Little Miss Naughty Presents Ch. 02

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It’s three days later. Your phone had rang at 7.30am in the morning – typical, when you had a late call! – and you were recalled to London to deal with a financing emergency. Pete was still asleep when you left, so you left him a note explaining where you’d got to.

Since then, not a word has passed between you, you know shooting had got a little behind, as your assistant is keeping you filled in on the details, but Pete hasn’t been in touch. The crew are due back later today, and Peter has scheduled a production meeting late on this afternoon to discuss progress. You’re wondering, idly, if what happened a couple of days ago is just a dream.

The thought of seeing him again at the production meeting fills you with excitement, and you decide to take a bit more care with what you’re wearing for once. You have a meeting in the city this morning to finalise a distribution deal, so you can’t go over the top, but you decide to wear stockings and heels for once. And the suit with the skirt that’s just slightly too short, the one you always feel pretty daring in. Your best lace underwear gets dug out: “I’ll show him ‘Little Miss Naughty!’ ” you think, as you smooth the expensive wisps of lace against your skin. You shiver, remembering what had happened last time you saw him.

Finishing off your outfit with a silk blouse, the one that never quite buttons up to the top, and a quick spray of perfume, you’re feeling ready to face the day, whatever happens. Realising you’re slightly overdressed for a day at the office, and knowing your assistant is going to notice and wonder why, you decide you don’t give a damn. But, damn Pete for not getting in touch and letting you know what’s going on, damn him!

Your morning meeting went well. You can’t be too sure, but you’re almost convinced things went a little smoother because of what you’re wearing. You rush back to the production company. Pete’s back! As you’re dashing back to your office to fix your make up, you bump into him, literally, in the corridor. He reaches out an arm to steady you, and grins. You simultaneously freeze and melt. You’re incapable of doing anything but grinning inanely yourself. Pete mumbles something about seeing you later, gives you that look, then saunters off in the other direction. Unable to help yourself, you turn and watch his backside as he wanders down the corridor. He looks so fine in those tight jeans he’s been wearing lately.

You step into your office, put your head in your hands and groan slightly at your ineptitude. A giggle from the corner reminds you that your assistant, Anita, is still at work. Flustered, you send her out to make coffee, and attempt to pull yourself together. You repair your lipstick, and let your hair down. You brush it savagely and then repin it back into it’s habitual twist. You drink your coffee and watch the office clock count down the minutes till the production meeting.

Finally, you’re in the meeting. It’s as boring as always, you already know all the details of what is being discussed, so you’re letting your mind wander. Eventually, it becomes clear that you’re being addressed on some point or other, so you blurt out the first thing that springs to mind, and you’re left in peace again, to doodle in the margins of your bostancı escort bayan notebook. The meeting finally seems to be drawing to an end after what seems like only three whole days of debate. You start to gather up your things, when a hand is placed softly on your wrist. “Have you got a minute? Only, I need to talk to you about the German distribution deal. Privately” Pete says.

Your heart starts to pound painfully loudly in your chest, but you lean back in your chair and smile politely. Pete returns to his place, leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the edge of the table. Suddenly you realise for sure that the distribution deal might not be the only thing on the agenda after all …

“You’re looking a bit different, kid, what’s the occasion?” Pete smirks. You mumble something “looking professional – for once – for the German financiers”, but Pete isn’t really listening. “Let your hair down” he says. You steal a quick glance around the room, but all the blinds are closed so no one can see in. You undo the pin holding your hair up, and let it tumble down around your shoulders. You give your head a small shake, and smile over at Pete. He takes a deep breath, and swings his legs down from the table.

“Get over here.” Slowly, you get up out of your chair and walk over to where Pete is sitting in his chair. You’re enjoying the feeling of your silk covered thighs sliding against each other, you let your hips wiggle slightly. You’re about a foot away from where Pete is sprawled in his chair when you stop dead, and just look at into his eyes. The atmosphere in the board room is electric. Peter leans forwards and puts his hands on your hips, he looks up at you, and you lick your lips, suggestively. He slides his hands up over the smooth covering of your blouse and cups your breasts. Your nipples are harder than they have ever been, and the feeling of his hands on them makes you shiver. Hard.

Rolling your right nipple delicately between his finger and thumb, he runs his left hand down, down along your hips, further down along your thigh, to the edge of your skirt. Lightly, he runs his fingers under the hem, and trails them upwards towards the edge of your stocking tops. You hear him gasp slightly when he realises what you’re wearing. You giggle slightly, as you can see exactly the effect you’re having on him.

Without warning, Pete grips your hips and moves you backwards, right onto the edge of the table, so you’re half sitting, half reclining on the smoothly polished wood. You put your hands down, and grip the rim, so that you can support yourself. Pete swivels his chair around so his legs are between your knees, then he reaches up and pulls open your shirt. He stares at your breasts, watching them bounce gently up and down with every breath that you take. He fondles them gently, then more roughly, and you’re loving the way the lace is working with his hands making your nipples feel like they’re on fire. Firmly, he eases the lace down, so your nipples are exposed, and the cool air on them feels like heaven. Pete leans over and licks one, then the other, and then blows on them. You shiver. Pete gets up off his chair slightly, and starts sucking on your left nipple, and reaches down with both ümraniye escort hands to slide your skirt up around your waist.

He pushes you slightly further back on the table, and down, so you’re resting your weight on your elbows. With one hand, he’s gently tracing the lacy pattern on the edge of your knickers, feeling how wet you are, how excited. With the other, he’s reaching his hand into your hair, and pulling your head forward slightly so you can kiss him. You do, and you’d forgotten how wonderful his lips feel against yours, you feel like you could do this forever.

Suddenly however, the combination of the silk of your blouse and the highly polished surface of the table conspire against you, and you lose your balance slightly. Giggling a bit, Pete asks if you’re okay. You reply that you’re fine, thank you, and struggle a little to an upright position. Pete is back in his chair, and you now have your feet on there too, either side of his hips. He starts to rise again, when you place one stiletto’d foot on the middle of his chest and tell him to stay right there …

Keeping your eyes locked on his, you take your foot off his chest, and place it on the floor, then you put your other foot on the floor too, and wiggle your way back to the edge of the table. Still, you have your shirt open, and your skirt is rucked up around your hips. You make no effort to cover yourself back up.

“Not this time, buster” you mutter, and lean forward to kiss Pete on the lips once more. You curl your fingers into his hair, crushing his lips closer to yours, and with your other hand, you start to unbutton that black shirt he wears so often, the one that makes his eyes look bluer than any ocean, and you run your fingers through the silky hair on his chest. You reach his nipple, and give it a cheeky pinch. Pete moans softly, against your lips. Undoing the rest of the buttons on his shirt, you stop kissing him, and look down. God, that man is so fine!

Easing yourself totally off the table, you stand in front of Peter. He snakes his hands up, and around, and pinches your arse. You quiver slightly, gaining momentum, Pete slaps you, gently, on both cheeks. “Watch it mister, I’m running the show this time” you murmur, and you move his hands off your behind. You slide down, so that you’re on your knees in front of him. Reaching up, you pull his head closer to yours, and kiss him once, lightly, on the lips. You then trail a row of little kisses along the smile lines around his mouth, and work your way down his neck with your tongue. Pete smells of soap, and hot excitement. Pushing him back a little in the chair, you begin to kiss his chest.

With your hands, you’re undoing his belt buckle, and unzipping his jeans. Pete lifts up slightly, so you can ease them down a little. Somewhat to your disappointment, he’s wearing white cotton boxers instead of the red PVC thong you fantasise about so often, but you pull those down a little too.

Finally, you have his erection in your hands. It’s big. Bigger than you expected. Touching it, you realise you’ve been desperate to get your hands on this for some time. Last time Pete and you were together, you felt guilty because you didn’t do anything for him. This time, you’re determined to escort kartal put that right.

Licking your lips slightly, you kiss the tip of his penis. You hear Pete take a sharp breath, so you smile a little and part your lips. You stick out your tongue and run it around the ridge where the head mets the shaft. Then making a little dart shape with the tip, you make tiny little cat-like laps at the frenulum. Sticking your tongue out further, you run your tongue stud back and forth across this tiny, infinitely sensitive piece of skin. Pete pulls at your hair convulsively and gasps, “Holy fuck! How did I not notice you had one of those?” You then lick from the tip to the base and back again. You do it again, only this time, you go as far as his balls, and suck on each in turn, very gently. Working your way back up his penis, you reach down, fondle his balls with your hand, and then take as much of his penis as you can into your mouth.

Pete still has his hands in your hair, you can hear him begin to pant, and feel his clutch tightening on your scalp. You’re thinking of nothing but how much pleasure you’re giving him, right here and right now. Nothing would give you more pleasure than his coming in your mouth, but it seems Pete has a different idea …

You can feel a slight tugging on the hair on the back of your head, and Pete is mumbling “no, stop” under his breath. Reluctantly, you do so, and look up to see what the matter is. You have to push your hair out of your face to do so, and, for the first time, you’re aware of just how dishevelled you must be. Pete puts one hand on either side of your face, and tells you you’ve never looked more beautiful. He takes your hands, and makes you get up off your knees. Once again, you’re standing in front of him, partially naked. Pete stands up, and steps out of his jeans and boxers. He starts to kiss you again, and is pushing you back toward the table.

He hoists you up a little, so your hips are on a level with his, and, with one hand, he whips off the tiny scrap of lace you’ve been wearing as knickers, and throws it behind him. You’ve distinctly heard a rip, so you wince slightly, Pete mumbles “well don’t wear any next time, then” against your lips, you laugh slightly, and Peter places his tongue inside your mouth. There is a subtle bit of manoeuvring and suddenly you’re aware that he’s inside you. Once again, you have to grip the edges of the table to keep your balance, as you’re both moving your hips, swaying to that perfect rhythm you’ve been yearning for since you opened your eyes this morning.

He fills you so completely, you’re aware of just what a perfect fit you are together, you’re exactly the right height for this to be working. You lean back slightly, and start to move your hips in a series of tiny little circles, rubbing your clit against his pubic bone. It feels so good, so perfect, so right now. You realise that it’s not going to take long for either of you, so you move your hips a little faster, and find yourself groaning as you kiss him so deeply. It would be impossible for you two to be any closer together than you are right now.

Pete groans, you groan, the edge of the table bites into the back of your legs, and it’s very close now, you start to hold your breath as you move faster and faster, and yes, yes, yes! It’s just perfect, you both come at the same time, panting like you’re running a marathon, and feeling like it could go on forever. Pete clasps you very close to him, and murmurs into your hair “Are you free for dinner?”

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