Little Lesson in Life

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

His father had told him that college life was not high school and Rodney Boudreaux had to agree. In High School, Rodney would have been able to smile and bull shit his way out of an assignment, or if the teacher really insisted that he do the assignment, he could threaten Lenny into doing the assignment for him.

There were a few cute, and quite a few drop dead gorgeous girls everywhere he looked. In High School, he had his pick up the litter. Here, he got the cast-offs. And very few of those realized how grateful they should be that he, Rodney Alfred Boudreaux was lowering his standards enough to fuck them. He very rarely had a second date and a few of them actually hung up on him if he even bothered to call them. And none of them would do his class assignments for him.

Norman College had recruited him; it was the only college that had extended a partial athletic scholarship to him. His parents came up with the other half of the twenty eight thousand dollars.

Instead of being happy to hear from him every Sunday when Rodney called his parents as he had promised them he would do, all they seemed to want to know was how he was doing in class.

His fifth week on campus, during Homecoming week, Rodney had drank quite a bit of homemade beer crashed his car, his High School graduation present.

“Well son, you found out where beer comes from,” his father had said tightly. “See if you can find out where money comes from.

Another huge difference was Adrian Zeno. She had been a classmate of his in Northside High School in Bender, Louisiana. In Bender, Adrian had been called Adrian Zero; she’d had zero appeal, zero social life, and zero friends. Rodney supposed she was cute, with long brown hair, big brown eyes, hidden behind thick glasses, a sweet smile, and a slim build.

At Norman’s College, though, Adrian Zeno seemed to blossom into Miss Popularity. She was a member of Alpha Omega, the college Baptist Society and everywhere he went, there Adrian was, vivacious, gregarious, smiling and laughing.

And there were always two or three football players vying for her attention.

She was also very involved in cycling and had organized several biking treks. Rodney was amazed at the number of men that suddenly had a newfound love of biking through the boring Texas desert.

Rodney had actually heard of Adrian Zeno being the cause of two boys being asked to leave Norman’s College. They had both dated Adrian and she had informed both of them, very sweetly, that while she was willing to date them, she would not be in an exclusive relationship. She was in college for her BS, not her MRS.

One of the boys had seen the other boy leaving Adrian’s dorm room and rushed him. The second boy pulled out a knife and the bloody altercation was on.

“Over her?” Rodney had asked his roommate.

“Dude, you kidding? Fucking right over her!” Sid, his roommate had enthused. “Fuck! Would love to do her!”

Now, with Thanksgiving looming, his parents again refused to pay the deductible on his insurance, so his car sat at a garage in Wakilluh, Texas.

“How I’m supposed to come home, huh?” Rodney wondered.

“Hey, that Adrian girl,” Sid said. “Didn’t you say y’all are from the same place?”

“Oh yeah!” Rodney smiled.

Adrian answered the door on the second knock and peered at him through her coke bottle glasses.

“Yeah?” she finally asked.

“Hey, uh, you going home for Thanksgiving, right?” Rodney asked, unnerved.

Didn’t this girl used to ride her bike back and forth in front of his house, just begging for his attention?

“Of course I am,” Adrian said and waited.

“Hey Zee, who is it?” Rodney heard a female voice ask.

“Some guy,” Adrian said, almost dismissively.

“Oh, you,” the other girl said, curling her lip in distaste. “Mister ‘it’s all about me.'”

“Uh, yeah, uh,” Rodney said, very off-guard. “So um, how about I catch a ride with you, huh?”

Adrian stared at him for a long moment.

“I mean, since you going that way,” Rodney stammered.

“Wow, not even a word about ‘I’ll pay for gas’ or anything, huh?” Adrian said.

“Fuck! What the fuck, huh? You going right by my house!” Rodney exploded.

Adrian closed the door in his stunned face.

“Dude, tell her you’ll pay fifty bucks,” Sid suggested.

“Dude, you got fifty bucks?” Rodney asked.

“No,” Sid admitted.

“But you know what? That’s a good idea,” Rodney said. “Fuck, tell her I’ll pay when we get there, then she can blow me for it.”

“Uh huh and how you getting back?” Sid asked.

“Mom will give me the money soon as my ass hole dad turns his back,” Rodney said.

Again, it took two knocks before Adrian’s roommate, a short, slightly chunky girl with a cute face answered.

“Oh, it’s you,” the girl said.

“We know each other?” Rodney asked.

“Wow, that’s a hell of a compliment,” the girl sneered. “Fucked Bostancı escort me for all of about three seconds then didn’t even want to take me for pizza. And now you don’t even remember me?”

“Uh yeah, hey, how you been?” Rodney asked, still not remembering the girl.

Like you care,” the girl said. “If you looking for Zee, she’s out on a date.”

“Uh yeah, I am looking for her,” Rodney said. “Please have her call me.”

“Why she going call you?” a male voice asked and Rodney turned to see Adrian and a large, well-muscled man with shaved head standing behind him.

“Between me and her,” Rodney sneered at the muscled man.

“And now me,” the man snarled, eyes mean little slits.

“Brent, please,” Adrian cooed, resting her hand on his bulging arm. Ronnie, need the room for about thirty minutes; that all right?”

“Sure, let me get my purse,” Adrian’s roommate agreed.

“Hey, um, listen, how about I give you fifty for gas, huh?” Rodney offered.

“Let’s see it,” Adrian said. “Trust, but Verify, am I right?”

“Well, I uh, I was going to give it to you when we got home,” Rodney said as Ronnie eased past him.

“Bye, Rodney,” Adrian smirked as Brent very easily pushed him aside.

Rodney looked on in amazement as a door was closed in his face a second time.

“I’ll kick his ass you want me too,” Brent offered, flexing his muscles.

“Wasted effort,” Adrian laughed and flipped up the hem of her skirt, revealing a thin racing stripe of brown hair. “Now, you know the deal, Brent, make me happy and I’ll make you happy.”

Brent dove on the floor next to her bed and avidly tongued her slit.

“Uh!” Adrian gasped and shuddered.

She lightly raked her fingernails over his shaved head and then massaged his broad shoulders.

Brent wormed his tongue into her, then dipped his head and tongued at her anus and Adrian shivered in delight.

Rodney was walking out of his Algebra 101 class when his cell phone buzzed in his pocket.

“Hey,” he answered.

“Please tell Adrian Zeno I will pay her fifty bucks to bring you home,” his father snapped. “What the hell happened to the five hundred your mother gave you? Never mind; we’ll talk about that.”

“But…” Rodney stammered, and then realized his father had hung up on him.

A third time, he stood in front of Adrian’s door. Ronnie answered, smirked at him, then turned and yelled “Zee! It’s that ass hole again.”

“God, really?” Adrian said and peered at him.

“My dad said he’ll pay you the fifty bucks,” Rodney said.

“I’m leaving at six Saturday morning,” Adrian said and closed the door.

A thoroughly confused Rodney walked back to his dorm to pack for a week at home.

Dude, I’ll give you twenty bucks you get me a pair of her panties,” Sid joked. “Man, you lucky fuck! What is it? Nine hours? With Adrian Zeno? Fuck yeah!”

Friday night, Rodney found some people celebrating an entire week away from the grind of school and helped them drink their beer and smoke their weed. So he was severely hung over when Adrian Zeno hammered on his door.

“Hi,” she smiled sweetly at Sid. “I’m…”

“My new girlfriend,” Sid gushed over her and she laughed and patted his cheek softly.

“Tell Rodney I’m ready to go. In fact we’re fifteen minutes late,” Adrian said.

“Dude, fuck, leave me the fuck alone,” Rodney mumbled when Sid shook him awake.

“Dude, your ride’s fixing leave your dumb ass,” Sid said.

“Aw shit, tell her be about five minutes,” Rodney mumbled and staggered to the small bathroom he and Sid shared with the two boys in the adjoining room.

“Tell him he’s not out there in five minutes I am leaving,” Adrian said.

Seven minutes later, Rodney answered his cell phone.

“Get your lazy fucking ass up, get out of your God damned bed and get your ass down into that car. Now!” his father bellowed into the phone.

“God damn!” Rodney whined and staggered down to the car.

“Really? Really, bitch? You really had to call my dad?” he demanded.

“Really, I told you we’re leaving at six; it’s now six thirty,” Adrian snapped. “And you ever call me ‘bitch’ again, I will pepper spray you like the cockroach you are, hear?”

She pulled up to a fast food restaurant and yelled her breakfast order into the speaker.

“Hey, I get a coffee?” Rodney asked her.

“You pay for it?” Adrian asked.

He counted the change in his pocket and had to shake his head no.

His stomach gurgled as he smelled her egg and sausage biscuit and the rich coffee.

“Um, nice car,” he finally said.

“Thanks; it’s a two thousand nine,” she said. “My dad said they were getting ready for the two thousand ten models so he got a pretty good deal on it.”

She smiled proudly.

“And since I’m maintaining a four point oh, my insurance takes two hundred off,” she said.

“You, uh, you got any good music?” he finally asked.

“This is good music,” she said and turned up the Carrie Underwood CD.

“Come on, huh?” Anadolu Yakası Escort Rodney complained.

“CDs right there; see if there’s anything you like better,” Adrian finally conceded and he looked through her meager collection.

“Taylor Swift?” Rodney sneered. “Girl ever got in a steady relationship; she’d be out of a career.”

“And would still have plenty of money left over,” Adrian said.

Another fast food restaurant fed Adrian a quick lunch while Rodney’s stomach growled ravenously now.

“God damn, all this fucking talk about being all Christian and shit, huh?” he exploded. “Really, you think its Christian sit there eating and don’t share nothing with me?”

“Oh you hypocritical ass hole,” she laughed heartily. “If I was the one needed a ride, I’d have to suck your dick, plus give you fifty bucks, plus buy your lunch, plus put gas in your car, plus whatever else you could think of. You’re getting a little taste of your own medicine and you don’t like it, do you? Well, boo hoo poor Rodney Boudreaux.”

“And how’d you get my dad’s phone number anyway?” Rodney asked, having no answer for her comment.

“Called my dad; that’s where your car came from,” Adrian said.

Rodney sat sullenly in the car while Adrian filled up her tank, then actually went into the store and bought herself a bag of chips and a Dr. Pepper.

“Man, that’s just wrong and you know it,” Rodney complained as she crunched her way through the bag of chips.

“Ask you something?” she asked.

“What?” he snapped.

“Let’s say you hadn’t got all stupid drunk and smashed your car into the only tree on Norman campus; good job, by the way, of finding the only tree within fifty miles, how would you get home anyway?” she asked.

“What you mean?” he snapped. “I would have my car.”

“Gas costs money,” she said. “You don’t even have money for a bag of chips; how would you fill up your tank?”

He sat and stared out the window, not having any answer.

“I set aside forty bucks for this trip,” Adrian went on. “Leaves me about two hundred left until the end of the semester; I know you took Finances; I sat in the other corner of that room with you. Mrs. Davis went over all that stuff about budgeting and stuff.”

“Well goody for you,” Rodney sneered.

“Oh, but let me guess, Len did your homework, right?” Adrian smirked.

“Can I at least have some Dr. Pepper?” Rodney asked.

Adrian tested the weight of the bottle, took a large gulp, and then handed the bottle to him. He took a sip and tried to hand it back to her but she shook her head.

“No, you can have it,” she said.

“Your uh, your roommate, that girl, uh,” Rodney asked.

“Ronnie. Her name is Ronnie; you went out with her, fucked her then wanted to just walk away, actually asked her to pay half of the pizza at Monocle’s,” Adrian said. “What about her?”

“Uh why’s she got a stick up her ass?” Rodney asked.

“You are kidding, right?” Adrian asked. “Right? Please tell me you’re just kidding.”

“Well…” Rodney said.

“Tell you what Rodney, let me fuck you until I’m satisfied, then leave you just hanging, treat you like shit, let’s see how happy you are about it,” Adrian offered.

Outside of Lake Charles, Louisiana, she filled up again, used the bathroom and drove home, actually smiling happily.

“Wee!” she laughed when she exited off of I-10 at the DeGarde exit and turned left toward Bender.

“Hey, wait, what you doing?” Rodney asked when Adrian got out of the car in front of his house.

“Uh, your dad said he’ll give me fifty bucks,” Adrian said, hitting the latch for the trunk. “Your bag’s in the trunk.

“How’d you…” Rodney asked, just now realizing he’d meant to grab his suitcase, but had completely forgotten it.

“Sid was so sweet and carried them down for me,” Adrian said.

“Hello, Ms. Zeno,” Frank Boudreaux said tightly, peeling off two twenties and a ten. “Thank you.”

“Thanks, Mr. Boudreaux,” she smiled. “Am I taking him back?”

“I’ll call you if he’s going back,” he said as Rodney struggled with the two suitcases.

“Dude, I only packed one of these,” he complained to Adrian.

“I have breasts and a vagina; I am not a dude, and Sid didn’t know which one you were taking so grabbed them both,” Adrian said and closed her trunk.

“And please tell me you brought your books home too,” Frank snapped, face actually darkening with anger.

Rodney hoped his mother was home; she’d get between him and his angry father.

“Hi, whew, didn’t bother showering?” his mother asked.

“Really, son? Fourteen thousand nine hundred dollars and we’re getting a zero point five?” Frank asked, slamming the door of the house.

“Frank, we agreed, we’d wait until after dinner,” Irene Boudreaux admonished her husband.

Rodney was grateful for his mother’s flavorless cooking and had seconds. Frank sat, his anger evident, as he waited for his son to finish his meal.

“Now?” he snapped at Irene as Rodney scraped the last of Kadıköy Escort the food from his plate.

“Sure,” Irene shrugged as she cleared away the dinner plates.

“Please, please tell me you did bring your books home,” Frank snarled. “You have a ten page report due for your Sociology class, you have to read ‘The Scarlet Letter’ for your English class, your Algebra teacher says you need to score at least an eighty nine on your final exam to just get a ‘D’ in that class and your World History professor says he’ll give you an ‘I’ and you can try again next semester. If there is a next semester.”

Chapter 2

Mr. Boudreaux actually smiled at the tear stained face of Adrian Zeno when she popped up at his door the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

“Well, I can guarantee, your passenger will not be shedding any tears over leaving this house,” he quipped. “Fifty and he has twenty bucks help pay for gas.”

“He can hang onto it to pay for food,” she offered, putting a hand on Mr. Boudreaux’s arm.

A very sullen Rodney did not even bother telling his father good bye. Nor did he tell Adrian hello. He just lugged both suitcases to the car and waited.

“Oh, this should be a fun eight hours,” Adrian said, rubbed Mr. Boudreaux’s bicep softly, and then skipped to the car.

Mr. Boudreaux shifted the erection Adrian’s soft contact had inspired, waved to his son, and then closed the door.

“And you can drop me off at Mike’s in Wakilluh; my mom gave me the money get my car fixed,” Rodney said when they pulled away from his parents’ home.

“Rodney, you really think they’re going to fix it while you wait?” she asked and pulled up to Meche’s doughnuts. “Give me three bucks unless you want coffee.”

“I don’t have…” Rodney said.

“You got twenty bucks your dad gave you for gas; give me three bucks or you can just sit there and watch me eat the whole thing by myself,” Adrian snapped. “This is not high school, Rodney; your shit doesn’t fly anymore.”

“And yeah, I want coffee,” Rodney grumbled, pulling out three singles.

“Two more, then, come on,” Adrian said. “I want a half dozen glazed and a half dozen chocolate glazed; they’re just finishing them right now so they’ll still be ooey gooey hot.”

“Man, those are the best,” Rodney agreed fishing out two more singles.

Half dozen glazed, half dozen chocolate glazed, two large coffees, three sugar and evaporated milk in one, Rodney?”

“Just cream in the second one,” Rodney called out.

“Nine twenty nine,” the girl cheerfully said.

“Damn, I know that…” Rodney said, recognizing the voice but not being able to put a name to it.

“Pam works here now,” Adrian said and pulled up to the window.

“Hey girl, heading back?” Rodney’s former girlfriend asked, and then glared at Rodney.

“Yeah, but hey, only four more weeks, then I’m back home for three,” Adrian agreed.

Pam Stuebbens actually whistled as she put the piping hot doughnuts into the box, took the money and gave Adrian the change.

Adrian dropped the change into her ashtray and Rodney grimaced when he saw that it was spilling over. He could have snagged some of her change and bought himself some food on the trip home.

“Saw that, huh?” Adrian actually laughed. “Probably would have seen it before if you hadn’t been so damned busy sitting there feeling all sorry for yourself.”

“God damn, think you so fucking smart, huh?” Rodney spat. “What you think them Alpha Omega people would think they could see how you acting?”

“Some of them disapprove of my membership,” Adrian admitted. “But since I’m there on a Baptist scholarship, there’s not much they can do about it. And like me or not, they have to admit, I’ve signed up eight new members; most any one person had signed up was four.”

“How you sign up eight new members?” Rodney asked. “I mean, fuck, you’re not that pretty.”

Adrian colored at his comment then shrugged.

(Adrian’s former boyfriend, Clark Duhon, had taught her well. Give as well as you get. In college, when dealing with college boys, make sure you get before you give. If anyone offers you anything, don’t take it. It’s not free; even in a college that prides itself on its Christian morals.

If you put a drink down, leave it. If someone brings you a drink, don’t drink it. And keep your eyes open; other girls may not have had an old man for a boyfriend. They will need you to be their friend.

You are beautiful, actually, you are gorgeous. Others may not see it and that is a real shame. Because you are beautiful, others will want to be around you, will want to be your friend. Let them be around you, let them be your friend.

Kindness is far stronger and more memorable than bitchiness.

A soft touch is more effective than words.

Do not give into Peer Pressure. Most of those people you will never ever see again, some you won’t even see next semester. None of them are worth ruining your life over.)

“So um, how come I don’t have you in any of my classes?” Rodney asked as they approached Lake Charles.

“Wow, that’s the first thing I heard you say about school,” Adrian said.

“Well, I mean, shit, I got Sid; he’s my roommate, I got him in two…” Rodney said.

“I know who Sid is,” Adrian said. “Very nice guy; didn’t bitch and whine about me waking him up.”

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