‘little sis’ chapter 6

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‘little sis’ chapter 6wish I could say having scott make my pussy shoot a quart of cum made my rage towards his brother fade at least a little bit. I had all weekend to dwell on my closest female friend renting a room to lose her virginity to my life-long companion. I contemplated burning her house down. I contemplated taking a baseball bat to his balls. I decided to remain relatively calm. I planned a different type of revenge.I guess I should tell you more about lauren. I was totally separated from normal k**s in sixth grade. I met all the other k**s from local schools also in the gifted program. I didn’t have Jason that year. My mom knew the better gifted program was not in my district. My great aunt was like my real mom. My mom worked too hard running a business and my aunt jonell babysat me and Jason from the time we were infants. But as sixth graders she only allowed me to come live with her to go to a better school.I was so shy. I grew huge tits in elementary school. Now it is normal for a ten year old girl to have huge knockers. Back then it was devastating. I hid in baggy clothes and jackets. From day one I knew Lauren would be my replacement for Jason. We both had glasses. She dressed dorkier than I did. We did everything as a team. She was devastated when her mom who taught at the high school got knocked up by the ag teacher. We called him dog man. It pissed lauren off her mom was knocked up with a change of life baby.Not to cause a scandal her mom who nicknamed me linoleum married dog man. I went to their wedding. I even did the chicken dance. I won’t bust her balls because this really happened. Dog man’s last name was the famous maker of motorcycles. Her mom was such a trip she named her midlife baby Harley. So you can guess what that poor k**’s name was. It was an amazing year.In seventh grade my schedule was totally off with lauren and Jason. It was a really bad year for me. I felt isolated with a bunch of perky, well-behaved, wealthy Christian girls. Things changed for me in eighth grade. It was time to quit hiding. I made the transition in one day. I got contacts. I styled my hair. I wore my cute little mini skirt with daisies on it. And I wore a tight low cut green blouse that matched my eyes. I had my first boyfriend before the day was over.Less than a week later lauren got contacts. She cut her long stringy hair and she dressed cute. The two dorkiest girls in the class türbanlı aydın escort become the hottest chicks and classmates noticed. We were both overwhelmed by the attention. I freaked Jason out so bad I never wore that skirt again until the day I fucked his brother. I wore jeans and rotated between three blouses. It was cute though. This boy I later messed around with was such a bad boy. He had a massive crush on me and lauren. He was that boy dating a popular dumb girl but he was constantly trying to hook up with us both.By freshman year we were separated. I’ll never understand how the girl in sixth grade making fun of the future farmers of America drank the koolaid and joined the cult. For our scholarship program we had to do so many hours of community service. We signed up to be student assistants in the ag department. We did bond right back together like the bobsey twins. But she was still a dork. I talked about boys, skipping school, drinking and smoking pot. Just like those uppity bitches in seventh grade she acted like I was sacrificing goats. She threatened to tell her mother and I told her to go for it.I switched locations for community service and we basically never spoke again. But that summer she confessed her undying love for Jason. It hit hard that my first female friend found out we planned to be together and she went for her one and only chance. He knew how I felt about her. There was no need not to say fuck every chick in a three district radius but keep your dick out of lauren. I was actually good friends with her mom and she apologized that her daughter basically dismissed me. Jason and lauren knew it would soul crush me if she fucked him before me. I would’ve never known if scott didn’t rat him out. He told his brother how pissed I would be if he fucked her. It was his revenge. His brother popped my cherry so he planned to pop my c***dhood friend’s cherry and never admit it.That Monday I hadn’t solidified my revenge. But I knew what to wear to get the job done. I had the most sexy brown vintage pleated wool mini-skirt. I had sparkly brown thigh highs that weren’t as long as my skirt. I had cute little brown garter belts with bows. I decided to push it to extremes and wear my little boy’s school uniform that didn’t button up past the top of my lacy brown bra. I wore killer vintage brown platforms. I was totally dressed türbanlı aydın escort bayan to work a pole.When Jason saw me all he could say was ‘damn halina, my dick may be too hard for me to drive.’ I said ‘well let’s walk to school like old times.’ He said sure. I smiled at him and said ‘after all this may be the last motherfucking time we ever enter school together.’ He looked confused but I could tell from the look on his face he knew he was busted. I smiled at him and said ‘by the way I fucked your brother last night and it was glorious.’ Then I launched in on him. I couldn’t resist it. I threw a punch and busted his lip wide open. Then I launched into a tirade about him being so goddamn stupid he fucked the one girl he knew was off-limits.He responded with ‘you fucked my motherfucking brother.’ I told him ‘you’re damn right I did.’ I explained he never treated me like I was worthy of his dick until his brother had it. I told him I never dated not to ruin our relationship and then I found out you got your dick sucked each Friday night when I fell asleep in your bed. I went on to tell him I had every intention of spending the rest of my life with him. I wanted him to experience normal teen sexuality and he had a free pass to fuck anyone but lauren. I went on to tell him ‘you knew damn well she did it to hurt me.’Then I started crying and telling him how much I loved him and what it felt like to have him fuck a girl who treated me like a sister for two years then refused to even say hello to me. He started crying and he held me. He said ‘I knew it was wrong. I’m such an asshole. You should be with my brother not me.’ I looked him in the eye and said ‘you may be right. But you’re still going to prom and I’m going to fuck you both. He kept saying I’m such an asshole. I knew how she treated you. I was thinking with my dick. If that means I lost you forever I deserve it. Even though I was crying and rubbing snot on his shirt I couldn’t help but say ‘not even fucking my mother would make you lose me forever.’I looked at him and said ‘I love you so much there are no words.’ Then I giggled and said ‘you should know me well enough to know I’m plotting revenge.’ He smiled at me and said ‘damn it halina you have busted open my lip so many fucking times and it always gives me a raging hard on.’ I giggled again and said good because if we get türbanlı escort aydın married you know I hit. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. He said please let me push you up against the wall by the school and fuck you. I squeezed his dick hard and said ‘not a chance, you’re waiting till prom night to touch me in anyway.Then just to torment him I said ‘by the way your brother fucked my pussy with a vibrator while he fucked my ass with a slightly smaller toy. When you get home you need to thank him for preparing me for double penetration. Then I asked him for the down-low on fucking lauren. He almost looked relieved. He said ‘jesus Christ it was the worst sex I’ve ever had.Number one she has malformed titties. One is barely an A-cup and one is a c-cup. Number two she couldn’t kiss. It was embarrassing. Number three she had the hairiest bush I have ever seen. Number four she had no clue how to suck a dick and I swear on the bible she was blowing on it. Number five before I even tried to pop her cherry she started crying saying it hurt to be fingered. I tried to end the whole ordeal. You gave her a major inferiority complex. She insisted I fuck her. So I did it. She cried the whole time. I felt like a r****t. She got blood everywhere. It looked like we slaughtered a pig on that cheap motel bedspread. I told her I had an emergency call from my mother and hauled ass with her weeping.We had been close and I kind of felt sorry for her. All I could say was ‘damn that’s tragic.’ I told him that was so horrible I wouldn’t confront her and I would not seduce her brother that was only a year younger than us. He had been my revenge plot. I told him since her brother was off my list he better whip out his phone and start calling his hot friends for my revenge fuck first period. He said ‘are you serious?’ I said ‘as a heart attack.’You went after my friend so I get one of your friends. He asked me what I wanted him to say. I told him verbatim. ‘I fucked the one girl halina put off limits. She wants payback. After prom she is mine alone. She is looking for a revenge fuck. This message is going out to several of my friends. If you can skip first period and you want to fuck her respond fast and don’t pussy out.’ I stood there telling him which friends were hot and who was a loser. I made him message twenty dudes.He wrapped his harm around my shoulder and said ‘I think I love you because you are slightly evil.’ Before we hit the parking lot ten dudes responded with ‘hell yes’ ‘is this a joke’ ‘you won’t be mad’ ‘did I respond first’ ‘damn she doesn’t play’ and more. I picked the other hot boy on the drum line. Jason winced at my decision. This boy’s name was eric. I told him to text him with instructions to meet me at the side door of the auditorium

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