Linda’s Discovery Ch. 03

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Linda’s Discovery — Ch. 03

© Lindat817

Thank you for all of the comments and well-wishes on both parts of Linda’s Discovery. I had started several other stories — some fiction, some non-fiction — but they never really came together the way I liked. I will keep experimenting and see what develops. In the meantime, I still get e-mails and comments on the original stories and thought I would bring you all up to date over the last 10+ years. If you never read at least one of the original parts (or if it’s been a long time), the following may be a little confusing. Again, there are parts of the story that are true and some that I have only fantasized about.

Let’s start with a basic overview…

Mark did return to school and received his undergraduate degree followed by a law degree. We continued our relationship while he was in school. When he would come home for the weekend or summer break we lived like we were husband and wife behind the four walls of our house. He never slept in his own bedroom again. While he was in law school he got engaged. He married Teri over two years ago and she is a lovely woman. He works for a large law firm in town and they live in a nearby suburb. We see each other fairly often. Before they married, Mark told her about us and she was not only accepting of the past but told him she would understand if he wanted to continue. Consequently, he and I continued to have occasional sex with her consent but not her participation… more on that later. Professionally, I have done well over the past several years. I now have my own real estate company and several people that work for me. I have dated some nice guys over the years, but still haven’t met “the one” and I am at peace with that.

From the comments and e-mails that I received, I know that many of you wondered if Annie’s and my relationship progressed or if the four of us had any more nights like the one described in the previous chapter. Sorry to disappoint — but the answer (for the most part) is no. Annie and I are still the closest of friends and we talk almost daily. Up until Mark (and later Tom) got married, the relationship between the four or us was actually very similar to two married couples that are all good friends. The four of us could enjoy a night out together but always ended up in our own beds when the evening was done. There were a few (maybe three) times that all four of us ended up in our hot tub following too much wine and beer and Annie and I had sex with our sons in front of each other again. She and I had talked about it and we agreed that it was a turn on to watch and be watched but neither she nor I wanted to possibly harm our relationship (or the relationship with our sons) by fucking the others son.

The fact that Annie and I haven’t hooked up since that night is a little more complex… While my personal belief is that pretty much everyone has some part of them that is bi, she and I, for the most part, are hetero. In my younger years, my encounters with other women were driven more by curiosity and teenage hormones. The times Annie and I went down on each other were because she and I wanted to share the most intimate and taboo experience of our lives. Knowing how much it meant to the other, it felt natural to join together in that experience. Having said that, there were several times when the boys were at school that we might have a little too much wine and let the girl-talk get a little too naughty and wound-up masturbating in front of each other talking about fucking our sons. Both Annie and I will admit to our lesbian fantasies and it is not outrageous to speculate that we might hook up again someday. But for the time being our relationship is best described as “best friends”.

Last summer something happened that seems to be a natural “Chapter 3” to Linda’s Discovery… enjoy.

I hadn’t had a vacation in over a year. It was a self-imposed exile thanks initially to concerns about COVID and, specifically, flying in an airplane during a pandemic. As I looked back, I realized that I may have been overly cautious but had allowed myself to fall into a habit of just working and going home. Mark and Teri, my son and his wife of almost three years, must have noticed it also.

I was sitting at my desk in my study at home one afternoon, looking over a real estate contract when my cell phone rang. I looked down to see Mark’s name in the caller ID.

“Hi honey. What’s up,” I answered, putting the contract down and leaning back in my chair.

“Hi mom. Guess what. I got a call from one of my clients this morning and he offered me his beach house in St. Lucia for the first week in August, all expenses paid.” Mark gushed, excitedly.

“Oh honey, that’s wonderful.” I responded, genuinely happy for him. “You and Teri should definitely take him up on the offer.”

“That’s why I am calling. We’ve been talking about it and I think that we are, but we want you to join us also,” he said, still with a tone of excitement in his voice. “Teri said she thought you’ve been stressed and thought it would be nice to have you join us.”

As thoughtful Diyarbakır Escort as this was, I hesitated.

“But you two deserve some alone time,” I offered, but already picturing how nice that might feel to lay in the sun on a sandy beach. “You don’t need to drag me along.”

“We have already decided and won’t take no for an answer,” he said. I could hear Teri in the background saying something to him — but couldn’t distinguish what she was saying.

“Teri said to tell you the best part,” Mark chuckled. “He also is letting us use his private plane to get there and back.”

“Oh my goodness,” I gasped. “I’ve never been on a private plane before.”

“I know,” Mark laughed. “Me neither. He’s a really wealthy guy and I did some legal work for him that ended up saving him a lot of money. He wanted to let me use his plane and beach house as a special thank you. I cleared it with my boss and Teri just got time off from her boss. Come on mom, you have to go. It will be good for you.”

“Wow. I am so proud of you honey,” I gushed. “I don’t see how I can say no to such an offer. I better start dieting now. I only have six weeks to get my body into swim suit shape.”

My mind started to race with the things I needed to do before going on such a trip. Even though it was six weeks away, I was already getting excited.

“Okay. One last time. Are you sure you and Teri are okay with me tagging along?” I asked, hoping he would say yes.

“Teri is the one that actually suggested it,” Mark said. “And I can’t think of anyone else in the world that we would rather have on the trip with us than you.”

I blushed. Mark and Teri were a great couple. I was lucky to have both of them in my life.

I hung up the phone and went back to work — but my mind was already in St. Lucia and it would stay there for the next six weeks.

Mark met Teri when he was in law school. She was a finance manager for a large company and they met through mutual friends at a party. They had dated about a year before he told me he was going to ask her to marry him. I was happy for both of them but apprehensive about them getting married, knowing it would mean the end of the sexual part of our relationship. Mark told me he was going to tell her about us before he asked her to marry him. He didn’t want any secrets between the two of them which I understood and appreciated. However, I also understood and appreciated that many people might be offended or even repulsed by our relationship. We both knew there was a reason we kept it secret from everyone but Annie and Tom. That night we made love for probably an hour or more. It was slow and tender and filled with love. At different times during our coupling, I admit to having tears in my eyes, aware it was probably the last time we would ever be naked in a bed together.

Two days later he came home and recounted the conversation he had with Teri and her response.

“I have something I need to talk to you about,” he started.

Teri was somewhat taken aback by the seriousness of Mark’s tone. “Okay. What’s going on?”

“I love you,” he began. “And I want to make sure that going forward there are no secrets between us. I can’t speak for you but I have one thing that no one except three other people in the world know about and, as much as it scares me that you might reject me after you hear it, I think the right thing is to tell you and hope we can move forward.”

“Tell me what?” Teri said, her voice quivering. “Mark you are scaring me.”

“For the last several years my mom and I have been more than mother and son. We have been lovers,” he said, his stomach tightening. “It started when I was an undergrad. In hindsight it was kind of accidental. One thing led to another and one night we had sex. I know you might freak out but if we are going to have a life together, I wanted you to know about that part of my past.”

Mark was looking Teri in the eye, trying to read her reaction. Initially she said nothing nor did she look away.

“So are you telling me that was in the past?” she asked, trying to comprehend what she had just heard.

Mark hesitated momentarily. “Yes,” he finally uttered. “I mean I never specifically had that conversation with her but she knows that I want to spend my life with you and I told her I was going to tell you about she and I. I think we both assumed if you joined our family, that meant she and I wouldn’t have sex anymore.”

“So you’ve been fucking her the whole time we have been dating?” Teri’s tone became more serious.

Mark could feel the situation getting away from him. He wanted to make excuses but chose to be honest. If this was going to work, they both had to face the facts head on.

“Yes. But much less frequently,” he started. “And — to be clear — going forward it will never happen again. I am committed to that and I know that mom loves both of us enough to make sure she never comes between us either.”

Teri’s posture softened. “You don’t need to promise that Mark,” she said just above a whisper. “I can understand how something like that can happen. It’s probably Diyarbakır Escort Bayan one of the reasons that I think we get along so well. We actually have more shared life experiences than you know. I didn’t know how or when I was going to tell you this, but I had sex with my dad also. It didn’t last a long time and it’s been several years now since we last did it. It was something that we both wanted at the time. I’ve thought about it and I know that under the right circumstances I might be tempted to fuck him again so I don’t think it is fair for me to ask you to never sleep with your mom again — as long as you will give me the same freedom should the moment present itself.”

Mark just stared at her. It seemed like minutes passed — but it was probably just thirty seconds or so of silence.

“Mark? Say something,” Teri said softly, breaking the deafening silence.

“Will you marry me?” Mark whispered.

Between kisses, Teri told him “Yes” about twenty times.

They called me and Teri’s dad, Jim, to share the good news. Mark told me he would see me in a couple of days and fill me in on the details.

They married about six months later… that was almost three years ago.

The first time I saw Teri after Mark told me about their conversation was the following week. I took both of them out to dinner to celebrate. While nothing was said, I couldn’t help wondering if she thought I was some sort of slut or competing for Mark’s affection. The subject was never brought up that night. In fact, until recently neither she nor I ever brought up what I used to consider “the elephant in the room.” Over time the anxiety dissipated for the most part. The fact that she never said anything and didn’t act weird around me I guess meant she was comfortable with our relationship. So most of the time, I was able to ignore the anxiety. But there were still those times when I wish we had had a candid airing to make sure there were no issues percolating over time. “If it bothers her, I guess I will hear about it sooner or later,” I rationalized.

Sex with Mark, however, slowed to a crawl. He already had his own apartment when he proposed and they both bought a house while they were engaged. So the opportunity to have sex was rarely there.

About two years ago, Teri had to visit one of her company’s satellite offices and it required an overnight stay on the west coast. Mark and I made plans to have dinner at my place. He and I had not had sex since the night before he proposed to Teri. While she allowed the door to remain open, the opportunity hadn’t presented itself and I didn’t want to interfere with whatever understanding they had. While nothing specific was said, I had butterfly’s wondering if there was a chance it might be more than just dinner.

I spent the afternoon getting ready. A trip to the store to get fresh groceries, a long soaking bath in my favorite oils, and making sure I put on just the right amount of makeup and perfume. I chose my clothes carefully. I wanted to respect any boundaries that he and Teri might have established. On the other hand, if he did want to fuck me, I wanted to be ready.

I started with a matching set of bra and panties. They were ivory and thin enough that you could see my nipples and “landing strip” through the sheer material. The panties had two pink roses and small bows at the hips and the bra had a front closure. Next I donned a pair of starched white shorts and short sleeved, button up shirt that I tied underneath my boobs, baring my still mostly firm tummy. Finally a pair of flat sandals that had a daisy on the strap between the big and second toes that set off the matching toenail and fingernail polish.

I tried to keep the conversation light, hoping Mark would make the first move — if there was a move to be made.

“So, how is work?” I asked after we sat down to eat. I mostly knew the answer since either Teri and I or Mark and I spoke probably every other day and that was usually a topic of discussion.

“Actually really well,” Mark said. “The partners have been giving me a lot of important cases to work on and so far my clients are coming out on the winning end.”

“So things with Teri are still going well?” I asked, not trying to sound too nosy or overbearing.

“Actually, yes. When she told me she had to go out of town for her work, she is the one that suggested that I come see you,” Mark said with a sheepish grin. “I think she might have sensed that I have been missing you.”

“What do you mean?” I wondered.

“Well, I think you know that Teri and I have a good sex life but, you know, there are times that I may ‘want to’ and she doesn’t for some reason,” Mark blushed. “So anyway, I kept a pair of your panties hidden in my jacket pocket hanging in the closet to use when I jerk off.” Mark’s face got even redder. “I know that you remember how much I used to like that.”

“Used to?” I smirked. “Sounds like that shouldn’t be phrased in the past tense.”

“Anyway, she was going to take the jacket to the cleaners and found them,” he continued. “I explained that I ‘used Escort Diyarbakır to’ like using your panties like that and I didn’t think she would appreciate it if I used hers.”

“Oh my,” I smiled. “What did she say?”

“She just laughed,” Mark grinned. “Then she said I needed to take them back and get a fresh pair since these had gotten kinda crusty. She and I laughed about it and when the work thing came up, she told me maybe I should use the occasion to get a fresh pair of your panties… so here I am.”

Mark reached in his pocket and pulled out a pair of my panties that were caked in his dried cum. I took them from him and laughed… old habits must die hard.

I could sense where this was leading. Recalling what it felt like to have a husband that cheated on me without my knowledge or permission, I was particularly sensitive to not encouraging that in my son. I asked, “Are you sure Teri is okay with the real reason you are over here?”

“I asked her that specific question and she said as long as I always come back home, sometimes a boy just needs to be with his mom,” Mark said, standing and taking my hand.

I stood on my tip toes and we kissed. I felt an electric jolt go through me from head to toe. I could also feel his already hard cock press against my lower stomach. Mark put one hand on my ass and drew me into him grinding my pubic mound against his hardness.

When we broke apart I couldn’t help but gasp. He had literally taken my breath away. I kept his hand in mine and we walked briskly into the bedroom. My careful selection of the perfect pair of bra and panties was a waste of time. Mark probably saw them for five seconds before I peeled them off. It was like the first night he came home from college after I discovered he was masturbating with my panties, we stood at the foot of my bed and watched each other frantically undress. There was a sense of urgency like there had been that night. The only difference was that this time we already knew what to expect when the clothes came off — this was not an unveiling, it was a disrobing.

The urgency now was to shed ourselves of anything that might come between us as we embraced again. Mark’s dick was already pointing up when he pulled me into him again as we kissed… this time it became sandwiched between us with nothing to shield the feeling of skin-on-skin contact. I could even feel the small amount of pre-cum leaking out of his cock onto my stomach.

Mark turned me and pushed me, my back bouncing on the bed. I scooted back maybe a foot so that my feet were now on the bed, knees bent, legs apart, fully in Mark’s view.

He wasted no time diving his face between my thighs. There was an animalistic feeling to the way he ate my pussy. No gentle licking around the edges. No butterfly kisses and love-bites on my upper thighs. He was attacking my clit with his tongue. Flicking it back and forth and pulling it slightly with his lips. His hands were rough on me, squeezing my thighs and then reaching up to my nipples and tugging on them, twisting. It hurt in such a delightfully nasty way. The anticipation of the day already had me on edge so I wasn’t surprised when I started to cum in less than five minutes of him ravishing me in such a way. Mark, being the dutiful son, lapped his mother’s cum up like the obedient boy that I raised.

After I came Mark got fully on the bed with me. I turned on my side, facing him, so that I could feel his dick press against me again. I was getting ready to roll him on his back and take his gorgeous cock deep inside me when he overpowered me again, rolling me onto my stomach and lifting my ass up in the air so that my face was on the mattress and my butt was in the air supported by my bent knees.

Mark, now on his knees on the bed also, grabbed my hips from behind and pulled me into him, impaling his cock into my sodden pussy. Again, there was little to no romance or gentleness in these moves. His cock was like a piston hammering in and out. For my part all I could do was grunt each time he slammed it back in me, filling me, stuffing me. I love a nice romantic lovemaking session as much as the next woman — but there are times when we just want to get pounded… and tonight was one of those nights.

“Spank me,” I hissed.

Mark continued to hammer his dick in and out of me.

“Spank my ass,” I said, turning my head to make sure he could hear me this time. He could see the fire in my eyes and I watched him raise his hand and slap my right butt cheek so hard it left a red mark where his hand had struck me.

“Ooohhh,” I moaned. “Again.”

This time I felt a sharp slap on my left butt cheek. God the mix of the pain of my spanking and the pleasure of his cock filling me up was more than I could take.

I raised up on my elbows, bowing my head to look and see my tits swinging each time he pounded his dick into my pussy. I could see his heavy balls rocking back and forth also in rhythm with his fucking me and could feel them tap my clit when he was buried inside me. When he slapped my ass again, I don’t know if I screamed or if I just moaned, but I remember making some sort of sound and then began to squirt cum all over Mark’s hard cock going in and out of me. I know he could look down and see his mother’s pussy squirting on his cock and that my cum was dripping down the back of my thighs. That gave me another thrill as I continued to cum.

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