Long Marriages and Variety

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Long Marriages and Variety

Lincoln Parker

Married right after college, Gene and his lovely wife Lee were now in their very early fifties, kids gone and careers in good shape but feeling the routine more than they used to when the kids were home. Both knew they were getting a little bored with their sexual life which had as a result tapered off. They still loved one another but the quiet question was clear: how many times can the same dick enter the same furry warmth and not get a little ordinary was in both their heads if they thought about it.

One night after a busy week the two were quiet after a warm sex session cuddling when Gene decided he finally had to admit and say something he knew might be disastrous for them and did so.

“Lee, I need to apologize then confess something to you. I hope you don’t get mad at me or worse but I have been honest for decades and this exception has eaten away at me for more than a year. Okay for me to proceed?”

She was startled and apprehensive but nodded and said: “Sure, I will still love you either way even if I get mad at you. Go ahead.”

He cleared his throat and told her that two years ago on a trip to Louisiana for business DuPont’s nice middle aged sales manager from Charlottesville had made a move on him at night. After two busy days working with us in Louisiana visiting their plants and negotiating a new purchase agreement she hinted she wanted a drink just with him after dinner in the bar. It was next door to the hotel. He told Lee he had declined that though middle aged Kathy was very nice looking and was married also. He gone to his room in the hotel.

Lee commented when he paused that she remembered the phone call he had made checking in that night.

An hour later there had been a knock on the door. He had opened it and there was Kathy in slippers wearing a robe, asking if she could come in and share some of the bottle of wine she had gotten with him. He had a t-shirt and boxers on for bed so was very casually dressed himself and was careful how he sat, etc. He said he had reluctantly agreed and the two then sat and visited with a couple glasses of wine each until Kathy excused herself to use the hotel room toilet. She came back out after peeing.

Instead of sitting down she had come over to his chair, stood behind him and put her hands on his shoulders then admitted she really wanted him to make love to her, spend the night with him and keep it secret from their spouses. She was a very attractive late 40’s woman who smelled and looked good. He admitted to Lee that he had indeed weakened and had not said no; stood, taken her in his arms and kissed her until the two ended up on the bed naked and fucking almost all night long on and off. Both of them got way down deep into lust and loved it he had said. Neither wanted to tell either almanbahis of their spouses and until just this moment as far as he knew had not.

When he paused, waiting for tears or an explosion, Lee said nothing at first then held his dick and nuzzled his neck before responding. He admitted that she had later that year spent the night in a local hotel calling on him at his office then having an after work session of sex in her room one last time. He said he felt guilty but loved cumming in her and sucking her tits, watching her suck his cock and kiss his balls. “Jesus, Lee, I’m sorry but I can’t keep a secret like that from you. It was overwhelmingly exciting probably because it was not the routine. Don’t hate me, please.”

She did not pause more than a second, yell or cry before responding and hugging him tighter.

“Gene, I forgive you. I wondered back then if something like that might have happened on the road to you but never said anything. Our lives were so busy and we were both so independent I did not really think you would love someone else and forgot about my guesses. She had paused then continued and said I am glad you confessed….. “I do have my own admission to make in the interest of being honest. I hope you can forgive me.”

He was shocked as he had assumed she was true to him until that comment when he knew she probably also had not been. He thought he knew who it might have been from things he picked up back then from her comments as well but waited to see what she said.

She admitted that she had while he traveled become friends with Al, the 50 year old science teacher at the middle school where they both taught, occasionally spent mutual break times visiting in the school with one another. I knew him and knew he was married to a nice looking woman with red hair named Helen who was a sales executive and often traveled like I did so I kissed her hair and asked her to continue her confession, now expecting what was coming as I had at the time wondered about the frequent references to Al in our conversations.

She cried briefly, gathered herself then blurted out: “one afternoon when his wife, Helen, was out of town I followed him in my car to their house after school like we had planned the afternoon before at school. He and I had exciting and unrestrained sex for a few hours starting in their kitchen then moving to their family room. I was bored with our sex life which we have talked about and the rumor was he had an unusual shaped uncircumcised dick. He had paid a lot of attention to me recently as friends. I only had known that way two guys before you and I married so my experience was pretty weak and I was curious.”

“What did you two do to start it when you got into his house, Lee?”

“I was wildly excited with my heart beating nearly out of my chest. almanbahis giriş He held the door and I went in. We stopped in the kitchen and when I leaned my backside against the kitchen counter he kissed me hard with passion and I pressed my tits into his chest and reflexively put my hand on his crotch and felt his dick swell as I stroked it. We stayed there until he had my blouse off and his hand was down my panties fingering my pussy. God help me but it was so new and exciting I came instantly. I had this odd dick in my hand and could feel the pre-cum on the tip. After I came, I knelt on the floor and sucked it until he came in my throat. Like two teenagers in lust. God, I am sorry I did it honey and I apologize.”

“That’s okay, I can’t say anything about it given my experience. What do you mean it was odd shaped? I assume you fucked then, right? “

Lee did not answer so he asked another question. “Did the affair go on for any period of time?”

She paused, “Yes, we fucked for some time. We moved into the family room on the sofa and fucked three or four times. His dick was not as long or as thick as yours but curved and uncut and he had this big for the size head on it. When I peeled the skin back the big purple head popped out. It went in and touched the sensitive places inside me when we fucked. I used my panties to wipe his cum off my pussy and left them there with him for a reminder.

Wait, there’s more. It went on over about two months just a few times then as you know he got pancreatic cancer and died not that long after but in those two months we had a few sessions like that when Helen and you were both out of town. I even let him rub my ass with the tip of his crazy shaped cock but never let him put it in my ass. I have to admit I loved sucking that odd shaped responsive thing.

Then, on the second to last time at the end we were in the family room naked with me on my knees and him with that cock from behind in me stroking me, my tits hanging, swinging and sweaty with fuck lust when the door opened and in walked Helen, home early! I thought my life and our life was going to be over.”

“Oh my God. What happened?”

“Not what I expected. She stood there quietly watching us fuck, started rubbing her titties and said nothing at first. Actions were her words as she stripped her shirt off and unzipped her skirt getting down to bra and panties. she spoke to me saying: “Lee, I have wanted to kiss and fuck another woman for years. Right now is the time and you are going to fuck and kiss me now. Come here after you take his dick out of your pussy and kiss and fuck me.”

“I did not think I had any choice so I did and instead of anger found the soft lips and warm tits of

Helen against me and we were making out, touching one another, feeling a different kind of almanbahis giriş lust. She is a redhead as you recall and had this red bush sticking out of her panties and when she felt my wet pussy and ate it I loved it. When it was my turn I stared at hers, stripped her panties off and laid her on the couch and ate her pussy until she had an orgasm, then another.

Al was hard and fucked my pussy while she recovered then with our juices he fucked Helen while I swung my tits to her mouth then french kissed her and came harder than I ever had. I could not believe the lusty bitch I had become but I did not want to stop. After that the three of us did everything you could think of all night long there. Al put his dick in her ass and came and she sucked and licked his cum already inside me out of my pussy. God, I can’t believe I did that not once but a couple weeks later we all arranged to do it again. I really am sorry but I loved every second of the excitement of it.”

“It’s okay. I understand. Both of us have had sex with one another so many times it got to be routine and we tried change. I did not love the DuPont lady and you did not love Al and his redheaded wife.”

He stopped, held Lee tight and then said: “Now what do we do to avoid getting to that place again, Lee?”

She waited then asked: “Is there some way we can try very occasionally recreational sex for variety without ruining our marriage which I don’t want to do? Listening to you talk about fucking Kathy in Louisiana I was wondering what you looked like with your dick inside another woman and what her tits felt like.

I can’t help it, I seem to be starved for variety. I know I have not forgotten what Al’s dick felt like in my mouth or when it was sliding inside my vagina either. Can’t help myself, dear.”

Before he could answer she added: “One other thing to mention. Two weeks ago Helen called me, six months now since Al died, and had a very pointed conversation with me.”

He was really surprised, pulled back and looked at Lee then asked: “What did she want?”

“She visited for a bit then told me she was lonely, loved the sessions with me and Al then shocked me and asked if we could get together but here with you. She did not want just me but you and I so we could spend the night fucking in every way. I told her your cock was bigger than Al’s and circumcised but I did not know how to bring that up as it would mean telling you what we did so I have not had the courage to say anything yet. Helen is one sexy lady.”

My answer was to nod yes then say: “If we want to add variety that seems like one way to start it and we already know Helen. We know also that she can keep a secret and you have eaten and been eaten by her so, if you don’t mind seeing me with another woman, I’s say call her tomorrow and invite her for the weekend when it is convenient and let’s try.”

Lee nodded and said she would do that in the morning.

That episode between us started a more expanded discussion about avoiding the routine again that lead to more action and a whole lot of fun.

All was forgiven!

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