Lingerie Shop Fun Ch. 02

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Jonathan and Charisse pulled up into the parking lot of the lingerie shop they had just left and looked at each other with a knowing smile. Charisse thought of the way the Latina had looked as Charisse made exquisite love to Jonathan. She felt her pussy twitch at the thought of the challenge that lay ahead. Charisse looked over at Jonathan as they reached the door of the lingerie shop wondering if he was feeling the same anxiety she was. Jonathan looked down into Charisse’s eyes, seeing the desire there, and hoped that he could help make a fantasy he knew they both had come true.

“Are you sure about this?” Jonathan inquired of Charisse, wanting to make sure that she was truly comfortable with the idea of sharing him.

“I’m game if you are,” Charisse replied. Charisse looked into Jonathan’s eyes and saw the excitement in them, knowing she had made the right decision in asking him to return to the lingerie shop. She only hoped that everything would work out with the Latina.

Jonathan held the door of the lingerie shop open for Charisse and placed his hand on the small of her back as he escorted her inside. He could feel his heart skip a beat as he noticed the Latina standing behind the check out counter chatting with a customer. She was even more beautiful than he remembered with smooth tan skin, long wavy black hair, big round dark blue eyes framed by long fluttering eyelashes, and full sexy lips painted a ruby red. Her body was thick like Charisse’s but in a different more solid way. His wandered down the length of her body that wasn’t hidden by the counter and he noticed that she had a belly ring.

Charisse took in the sight of the Latina, her eyes travelling down the same path that Jonathan’s had and she felt her mouth begin to water at the thought of tasting this sexy woman. She wanted to get this woman naked and rain kisses up and down her body. She wanted to feel the weight of this woman’s breasts in her hands as she stroked and sucked on her nipples. She wanted to lay this woman down, spread her legs and taste her essence. Charisse felt her pussy grow warm with thoughts of how sweet this woman would taste on her tongue. Charisse took a deep breath and walked over to the counter where the Latina had just finished up ringing up the cusomer’s purchases.

The Latina looked up, saw the couple she had witnessed making love earlier, and felt her heart jump to her throat wondering why they had returned. She wondered if they would give her another show. She felt her body grow warm and her juices began to flow into her cotton panty briefs. She imagined what her skin would look like next to their’s and had to shake her head to clear it of the sexual thoughts she was having. She noticed the female of the couple coming towards her and took in the sight of her body. The woman walked towards her with confidence, her eyes locked on hers. The Latina’s heart rate began to speed up as she looked into the woman’s eyes with her own and thought she saw desire in them.

Charisse reached the counter and nonchalantly leaned against it, facing the Latina and smiled at her. Charisse took in the name tag on the Latina’s shirt and saw that her name was Victoria. “So, Victoria,” Charisse said matter-of-factly as if she had known this woman her whole life, “did you enjoy your private show earlier?” Charisse didn’t believe in mincing words. She was a very straightforward individual.

Victoria had never had the opportunity to explore her feminine curiousity of women. She was determined that she would be able to put that one fantasy to rest before the end of the day. Victoria smiled back at Charisse and leaned on the opposite side of the check-out counter and searched the woman’s eyes for what she hoped was there just a few moments ago. Charisse didn’t flinch at Victoria’s intense gaze. She wanted Victoria to know and understand that she was attracted to her. She felt that she could show her better than she could tell her. Victoria knew that she hadn’t been mistaken at the desire she had seen in the woman’s eyes earlier. This realization caused Victoria’s pulse rate to soar even higher as sexual shivers began to run down her spine.

Jonathan had leaned against the side of a display case advertising scented massages oils about ten feet from where Charisse and Victoria were. He wondered what they were discussing and how Charisse was going to broach the subject of the three of them getting together later on that evening. Jonathan’s eyes wandered towards the Latina’s breasts. He could see her cleavage and his mouth began to water at the prospect of freeing those beauties from their confinement and watching them hang freely. Jonathan’s thoughts continued to wander into the realm of possibilities that he and Charisse could partake of if the Latina woman was as receptive as he hoped she would be.

Charisse continued looking into Victoria’s eyes as she nonchalantly reached her hand up and lightly grazed Victoria’s nipple feeling it harden immediately at the subtle touch. Victoria shuddered and sucked in her breath sharply at the bold way this woman handled her. She could feel her face samsun escort warming up to a nice rosy blush. Victoria still hadn’t gotten up enough nerve to speak. Charisse wondered if she had gone too far in stroking Victoria’s nipple like that but she just couldn’t resist. Charisse was getting hot as she imagined sucking on one of those firm, perky nipples in front of Jonathan. She noticed Victoria leaning slightly towards her hand and Charisse’s heart rate picked up another beat knowing that the sexy Latina had just conveyed her acquiesence to her. Charisse boldly ran her thumb lightly over Victoria’s hardened nipple. Victoria knew she wanted more and didn’t want to settle for a quickie in the dressing room but at this point she would take what she could get. Victoria decided to give this woman her cell phone number just in case nothing was to happen before the couple left the store, hoping that they would take the hint and call her. Victoria wrote her number down and handed the piece of paper to Charisse, looking over Charisse’s shoulder to see the man Charisse had come in with watching them intently. Her eyes drifted down to the bulge in his jeans and she subconsciously licked her lips. Charisse noticed this little action and turned her head slightly to see Jonathan smiling at the Latina.

Jonathan seeing the Latina lick her full sexy lips in such an innocent way felt his member begin to throb. He knew at that moment Charisse had been successful with her goal. He smiled wondering what Charisse had said to the woman. He saw Charisse turn towards him and he tore his gaze from the Latina to silently communicate with his Chocolate Princess the desire building up inside of him. Charisse playfully stuck her tongue out at him and wiggled it and Jonathan couldn’t help but chuckle as he winked at his silly woman thinking of better things she could be doing with that tongue.

Charisse turned back toward’s Victoria and smiled at her as she accepted the piece of paper Victoria had offered her. She leaned towards Victoria’s ear and whispered seductively, “I’ll call you later.” Victoria felt shivers go down her spine as she felt Charisse’s hot breath on her ear. Victoria could smell the scent of gardenia’s on Charisse’s skin and felt her body grow slightly weak at the heady aroma. She wanted to bury her nose in this woman’s neck and get lost in the scent as her thoughts drifted to a vision of Charisse laying naked in a field of flowers. Victoria swallowed and composed herself as the woman leaned back, winked at her and walked back towards the man she had come in with. A customer interrupted her musings asking for assistance and Victoria reluctantly followed the customer back towards the dressing rooms, looking over her shoulder in time to see the couple exchange a lingering kiss.

Slowly Jonathan pulled his head up looking down into Charisse’s desire filled eyes with a twinkle in his own and turned her towards the exit, keeping one around possessively draped across her shoulders. Charisse leaned into his body, her legs brushing against his as they ambled towards the exit. She noticed a display case out of the corner of her eye containing a myriad of adult toys. She turned in that direction and Jonathan adjusted his footsteps to follow hers. They reached her destination and she saw through the glass a strap-on sitting dead in the center on the top shelf. Charisse looked up at Jonathan and asked, “Do you think that might come in handy later on?” as she pointed to the strap-on.

“Wow, that’s kinda big isn’t it?” Jonathan inquired with a question of his own.

“No bigger than you are.”

“Nah, I’m not even close Baby and you know it.”

“You think? Trust me Darling, you are! You’re just being modest and anyway it’s not for you. It’s for her,” Charisse explained pointing in the direction of the dressing rooms that Victoria had disappeared into moments ago. “I’ve never fucked a woman before. Picture her bent over, your juicy cocked shoved down her throat while I pummel her from behind.”

“God, Charisse!!” Jonathan exclaimed feeling himself grow hard at the visual Charisse had just given him. “You’re gonna make me drag you back to the dressing rooms if you keep talking like that.”

Charisse laughed her sexy laugh and the sound reached Jonathan’s ears not helping his physical state in the least. Charisse looked around the store for someone to assist her and noticed Victoria had returned to the counter to ring up a customer’s purchases. Charisse made eye contact with Victoria and beckoned her over. She still hadn’t heard Victoria speak and this would be a good way to not only see if her voice was as intriguing as her body but also to get the introductions out of the way. At that moment, she realized that she hadn’t given Victoria her name yet. Victoria noticed the slight way the woman cocked her head asking for assistance and headed in her direction as soon as the customer left the counter.

Jonathan watched the way Victoria walked towards them and had to grab Charisse and place her body before him to hide his oncoming erection. He didn’t want to scare siirt escort the Latina off by seeming like some kind of sexual pervert. Charisse enjoyed watching the way Victoria seemed to glide towards them and could feel Jonathan’s hard on against her lower back screaming for a release from it’s confinement. She was pleased at Jonathan’s physical reaction to Victoria and thought to herself, “All in good time.” Victoria reached the couple and slightly cleared her throat before asking if she could help them.

Charisse smiled thinking that there were so many ways Victoria could help them but put a lid on that thought as she held out her hand and introduced herself.

“Hi, I don’t believe we have officially met. I’m Charisse and this is Jonathan.” Charisse made the brief introductions.

“Nice to meet you,” Victoria purred as she held out her hand and felt Charisse’s slightly chubby hand grasp her own. She shook first Charisse’s hand and then Jonathan’s as he reached one hand out in her direction still holding his woman with his other hand on her waist. Jonathan’s big hand engulfed her own smaller hand and she glanced down to see the contrast in their skin tones. She felt the callouses on his palm but his fingertips were smooth and she liked the fact that his fingernails were neatly trimmed and clean. Charisse loved the sound of Victoria’s slightly high pitched voice and the way she sounded confident and sure of herself. Charisse’s thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth as Victoria was a nervous wreck.

“I’m Victoria, as you can see by my name tag.” Victoria pointed to her name tag and moved around to look into the display case trying to figure out what the couple wanted to buy.

Charisse turned towards the display case bringing Jonathan around with her and pointed at the strap-on asking Victoria if she would take it out so she could get a better look at it. She wanted to try it on to see how it would look. Charisse had always had a bit of dick envy, thinking that if she had one of her own, she would be constantly jacking off. Victoria walked around the display case and opened it from the back. She handed the strap-on to Charisse. Charisse glanced back at Jonathan and winked seeing the amusement mixed with desire in his eyes.

“Do you think I could go and try this on, Victoria?” Charisse asked the Latina, looking into her eyes feeling as though she could drown in those deep blue pools gazing back at her.

“Ummm, well you would have to buy it first. Store policy.”

“Well, then let’s go ring it up.” Charisse led the way to the check-out counter pulling away from Jonathan’s arm. Jonathan had managed to compose himself with an extreme amount of will power and lagged behind wanting to watch Charisse’s and Victoria’s asses as they walked towards the register. Jonathan swallowed as he imagined the two of them butt naked, bodies covered in oil rubbing against each other. “Down boy,” Jonathan told his once again throbbing member as he made his way to the counter to pay for Charisse’s newest toy.

Jonathan paid for the strap-on and Charisse snatched up the purchase. She looked into Victoria’s eyes tilting her head towards the dressing rooms silently asking her to come and assist her. Victoria not being able to resist the pull Charisse seemed to have on her nodded her head slightly and allowed Charisse to lead the way. Victoria glanced back at Jonathan wondering if he would follow but he just winked at her and gave her a slight wave content to wait out in the main store and use his imagination. He wondered if he should invite Victoria to the cabin with them or if he should just rent a motel room for the night. Deciding not to worry about the small details, he began to walk around the store heading back towards the case with the massage oils. He beckoned another sales associate over who was just as attractive as the Latina but not really his type. She looked rather anorexic to him. He pointed out a couple of scented massage oils asking if he could see how they smelled and settled in to find just the right scent to use for on the two women later.

As Jonathan was out in the store picking out massage oils, Charisse and Victoria had entered a dressing room. Charisse removed her blue jean mini-skirt and her silky Vicky Secrets panties exposing her neat heart shaped trimmed pubic hair to Victoria. Victoria sucked in her breath at the sight wondering why she didn’t notice the heart shape earlier. Charisse looked at Victoria wondering what she was thinking.

“What are you thinking?” Charisse blurted out.

“Uh…well…I was thinking…” Victoria stammered, never having been in a situation like that and not knowing how to convey her thoughts and feelings at that moment. Rather than embarrass herself further by stammering like a silly school girl with a crush, she gathered her courage and reached out her hand to trace the heart shaped hairline on Charisse’s pussy mound. Charisse felt her legs grow slightly weak at the bold, yet gentle way Victoria conveyed her thoughts. Charisse leaned towards Victoria, gently grabbed her by the nape of her sinop escort neck and pulled her in for that first initial kiss. Charisse pressed her firm pouty lips against Victoria’s soft full lips and felt her body warming up on the inside. Victoria was nervous about kissing Charisse. However. her instincts took over at that moment and she leaned into the kiss opening her mouth slightly to allow Charisse to insert her tongue inside. Victoria could taste a hint of Jonathan’s cum mixed with Charisse’s and felt her body begin to melt. She pressed her body next to Charisse reveling in the feel of the softness of Charisse’s body next to her own. Charisse deepened the kiss plunging her tongue deep inside Victoria’s mouth and swirling it around. Victoria, enjoying the kiss entirely too much, felt her insides turn to mush as she boldly ran her hand up Charisse’s body to massage one of her breasts. Charisse sighed into Victoria’s mouth gently nibbling on her bottom lip wanting more. Unable to stop herself, Charisse reached a hand up under Victoria’s t-shirt and ran her thumb across Victoria’s hardened nipple loving the fact that Victoria didn’t wear a bra. Victoria leaned her head back enjoying the electricity running through her body at the sensation of Charisse’s thumb rubbing her bare nipple. Charisse raised Victoria’s shirt to gaze at the beauties being contained inside.

“My God, you’re gorgeous!” Charisse exhaled taking in the sight of those full, round orbs with the nipples pointing straight out. Charisse grabbed both breasts with her smooth brown hands and gently kneaded them loving the color contrast. Victoria moaned in pleasure. Charisse leaned over and pulled a nipple into her mouth gently sucking while tweaking Victoria’s other nipple with her thumb and forefinger rolling it around applying gentle pressure. Charisse loved the feel of Victoria’s nipple in her mouth and sucked a little harder gently flicking her tongue across the tip of the turgid nipple. Victoria gasped at the sensation of Charisse’s warm wet mouth suckling at her breast and held Charisse’s head close to her as she began to squeeze her internal pussy muscles together.

Charisse pulled her head back and smiled into Victoria’s eyes as she reached up under the cotton flared out skirt Victoria was wearing to rub her hand on her cotton briefs. Victoria held on to Charisse’s shoulders and ground her pussy against Charisse’s expert touch. Charisse slid a finger inside Victoria’s panties and stroked her warm, wet pussy lips back and forth watching Victoria’s face. Victoria looked intently into Charisse’s eyes wanting more, needing a release.

“Please, Charisse,” she begged. “It feels so good! I need it bad!”

“Tell me!” Charisse demanded in her sensual way. “Tell me you want me.”

“Oh shit, Charisse, I want you!” Victoria panted looking deeply into Charisse’s eyes.

Charisse smiled and knelt down in front of Victoria removing her panties. Charisse placed her tongue to Victoria’s clit poking out waiting for attention. Victoria inhaled deeply as Charisse’s tongue made contact with her throbbing clit. Charisse pulled Victoria’s clit into her mouth gently sucking as she ran two fingers back and forth between Victoria’s pussy lips. Charisse inhaled the musky feminine scent of Victoria and tasted her sweet juices as they began to flow freely from Victoria’s body. Victoria held Charisse’s head in place moaning slightly so as not to attract attention and ground her pussy into Charisse’s face as wave after wave of pleasure took over her body. Victoria felt her legs grow weak and turned to sit on the bench unable to stand any longer. Charisse followed Victoria and resumed licking her dripping wet pussy not able to get enough of the sweet tasting woman. Charisse plunged two fingers inside of Victoria’s pussy feeling the warm pussy walls contracting around them and gently began pumping her fingers in and out of her hot, tight pussy wanting to extract another orgasm from her. Victoria braced her legs on Charisse’s shoulders and ran her fingers through her hair loving the sight of this sexy Black woman eating her out.

“Oh shit Charisse, I’m gonna cum again! Damn! Feels so fucking good! Don’t stop!” Victoria begged.

Charisse wanted to fuck her bad but hearing the sound of Victoria’s sweet pleading voice only served to make her want to bring Victoria to completion once again. Charisse felt Victoria’s pussy walls clamp down on her fingers and her legs squeezing her head as she finger fucked her, sucking her like a pro keeping her tongue just underneath her clit. Victoria couldn’t hold back any longer. She threw her head back and expelled a long shuddering sigh as her orgasm exploded from her body. She came all over Charisse’s face her sweet honey dripping down Charisse’s throat and chin. Charisse swallowed the sweet nectar emanating from Victoria’s body as fast as it squirted into her mouth. Gradually, as Charisse felt Victoria’s orgasm subside, she moved up Victoria’s body taking an inviting nipple into her mouth again, gently nipping at it with her teeth. Victoria pulled Charisse’s head up to hers and kissed her deeply not being able to find words to show how thankful she was for the incredible gift she had just received. She vowed that she would return the favor later that day but for now, she had to get herself together as she still had two more hours on the clock.

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