Little Brad Gets Locked

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Over the next week Brad felt dejected and ostracized at work. News of his pants stain had traveled fast. The worst of which was during a meeting the boss of the company mentioned:

“Brad …oh good you got a new pair of pants!”

Everyone laughed.

It didn’t help that during the time Jacklyn kept coming in a devastating outfit day after day. Each outfit complete with the same patent leather boots she wore on their luncheon. She seemed to flaunt them as if to tease Brad. He thought about quitting.

Then on Friday as people were leaving work, Brad got an IM from Jacklyn: “Stop by before you leave.” Brad walked into Jacklyn’s spacious office sheepishly. “Close the door and have a seat”. He did so.

That day Jacklyn had on a leather skirt, large fitted sweater but not the boots. Instead long black heals. She sat in her desk chair tapping away legs extended. When he sat she looked at him and asked him to pick up a plastic bag from the desk. He opened it and inside were the very boots that gave him an embarrassing jizz stain in his pants. He froze. She continued:

“You can have those. I wore them for a week and I think they’re quite pungent by now. My husband mentioned to have them cleaned this morning so it’s noticeable.” She laughed and continued:

“But! …you gotta play a game to get them.” Her lips curled like they had before and she snickered to herself. “The game is this, I’m going to measure your penis. If it’s 6 inches or more we can have sex. Right here on my desk if you want.” Brad’s face went flush and his dick stiffened …again. “That said, you measure under that and …well you’ll be my bitch. You do what I say. Wear what I tell you and take whatever I give you. You can always stop if you want but …something tells me you won’t want to. What do you say?”

Brad though for a minute. Years ago his girlfriend measured his cock after she drunkly mentioned to him her last boyfriend was huge. She told him he was a solid six inches. He felt better. He thought about the revenge sex he was going to have and said a cocky “Yes”.

Jacklyn got up from behind her desk but not before retrieving a trailer tape from a drawer. She obviously did this before.Walked over to him and said: “Drop Em.”

Brad unzipped his pants and confidently exposed his hardened cock. She tilted her head. “This might be close.” She quipped. As soon as she said that he got nervous. She placed the tape at the base of his penis and slid it up to his now leaking pud. Her fingers Bostancı Escort delicately touched his member and he stiffened further. He suddenly felt that her hands looked were bigger than he imagined and the tape seemed to dwarf his rigged member.

“5 inches …on the nose. Not even close.” She laughed.

Brad protested: “THAT CAN’T BE.”

They did it several more times. His cock went flaccid and he was perplexed. Did his ex lie? What would she? Just to be nice. Jacklyn then said:

“Well after lunch and this measurement, you are definitely a beta boy. …so are you ready for my instructions?”

He nodded yes

He was stunned, perplexed and humiliated. He was only five inches, five inches girth and 3.7 inches flaccid. No wonder he looked so small in the gym shower. No wonder when he peed sitting on the toilet urine often sprayed over the rim. And no wonder more than a few women had not called him back after one night stands.

“Take off your clothes.” Now instead of feeling excited he felt exposed and inadequate. He suddenly was nude in front of her. His flaccid penis soft and his body feeling the cool air especially on his bare ass cheeks. She pulled a new device from her desk. It was metal and looked like a small cage. She opened it up. One end was a ring the other like a penis! He knew what it was but felt like he couldn’t move. Jacklyn clamped the ring around his testicles and, as he watched flabbergasted, she easily slid the small cage over his prick and locked it together. It was tight but smooth and cold at first.. She took a small key and locked the cage. He was in. She took the key and put it in her purse.

“Now that looks perfect. It suits you quite well. Feel good.” He nodded yes and he meant it. Suddenly the cage restricted his erection and he felt free of his bubbling testosterone needs. He had no choice. “Now, sit on the floor with your back against the front of the couch. Lay your head back so it rests on the seat of the couch.” He did so. His bare ass on the floor, back against the leather of the couch seat and his head resting on the cushion. “Extend your hands up and keep them there.” Jacklyn walked away for second and he could hear her open a bottle and pour. His penis getting tight and tighter. She walked over put a glass of wine in one hand and her cell in the other. “Keep those hands up!” He heard her unzip her skirt and remove her sweater. She stood over him pantsless with only a black see through bra. Her nipples both Anadolu Yakası Escort pierced her pubic hair trimmed and white. “Open you mouth.” As he did she turned around and sat down right on his face. Both her round ass globes sank over his mouth and engulfed his cheeks. His nose, the only sorce for air, firmly in her anus which was brown and pink. He inhaled and could smell her. It was a tad acrid but it made his weaner pulsate from with in the cage.

“Lick me clean.”

She took her glass and drank and he began moving his tongue. Tasting her now moistening puss. It was amazing. With each and every lap he felt an easing sense come over him. He was enjoying it. Suddenly her heel pushed on the cage.

“Slow down!” He slowed the tongue strokes. “Lick me like my pussy is all that matters in your life. You’re very privileged you know.”

He slowed and felt more fluid from her vagina leak Into his mouth and down his cheeks. She began bucking her hips and moving her ass up and down his face. One second he licked her pussy the second her anus. She bucked and bucked and bucked. He could feel her starting to cum and as she did, her door opened.

“Come in …I’m about to cum. …oh ooo.”

He heard the sound of another girls voice. “Nice!” She said. The voice was familiar. Jacklyn had her orgasm and sat further down on his face letting her fluid soak in.

“Ooooooooo uh uh uh ….ah! ….mmmm not bad Bradley.” She then laughed.

She got up and went to dry herself. She ordered him to get up and bring her drink. The other woman was the waitress sitting in a chair and looking approvingly. She wore a tee shirt, jeans and her Docs.

“Bradley, bring me my drink and pour one for Meloni.”

He did so.

“Now get on your hands and knees.”

He did so again. His penis was now aching and he felt his asshole exposed when he got in position. They both put their chairs on either end of him. Meloni in front near his head and Jacklyn behind him. They set there drinks on his broad back. Meloni condescended: “Don’t drop them Brad!”

The began to talk and remarked about how Brad seemed like a beta from the beginning. They continued to drink and banter. Then Jacklyn places her foot on his ass. Playing with his anus with her heel. Meloni stood up and remarked about her long day. She removed her shoes and unbuckled her pants. When she took her seat she was nude from the waist down. Her large thighs filled the chair. As she sat back Ataşehir Escort she opened her legs exposing her hairy pussy.

“Come lick Brad.” Meloni said in that same condescending tone. Jacklyn pushesd his ass with her foot. “Go on …go lick momma.” They both laughed together. He raised his face up, crawled in between her thighs and extended his pink tongue into her fur. She smelled wet and amazing. It filled his nose and he tasted her full lips. He moaned a bit.

“Yeah …” Meloni continued: “make sounds moan and whimper!”

“Do it!” Jacklyn demanded and she pushed her heel hard onto his anus. He whimpered and licked harder.

“Mmm mmm mmmm” he groveled.

Meloni starts to pant herslf: “mmmm good piggy ….more”

Jacklyn demanded: “More!” And slid her heal into his anus and started to fuck him with her shoe. She thrusted and Brad licked. Meloni felt a wave crash over her pussy and she came squirting a bit in Brad’s mouth. His cage flickered with each heel thrust and he felt himself actually cumming. He was amazed. Semen leaked from his engulfed cage.

“What a good little boy he is ….ooooo Ahhhhhhyeah!” Meloni came again. Her pussy trembled let his tough reach deep inside. Meanwhile he ooozed goo on the floor. Then she slapped his head out of her crotch. “Ok out Little Boy.” Jacklyn. Removed her heel and gave it to Meloni. Without missing a beat. She shoved the head in his face.

“Suck it clean.” He began to lick and take it in his mouth. “Now suck it like a cock.” He bobbed his head up and down like a good boy.

“Look at him. Oh he’s a good cocksucker for sure.”

Meloni wanted to cackle. He tasted it all. His own smell was now in his mouth and it was so good. He was just a pawn to these women but somehow he felt he’d do anything for them. His tiny cock twinkled with glee from within its semen drenched cage. Meloni pulled out the shoe. Sniffed it.

“It’s clean. Wow so greedy.”

Jacklyn put her shoe back on and said: “Brad, you’re going to wear this for a week. You will not try to remove it and we’ll check with you next Friday to see it hasn’t been tampered with. In the meantime you can have my smelly boots. You can lick, sniff whatever your dirty mind can think of. I assume you have a dildo?” He nodded yes. “No surprise there. Then you can fuck your ass with it too. Then next Friday we’ll check up on your progress. Do you want this?”

Brad said yes but Jacklyn retorted: “Say yes ma’am.”

“Yes ma’am.” He whimpered dutifully.

Jacklyn made him get dressed. His cage tightly in place beneath his clothes. He thanked them profusely and walked out the building. As he walked, clenching his new boot prize,he was still dripping.

As the door closed he heard them erupt with laughter.

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