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