Life of Paul Ch. 01: Paul

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All characters appearing or mentioned in this story are 18 years old or older. This story is a work of fiction and any reference or description to actual persons is unintentionally.


April 2019

My rideshare dropped me off in front of my house in NW Portland, and the first thing I noticed was that most of the lights were off, except for the front room and the porch. Weird; most nights everyone is busy and everything is alight but they probably went out.

Walking into the foyer, I dropped by bag by the door and was about to call out to see if anyone was there when I noticed what was waiting for me in the front room.

There, bent over the back of the extra long couch, were four of the most perfect asses in the history of asses.

Resting their elbows on the back and hanging their breasts over the cushions, none of them turned their head at my arrival. The invitation being obvious enough even for me to get the hint.

Smiling, I walked into the room making sure the heels of my dress shoes clicked on the hardwood floors. They knew I was home, but since they weren’t facing me I wanted them to know I was walking around them. Inspecting. Ogling. Smiling larger than a coked out circus clown at the glorious site before me.

At 6′ 3″ with a slim but muscular frame, I cut an imposing figure as I approached the display set out before me. I stopped by the left most ass, which belonged to a woman with lightly tanned skin and whom was completely naked, already glistening with moisture. I traced a finger around a left buttock and spanked the right one playfully. I moved on.

The next in like wore purple fishnet stockings that contrasted nicely with her alabaster skin and four inch heeled boots. I paused behind her momentarily, so she knew I was there, and moved on. She liked to be kept waiting.

Ass number three was the most petite of the group but also the sluttiest screamer when she got going. Wearing in an old t-shirt of mine she cut at her mid-drift, the bottoms of her breasts were visible from this angle, which she knew was a turn on of mine. I ran my hand up her inner thigh slowly, lightly brushing her sex enough to get a ‘mmm’ out of her throat.

The last ass in this awesome lineup, and certainly not least, was clad in beige open toe heels and a beige business skirt raised up over her hips in a completely depraved manner not acceptable in any office environment, her white dress shirt unbuttoned enough for her breasts to spill out. Her light chocolate skin contrasted enticingly with her outfit, and her pussy was positively dripping. I gripped her hips and spread her cheeks apart slightly, massaging her ass in a rough and playful manner.

With a final squeeze of her ass I stepped back and undid my belt and pants. This being ‘office time’, I didn’t take anything off completely, yet, but did pull out my long, thick cock which was now at full mast and ready for my welcome home party.

Making my choice of who got to go first, I stepped forward toward my naughty office slut…


January 18th, 1998

Life at this point was unexpectedly about to get a whole lot different for me. In the final stretch of high school, I was only staying there for the potential for getting girls. Potential being about all I was getting. I was smart enough that I could have graduated when I was 16, just after I was emancipated from my parents, but then what would I do? Tinker all day on gadgets? Work at a taco shack? Nah.

My business mogul of an uncle helped me get setup with a stipend fund which covered my needs of food, gas, and shelter, and enough disposable income to enjoy some things but not go overboard. Instead of the suave sex palace my 16 year old self imagined I’d have when I got my apartment, it was rather sparse and drab and not terribly inviting. My friends came over to hang out, the occasional girl, but no one stayed.

I wasn’t a mope and I didn’t think I was bad looking with my sun bleached hair, blue eyes, and what I’d call a noble nose. Many of the girls I hung out with said I was cute, but they also didn’t want to date me.

Still, I was fairly confident in my manner, which I had heard ladies liked, but I guess not confident enough as none of them were kind enough to help with this virginity issue I kept having.

It got lonely at night sometimes.


On the day of my 18th birthday, a couple of things happened. First, my uncle called me.

“Hey Paul. Happy Birthday,” my Uncle Mike said. “How have you been?”

I tried to sound happy to hear from him, but honestly he never called so I just went with the generic responses.

“Great,” I said, “just wondering what brand of cigarettes I’m gonna buy,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. But I really had run out of smokes though and needed some more.

“Fun,” he said in a ‘hope you’re not serious’ sort of way. “Listen, I have a something important I need to tell you and don’t have a ton of time.” He did sound hurried so I didn’t interrupt him. nevşehir escort “I know that you have been doing great with the stipend I setup, and you are responsible with your bills, and your grades are excellent. That said, I wanted you to know that by August, the stipend will be terminated unless you are enrolled in a college somewhere.”

“Oh,” was all I could manage immediately. “Thanks for the warning,” I said, “but I am not sure college is a good fit for me. At least not right now.”

His voice sounded disappointed but he hid it well. “I see,” he said. “In that case you have until August to sort out what you’d like to do. I will help you if I am able, guide you if you’d like, but ultimately you have to find your own path.” He sounded sort of fatherly, but I was thankful he only went as far as the advice.

“I appreciate that,” I went on, “and I do have a couple of ideas that I need to think more about. I haven’t completely dismissed college, I just haven’t found a good fit. I will most likely be asking for a favor from you in the near future though. An introduction, but after that I’ll handle everything.”

He paused, thinking about it. “Alright then,” he said, “you must think you have something impressive in that dungeon of yours.” My workshop in my spare bedroom was not a dungeon, but I let the indignity slide. “Alright, I’ll tell you what; If you do come away with some sort of profit from this introduction, and it’s enough for you to live on, I won’t pester you about college given you donate some of it to a charity. If you do come up short, you enroll in college for at least an associates degree. Deal?”

I thought about that momentarily. It seemed a win-win, but then the thought of more school irritated the hell out of me. But if I talked to the right person and sold my prototype…

“Deal,” I told him.

“Excellent,” he said. “Have a good birthday then, and let me know the who, what and where for the intro.” He hung up.

So, seven months until I’m homeless. Right. Great. No pressure.

Being the go getter type, there was only one thing for it; lunch.

It being a Sunday, I decided to relax and not worry about what it meant to be an adult or of my impending destitution or that I still hadn’t had sex yet. To drown my sorrows I decided to treat myself to lunch at the fanciest Mexican restaurant in Rancho Valley. You’d be amazed how a good chile relleno can clear your head.

I got a page on my beeper from my best friend Amber just after I finished and paid. I hit the pay phones and called her cell (which I was envious of cause it was cool).

“Hey,” I said when she picked up, “you just missed lunch so if you’re trying to sponge a meal, tough titties.”

“You’re not home,” she said indignantly, “why aren’t you home? I have a surprise for you. Where are you?”

“At the Mexican place we went to for your 18th birthday last week. But for a surprise I’ll be home in 10 minutes,” I told her. “Should I be excited?”

I waited a full ten seconds before hearing “Yes,” followed by a “see ya soon” and then she hung up.

I am normally leery of Ambers’ surprises as she often messes with me mercilessly. I do the same, but she can be viscous sometimes. Still, who doesn’t like surprises?


I opened the door to my third floor apartment to find the shades fully open and Amber sitting on my tattered couch. Normally this was not surprising. Amber, at 5′ 11″, lightly tanned skin from her quarter native American heritage, long straight brunette hair and a body that was fit and tight, was a beautiful woman who never failed to turn heads when we went out together. What was a surprise was that she was wearing a very short summer dress in a white and green stripe pattern, her long legs were crossed seductively and ended in strapped flat sandals that wrapped up her shapely calves. Being 75 degrees today this was normal for every other girl, but for Amber she should have worn overalls, as were her norm. Sure, she wore tank tops underneath that showed her awesome b-cup breasts proudly, but a dress was new for her. And exciting for me. And weird. And exciting.

“I take it by your expression,” she said, moving her foot in circles as I stood in the door speechless, “that you approve of my wardrobe choice?”

“Ugh,” I stammered, “yea. But if this is my present, it seems more about you than me.”

She got up off the couch, a fantastic act to watch in itself, and sauntered (yes, sauntered) towards me as I closed the door.

“You know,” Amber started, “I’ve always thought you were handsome, and frankly I am baffled why some woman has not gobbled you up yet…”

I tried to not think about the growing pressure in my crotch. I’m sure Amber noticed it by now. Like I said, she can be viscous.

“Still,” she continued, “I can’t stand to know that my best friend is still a virgin. And that is something I intend to help you with. Right now.”

She smiled as she reached around behind her…


Standing in the department store, pushing niğde escort a cart full of dishes, towels, napkins, soaps, and all other manner of home type stuff was not, I repeat, not, what I though Amber was talking about. She noticed my growing frustration through the last few hours but ignored me with ease. I totally loved that she was going to all this trouble to help me with a sorely neglected aspect of my life, but still, watching her pert ass bouncing down the isles of who knows how many stores now was driving me crazy. And horny. But mostly crazy.

“Oh don’t pout,” she said back to me over the pile of household goods, “this is the last stop before the furniture people deliver your stuff and you need all this. Your place is horrible and no woman wants to sleep with a guy who can’t take care of themselves. Or has a gross place. Or who doesn’t even have a hand towel.”

She had a point. A round and bouncy and annoying point. My place, while awesome to be on my own, was a hole. It needed…well, to be not a hole. Her gift of basically furnishing my whole place was generous beyond anything I’d every received. Her family owned most of the stores we went to so we got furnishings for free as they were floor models or discontinued or mismatched, but still, it was a great gift. I was trying really hard to be annoyed with her, but that dress and that bounce made it impossible.

We checked out and loaded the last of the goods into my already laden 70′ Chevy Nova. Sharing a quick rejuvenating smoke after loading up (no smoking in the Green Goblin, it was cherry!) we started back for my place. We met the delivery guys just as we pulled up. They weren’t happy after realizing they had to lug an entire house up the stairs. Amber ignored their groans, and I sorta gave them a ‘tell me about it’ look as I hauled what felt like a whole kitchen up stairs.


A few hours later it was getting to dusk, and my apartment was starting to look like a home. Being on the third floor did have advantages, such as the high ceilings and tall windows. Amber was on the ladder putting the last valance on the windows (who the hell needed a valance?). Holding the ladder, I looked up to ask Amber a question and forgot it immediately, noticing that Amber was not wearing any panties.

I couldn’t help but stare up at such a fantastic ass, on display for me to leer at. She reached over a bit and put out a leg the other way to balance and I saw, for the first time, a real live vulva staring down at me. She was shaved, slightly glistening, and as I stared longer I lost track of myself. I only came back to my senses when her legs closed. I looked back over to a face staring down at me, smiling.

“How does that look?” she asked knowingly.

“Perfect,” I said, not breaking eye contact, “absolutely perfect.”.

She smiled wider. Stepping down from the ladder she was suddenly very close to me.

“Now,” she said, “this is the type of place a woman would want to spend the night at. So I don’t want to hear any excuses after tonight about not landing a babe.”

I looked around at her handy work. Everything was much improved and clean and organized. I had a proper living room set, bedroom set, bedding, dishes, the works. Now all I needed to do was ‘land a babe’ and I was laughing.

“You know,” I said, “I do go on dates, I just don’t have great chemistry with most women. Can you…” I tried not to sound cheesy or lame, “help me with that? Tell me what a woman wants on a date that leads to all the other fun stuff?”

I totally expected her to laugh, or slap me, or anything else really, except kiss me.

Quite suddenly she was leaning into me and kissing me softly. Her lips mint flavored from her chapstick and her tongue dancing around in my mouth. My tongue started dancing back and I let my hands wander down her back, lower, lower, until I cupped both her cheeks in my hands. She moaned softly as she wrapped her fingers in my hair, pleased at my petting.

We came up for air after a few moments. I said nothing as I didn’t want to break whatever magic was making Amber want to make out with me.

“You,” she started, “are a great kisser. Once you know you’re getting kissed that is.” She smiled at my surprise and pecked me again.

She leaned in close to me, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“You know,” she whispered to me, “I saw you staring at my pussy, and I must say it got me excited. I took my panties off before you came home, and was excited all day hoping that you’d notice. I can see it got you excited as well,” she nudged my crotch with hers, “very excited. Now, let’s go try out that new bed.” She kissed me again and started for the bedroom, taking my hand with her.

Unbidden, reason intruded onto this awesome moment. “Hang on,” I said, “why all this now? I mean I am grateful and flattered and…”

“Later,” she said softly. “Talk later. This now.” She pulled my hand firmly into the bedroom. I followed dumbfounded but willingly.

In my bedroom, she sat down on the bed (a ordu escort proper bed with sheets and a bed frame, not just a mattress on the floor). I wasn’t sure how this was supposed to go down as stolen porno magazines only showed you so much. She invited me over and I sat next to her. She kissed me, softly at first but with increasing firmness as it wore on. Her hands started roaming over me, settling over my crotch. My hands were roaming over her back and breasts, awkwardly trying to elicit more moans out of her. Her fondling started going down my bulge and my leg when she stopped, a look of curiosity on her face.

“Is that real?” She asked, squeezing my crotch and leg and in between. She seemed impressed and I honestly didn’t know why at the moment.

“Yes”, I confirmed, wishing her to keep going.

“That thing is huge,” she said. With renewed interest she undid my belt and pants, standing me up in front of her as she dropped my pants and slid my boxers down. My long, very thick cock popped out nearly hitting her in the face. I felt relief since my erection was stuck pointing down most of the day, but her mouth was open in awe.

“This thing is amazing,” she said, “why didn’t you ever tell me? I’d have done this a long time ago if I’d known.” She tenderly reached out and started jacking me, both hands wrapped around my girth. It felt amazing to have her hands on my cock, slow twists added to her movements up and down my shaft.

She kept this up for a few minutes before she announced, “I’m gonna give you a blow job now. That is, if I can fit this monster in my mouth. Let me know when you’re about to cum, ok?”

I nodded, words not able to form in my brain from her ministrations.

“You probably won’t last long,” she added, “and thats ok. Just enjoy it and cum when you’re ready.” With that she licked the tip of my cock, tasting the pre-cum that formed there. Circling her tongue around the head, getting it good and wet, she planted kisses all over the head, before opening her mouth and taking the head inside.

Glorious does not even describe the sensations her mouth gave. It was warm and soft and she sucked and stroked my cock with practiced hands. Taking the head in fully, she tried to take in more of my length, but stopped only at about a third of the way. The sight of her mouth wrapped around me was one I burned into my brain.

She started bobbing up and down on my shaft, never taking the head out of her mouth, sucking all the while, continuing to jack my cock with skill and enthusiasm.

After a few minutes, which felt like hours, I felt the tingling in the base that meant I was getting close. I tried to warn Amber, putting my hand on her shoulder, but it built up so quick I couldn’t say the words fast enough. I ended up grunting something unintelligible.

She must have sensed something because her paced quickened, her sucking became harder and her hands moved faster.

I thrust forward spastically into a world dimming orgasm that felt like my cock would explode. I felt one, then a second shot pump from my cock into Ambers delicious mouth. She withdrew me from her mouth but I wasn’t done. I came over and over on her sundress covered breasts, into her lap and her legs, and a couple ropes even hit her in the neck and face. It felt like I’d released gallons onto her. It felt fantastic. And weird. And fucking fantastic.

My legs wobbled, nearly giving out from under me, and I fell back into the chair in front of my bed (I have a chair in my bedroom now, sweet) and tried to stay conscious. Amber, I saw, was surveying the damage I’d done to her dress and tasting the cum from her fingers and face.

“Holy fuck,” she said smiling, “that was an amazing amount of cum.” She continued to lick it off of her fingers. “I won’t lie, that was fucking hot in all kinds of ways. You did last longer than I thought though, so congrats on that, but we can work on making you last longer. However there is the one remaining little detail we didn’t cover…”

“Whats that?” I panted.

Amber smiled mischievously, standing up she reached around her back and said, “Despite that bit of fun, you are still a virgin. And that is something I said I was going to take care of.” In a quick movement she undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and used it to wipe the cum from her neck and face and tossed it aside. She kept her sandals on, which made her resemble a greek goddess in the evening light.

Standing, naked in the light of dusk coming in through the window, she was the epitome of beauty and desire. Her tanned skin was flawless, red lips full and inviting, brown eyes full of fire. Her body shape I was familiar having seen her in bikinis before, but seeing her completely naked flesh was much better. Her B-cups breasts were perky, her areolas dark with a dark nipple. Her vulva wasn’t completely shaved as I thought before, but had a landing strip an inch wide just below her bikini line.

Slowly she turned as if on a catwalk, displaying her body for my review. Her movements, while not crude, were sexy beyond anything I knew up to that point and were arousing me again. She arched her back which slightly stuck her ass farther out. When she turned back to face me her eyes widened at the site of my newly restored erection.

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