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Subject: Lockdown Lust Part 6 Support Nifty! (Incest) Dear Darren I must confess Lockdown hasn’t brought out the best in me. Being cooped up with my son Aaron and the smell of his filthy socks and underwear all the time has triggered some form of strange lust in me and I’ve taken to sniffing his pants whenever he’s in the shower. It’s the only time I get to myself and I sit there, legs spread on the end of his bed sniffing the smell of my teen son’s arsehole on his dirty pants! Sometimes there are stains and in those cases I’ve actually run my tongue along them to get a taste of my lad’s most intimate filth. Front and back! I feel disgusted in myself. What should I do? Peter in Kent Hi Peter Darren here. I hope you don’t mind me responding to your email personally. I just wondered, how old is Aaron? Could you describe him? Cheers, Darren Hi Darren My son Aaron is 16. He’s slim, ginger, with bright blue eyes, thick lips and not much hair on his body. He has a pert behind that seems to eat up any underwear he has on! I noticed his bulge round the front is now much more prominent too. Sometimes he sits cross-legged on the sofa playing Xbox and the smell that emanates from his pants is one of pure teenage hormonal filth. I’m hard now thinking about it. Peter Hi Peter Well Aaron sounds like he’s at that age where he just sweats sex. If he wasn’t locked down he would probably be out there fingering some tight teen pussy then smelling it on his fingers as he tugs out his hot watery load in bed. I’d say maybe your home has become something of a pressure cooker and you both need escort bayan some release. Maybe tonight whilst he sleeps you could creep into his bedroom, slide your hand under his sheets and help him unload some of that pent up lust? You could do the same to yourself, maybe deposit your own seed all over his luscious lips? Darren Hi Darren Thanks for your advice. Last night I found him snoring away at 2am on my way to the bathroom for a piss. It was a hot night so he was asleep on top of the blanket, face down, his pert bum sticking up in a pair of tight grey undies. Unable to resist I crept in and knelt beside his bed. I ran my nose up and down the crack of his arse in those grey undies and the smell alone made me pee a load of pre cum into my plaid boxers. I can’t describe this animal lust he inspires! His most primal scent – his teenage ginger boy hole – sends shockwaves to my own eight inch prick. Unable to stop myself I peeled the sweaty grey undies down to be met with his marble white mounds. Climbing on to the bed to get better access I pulled the undies clear off him and spread his legs as he snored. A pool of anal juice had collected between his pink smooth hole and his bald scrotum. I leaned in and tongued it up. I can’t describe the electricity that shot through my body when my tongue made contact with my own son’s sphincter. It smelled of sweat and arse and was the tightest pinkest hole I’ve ever seen. I slowly ran my tongue around the rim before plunging it inside, savouring the funk deep within his chute. He started to groan in his sleep, probably thinking it was kocaeli escort bayan a very vivid wet dream but it was in fact his own dad poking his tongue as deep inside his shitter as possible. He started to stir and I froze in horror. He rolled over and I found myself face to face with his throbbing six inch prick. It was so pretty. Smooth, white with a big pink bulbous head forcing its way out of the wet foreskin. It was then that I heard his voice. “Suck me dad.” I looked up to see my beautiful boy in the grip of pure lust as he begged me. “Please dad. Suck my willy.” With that I plunged in. I engulfed him hungrily taking his length right down my throat in one fell swoop. He cried out in delirium as his dad slurped his leaking schlong like a lollipop. I spat on it, licked it, sucked harder than I’ve ever sucked my brother’s dick (that’s another story) and I felt his legs shake with pure pleasure on either side of my head. Completely caught up in the moment I slipped out of my plaid boxers and swung around so my own dripping cock was poised right above those luscious lips. “Swallow your dad lad!” I drove my cock down into his velvet wet mouth and he took it hungrily. The last time I saw him slurp on something with that kind of vigour it was his own mum’s tit. I plunged my milky shaft down into the recesses of my boy’s gullet and started to fuck his throat as I sucked his throbbing boy cock. The room filled with our grunts and slurps not to mention the smell of our thrusting balls and arses as we fed each other the family cream. Overcome with kocaeli escort sheer nasty horniness I plunged my cock as far down his throat as it would go and heard him gasp and splutter, his throat exploding around my balls and making a right mess on his face and pillow. He was a sodden mess as I forcefully skull fucked him! I backed off to let him breathe. “You OK lad?” “Yes dad, please make me cum!” “You too son. Tug me off!” We both went for it hammer and tong, tugging hard on each other’s cocks. He pulled my foreskin back and forth hard and vigorously as he held my balls in place with his mouth, his nose rubbing up against my hairy hole. I even heard him sniffing deep as he drove his nose into my shit pipe. The dirty bugger takes after me. And I gave him a wet wank with all my spit and his precum squelching in my hand as I stroked the full length of his prick. “Gonna cum dad!” “Me too son!” I dove down and wrapped my mouth around his bell end and he followed suit. I felt his hungry throat close around my eight inches and that was it. I deposited the cream that made him directly down his throat into his stomach and he erupted his blasts of watery teen sperm in my mouth. I savored his salty tang and we both collapsed in a smelly sweaty heap. I spooned him to sleep like a loving father should, my slick cock rubbing against his smooth tight hole. I’m not gonna lie. I can’t wait to get balls deep in my lad. I hope we didn’t wake his little brother ???? Thanks for your advice Darren! Pete Hi Pete Please tell me more about your other son. Do you have a photograph? Regards Darren Hi Darren Photograph? I’ve got a video! But I must warn you things got a bit messy when Aaron and I tried to insert a dildo into him during bath time… Do you want to see it? Pete To be Continued… Send feedback and nasty ideas to ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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