Loosen Up Pt. 01

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Abigail Remonet was considered by most to be an attractive girl, though she did not concern herself with what others thought. At one time she may have suffered from esteem issues, but in general she was not one to be concerned with her appearance beyond good hygiene and fitness. Though fitness was newer on her list of priorities. She had certainly not always been as fit as she was currently, but she always tended towards mildly athletic. She had no interest in team sports, however, so she found little outlet beyond martial arts (her dad’s idea) until her late 20’s that she had started to gain a real affinity for yoga and the treadmill. The great thing was that she could practice these in the privacy of her home.

This focus on her own body, without the ulterior motive of trying to “look good” gave her more confidence and a sense of independence, leaving her quite happy to be a single girl. Staying in shape was not for others, it was solely for the way it made her feel. At work, she dressed well enough to be professional, but did not make attempts to “impress” via wardrobe.

In reality, Abby, as she went by to her acquaintances and her few friends, was seen as a brilliant but introspective type. As previously stated, she was an athletic girl. Being a slender but defined 5’8″ combined with her smooth dark complexion, people were often annoyingly surprised she was not actively dating. “Diamond in the rough” was something said about her more than once, as was “THE girl next door” though again, Abby did not concern herself with such things.

Had she heard someone actually call her “girl next door” she would have rolled her eyes, but she would not be in complete disagreement. As a girl of mixed ethnicity, her mother was Haitian and her father was Puerto Rican via New York, she felt that she represented the melting pot concept made real. She would not have even considered the other implications of the phrase in terms of her appearance.

To say Abby tends towards a loner persona would not be a false assumption to make based on these facts. But it would not be accurate to say that Abby was averse to dating or relationships. Abby had been in love in fact, during her college years, but it was a chaotic emotional time and so it went the way most college romances.

She had, in fact, dated several men (and even considered a request for a date by a girl she met at the bookstore), but she was completely at peace with her current status of being single. She had been so going on 4 years, and while she was 2 years into her 30’s she wasn’t worried about some arbitrary time frame.

And while she certainly felt she was not an asexual, she often felt that the mental effort to maintain the level of human interaction to be in an ongoing relationship was tiring. She considered that maybe she hadn’t met the right person, but she wasn’t going to go out of her way to do so. Especially not in a world that had kittens needing fostering. Besides, she felt it was easier to just take care of her personal needs when they reared up by taking care of it herself. Not that she indulged very often, sometimes once or twice a week, occasionally more.

Most weekdays Abby worked diligently at her job. She was part of a small team of eight computer graphics professionals at a marketing firm. She was good at her job and even though she was only required to be in office one day a week, she rarely worked from home. There were two reasons for this: one, she was aware of her relative introversion and understood that being socially isolated that much could be unhealthy, and two, being at work made her visible and therefore made her feel more secure in her position. Though soon, this preference could change.

She had a few work friends, mostly the kind you talk to at work alone, but not too much (never in fact) outside of work. However, over the last year she had begun to build a good friendship with a guy on an adjacent work team. She really enjoyed Phil’s company, but only platonic-ally, though she was pretty sure he was interested in more, she didn’t worry he would push the matter. He seemed to understand her boundaries and the risks of workplace dating. It didn’t hurt that he was shy, but he was also a little too into his interests, to the point of awkward. She liked science fiction, for instance, but did not wear it like a badge as Phil did. Still he was fun to hang out with to watch the occasional weird movie or board game and occasionally drink with.

Her best friend Sarah had recently Escort Bayan had to relocate to the adjacent city due to her commute and so they only really met up on the weekends now, and not every one of them at that. Lately Sarah had been really busy with some work project and had told her she had to fly to India or something for a couple weeks.

Abby didn’t live with humans, but she did not live alone. Abby had taken to fostering a pair of rescue cats until they had found a permanent owner through one of the local shelters. Abby already owned two cats, a fancy Fluffy Persian named Pringle Pants, and a scrappy Siamese mix named Rocket after the character (yes, she didn’t care that the character was a raccoon), and they were kind of dubious to the new additions, so she kept them in the back half of the house for now, slowly trying to get them to where she can trust them alone together. One of the foster cats was a big grey mutt who honestly didn’t seem capable of being upset. His name was Baxter. The other was a slightly odd cat. It was very fancy, almost tiger like strips on the back, and leopard like spots on the front, but it’s behavior could be unsettling at times. Athena was her name, and she was as polite a cat as Abby had ever met, but she looked right in your eyes with a weird intensity.

Athena also always seemed to show genuine appreciation for everything Abby did for her, and always responded to Abby’s un-selfconscious chatter as if she understood. She seemed to appreciate being spoken at, and did not have the usual aloofness that her own cats had. Fostering cats regardless of how polite was fulfilling to her so she did not feel she was missing out on a Friday night while others went drinking or dancing.

This weekend was a four-day weekend because of the holiday and she going to spend it with her cats, and later, she had decided she would spend some time special time with herself as she was feeling a bit of a need building up.

After a play session with the two foster cats, Abby gave them their late-night snack and said her good night. Athena walked calmly up to her and put her paw on Abby’s foot, looked up and went “mwwrrrroaor” in a soft tone and then turned around to lay down on the base of the cat tree. It was so cute that Abby was compelled to give Athena a “thank you, ma’am” as she left the room.

Changing into her pajamas, Abby prepared and ate a small snack as she read the book on her table. She put her foot up on one of her dining room chairs after a while and rolled her right pant leg up. She touched the soft creamy skin on the top of her foot, checking for stubble…good, nothing. She ran her hand slowly over her shin and knee and was happy with the result. She then cupped her calf with right hand felt its’ smooth firmness. She stroked her leg up and down and soon she felt the warmth begin to develop in her core and smiled as she confirmed to herself what she was going to do with her Friday night. She had always been fond of her legs, but on nights like this it took on a whole different tone. Let others waste their time trying to find fun in crowds and drink, or to satiate loneliness with a stranger. Abigail was going to limber up and appreciate herself, all by herself, until she fell asleep exhausted and satisfied. First though, she was going to need a shower.


It should be noted that Abby had developed an interesting kink in recent years which had maybe become more apparent after a weekend a few years back when she had been cajoled into trying Molly, or Ecstasy. This kink probably existed in a proto form before her experience, but definitely not to the extent that it developed during and apparently even after.

The kink was something Abby initially worried about, as it seemed unusual, but as Abby became more comfortable with herself, she decided to enjoy what she enjoyed, especially as her tastes harmed no one. Abby learned that she was into herself in a unique way, not narcissistically, not antisocially, but in a fetish sort of way. Abby finds herself extremely turned on by her own self at times.

A good example would be her feet. Her slender feet with their long toes. She doesn’t have a foot fetish as far as her day to day is concerned, but when this mood strikes, she begins lusting after her own feet. More than one time she has collapsed after using her own heel to stimulate herself into completion. Her feet were not her only body part that got her going either. She had a couple Bayan Escort times experienced arousal just looking at herself in the mirror, sometimes clothed, sometimes not. At first, these thoughts made her feel she was messed up. Later she decided it didn’t matter.

Sometimes she would admire just parts of herself, her chest, her arms, her thighs, and on several occasions had taken photos of herself to get off to. It sometimes left her feeling oddly taboo to climax to a video of herself and fantasizing she was in two places ravishing herself.

The fetish had escalated over time too. She had developed complex fantasies of meeting herself and seducing herself, dreams where she inhabited another body, sometimes male and sometimes female, while she had her way with original self.

She would sometimes imagine she had her own twin to play with. She wasn’t into incest, as it wasn’t a sibling twin in her imagination, but the impossible idea that it was herself made into two. She didn’t want to call it a clone though (that’s just a copy she would think). She was pretty sure she was unique in all of this and so she never told her few intimate partners of her kinks.

The newest addition to her fantasies began to include the New Body Magic genre, something she remembered being interested in as a child (when it didn’t have a name or an internet following) but not in the manner she was interested in now. When she was younger, it was never a sexual fantasy exactly. Sometimes even now she has non-sexual fantasies around the subject.

When she recently added yoga to her regimen because of the potential health benefits, she also experienced an unexpected side effect. It awakened and enhanced her self-sexual fantasies and started to move to forefront (benefited by the ability to experience her own body in new ways, new positions). Since she was a Photoshop guru at work, she started to manipulate photos of herself detached and interacting with her detached parts at home. Some of her works were shared online, but she carefully went through her collection to make sure her identity was completely hidden. She didn’t share a large percentage because part of the fantasy for her, involved her being able to tell it was her own body being bloodlessly divided up.


When Abby stepped out of the shower she pulled two fresh towels off the rack , she wanted some quality time with herself and dirt was not part of the plan. One of the towels was for drying her body, the other she laid out on the floor and stepped onto. After a quick dry off, and without stepping off the towel, she grabbed her clean socks off the counter and dressed only her feet (so she could navigate to her bed without dirtying them).

As if courting a tentative lover, she sometimes liked to stretch out her solo sessions. Touching until it was almost time and then backing off. This was one of those times. First, she decided she would really build up the interest tonight. This meant that before she even did her initial stretches she teased herself with caresses and touches to her most intimate bits. She began to preen the parts she was interested in, she confirmed the smoothness of her legs after the shower and kissed her knee slowly enough to feel the silky touch of freshly shorn skin. She licked the other knee.

First things first, she had to warm up to get limber enough for her plans. She searched YouTube on her television for her favorite workout channel and spent the next 30 minutes getting herself very warm. She then used her yoga mat to go through several poses. During this time, she only allowed herself a little teasing. She would occasionally touch herself just around her most sensitive areas, not allowing direct contact.

Once she was limber enough, she made her way back to her room. She picked out a movie, just for background noise, and then made her way to her bed. She sat down and slowly peeled her socks off. Her feet were still clean and although she had worked out, they still smelled as if fresh out of shower.

She began with her right foot in the spotlight, so to speak. Bending her leg so that the foot rested a few feet in front of her body. She admired the view for a moment before she leaned forward, using her body weight to bring her face right to the side of her foot. She gave it a playful lick, enjoyed the sensation and then gave it a few soft kisses. She braced herself as she moved her other leg straight behind her, forcing Escort her front half downward all the way to the bed, the left side of her face now pressed firmly against the bed, her eyes looking directly at the sole of her right foot.

She reached out and pulled the foot close enough to where she could now lick it from heel to toe. She moved her tongue slowly across her sole, feeling the texture of her sole against her tongue and feeling the slickness of her tongue as well. She traced the inside of her foot, tickling her arch slightly with her tongue and as her tongue licked her big toe, she felt the need to bring her left hand down between her legs. She alternated between kissing gently, licking sloppily and nibbling teasingly at her own foot.

She had to force herself to hold off climaxing, as she wanted to make sure Left Foot got attention too. She spent a few more moments worshiping the foot currently in front of her before promising it she would be back soon. Each toe, starting with the little one got special attention as she pulled them into her mouth one at time, then all four smaller toes at once. She then tickled her big toe with her tongue before sucking the pedicured toe into her mouth. She then traced its’ geometry thoroughly with her tongue. Before moving to her left foot, she went back to her second toe one last time, the one adjacent to her big toe. For no reason she could fathom, this was her favorite toe on both feet and she spent a little extra time treating it to a tongue massage.

She wasn’t as flexible with her left leg yet, but she usually could get the inside half of the bottom of that foot before her knee and hip would begin to protest. She could get the big toe easily her mouth, which she did and sometimes when she was close to climax, she could force a deeper stretch with the left leg. She wasn’t ready to finish yet, so after her focusing on her left arch and heel she decided to go back to her right foot.

She positioned herself so she could lower herself down on the bed with her right foot just above her head so when she was finally down and flat, she was looking at her calf and ankle of her right leg. From anyone looking on, she would appear to have her left leg straight behind her while her right leg was oddly splayed with her foot resting on the bed just above where her right shoulder was laying. She slowly licked the back of her lower leg, savoring the salty smoothness, and shuddered as her left hand almost finished her off. She smiled “not yet… I still want time with those toes…”

She used her right arm to pull her foot closer to her face, to the point that she really felt the stretch in her hip as she brought her toes to her mouth. “You are one sexy fucking foot” she told it, before she began to lick and kiss each of her toes, focusing primarily on her favorite. After making sure all her toes had enough individual attention, she wrapped her mouth around her four smaller toes, running her tongue over and under them before maneuvering the big toe in as well, thus fitting the entire front of her foot into her mouth. She could not maintain this for very long before her cheeks and mouth started to hurt, so she pulled her foot out of her mouth so she could get a look at her foot some more.

“I wish I could pop you guys off my legs and cuddle up with you by my pillow at night” she told her foot. She made her toes wave in acknowledgement.

She loved her long toes and soft curves of her feet. She looked at the tops of them which she knew were oh so smooth. Her skin was glistening with sweat. Flexing for herself she was again taken aback by the lust that filled her core when she looked at her toes from these odd angles. Bringing her foot back to her mouth she focused exclusively on her second toe. She began to really work on that toe, sucking and licking and moving it in and out of her mouth until she lost herself.

She switched back to her left foot and repeated the worship process. She was so close to climax at this point, that she was able to pull deeper into her stretch feeling the tension in her limbs. The pain seemed to enhance the desire and finally she let her right hand bring her grateful cleft to a powerful quaking orgasm. She shook and shuddered and kept her pretty and sexy toes pressed firm against her upper lip during the onslaught. When she finally finished shaking, she felt like there was a pleasant stream of electricity running in her left hip, warming it up. She normally would have made sure to straighten herself out and get under the covers to avoid overstretching something, but tonight she exhausted herself so much that she just smiled as she closed her eyes still facing her own foot and forgetting her leg was bent in an unnatural position for sleep.

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