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Subject: Little White Pills: Chapter 3 Thanks guys for all the ongoing feedback. I’m glad you enjoyed chapter two as well, and hope you’ll like the latest installment. If you liked what you read, please donate to the good folks at Nifty (look: there’s that Donate button right…over…there!). They do a great job hosting all this, so show them some love. Finally, this is a work of fiction. Not only does it mean that all the characters, places, and so on are completely made up, but these guys also don’t have to worry about catching anything when they mess around. If you live in the real world however, please be careful: condoms, PreP, monogamy, whatever works for you–just play safe! And now, the naughty bits: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Chapter 3: “Phone Home” “Hey Dave, what’s up?” “Hey Joey, finally got a hold of you bud. How’s it goin’?” “Good. Realll good. Mmm…so how was the ski trip?” “It was good, but I had to share a room with my little brother. I barely managed to jack off twice the whole time and I’m horny as fuck. Thought I’d give you a call and see what’s going on–maybe we could have a little chat while my family’s at the movies, if you know what I mean.” “Mmmmm…nice. I’m actually getting’ my knob polished right now bro. Feels fuckin’ awesome–wish you were here to join in. Mmmm…yeah, just like that Greg. Lick around the head. Yeaaaah…” “Holy shit, you lucky bastard. You have no idea how hard my cock is right now.” “Yeah? You strokin’ it for me buddy?” “Fuck yeah. The head’s all wet just thinking about your big dick. I’m smearin’ it around with my fingers, just like you do with your tongue.” “Nice, that’s what Greg’s doing to my cock right now. You like the taste of my cock, don’t you bro? Yeah, take it in your mouth.” “So is this Greg guy hot? He got a big dick like you?” “Yeah, he’s super hot. A buff redhead with a nice dick, and he shaves himself smooth.” “Everywhere?” “We just left some trimmed pubes. I told him how much you liked your balls and ass smooth when we suck on them, and he’s totally into it now, aren’t you Greg? Yeah, take my cock deeper and I’ll eat that ass out later. You want that you little slut?” “Fuck Joey, I can’t wait to get back to your big dick. I need some cock bro.” “What happened to the dildo we got you big guy? I figured you’d ride that thing every night; you sure fuckin’ loved it when Aaron and I plowed your ass with it that first time. Unhh…yeah, suck my balls Greg. That’s it, you know how I like it bro. Fuck yeah, work my nuts.” “Dude, I haven’t had enough alone time to get that thing out. It’s freakin’ huge; I can’t just hop on it like your horse cock. I’ve got it rubbing against my hole right now though. Mmmm…yeah, that feels nice. You want me to start working the head in?” “Unnhhhh…oh fuck yeah. Mmmmm…yeah, do it Dave, slide that fat dildo in your hole. Greg just slid a finger in my ass too. Fuck that feels good. He’s pumping it in and around while he sucks my dick. You like that dick juice in your mouth slut? Yeah, work that finger in and milk me for more. Mmm…yeaaaaah. How’s your ass doing Dave?” “Shit Joey, that rubber cock is so fuckin’ big. My ass can barely take it, but goddamn it feels good. I’ve almost….aaaah! Oh yeah, I got the head in. Hffff. Oh yeah…God that feels good. My cock’s dripping all over my stomach. Mmmm…doesn’t taste as good as yours, but it’s good.” “Nice Dave, lick that precum up for me buddy. Fuckin’ hot. God I wish I was there to fuck you right now–I need to pound some ass. Any volunteers around here?… Yeah? Mmhmm…get up here on your hands and knees dude. I’m gonna give you what you need. Dave, hold on a sec–here’s Greg….” “Um, hello?” “Hey Greg, it’s Dave. How you doin’ buddy?” “Good man, good. Joey says you’re really hot.” “He does huh? You sound pretty hot yourself.” “Thanks. I love your voice–it’s really deep and sexy. Mmm…he says you love getting fucked, and you love it when he does you doggy style while you suck Aaron’s cock. Aaaaahhhh…” “Yeah? You think you’d like to see that? Maybe suck my dick while Joey fucks me, until I blow in your mouth? Or do you wanna be the one on your hands and knees for Joey? What’s he doing to you right now dude?” “Yeah, I love it man. He’s…unh…he’s Çeşme Escort running the tip of his tongue around my asshole and, ah, and licking my balls. Fuck Joey, eat me. Ahh!” “Oh yeah, make him eat you out good bud. I’m sliding that fat dildo in my ass right now just thinking about it. Unnnhhh…it feels so good. Tell Joey I’m thinking about his cock in my ass right now. Tell him how it’s making my cock drip I’m so hard.” “Yeah, that’s it Dave, ream your ass out. Joey, he’s shoving that dildo in his ass right now. He says his cock is dripping all over him thinking about you breeding his hole. Aaaah! God Dave he’s got, unh, he’s got his tongue right up in my ass. Ooooohhh…God Joey yeah, just like that. Fuck that feels good! Tongue my hole Joey!” “That’s it Greg, open up your ass for his fat cock. Mmmmm…I’ve got that dildo all the way in now, and I’m fucking myself with it. It feels sooo good buddy…I bet you want something bigger up your ass too, don’t you?” “Yeah, nnnnnnggg…yeah. I need some some dick in there.” “That’s right Greg, tell Joey how much you want him inside you. Tell him to long-dick you like I’m doing to myself right now.” “That’s right Dave, slide that dildo all the way in. Joey, I need that cock in there man! Dave says to long-dick me like he’s doing to himself. Yeah, put it in. Come on Joey, stop teasing dude, slide it in! Yes, yes I want your cock…please Joey, fuck me with that thing. Make me and Dave come man–stick the whole thing in and ride me. Aaaaaaah! Fuck that’s big…hffff…hfffff…keep going…God don’t stop…hfff…aaaahh…Dave man, he’s balls-deep in my hole. Aaah! Now he’s pumping my ass but it’s so slow. Mmm…unh! Mmmmm…Goddamn Joey you fuckin’ tease. Ride my ass!” “Way to take it buddy, let him ride your ass nice and slow. That feels so good doesn’t it? His hard cock pumping and teasing your tight hole? Feeling that fat head of his working over your prostate, making your cock drool? God, my dick’s covered in juice just thinking about it. I’m stroking myself real slow Greg, just thinking about Joey riding you. That rubber cock is pumping my ass just like yours. Man I love getting long-dicked…that’s so freakin’ hot. You ready for Joey to go faster? You want more?” “Urrrfff…that’s right Dave, jack yourself. Man I love that dick. Joey, go faster man–plow me faster like Dave’s doing right now. He says his dick’s all slick thinking about you riding me. Yeah, faster, just like that. Ah! Ah! Ah! Dave, he’s pounding me hard, and–ah!–it feels freakin’ awesome. Oh God, he’s stroking my cock now. It’s all slick and he’s rubbing his thumb around the head. Fuck I wanna come! Pump me Joey, let me come. Aaahhh, faster man, c’mon on!” “Hell yeah, come for me Greg! I’m fucking myself so good right now, I’m right behind you buddy. I’m stroking my dick and it feels sooo good. Oh yeah, fuck! I’m gonna shoot! I’m gonna shoot! Ahhhhrrgg! Ahhhh!” “Joey Dave’s coming. I wanna come with him man. Make me come, faster, yeah, stroke my dick, come in my hole. OH GOD! FUCK! YES! YES! YES! AAAAAHHH!….aaaahhh…oh Jesus….” … “Pheeew…nice Greg, nice. Man, I’ve got jizz all over me, like a freakin’ gallon. Holy crap, I even hit the head board.” “Good one dude. I blew everywhere too–gonna have to wash Joey’s bedspread again for sure. I can feel his load in my ass too…freakin’ awesome. Mmmm…hang on, Joey wants to talk to you.” “Hey buddy, you like your chat with Greg?” “Damn Joey, that was intense. I can’t wait to play with him in person. Where’d you find a little slut like that?” “Long story bro, I’ll tell you later. Maybe when I’ve got my dick up your ass for real.” “Hell yeah, I can’t wait buddy. Just a few more days and I am gonna be on you like a carnival ride.” “I’m ready bro, trust me. Can’t wait to get some of that tasty cum of yours down my throat again.” “Me too. All right man, I gotta clean up before my family gets back. See you in a few days.” “Right on. Later Dave.” “Later.” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . That scene looped through Dave’s head over the next few days as he counted down the time until he could play Hop On Cock for real. He didn’t know where Joey had found another guy to fool around with, but Çeşme Escort Bayan it sounded like Greg was totally into it and it’d be hot to have another cock to enjoy. The thought of it left him increasingly horny, and his situation was made worse by his lack of privacy. Either they were off doing family stuff, or people were coming over to hang out, or his little brother needed to use the bathroom, or…it didn’t matter. What did matter to Dave was that he’d only been able to jack off once since he’d had his phone session, and it was an unsatisfying quickie in the shower. He’d barely been able to finger his ass, let alone get the dildo back out. But now he was driving back to school as fast as his old Honda would go. He knew Aaron still wouldn’t be back for a week, but he’d texted Joey: “Leaving now. Be ready.” Joey had texted back 10 minutes later with a photo of his hard cock, a drop of pre-cum starting to run down the shaft, and the words “This what you need?” Dave drove faster. By the time he got to their apartment he had a wet spot on the front of his jeans where his cock juice had soaked through, and his balls were aching. He grabbed one bag, sprinted up the stairs and slammed open the door. There was Joey, sitting on the couch watching TV, stroking his hard-on. He looked up with a shit-eating grin. “Hey Dave, what’s up?” Dave dropped his duffel, kicked the door shut, and threw the shocked 145-pounder over his shoulder, heading to his bedroom. “Cock. Now.” Joey was too stunned at Dave’s behavior to resist. Damn, the big guy must really be horned up. Dave tossed Joey on his bed. “Strip.” He started working out of his own jeans as fast as he could, his wet cock popping free of his boxers as they slid down his pants. By the time he did, Joey was naked, his smooth, ripped body with it’s 8 �” monster a welcome sight. Dave decided that getting out of his shirt could wait. He hopped up on the bed and straddled Joey’s hips, then slid his pre-lubed hole down over the welcome shaft. “Ahhhhh, fuck yes. God Joey I’ve needed that cock. Fuuuuuck that feels good.” The feel of warm hard flesh rubbing inside him was a welcome relief for his craving. Finally he was getting that itch rubbed the way it needed to. He started riding up and down, then pulled off his shirt and leaned back on his hands to get the angle he liked best. “Mmmmm…yeah….” Joey grinned and wrapped his right hand around Dave’s cock–he knew what Dave liked in this position, and that ass felt great as his strokes made Dave clench up with pleasure. “Welcome back buddy–you feelin’ better?” “Aaahaahh…startin’ too. I’ll feel even better when I nut–stroke my dick how I like it Joey.” Joey liked to use a little twisting motion on the cock head in a way that Dave had come to love, and he started it up now. The sensation was incredibly hot, and he started bouncing up and down faster; he knew he wouldn’t last long, and he didn’t care. He just wanted to get off with Joey inside him. “That’s awesome Joey–keep stroking. I’m gonna blow!” Dave shifted to balance on one hand so he could pinch his right nipple, and that was the ticket. His cock geysered shot after shot of white liquid up in the air, splattering down on his chest and belly. “Fuuuuck! That’s it Joey, stroke me off!” Joey kept milking Dave’s shaft and head as he orgasmed, finally slowing down as Dave leaned forward, panting, warm liquid running down into his trimmed pubes. Joey sat up, leaving Dave impaled on his shaft. He hadn’t come–yet–but the smell of fresh jizz was making his mouth water, and he wanted a taste. He wrapped his arms around Dave’s back to hold him steady, then leaned forward to tongue his slightly furry chest clean, gently biting Dave’s nipples as he did. “Good to have you back bud–I missed that tight hole of yours.” “Man Joey, you have no idea how much I needed that. I never in a million years thought I’d say this, but I needed a good ass fucking. That was awesome. Mmmmm…” He smiled as Joey worked over his left nipple, enjoying the way the twinge connected to the feeling of hard cock in his ass. “Did you get off bud? Feels like you’re still ready to roll.” He clenched his sphincter and rocked a bit, enjoying the way Joey flexed inside him. His own semi-soft cock twitched in response, Escort Çeşme and a drop of residual cum leaked out. “Not yet bro, but it’s cool. I’ve been getting a little more relief than you lately.” Joey chuckled and lay back down, his cleanup as complete as he could make it without pulling out. “Yeah, no shit! So what’s the deal with this Greg guy anyway. That phone sex shit was totally hot–where’d you pick him up?” “Yeah, so funny story. I met him at the gym, and he was totally chill, but like no let’s-fuck-around vibe or anything.” “Mmmhmm, yeah right.” Dave’s expression said he didn’t believe it, but he was starting to rock his hips slightly; Joey took that as a sign to keep going. “No seriously, not a bit. But we were both bored and he was just going to come over and play Xbox. I figured I could at least jerk off later thinking about him.” “But you fucked him anyway, didn’t you you little slut?” Dave grinned, and his rocking motion increased a bit. Both of them were aware of his cock rising back up, still wet with cum. “Well yeah, but dude, here’s the thing: he was totally chill until I slipped him the last one of those pills we found–you know, the dick pills?” “No shit! So he just started getting all hot and horny for you all of a sudden? That’s pretty amazing.” Dave looked thoughtful, but also turned on. He’d wrapped a hand around his hard dick, and his other one was playing with the nipple Joey had worked over. “Yeah, it was super hot.” Dave gave a little grunt as Joey pushed his hips up. “He was kind of shy at first, which was really sexy, but once he wrapped his hands around my dick he just let loose.” Joey pumped a couple more times, longer strokes now, and Dave’s eyes slid half-closed as he focused on the thick rod moving inside him. “He freakin’ loved the feel of my cock bro–rode it like a champ.” “Yeah?” Dave was riding up and down now, panting slightly, and a strand of precum connected his cock head to Joey’s six pack. “Like this?” He clenched his ass around Joey’s cock as he rose up, giving it a long tight stroke. “Oh Jesus Dave, yeah. Ride my dick buddy. Fuck, you’re better than Greg dude. You’re so fuckin’ hot–show me what you can do.” Joey’s pumping was faster now: Dave had loosened up and was ready for a good pounding, and Joey wanted to get off inside him like he remembered. He ran his hands over Dave’s furry thighs and trimmed stomach, relishing the sight of Dave with his eyes closed in bliss, one hand rubbing his chest, the other stroking his slick cock as he rode up and down. He’d begun making little noises as Joey started pounding him in earnest, and his face was becoming flushed. The smell of sweat mixed with his earlier load was incredibly sexy, and Joey couldn’t wait to coax another one out of him. “Like this Joey? You like that ass—uhhh!” Dave’s rhythmic clenching had it’s desired effect on Joey and then some: his friend had begun thrusting in earnest now and was battering Dave’s prostate with a vengeance. “Yeah Joey, show me what you’ve got. Seed my hole buddy! That’s right, shoot it!” Dave rode faster and faster as he stroked himself to another orgasm, but Joey beat him to the punch. With a long groan Joey thrust his hips as high as he could, and then Dave felt a welcome pulse as he shot deep inside, his hands clenched on Dave’s thighs as he came. Wet noises filled the bedroom as Dave continued to ride his cum-filled ass up and down Joey’s cock. Joey had settled down, but Dave was close to coming now. His hand was a blur as he worked himself over the edge, trying to aim his load lower this time. Joey’s mouth was open in anticipation as he watched Dave push himself over the edge. “You wanna–uh–taste my load Joey?” “Yeah Dave, shoot all over me. Let me swallow some of that hot jizz buddy. Do it!” Thirty seconds later Dave blew. This load was thicker and didn’t shoot as far, but he still got a shot on Joey’s face and mouth, and gave him a nice pearl necklace as a souvenir. He stayed impaled on Joey’s cock, panting as they both recovered, then leaned forward to kiss Joey deeply, their tongues swirling his fresh cum around their mouths. He licked the extra off Joey’s cheeks and chin, then rolled off to lie beside him on the bed. “Man, it’s good to be back,” he laughed weakly. “No kidding dude, welcome home! I can’t wait to get you and Greg together. And Aaron! Shit, this is going to be one awesome semester.” “Hell yeah. How about we hit the showers while we plan all the stuff we can do?” Joey grinned. “Dave, I think that is a most excellent idea.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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