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Subject: LIVE AND LET SPY part 3 LIVE AND LET SPY Part 3 DAD: Friday arrived and nothing could stop it. We agreed with Danny to meet at the mall, he wanted new jeans, which I promised to buy for him. I sat in the yard of the shopping center looking at the fountain. The temperature had risen to 32 (90 f) degrees Celsius, and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. The cool water of the fountain had invited the children to cool off. Little girls and boys ran under the showering water. Many boys were wearing only underwear, when wet they stuck to the skin. Their skin was glistening wet, it was very erotic, I could’ve taken any of those boys into my games. DANNY: Dad sat in the yard of the shopping center and watched the children playing in the fountain. It wasn’t hard to guess what kind of thoughts was going through his head. He clearly seemed to be enjoying the show the kids unknowingly gave him. I was a bit scared to meet my dad and it was hard for me to imagine what kind of feelings he would have when meeting me. I had asked my dad to buy me new jeans. I really didn’t need new pants, but I felt that it would be easier to be together somewhere where there are other people. I had watched my father’s latest video several times and started playing with my own genitals. I felt like I would let dad do anything to me and knew dad would want it. It was hard to imagine that I would be able to take any kind of initiative myself, and I had a little doubt that my dad wouldn’t be able to do it either. He was clearly drunk in that last video, maybe he’d be terribly embarrassed, I thought. “Hi, dad.” I said and sat next to him. Dad hadn’t noticed my arrival, he was so focused on watching the playing children. “Oh, hey, Danny. How are you? Dad answered. He looked me in the eye briefly but quickly looked away from me. He clearly didn’t know how to be in that situation either. DAD: I had taken my car to the mall parking garage, and earlier in the morning before meeting Danny, I had bought a little surprise that I was sure he would love. There were many different clothing stores in the shopping center; luckily 10-year-old boys are not very fashion-conscious but more practical. In the first store, Danny found a few pants that he wanted to fit. “These are just too big.” Danny said as he came out of the fitting room with his first pair of pants on. Indeed, the leg of the trousers was too long and the waist was far loose. “I’ll go to put the others on.” Danny said and left the booth. After a while, he came out again. “Feels better.” Danny said and spun around. The jeans fit him like a glove on the hand. I asked him to turn around. His small bum in tight jeans looked downright lovely. I would’ve liked to go and squeeze his buttocks right away. DANNY: The other pants felt good. I looked in the mirror at how dad was staring at my butt when I came to show them. I stood still and let him look at me. Then I bend down and slapped my butt. bursa escort There was something in his look the same as in the videos. I found it extremely exciting. When the pants were bought, we drove to dad’s house. Dad parked his car in front of the garage and pressed the remote control of the car keys so that the tailgate opened. I saw a large cardboard box there. “What is it?” I asked. “Go see.” dad said, smiling excitedly. There was an inflatable pool. The sun was shining from a cloudless sky and there would still be many hours of daylight left, I thought that we must start using it immediately. “Shall we try it right away?” I asked and couldn’t hide my excitement. “I bought it to be used.” Dad answered. Together we lifted the box out of the car. Dad got a knife and opened the box carefully so as not to puncture the pool. We spread the pool evenly on the ground, dad switched on the electric pump and started looking around. “Let’s put it in such a place that we are hidden from the neighbors’ eyes.” he said as if speaking to himself. He looked around for a while and pulled the pool to the place he thought would be good. Then he carried our shopping inside and I stayed to watch the pool being pumped. After a while, he brought a cooler and a big blanket into the yard. He also had sunscreen with him. He was wearing only swimming trunks. DAD: Danny was excited about the pool, no surprise there. I unpacked shopping bags and organized things. The whirring of the pump could be heard from the yard as I packed Sprite and beer in the cooler. I put on my swimming trunks and took a big blanket and a couple of towels from the closet. During the morning shopping, I had also bought skin oil. I put the things down next to the almost full pool and told Danny he could go put on his swimming trunks too. When the pool’s air pressure was suitable, I pulled the water hose from the garage and started filling it with water. Danny came inside wearing nothing but swim trunks. I tried to look at him as neutrally as possible, but I couldn’t help seeing him as erotic. He had seen everything that the camera had recorded, it had not been unclear to him that I had sexual desires towards him. Danny spread the blanket next to the pool and made the towels into pillows. He took a Sprite out of the cooler and sat down to watch me. His gaze moved from head to toe, and it was full of curiosity. I had to look away, or I would have gotten an erection. DANNY: Dad was standing by the pool with a hose in his hand. Almost naked, he looked really manly, almost divine, although I understood that his body was nothing different than the usual adult male. However, he was my father, a father who loved his son much more than many fathers do. I tried the water with my hand. It wasn’t freezing cold, it was nice and cool. “This is pretty nice.” I said trying the water. “Isn’t it? It would’ve taken perhaps days for the cold water to warm up, so I added warm water to it. bursa escort bayan Dad explained. “Nice. Can I go there?” I asked when the pool was barely half full. “Of course, go there.” dad said smiling. The water wasn’t warm, but rather cool, refreshing. Dad started teasing me by spraying water on me. We both laughed out loud. Finally, there was enough water in the pool. I sat with my dad in the pool as the sun warmed our skins. For some reason, silence had fallen between us again, and neither of us could really say anything. DAD: Danny and I sat in the cool water and looked at each other. I would have really liked to get inside his head and read his mind. “Would you like me to oil your skin?” I asked Danny. “With sunscreen?” Danny asked. “Yes. The oil I bought probably helps protect from the sun. Get on that blanket and lie down on your stomach.” Danny settled down on the blanket and I took the oil bottle in my hand. I squeezed the oil from the boy’s neck to his ankle and put the bottle on the blanket. I started spreading the oil on his calves first. It was really slick. It had some mild ethereal scent that I didn’t recognize. I continued to spread the oil on the boy’s skin. From the calves to the back of the thighs. I didn’t know anything could be so slippy on the skin. DANNY: I was lying on a blanket. Dad got behind me and started to spread sunscreen. It felt thinner than usual, slippy. I took the bottle in my hand and began to read aloud: “A unique blend of organic, ultra-hydrating plant-based oils gives this personal lubricant and massage oil a luxurious feel. Use LOVEGILDE massage oil lube to bring excitement to all kinds of sensual, intimate play. This lubricant is infused with essential oil derived from the flower petals of the tropical Ylang Ylang tree. Made with coconut oil, this personal lube and massage lotion contains a 99% organic formula, is developed using only the best ingredients, and will help get you to the next level of pure pleasure. Keep the fun going for hours with a personal lube that doubles as a sensual massage lotion. Our formula works to stop dryness and irritation in the bedroom and beyond.” What the hell is Loveglide? I was amazed. Dad had already spread oil up to my neck. His hands were tender, and the slickness of the oil felt nice. “This isn’t a sunscreen, right?” I asked. “Not exactly. Maybe it’s good at that too, but it’s meant for relaxation and a good feeling. Do you notice how nice it feels?” dad said. Then he asked me to turn around and squeezed oil from the bottle from my neck to my toes. DAD: Danny was lying on his back on the blanket. I poured oil on his body and started massaging his feet. After the thighs, I shyly got on his stomach. The clear liquid glistened in the sun. The boy’s body was thin, bony, and short. I moved my hand over his stomach and a few times I let my hand go so low that I quickly touched his most private area as if by accident. I continued escort bursa massaging until both my palms were resting on his chest. I started to rotate my hands so that my fingertips were rubbing his nipples. Danny lay with his eyes closed, clearly enjoying himself. Both of his nipples hardened as I handled them, and by the end, I had lubricated the whole child. “Could you spread the oil on my skin too?” I asked my son. Danny nodded his head in agreement. I laid down on the blanket, and Danny repeated what I had done to him. When we were both glistening with oil, I suggested we go to the pool. Danny was surprised at my suggestion. He asked if the oil wouldn’t dissolve in water, but I told him that wouldn’t happen because the oil wasn’t water-soluble. DANNY: We got into the pool. Dad was right. A thin film formed on the surface of the water, which shone in all the colors of the rainbow in the sunlight, and the oil did not dissolve from the skin. He sat across from me and watched me while drinking his beer. “You look really good with water glistening off your skin,” he said and asked me to stand. He started splashing water on my skin and it ran off my skin in small streams. It felt funny. Then he grabbed my shoulders and started running his hands down my arms. “I wouldn’t be able to hold onto you no matter how hard I tried. You’re slick as a fish” he said. Then he put his hands on my hips and pulled his hands down again. His hands slid slipperily along my legs. “Not even underwater.” he continued. “Does it feel nice?” I asked. “What?” “My skin.” I said sitting on his lap with my back against his stomach. DAD: Suddenly, Danny sat on my lap. My cock had hardened a little when I had touched the boy and now he was coming down on it. He put himself in a better position and after a while, he started moving his bottom against my cock. He rolled his bum slowly, guiding my steel-hard cock between his butt’s cheeks. He made a slow movement of his hips back and forth. I put my hands on his chest and started playing with his slippery nipples. Neither of us said anything, but we both knew what was going on. DANNY: Dad would probably have wanted to take the initiative, but he clearly didn’t dare, so I thought I’d help him a little. But I was also nervous about the situation and was afraid that I would have gotten the wrong idea about things that had happened before. Dad’s cock felt hard when I sat on his lap. I wanted to feel it against me, so I positioned myself better on his lap. His hard cock was bulging in his tight swimming trunks, and it felt strong and big between my buttocks. Dad played with my nipples and it felt funny at first and it tickled, but after a while, it started to feel strangely good. My dick had already grown to its full size, and although it wasn’t much, it was ready for anything that could happen with daddy. After a while, dad got out of the pool. The water ran off his skin in fast streams and the front of his swimming trunks looked like something really big was hidden there. He helped me out of the pool and took my hand. With the other hand, he grabbed the oil bottle, and we walked hand in hand into the house. TO BE ota

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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