Lightgirl’s First Adventure Pt. 03

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Thank you for the positive reception on the first two parts. I really appreciate your feedback. There will likely be 6 parts altogether when I’m done.

Fun Fact: Did you know I’m actually randoming Samantha’s Perks from a list of about 70 different ones I wrote?

Sorry, I just wanted someone to appreciate that.


Samantha woke up slowly with her mouth feeling dry as sandpaper. She stood up and noticed the huge wet spot where her vagina had been dripping all night.

She would probably have to drink a lot more water than before to keep up with the cursed modification. Her newly huge boobs weren’t any better and hindered her in every movement. She would have to get used to it and fast. Who knew what waited for her today after all.

Samantha ate her dinner from last night as breakfast and took another shower to kill some time. Afterwards she started checking the tv for the news again. Previously she had turned it off instantly when, instead of the news, there was only porn playing, but now she lingered, snaking a finger down to her pussy.

She remembered last night, how she had to service Umbra, how he had used her and left her to frig herself to her orgasm. She started rubbing her clit in tact with the thrusts of the porn actor on the screen. Her breath grew ragged and her gaze fixed on the screen. Her other hand started playing with her breasts, squeezing them, tweaking her nipples. She could feel her orgasm approaching but before she was there, the jingle introducing the morning news sounded and she was ripped back to reality.

“Oh god, what am I doing. They must have gotten to me.” She wrenched her hands away from herself, her pussy aching in protest. Quickly she distracted herself by turning her attention to Blitz who had just appeared on the screen, next to his lovely assistant and weather fairy Lola.

After rattling down some political and economical news Blitz mentioned her name. Lightgirl perked up and inched closer practically glued to the screen.

“…the search party is still looking for the missing junior heroine. If you have any clues to her whereabouts please contact the Murkwater Police department immediately. I think I speak for all of when I say I hope she is alright wherever she is.” Blitz finished his report about her and flashed an empathetic smile.

“Bastard! He knows where I am.” Samantha shouted at the screen. If she ever got free again she would see him behind bars.

Blitz turned to announcing the sports results and Samantha switched off the tv in frustration. At least they were looking for her. But how big were the chances of them finding her down here?

Her Caretaker/Supervisor entered not long after, bringing her suit back with her. It was mostly unchanged this time, except it now had enough space in front to hold her impressive breasts. It actually felt quite good to have some support for them. The woman left but soon returned to escort her back to the stage where the crew was already busy again.

“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to day two of our first ever show of “Fallen Superheroes”. I will be your host Mr. Blitz and—” he prattled on but Samantha didn’t listen. She looked at the publicum, noticing there were less empty seats than yesterday. She also noticed quite a few of them looking and pointing at her new rack. Or maybe it was the damp spot on her crotch. Since the legs had been cut off, her suit was little more than glorified panties down there and the clear liquid slowly seeped through and down her legs.

Her attention turned back to Blitz as he announced what the next game would be.

The commentator walked over to a pre prepared table and pulled off the blanket covering it.

Underneath, several bowls and a ball were revealed. Samantha stared at Blitz with disbelief.

“This is the best you can come up with?”

It was the old game (and common scam) where someone hid a ball under a bowl and mixed it with empty ones.

Blitz ignored her and turned to the audience again. “It’s a simple game indeed but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for her. Like yesterday there will be three rounds with increasing difficulty meaning more empty bowls. If she guesses wrong twice, she will lose the game and receive penalty points.

“Whatever. I’m ready.” Samantha announced and took her position in front of the bowls. She looked at Blitz expectantly but he made no move to mix the bowls.

“Oh, I won’t be doing it.” he said. “These mechanical arms will be your opponent.”

He pushed a button and several metal arms shot up from under the table.

“If you’re ready simply turn over all the bowls.” Blitz informed her.

She felt as ready as she would ever be and turned over the bowls making sure the ball was underneath the one on the right.

The arms started moving the bowls around way faster than she expected and she struggled to keep up. When they stopped she still had a good idea where the ball was and Bostancı escort lo and behold she was right.

A light ‘ding ‘announced her success and Samantha breathed a sigh of relief. That was at least one penalty she wouldn’t receive. Her hope however was quickly taken away from her as the arms added two new bowls and mixed again.

At the end she had no idea where the right one could be. A deep’ Meerp’ told her she had guessed wrong. She had one more try but that one went exactly like the last one.

Samantha sank in on herself. She had lost another round and Blitz was announcing that she had received another two penalty points.

“Today both perks will be chosen by choice. So what will it be Lightgirl, ‘Sweet Pain’, ‘Damsel in distress’ or ‘Strange Scents’?”

Samantha was briefly drawn to say Damsel in Distress, but then reconsidered and said “Strange Scents!”

As soon as she said it, she felt the familiar tingling in her nose come and go.

Samantha blinked and wondered what they had done to her this time.

She found out rather quickly, as with her next breath she was assaulted by several strong smells she hadn’t noticed before. It was difficult to pick out distinct ones, the whole hall was filled with the stench of sweating bodies. Samantha held her nose but she could still smell it. The scent coming from the thugs in the seats. The lavender perfume of the woman in the last row. Her own juices rolling down her legs. But one scent hovered over all others and it came from the direction of Blitz’s crotch.

Blitz followed her gaze and smiled. “Here is what happened, folks since you can’t see it: ‘Strange Scents’ increased Lightgirl’s sense of smell manyfold and gave her the ability to smell arousal on people, which in turn will turn her on. This, just like everything else is permanent of course.”

Samantha still holding her nose let out a few curse words making the audience snicker because of her nasal voice.

“You still have one more perk to go Lightgirl. Your choices are: ‘Creamy tap’, ‘Call of the wild’ and ‘Dirty talk’. Quite a nice selection! So, what will it be Lightgirl?”

Lightgirl considered her options. Some of these ambiguous names were easier to decipher than others. She certainly didn’t want ‘Creamy tap’ in addition to her huge breasts and Dirty talk sounded way to sexual.

“Call of the wild.” She decided.

“I was hoping you would say that.” Blitz said, but didn’t push any buttons yet.

“Our contestant has chosen a perk that requires participation, which means you get to vote again.

On the screen in your seats you will see several wildlife animals. Vote on your favourite one. We are doing this because Lightgirl will receive several features of the animal with the most votes.”

“What? No! I want to choose something else!” Lightgirl protested. She didn’t want to end up with an elephant snout or something equally deforming.

“I’m sorry, no backsies.” Blitz said grinning at her.

“Aaaand the votes are in. The animal our contestant is going to share a few DNA strands with is…A Tiger!”

“Well, could have been worse I guess.” Samantha mused, before suddenly, pain exploded in her head and lower back. She fell to the ground and screamed, as her vertebrae extended and her ears shifted. The cameras closed in to show her writhing on the floor, her new features developing rapidly. In the midst of the agony Samantha barely registered the light tingling on her cheeks and scalp.

Then in one moment to the next it was over, and Samantha slowly stood up on shaky legs.

A mirror was moved next to her so she, and the audience, could take a good look at herself from all angles. She looked at her reflection and didn’t believe her eyes. The first thing she noticed was that her blonde hair was now orange with black stripes -just like a tiger. Her discolored hair was parted by two twitching cat ears, on top of her head. Whiskers originated from under her nose. She flinched involuntarily as she probingly touched one of them. Damn, they were sensitive.

With that she turned to the most prominent change – her new striped tail. Right now it was squished in her suit. She would need another adjustment. She pulled it out the side and it hung all the way to the floor not quite touching it. She discovered she could move it by flexing her ass muscles.

There was one more change she noticed while licking her lips. Her tongue looked like a cats, with barbs on it. Tigers normally used theirs to rip flesh from bones, but the barbs on her tongue were soft and designed more to massage than rip. During her self inspection several catcalls could be heard from the audience. Some of them started chanting: Give us a meow! Give us a meow!

Samantha’s head was swimming from all these new developments and the scents she was forced to take in. She turned to leave, assuming it was over but Blitz called her back.

“Tonights game Anadolu Yakası Escort was deliberately kept short so we would have time for the first BONUS ROUND!

The bonus round is a quick quizz round where every wrong answer will net our heroine a brand new PIERCING!” he explained. “The round will not end until she has answered three questions correctly.”

“Great, I can’t win here.” Samantha grinded her teeth frustrated.

Samantha noticed another person enter the stage. It was her Supervisor and she brought a metal suitcase with her. A chair raised from the ground and she gestured for Lightgirl to take a seat. She reluctantly did and Blitz started the Bonus round.

“First question: what is Murkwater citie’s greatest export?”

What? She didn’t have the answer and suddenly wished she had paid more attention in class.

She decided to take a guess “Fish.” It was a haven city after all.

“I’m sorry but that’s wrong. The correct answer would have been coals.”

Samantha screamed as suddenly a hole was punched in her earlobe. The woman beside withdrew the tool she had used and slipped an earring through the created hole. Lightgirl looked in the mirror beside her and noticed a silver tiger was dangling from her ear. Cute.

“In what year was the founder of Murkwater city born?”

Another question she didn’t have an answer for. She guessed again and promptly ended up with another tiger for her other ear. The crowd was cheering for every new piercing she received, while Samantha was close to tears from the pain and unfair questions.

Another wrong answer and she found herself with a silver stud through her cat tongue.

“What was the first building erected in Murkwater city?”

OH! She knew this one. “The town hall!” She shouted out.

“Correct! One down two to go. What is the square root of 3249?”

Damn she always sucked at math. She worked her brain hard trying to figure it out but her thought process was interrupted as a needle poked through her eyebrow.

“Time’s up. Next question…”

Samantha collected several more piercings before she managed to give her second correct answer. A golden band now looped over her lower lip, a pink heart was fixed to her navel by a small gold chain, and both of her nipples had gold rings through them.

“What is the biggest building in this town?”

“The academy tower!” Samantha cried out her second correct answer.

Blitz didn’t give her any time to rest however and continued with even harder questions. The woman pulled her suit out of the way and had her screaming when she put a stud in her clit.

The woman moved to pierce her labia next but something stopped her.

Blitz stopped his questioning at the same time and put a hand to his earpiece.

“Uh huh, all right Mr. Matter I got it.”

Turning to Samantha he said “Mr. Matter has an offer for you. If you agree, the questioning will stop. In exchange you have to agree on one more piercing.”

“Yes! Do it.” Samantha readily agreed glad it would finally be over.

She watched as the woman procured an extra large gold ring and brought a needle to her face.

Before she could protest the needle stabbed through her septum and she let out a cry. She could smell her own blood so strongly her eyes watered and she almost fainted. When she could see clearly again, the ring was already looped through her nose. She looked at the mirror and was mortified by her new appearance.

Her nose ring was so big it wouldn’t have been out of place on a bull. She could feel it constantly resting on her upper lip.

Together with the rest of the piercings it made her look trashy, like some punk slut -or a sex slave.

Her whiskers and orange black hair worked together with this, and made her look even more exotic. Or like a freak.

She took a deep breath and noticed she also would always be able to smell the metal of her nose ring since it was so close.

Her Supervisor nudged her to stand up. Apparently she was too busy with herself to notice Blitz wrapping up the show. She was glad to leave and hastily stood up to follow after her escort.

Back in her room and naked again she threw herself on the bed and burrowed her head in her pillow. She felt like crying but held back her tears. Not only had she completely failed again today, she also demonstrated her lack of general knowledge which earned her all these pieces of metal, she could still painfully feel all over her body.

“I’ll definitely do it tomorrow” she told herself, not quite believing it. But for now there was nothing to do but wait for her next “visitor”.

She must have dozed off for a while because she was woken up by a soft hand caressing her ass. She could smell the owner of the hand before she could see her. It smelled like dried blood and cinders overlayed by a perfume of wild roses.

She turned on her back and looked Kadıköy Escort up into the horned visage of Hellheel.

The red skinned devil woman gave her a smile and said ” You’re going to be so tired tomorrow, little kitten. Because we’re going to play all. night. long.” Her voice was husky and seductive and she practically radiated confidence.

Hellheel climbed onto the bed and pulled Samantha into a kiss. Her orange black hair mixed with the devil woman’s fiery red ones as their bodies wriggled against each other.

The devil’s tongue was long and shockingly nimble as she dueled Samantha’s barbed and pierced tongue over control of her mouth.

Fingers with fingernails that looked more like claws suddenly pinched her nipples and Samantha groaned into the villainess mouth. Something brushed along her sex, but that was impossible -Hellheels hands were both full with her tits. She strained to look down and saw something slender and red probing at her entrance. Of course! It was the devil’s spaded tail that prodded at her pussy seeking an opening. It found what it was looking for and Samantha moaned loudly as she was impaled deep by the nimble tail.

Finally Hellheel broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. “I like strawberries…” she said and pushed Samantha back on the bed the tail slipping out of her again. In an instant the devil was above her with her pussy hovering over Samanthas face and her face over Samantha’s overflowing sex. She gave it a lick eliciting a gasp from the heroine.

“But I like cherry even more.” With that she buried her face in Samanthas pussy.

At the same time she lowered her own dewy lips to the heroes face and lied on top of her.

From this distance the smell was overwhelming and it drove Samantha crazy with need.

Glad her desires were met at least she wanted to give back and gave the red labia a long lick along her entire sex with her broad tongue.

“Nnhhm. Ah! Your kitty tongue… don’t stop now.”

Encouraged Samantha let her tongue glide over the devils big clit a few times before sticking her tongue deep inside her pussy and swirling it around making sure to hit all the spots that made the devil quiver and moan right into her muff.

Hellheel did the same to her and together they sixtynined each other closer to their climaxes.

Lightgirl came first, the strong scent in her nostrils combined with her skilled lovers tongue, proved too much for her. She thrashed and screamed underneath the horned woman who was still licking her, prolonging her orgasm.

After she calmed down, the wet red honeypot was once more pressed into her face incessantly and she got back to work, gripping the devils hips to hold her steady.

Hellheel teased along her clit with a sharp nail, careful not to actually hurt it, but enough to make Samantha worried.

She had to stop soon since her hands became too shaky from her approaching orgasm.

Instead, she took to The evil woman let out a roar of pleasure and creamed herself, drenching the girl below in her juices.

Panting, the two women laid next to each other momentarily spent, but Hellheel already started stroking along Samantha’s pierced nipples again.

She rolled Samantha on her side and started spooning her, her hands wrapping around her busily playing with her large tits. Samantha moaned softly at the ministrations and Hellheel whispered into her ear.

“Purr for me, my little kitty. We are far from done.”

Samantha moaned again. God she was enjoying the villainess touches so much, even though she knew she shouldn’t. She blamed her modifications, especially the accursed nose upgrade that forced her to inhale the devil’s intoxicating scent.

After a few minutes of petting, the devil let go of her and positioned herself below her. Hellheel lifed Samantha’s leg in the air and hoisted it above her shoulder, then scooted forward until her pelvis pressed against the girl’s own. Satisfied with the position, the devil woman started scissoring the helpless heroine. Underneath her she felt the girls furry striped tail twitch and jerk, and she trapped it with her own nimbler tail. She tugged on it lightly watching the kitty squirm. A whim came over Hellheel and she stuck a heeled foot into Samanthas face, who had no choice but to breathe in the scent. The dirty act was enough to send Samantha over the edge again, but she didn’t have the energy to thrash much anymore. Instead her limbs just lightly jerked and she let out sweet moans.

The villainess kept rubbing her pussy on the girl’s own. She would get hers.. She wasn’t that nice after all. Samantha’s quiet protests were drowned out by the cries of ecstasy coming from the red skinned woman, as she mercilessly satisfied herself, using Samantha’s swollen pussy.

With increasing ferocity she gripped the heroine’s legs tightly and pumped her hips rapidly, fucking the poor girl into the ground.

Finally she came, fluids gushing onto the girl once again. She climbed off her passive lover and leaned over her.

“Dozing off already little kitty? I told you we would go all night. You’ll purr for me yet.”

Samantha groaned exhausted, her eyelids heavy. This would be a long and exhausting night.

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