Lisa Turned On

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Ok, here I am – a virgin author! Please accept this piece as my “toe in the water” of writing short stories. I figured, after years of taking from others on this board, I should attempt to give something back. I eagerly ask for your thoughts and criticism, but please be gentle… I am new at this. I hope you enjoy…

Lisa had been living with me for about 2 years now, and for all intents and purposes we felt completely “coupled”. Aside from the rings and vows, we were essentially a married couple and really enjoying our time together. Both nearing 30, and both trying to develop our careers, we spent a lot of time in our respective offices, or at the gym, and while I traveled from time to time, Lisa was on the road constantly, and so our time at home was limited.

We had discussed marriage, but we were both gun shy since our career paths could tear us in unexpectedly different directions in the near future and both of us came from divorced homes, which had implanted uncomfortable feelings about the concept of “until death do we part”!

In the meantime, we shared interests in art and music, a similar religious background, and both of us read anything we could get our hands on. In fact, that is where we met, at an old bookstore near the local college campus that was known for its book exchange and the half dozen cats that wandered the store, slept on the stacks, and were fed at the checkout counter. I caught her looking at the back of a trashy romance novel and when she blushed, having been caught in a moment of weakness, I moved in to ask her out for coffee. We have been together ever since, and I bought her the naughty novel as a gift for our 1 month anniversary. The book actually turned out to be rather steamy and led to a night or two of fun for Lisa and I, but unfortunately that was about as hot as things ever got in our shared bedroom.

Aside from the pressures of being apart, our relationship was most stressed by our somewhat divergent sexual tastes. She was all romance and candles and kisses and hugs, which was great in its own sweet way, but there were times that I wanted something a little more risqué and raw. Lisa was willing to experiment and play around from time to time, but never strayed too far from the “normality” of good old fashioned lovemaking. My constant attempts to awaken some naughty side of her personality were starting to wear on her patience and thus sex started to contain a certain element of tension. Not good for a long term relationship with longer term aspirations.

Lisa was heading to Cleveland next week to close a deal that was a year in the making, and I knew that her days would be long but she would end each day in the hotel room bath with a book, soaking for an hour, unwinding with a novel that would allow her to forget about the stresses of work, at least until the following morning. And so I took the opportunity to drop a book into her suitcase, one that I knew she would read, (after all, she was a slut when it came to books… she would read anything), and one that just might plant an idea or two into her head. I had read the book the week before, and found it to have the perfect combination of romance and unleashed sexual passion. I figured I had nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

I called her each night, just to say hi and let her know I was thinking of her. Not once, however, did she mention the book. I even hinted in several not-so-subtle ways, and she still did not bring up the book. I wondered if it had gotten lost on the shuffle of unpacking, or tossed in the trash as a ‘piece of literally trash’. I even wondered if Lisa had found the book offensive, and might return home even more hostile towards my kinky side.

She came in the door a little later than expected on Friday night, due to a little weather in Cleveland that Kadıköy Escort delayed her flight. I still had a simple dinner ready for her. I knew she would be tired and I knew she would appreciate the romantic gesture. Her trip had been successful, but it had drained her, she was tired and ready for bed, but not without a quick shower to wash away the flight and stress of the day. Still no remark about the book, and despite not having seen each other for a week, it was clear there would be no sex tonight. She was worn out and I was bummed and frustrated.

I hit the sack before she finished her shower, figuring I could sleep better if I drifted off before her sexy body was lying next to me. And I do mean sexy, Lisa was incredibly hot although she really toned down her sexual appearance most of the time, partially because of a career that demanded a professional appearance, and partially because of her conservative upbringing. But underneath her business suits was a small 5′ 4″ frame, a bottom as tight as a drum, and a pair of B-cup breasts that were so full they impersonated C’s and were topped a pair of nipples that just begged for attention. While a lot of men didn’t bother to turn their heads when she walked by, because of her talents at hiding the goods from onlookers, a second look was all it took to realize the hard body that Lisa spent so much time on the Stairmaster to maintain. And that’s why I wanted to be in bed first, and on the way to slumber, before I saw her emerge from the bathroom in sexy short cotton sleep-shorts and a tank was just tight enough to make me short of breath.

The plan was working, I was almost out when she finally lifted the covers and slid in next to me. She draped her arm over my side, like she normally does when in the spoon position and I felt her warmth against my back. It was a warm night already, so I was expecting her to kick off the comforter so we could sleep under the light sheet. But after the comforter was removed, she did not return to my side. Instead, I felt her hand gently stroking my leg and her other hand working the tie on my sleep shorts. Cool! I was going to get some action tonight after all!

Her attempts to untie my shorts went on for about 30 seconds, then she gave up… and she just yanked them down… roughly. This got my attention. First, because she never acted with any amount of uncontrolled passion and second, because after my shorts were removed her mouth replaced them, sucking down my cock. Lisa did not like giving head, as a general rule she simply did not like it. She would do it, as a matter of foreplay from time to time, but never to completion and only on special occasions. To her, it felt less like lovemaking and more like fucking, and Lisa was into lovemaking.

Not one to complain, I said nothing and simply watched her working my tool. When this went on for about 5 minutes, however, I was wondering who this mystery woman was… never had she indulged me for so long. She finally pulled away and I sighed both in pleasure and frustration, but was shocked when she did not move up my body and instead turned her lips and tongue to my balls. I nearly jumped in shock, but I was in no position to move very far and Lisa was able to continue to apply her oral magic to my boys. Incredible was the sensation and my mind was almost blurred by mix of pleasure and surprise. She brought up her left hand and started stroking my penis with verve, while her right hand found my testicles which allowed her to prop them up higher, giving her easier access with her mouth.

I have no idea how long this went on, I was in some sort of warp of space and time. But after nearly swallowing my balls, she let them out of her mouth and her hand gently yanked them up towards my stomach. She then proceeded to lick the underside of Kadıköy Escort Bayan my scrotum… slowly! It was the most incredible feeling and my stunned silence involuntarily turned to moans and hissing. Her response to my audible approval was to move even lower, starting her slow lick just above my anus, and then methodically moving up my ball sack, and once there she practically inhaled my testicles into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue. Her free hand had move under my left leg and was pushing it upwards and to the side, essentially spreading me wide and giving her more access to my most sensitive spots. On the third trip she took started with her tongue directly on my asshole, and with a gentle rotation she teased my backdoor with just enough pressure… and just long enough, to make me exhale with force and jolt forward on the bed… I wanted more. But instead of indulging me, she again moved upwards with her mouth and engulfed my balls once again. Her hand now worked my penis with some enthusiasm, and as her mouth finally released my balls and engulfed my penis, I realized I was on the verge of cumming.

That’s when a mild panic shot through my mind… she always cums first! It was our little unspoken rule… she gets off first and that ensures she is satisfied before I take my shot. However, at this pace there would be little chance of me stopping the growing momentum in my groin and I wondered how disappointed she would be if I came and then could not keep my boy charged up for her turn at the plate. I never wanted her to go without due attention, but tonight it had been her doing all the giving and I had not given second thought to her needs.

Turns out my guilt was short lived, as Lisa was not about to stop and whether I wanted to or not, neither was I. As the swelling in my boys reached its peak, I then had my second shot of panic… I was about to cum in her mouth and that was strictly off limits. This was NOT an unspoken rule, instead it was a well known and explicitly stated fact: No cumming in her mouth! I moaned a warning between gasps for air, “I’m cumming!”, but all she did was intensify her assault and I exploded in her mouth.

I felt stream after stream of cum exit my member with force, and I waited for her to pull away in disgust. Instead, she continued to work me with her hands and lips. After a few seconds she started dripping my cum from her mouth, slowly and with precision, over the entire length of my cock and down onto my scrotum. I could not believe the amount of cum that fell out of her mouth, trailing from her lips onto my penis. Her hands, working slowly, spread the viscous mixture of cum and saliva and worked into my privates with deep motions.

I felt myself becoming limp, the blood finally vacating my lower region and making it available to other parts of my body… like my head. And with the restoration of normal oxygen flow, my mind reeled in realization of what had just happened. My timid and conservative girlfriend had suddenly become every man’s wet dream, and despite having woken up, so to speak, the dream seemed to continue. Just as I thought I was going to have to ask her to stop so I could clean up and figure out how to get a dozen roses to the apartment within 20 minutes, I felt her head go back down on my lifeless cock. Like a runner hitting his second wind, my cock immediately took notice and did something it had not done since college… it started to work back up for a second round no less than 10 minutes after the initial event had finished.

I started to think she would suck me raw, as for 5 minutes she thrust my cock as far down her throat as she could manage until I was again a rod of steel. I could feel a second orgasm building when she finally broke her oral marathon and looked up at me. Her hair Escort Kadıköy was falling in front of her face, he eyes were wide and on fire, her mouth slightly parted and lips somewhat swollen from the pleasure they had been providing. She looked beautiful and lusty and naughty! She looked like I had never seen her before, and most importantly she looked inflamed and erotic, letting me know she was sincere and not just doing this for my sake.

She stayed there, just looking at me for another few seconds, and then leaped upwards onto my body and kissed me deeply. I could taste my own semen, but more notably her mouth felt hot and wet and completely inviting. She kissed me in a way that she had never kissed me before… with an almost awkward passion that reminded me of making out as a teenager, in the back of my beat-up Volkswagen. It was raw and real and forceful.

She didn’t even bother taking off her panties, instead grabbing the blue thong and yanking it to the side just enough to let her pussy become exposed. It was almost a single fluid motion as I entered her and buried myself deep inside her sex. She was wetter than I remember her ever being before, and once inside she just pressed her cunt against my lower pelvis and rotated… grinding her clit against my pubic hair. Her pressure was so intense that I could not pull out at all, could not thrust or move, so I simply lay under her now sweaty body and let her find the right spot.

She finally released from her “press” and stuck her tongue in my ear. After a few seconds she whispered, “I loved the book!”. And with those simple words I found myself in a wave of dejavu… what she had just done, and was continuing to do, was a complete replay of one of the steamy sex scenes contained in the book that I had packed in her suitcase. I replayed in my head the entire string of events that had happened thus far, and it was almost verbatim. As my mind reached, in replay, the scene that was currently happening in real-time, I remembered what had happened in the book and decided to play along.

Just as the character had done in the novel, I reached down and grabbed the back portion of the thong that was still being worn by Lisa. With four fingers underneath I slowly yanked her panties upward, causing them to pull against her pussy lips. I released them and moved my index finger down to pull them out of her vagina. I yanked up again, this time a little faster and a little harder, and I felt the silky material rubbing against the side of my penis that was still far inside her overheated body. This time the friction created by the material caused her to raise her head in pleasure and suck her breath in fast enough to create a low whistle. I did not release the thong this time, and instead of pulling outward towards her feet, I changed the direction of the pressure and pulled them up her ass crack. I purposely let the silk rub against her anus for a few seconds and then changed direction, pulling them back downward.

With the final movement of the panties traveling across her clit, she buried her head into my shoulder and bit my neck. Her hips convulsed in what would have seemed like a mild seizure to create friction and pressure on those spots she knew better than I. With my free hand grabbed her ass and with my hand controlling the panties yanked them back up her ass with so much force that I thought I might tear them. I felt her release her breath and forcefully exhale and she started moaning and mumbling phrases of pleasure that only I could hear. She continued this gyration for what must have been 2 minutes before she realized I was now thrusting upwards with enough energy to make the headboard hit the wall with a slight thud. With one hand she reached back, took the back of her thong out of my hand and yanked it hard to one side, digging it into my penis and I exploded deep inside her.

We laid in paralysis for 30 minutes, not speaking and not moving, simply soaking up the moment and recovering and dissecting what had occurred. She finally broke the silence with a kiss, and the words, “I love you!”

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